Hello to all and welcome. We have reached the midway point of the energies for the year 2020 and the momentum will shift towards trying to clear and clean up whatever appears to be left to do. It’s about wanting to be bring in order and that will differ from person to person. To get a sense of what this month’s energies has in store for the collective, please read on.


Unsure how many saw the live Facebook video I did back in March in which I tried my best to explain the energies of COVID19 according to numerology. One viewer asked when I felt things would “lighten up/ease” and I mentioned it felt and looked like some things/areas would start to return/end in May. Although I can’t attest this to every nation, I know in my home country of Canada, each province is talking about taking measures to open up services and activities that were closed back in March due to the coronavirus. I still feel there will be lingering doubts and concerns associated with the coronavirus and I also feel not everyone will be pleased with how it all goes. According to this month’s number #9 energy, there are likelihoods of some things being allowed to only being shut down again and certain areas that we miss will not be coming back soon enough, at least for the time being. Even though we may feel excited/happy to be able to return to what was limited, there is lingering awkwardness, almost a hesitancy to how we move forward from where we left off. I find the #9 energy has this flow of where things come to a screeching halt…the best way I can describe it is when we try something new, it may start off well but the pace of it comes to a sudden stop and when we try to get it going again, it seems to fizzle and die out…it goes nowhere. So this month, when we encounter areas where this energy happens, it’s meant to help us focus upon releasing what is no longer working/useful. My concern is as a society we are careful about what we get rid of (because at times there will be a presence of out with the old and in with the new). Old doesn’t always mean it’s useless or finished but can be a place of wisdom and knowledge that can help guide us towards the new.

When I write these forecasts, I ask my Guides for their help as the messages are a combination of numerology and what comes through intuitively. This includes keywords and the Power/Spirit Animal for the month. If you paid attention to the photo above, the earthworm is May’s Power/Spirit animal for the collective. Although not pretty or common, it has profound meanings, and I would like to share a few that stand out. Did you know one of the features of the earthworm is they don’t have eyes and even though they live life in the dark, they are guided by their hearts (they have ten!), essentially creating a world based on what they feel and not what they see…amazing and a great lesson for all of us. Plus earthworms make the best fertilizer as they are one of nature’s favourite farmers…this aligns with a surge in gardening and all things related to the earth being in focus, including rising in popularity. The weather could be wetter than usual…rainy forecasts, flooding and earthquakes as worms will change homes in the dirt when certain conditions appear. Also one of the keywords for May is “unearthing” which aligns with the earthworm. I recommend reading the spiritual traits of the earthworm by searching various websites that describes their themes.

The word “tapping” kept coming through which is interesting, as it will relate literally and metaphorically to the actions, activities, feelings and thoughts many of us will be going through. “Tapping into the savings account to help with bills” or “ tapping into my creative side” are a few examples to how tapping can come into play. It will go from what is being used up to what is being accessed. It also encompasses growth…especially in areas related to what matters and what counts in life individually and as a collective. After being apart from certain loved ones, be it family or not, we may notice how much we have grown. On another note, unsure how many know there is an alternative therapy called “tapping” as this method may become popular/more mainstream.

The #9 energy can be difficult and challenging as it likes to shed light upon the dark side of life…not necessarily meaning it is all bad/negative but more akin to the parts we tend to avoid such as pain, sadness, loss, death, fears, regrets. This month especially, there is an energy of “unearthing”. This is where stories are dug up, things come to the surface and brought to light that affects us as a collective not just in our own community/country. Individually, we unearth news/emotions/thoughts that affect our own personal growth and understanding of our world in some manner. We uncover truths related to the past (whether that is from a few days/weeks/months or from many years ago) some of those coming across as “universal truths”...messages related via channelling (a method of taking energy- either life force energy or spirit energy and becoming a conduit so that energy can flow through you and messages can be delivered or healing can be relayed) and via history texts claiming to hold certain truths. Whatever revelations we come across this month will trigger deep rooted emotions that will not always be easy to handle. A combination where we either feel relief, reassurance and at times we want to resist, reject certain news as it will be upsetting but is necessary for healing and letting go. We also need to be aware of “popular opinions” in the sense of that it doesn’t lead us astray or cause harm. Popular doesn’t always mean it is right and this is where examining past popular choices/trends can be beneficial as they help us reevaluate wiser solutions.

The phrase “be forgiving” comes forth. And I must stress the importance of these two words together “be forgiving” because that is how it comes through. Although it will not always be easy, and no matter what/whom it relates to (including ourselves), when the situation arises where we feel judgmental this is our cue to be forgiving. The action has an energy where one is not straining to forgive but more akin to where it feels effortless…that one is not necessarily excusing or making excuses for the behaviour but letting go of the pain, the ignorance, the trouble it is and has caused…to be forgiving=freedom. Make sense? I hope it does.

Now as a collective we are learning lessons and we are trying to separate fact from fiction. There may be agencies, even powerful individuals who will speak of lessons learned and where they will try to keep recycling stories that affects our fears. There will be reminders of our past and at times we may want to return to certain past ways, not because it was better but often it relates to what we already know and are familiar with, whether it was good or not. History has a way of repeating itself and this month certain events will remind us of this notion. The past keeps coming up during this time and the key is to incorporate the wisdom of our past and not repeat past mistakes. Overall, it won’t be easy trying to go back, trying to return to the ways of before (whether by choice or not, whether it is possible or whether we can) and there will be areas/ways we don’t want to go back to no matter how personal or universal the area encompasses. We are coming to terms with certain areas in life and that includes being more aware of what we say yes and no to.

The #9 is represented by the collective meaning all living things, be it a person, plant, pet…etc. and yet one group that stands out are seniors. This group will be in focus this month especially in the form of grandparents. As a collective, it is to our advantage to pay attention to their stories as they are in a position to share a wealth of knowledge based on their life experiences. It’s not always about the material and immediate but where they have a sense of what is important and realize the bigger picture in life. I also will add at times we will be searching for those who are wiser, no matter the age, as we want reassurances and relief in the form of someone or some group who knows, who has a knowledge that rings true, heals our wounds and helps guide us to the next round/step of our journey.

The main idea for this month’s energies relate to how everything in our world interconnects. May’s themes are many yet they will demonstrate/prove how each one affects the other and how they all work in tandem. Everything counts, matters and it all has a point, even if we feel and think it shouldn’t, that it is wrong, bad or negative. We have reached a point in history where the past, present and future have come together. As a collective are we finally awakening to Universal ideas and energies? Are we going to base our lives on something more than what it has been? Will we start creating a world that includes and involves Universal truths, whatever that may be and includes what feels right? Who will be our guiding force? Will we continue to allow governments, big institutions, the rich and powerful dictate our lives as a whole? Or are we ready to be each others leaders and work together whether we can agree on the same things or not? These are “heavy” questions and we are in a new era where sharing, caring, love and light are meant to be in focus, be the way of life for our world…what will you do to help bring these traits forward?

My Guides, The Counsel and I send all of you many Divine Blessings of Love. Stay safe, be well and shine your Divine light. Thank you for all of your support! Much love.

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