Hello to all those that are here! Can you believe we are halfway through the year…thank God! It hasn’t been an easy time and although I haven’t been writing yearly forecasts for a few years or so, part of me feels compelled to address the energies of 2020 in a separate article as a way to confirm and clarify what numerology has to say about it. My struggle as of late has been connected to following through on ideas as I am in a space to cocoon and not wanting to do much. That is part of my personal cycle and for many of us, no matter where we are and what is going on, we are figuring out our lives especially in terms of wants, needs and have tos’. Honestly, the year 2020 is about work in all forms, literally and figuratively…we are finding out what works and doesn’t in all manners of ourselves and life. This can be overwhelming and tough. At times we do deserve a break…this is where the simple things in life can help…nature, breath work, going for walks…anything that doesn’t feel like it takes much effort but where taking the first step leads to the path of some type of relief, of healing. For those that are interested in what July has in store for the collective, please read on.


When I write these forecasts, I always ask for Divine protection and help from my Guides with what messages they want me to share for the collective based on the present month. It’s interesting how certain words come into focus as each number has many traits…I could go on and on about the meanings of each number but yet when I do readings particular themes will show up stronger than others. This month, there is a deep emotional presence and for those that are ones to keep it cool/together, may find they get teary more than usual and for all of us, a time where we feel very sensitive. Our hearts may feel more vulnerable…no matter the emotion, our moods come into focus this month. So it will be key to be patient with our feelings…to allow them to show up instead of suppressing them. To demonstrate compassion, love and care not only with each other but with the self. We don’t have to like what is taking place or like the person but we can send love and caring energies towards these areas and individuals because sometimes there is power in the unspoken. What do you care to nurture this month and in the times ahead?

The word “discreet” comes up followed by the word “help”. They appear in the same sentence even though they hold different meanings. What I am trying to say is they convey separate energies but they want to work together. For example, let’s say you need help with a certain area in your life but you want discretion so you may be careful with what kind of help you seek and/or you may seek an individual who is discreet with their guidance. Also it may mean you have been discreet about what you are struggling with and have been hesitant to ask for help. Careful shows up for many and whether it relates to being discreet or not, to the help we give or receive, we feel the need to be more careful with what we share, do and say. It can also mean be careful what you wish for cause it will come true. We are balancing the energies of being careful and being nurturing.

Because this month feels very emotional, don’t be so hard about all the feelings that crop up. Tears are a good release and if you happen to be crying more than usual, so be it. You are cleansing your soul. The #2 energy is connected to water, tears are water, so shedding and replenishing with water in any form will be beneficial. Water can be nurturing and destructive too, so at times we need to be aware of this element, literally and metaphorically. The area of water comes into focus for the collective, whether it is related to how we use it, what is going on with it (especially future use/capacity/cleanliness) and that there may be more rain/moisture/flooding occurring. Be water safe and smart.

The #2 is represented by women and is a feminine energy. Not only is it about celebrating this side of life but where one wants to create a “sisterhood”, to bond with the parts associated with our feminine side. It also means as a collective, women and feminine energy will play an integral part in our lives this month and where it wants to be acknowledged for the important role it has in our society.

Finally I want to address this month’s Spirit/Power Animal for the collective as being the Toucan. This colourful bird is widely known because of its’ distinct features and these qualities will be influencing us personally and as a whole. I want to note that a couple of the Toucan’s main symbolism is about being seen and heard. Those two qualities leads to addressing how it relates to this month’s numerology themes of ownership, discreet and help. Toucan medicine is there to help us find our voice, to step out/be noticed and own who we are even when we don’t seek the attention. How many of us want to live a colourful life and in what ways will the Toucan energy sway us towards incorporating more colour into our lives? Also the climate and habitat the Toucan is from will factor into our lives in some manner such as the weather could be more tropical/humid than usual or certain areas will be more green/lush… it will be curious to see how it appears.

Thank you to all those that are here as I am grateful for all of your support. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send many Divine Blessings of Light and Love. Be well!

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