Hello everyone and welcome! These past few weeks, time seems to be having its’ own pace, as if it has a mind of its’ own and it feels like it has been passing by quicker than usual. Personally, I keep thinking it is July and wonder where did the time go, as if it has left me behind. Unsure if this is a common theme for many but in any case if you find time has been getting away from you more than usual it’s related to the energies right now. For those that are curious and wanting to know more, please read on to get a sense of what is in store for the collective this month.


When I tune into the energies for August, I feel there is this presence of our world being “upside down”. Even though some may already think most of 2020 has been this way, it is more evident and relevant to many right now. Some may take it as an opposite or mirror effect while others may wonder are we in the twilight zone cause nothing seems to make sense. Even though it may be uncomfortable, it is positive because when we “flip’ things it can create possibilities and inspire us to improve our world. With all that we have been going through and despite not always knowing what will be individually and as a group, now is the time to really try to look at the positive side of it all…what were the gifts and what good can come from it all too. This upside down affect is a great catalyst for creativity in many ways. Incidentally, it’s the second month in a row that a tarot card image shows up when I consult the numbers for the forecast. This is not a coincidence as I believe it to be a perfect example of how various metaphysical tools are not only helpful but also are supposed to share similar messages. The Hanged Man in the tarot deck came through, which also happens to be the 12th card (if you noticed this month is a #12/3) and also ties in with the energy of things feeling and being “upside down” just like the card’s image. Hmm…uncanny whether you believe it is obvious or not. For me, a couple of main themes I relate the card to mean for us for August are: suspension (we may suspend certain actions or have to suspend certain plans, our lives may feel in suspension as in unsure how to move forward/what to do) and perspective (how we see things in our world, what we believe and what we want to try come to light). Overall, the Hanged Man presents itself from another vantage point we didn’t notice before. I also recommend looking up the meaning of this card to get a sense how it may relate to you personally.

Groups of three comes up as in the saying and wide held belief of “things happening in threes” becomes more frequent and noticeable. For example, this is my third attempt at writing this forecast because for some reason even though there is a save feature on Facebook notes where I can come back and finish it later, it didn’t save what I already wrote and I had to start from scratch…frustrating yes but trying to look at the positive side of “third time is the charm”. For some curious reason, “categories” comes up too. This may be how things are divided and it may also be about the choices we are faced with comes up in three categories. Time will tell how this plays out this month.

We are dealing with the energies of confusion and doubts which isn’t ideal especially when one has to make a decision. The area of questions and anything that is questionable will contribute to either clearing or creating more uncertainty. This is where I recommend you do the best you can in the moment and at times delaying the decision may be better if that is an option. Or on the lighter side, narrowing it down to three may be how one chooses too. Right now people are curious more often than not and this is the time to question what is, what was and what is coming but be prepared the answers will not always be straight forward.

It’s not uncommon I will receive physical symptoms when I tune into the energy of an individual but it’s not often I will get any when it comes to the collective. In this case, I feel eyes squinting and watering so do take care. When I look out into the world, it’s as if everything is brighter, whether that relates to the sun and lighting (indoors as well) and it can also be a metaphor to looking at the brighter side of life. The Sun seems to be a topic that appears more often than not. I wonder if the area of solar energy and any science related to the sun becomes more prominent in our world somehow. This can be a matter of discussion and debate too. On another note, gold shows up (mostly as a commodity) and specific colours in what I hear as being referred to in the “wheat spectrum”-so various browns, tans, beiges and pale yellows. These colours may be popular choices in decor, designs, wardrobes, makeup and hair.

This month we look to our friends more than family when it comes to seeking help and support. We also may consider joining groups where we can establish friendships. I also feel we question some of our associations and whether or not it is worth keeping some, especially in relation to Facebook and other social media groups where it involves the concept of friends whether we know them well or not. Overall, our circle of friends are important and influential.

The #3 is represented by children. Although they always matter, this age group comes into mainstream focus, whether it is our own kids or not. I have concern as far as priorities and what foundations we adults want to create for them. I keep hearing “discounting” around the children so we need to listen and take into account what they think-feel-see-hear and believe. On another note, our own inner child and childhood experiences shows up whether we are conscious of it or not. It can be a reminder to play and laugh but it can also be about old wounds connected to this time in our life. Be aware of childish behaviours too.

Finally, my Guides shared the Armadillo being August’s Spirit/Power animal for the collective. Funny enough I didn’t want to believe it at first not because I think it was wrong but how does that fit into the numerological themes? I even checked in with them 3 times to make sure (see, this is another example of threes coming up as a theme) and each time my Guides showed me the same thing…so Armadillo it is! Lol! Some of the biggest takes I get with this amazing creature are: protection, curiosity and cuteness (yes I think they are cute!). Because their skin/outer shell is probably their most identifiable feature this is a sign for us to take care of our own skin not only physically but also in terms of our emotions-this is a time to develop a “thicker skin”. But do look up the spiritual meaning of this animal to understand and see how it may relate personally. A couple of my favourite sites are: whats-your-sign.com and spirit-animals.com
*I wonder if Texas will figure prominently in the world as I believe this may be the state animal and if not, I still get Texas and armadillo being connected.*

Alright, thank you to all those that took the time to read the forecast. Please feel free to share any thoughts and I appreciate those who care to share this article with your own groups. Everyone’s support means a great deal to me! For those that are interested in a reading, I am available but only via telephone, Skype and any other social media app as I do not take clients in my home. I may be reached via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com and of course here on my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/
Please note I do not publish my telephone number for privacy reasons but will share if requested. For more information about me and what I do, please visit my website: www.inlightinenergy.com

Until next time, My Guides The Counsel and I send Divine Blessings of Light to all! Be well!
©Tina De Luca