Hello and welcome. How’s everyone doing and holding up? With everything going on, it is important to support one another and try to be there for each other in some manner. It’s times like these I wish I had a magic wand to take away all the pains and uncertainties but alas, one of the best things I can do is share my knowledge of Numerology and the energies I receive intuitively for the collective. Let’s take a few deep breaths…in through the nose and out through the mouth…each one relaxing the self from within. Okay, to get a sense of what is in store for us as a whole, please read on.


Okay…being as we are impacted and inundated with Covid19 news and events, I don’t want to totally focus on this but it will appear in some parts of this article and many will relate the messages to the virus whether I refer to it or not. The themes that I shared are what came through the loudest. These are the key words that will influence and appear for many, not always on a personal level as some of these themes will be noticeable from general sources. As you can see BIG is one of the energies we will encounter and yet it is obvious we all are going through a time that is big, having big implications and impacting big populations. Big encompasses everything and anything, from a personal level to the masses. It is a challenging time, many have concerns. With the energy of big, we will sense it is a time of big decisions, we deal with big feelings and thoughts, big actions but also that sometimes the smallest gestures have the biggest impact. It incorporates big dreams, plans, goals and although we may be unsure if they can/will happen, this is a time of opportunities, getting to know what we truly want in life and figuring out how to make it real. It’s a time of expansion…whether that is via sources that are implemented to help or hinder us on a big scale or whether it is related to expanding our own ideas in big ways.

Big also refers to the corporations and businesses that are wealthy, particularly those who are extremely wealthy, including celebrities. Extremely wealthy are those with earnings in the billions and higher. I even pick up some actors being part of this group. What comes through is not always favourable as themes related to ruthlessness, corruption, greed, power and abuse comes to light. They will be in the spotlight, including those who prefer to stay in the background/private as their business policies and practices becomes known/exposed in detail. Yet, on another note, there will be those who will want to contribute and share their wealth, be it money, knowledge, resources to the masses. It will go both ways…seeing the “dark” and “light” side of corporations, businesses and individuals that are considered to be upper class/privileged who are in the position to help ease the financial strain many are facing, what they are actually doing to help and by how much. Big banks (those earning billions and more) will find they are dealing with PR issues…many of them will need to answer questions regarding how they handle and address the “fallout” in terms of collections, rates, and what they are actually doing and not doing to make things easier. Many will feel the banks are not doing enough. The word “fallout” is closely linked with the banks this month. As far as individually, this is a time where wealth and money will mean two different things. Wealth as far as what you value and is valuable, which will not be about how much money one has. And than when it comes to finances it will be about the money. Towards the end of the month many worries will be shifting towards the money area. It feels like either you can “submit” or “rise up” to the challenges of finding ways to earn extra money or boost your income. Some of us will pool resources together by sharing what they have. There will be an increase of seeking extra financial support via “under the table” jobs, liquidating goods/assets, borrowing or defaulting on loans/credit. Although this is a major health issue the focus turns towards it being a financial issue.

Depending on where one lives, the quarantine timelines and restrictions vary. No matter the situation, anger is in the air. A lot of people will be short-tempered and angry. It will make its rounds, even getting the better of those who are usually calm/even-tempered. No one is immune and honestly it is a part of our human emotions too. The key will be to find simple and safe ways to work out this anger. Believe it or not, swearing is a good way to release anger and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of us are using foul language more often. Be aware of losing your temper…how, when, where and why… try not to take it out on those around you, including strangers (i.e. shoppers, clerks). Watch your language, as it will not be just about the words but about the delivery…it’s common to be harsh and abrupt.

Now, not everyone is in the position to find a safe outlet and stories related to abuse will be in focus. This is not an easy area to address. There will be more concern for those living in homes, working in places and in relationships where abuse is occurring. Unfortunately, it feels like this will be harder to deal with and agencies will face difficulties trying to provide support as before (what was there). They are going to have to think outside the box with solutions and in getting resources out to those in need.

The #8 is associated with sex and sexual energy. As far as I am aware (because I do not have cable and do not watch the news) the area of sex/intimacy/touching/kissing….all these physical sensations haven’t been discussed in relation to Covid19 yet (but I could be wrong). This month, it feels like these areas will be in the spotlight. Whether it will be a concern or not, there will be more stories and questions related to the subject of sex and all types of personal contacts. On another note, it’s spring in the northern hemisphere and some of us will be longing for touch, for intimacy and yes that includes those who feel horny. I wonder if there will be a higher interest in phone/video sex, pornography and masturbation…basically any facet of sex that doesn’t involve contact with another person. One more area that will come to light will be that of sexual affairs…those who have been cheating and the consequences that are surfacing because of Covid19. Spring fever takes on many meanings this month!

I don’t want people to think it is all bad or challenging this month as there will be room to achieve certain goals/dreams/plans. Details emerge, answers arrive as the #8 has a presence of noticing what wasn’t apparent before. That can help with areas that we were unsure about, help with problem-solving and to have the motivation to work on projects/ideas that grab our attention. This is a great energy to start building…whether that is related to an actual item (ie build a table), to a trait (building up confidence), to a skill (build on cooking skills)…the list is endless but whatever it is you will know because it nags at you more often than usual.

It is also a month where strength and protection are vital resources. When I tune into these energies it ranges and encompasses so many things and areas…the list I see is endless. So that means it will range from the personal to the collective, arranged by personal choices (ie exercising) and by force (governments and corporations enforcing rules/laws to the masses). Many are finding new strength or having to be strong in certain situations. We are also learning what is important to protect. Some will find certain protections negative and difficult. This is where they may need to be strong to deal with these issues or they exhibit strong emotions/words/behaviours as a show of arrogance. If you understand what I am trying to get at, strength and protection are valued in many ways, many areas.

Finally, April’s Power/Spirit Animal for the collective is the Rat. I know some of you are thinking “yikes!” But contrary to popular belief, there are many misconceptions about them. To find out what they symbolize, I recommend reading the spiritual meaning of the rat. A couple of sites I like are: whats-your-sign.com and whatismyspiritanimal.com. Also take note that the rat will also factor as a reference to people and situations (i.e. rat race, smells like a rat, he is a rat…etc.). Overall, it is a fun way to see how the rat will relate to us this month and is also an animal we can call upon for guidance.

I want to thank all of you for your support and confidence in what I share and do. My Guides The Counsel and I send everyone many Divine Blessings of abundance. Stay safe and be well!

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