Hello and without further ado, please read on to understand the energies present for the collective for March 2020.


Ahh…this is a month of many spiritual themes and as you can see as stated above, where there is much in focus. Although there seems to be quite a bit going on, it is a month where the majority of the energies have a quiet and nurturing essence to them…they are all working in tandem for our benefit even at times when it doesn’t look like it. There will be occurrences that have an unexplainable and unknown factor to them where it will either appear to be mysterious or magical. This is a month where inner healing can take place or has taken place. It doesn’t mean all our problems go away but as if all of a sudden we have this pull to trust our intuition, there is this inner knowing presence, akin to faith, where, once we believe in those parts of ourselves, we feel illuminated. Taking the time for quiet and solitude, using moments to go within and listen, especially a little bit each day, will be beneficial when it comes to developing your intuition and gain inner peace.

So it is interesting as I am writing this, the images of tulips and butterflies keeps coming up because my area (and many other parts of Canada) are getting another blast of winter weather…lots of snow and cold temps. Nothing in these surroundings to acknowledge the presence of tulips and butterflies anytime soon. Being a non-gardener (I have very limited experience and knowledge in gardening), I am unsure why these two items are coming up…it may be a matter of making the circles in stories/the news but also could be the time of year for them despite it still being winter. In any case, whether it applies to us personally or not, tulips and butterflies come into focus.

Don’t be fazed if you find yourself daydreaming or staring off into space often. Take it as a welcome gift as it is a form of meditation. It is an easy way to distract our minds from troubles, pains, struggles and worries. Use this method as often as possible and if you find yourself lost in thought, insert pleasant images…why not, as this is a great practice to allow good feelings rather than be ruled by what is. On another note, many of us may experience vivid dreams…it doesn’t matter if they make sense or not, as they will be another form of helping us heal and get in touch with our inner selves by conveying intuitive messages in a relaxed state. ***For those who are reading this, I offer dream interpretations for those that would like help with understanding them. Right now, rates are $20.00 CAD for email readings and $25.00 CAD for telephone readings and applies to per dream (one each).***

Now despite all our differences about God, including what we believe in or not, whether it is connected to religion or not, this area becomes a bigger part of our lives. Our personal relationship with God will appear in some way, some manner, varying from person to person. We will be having experiences related to what drives our faith, what we believe in and our connection to it. There will be opportunities to discover this “invisible force” from an introspective view and feel guided by this gentle, compassionate, whole and loving energy that resides within. Some will turn to God, turn away from God, pray to God more often or use God as a destructive tool (i.e. “If you don’t do such n’ such, God will punish you”)…God shows up. This may also mean we will hear more about certain religions, cults and New Age practices as the #7 energy covers a wide spectrum of all matters related to our belief systems encompassing spirituality. I tend to wonder how many traditional beliefs related to God will come into question and how many will want to share concepts that feel more “whole”.

Finally, this month’s Spirit/Power Animal is the Cat. Yeah! Either you really love them or you don’t, as often there is no in between with these fine felines. Yet, I have also seen those who believed they didn’t like cats until one showed up in their lives and stole their hearts, working their magic and mysterious ways into loving them. Cats are a favourite for many. The Cat has many spiritual meanings and is revered in many cultures. It also has a long history with humans, not always good, sad to say. I recommend reading the spiritual meanings of the cat as it will relate to many of the themes I shared above plus much more. Also, if you can, please make a donation to a local cat shelter, whether that be money, food, toys or any item they are in need of (sometimes it is good to call and ask what will help). For those that own a cat or more, pay attention to them as they will show some sort of sign that will be of assistance in some manner. Allow the Cat energy to work for and within you whether you own one or not, care for them or not (if you don’t like cats or are scared of them, this can be a clue to what areas need to be healed in the self and/or in your life).

Thank you everyone for all of your generous support! I appreciate your presence and belief in what I do and share with the collective. Please feel free to comment, like and post this article with your own network. Until next time, may everyone have a Divine magical month of March!
Tina De Luca is a psychic specializing in Numerology and Cartomancy readings (using a regular playing card deck). With over 30 years of experience, she also reads energies and offers many other types of intuitive services under the name of Inlightin Energy. For more information please visit her website: www.inlightinenergy.com Like and follow Inlightin Energy on Facebook and Instagram. To contact her, please send an email to: tina@inlightinenergy.com or PM on her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/

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