Hello and welcome to all! I have good news as 2020’s energies are coming to an end this month. I can hear so many saying yeah! As a collective, the shifts will teeter-totter between staying put to wanting to leap forward. Yes, change is definitely in the air and no matter how one thinks or feels about changes, it comes through as “it’s about time”. To get a sense of what themes are in store for us this October, please read on.


One of the main messages I get for the collective is how October will be a preview of 2021. It doesn’t mean everything that happens this month will take place in 2021 but where the tone is being unveiled for us whether we like it or not, whether we are ready or not. As much as some want to keep things the same or if we try to go back to “normal” this isn’t going to go well or work anymore. The Universe wants us to experience freedom not only this month but for the coming year and that involves changes. These changes will affect us all differently and encompass various parts of our lives depending on each individual’s cycle number. And although 2020 has been a year where things are not the same anymore, it had a restrictive theme…we felt we couldn’t go or move forward because in many ways we had to stay put in some respect. But now, things are going to start to break apart, break away and break free. Things are shaking loose this month…ideas, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions. If you are one who doesn’t like changes or are afraid of changes, it will help to try to remember and view it from a point of where it is for creating freedom in our life. We are embarking on the path of liberation…and the Universe is going to cheer us on.

“We can’t keep going the way we always have been.” Well, won’t this expression ring true this month! And no matter how you feel about changes and where you think you are when it comes to changing, it will be a bumpy ride at times. The best advice that comes through for us when handling any changes, especially if they are challenging, is to “rock n’ roll”. It can be where listening to rock n’ roll music helps and is a popular choice but where it is mostly about the expression of rock n’ roll. How many of us are so ready to move over and blow this “popsicle stand”? This encompasses us as individuals and as a collective to create, to express in ways that pushes against the norm…we rebel and appear to be more rebellious. Rules? What rules? This month sets the standards where rules don’t always apply or make sense when it comes to breaking free and creating a life we want. If we want to get anywhere and especially in terms of changing the way things are, we can’t help but see no other option but to “buck the system”. Some of us will be shocked to see who lets their hair down, including if it happens to be our self. So even though Elvis has left the building for some time, there will be a “whole lotta shakin’ going on.”

For sure I can’t help but believe most of us will feel different and will want different, especially in the coming months. It doesn’t always have to be about what changes physically but where our beliefs, thoughts and values take twists and turns. We are stepping into a year of opening up more, expanding our world and this involves experiencing some hiccups along the way. It’s a good year to make mistakes because the energy of the #5 encompasses exploring and getting out there, taking chances and finding out what is our style, finding our groove. At times, it will be best to move over and make room for trying something different, for taking a risk, for doing it in a way you normally wouldn’t consider…and remember: “don’t knock it, till you try it.”

The #5 energy is very expressive and the voice is a vital part in it all. How one communicates about how they feel takes on a whole new meaning. Words matters and we take a closer look at the stories that we tell, not just to ourselves but to each other…is it a lie? Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it helping or hurting? What do you want to give a voice to in your life this month? What stories are you telling? Can you change the narrative? It’s a good time to create and be creative…to look at your world and the world around you as if it is a kaleidoscope.

With all these energies of change, movement, and rebellion emerging, I do have to share there are possibilities of unrest and upheavals taking place more often than not. I am for protests and challenging the system but there are chances some of them becoming violent and going too far. Be aware of what you push against as at times it may be too much, too extreme. This is also a cycle where laws are broken and criminal activity can increase.

For those that read every monthly forecast I write, you may have noticed that I didn’t share a tarot card. That’s because none came through to me this time. Not a big deal but I wonder if it is because not all things are set in stone this month…and yet for those that know about the live weekly show I do with Julie, she may be the person who receives the psychic vision of which tarot card is for the month of October as she is an expert with these cards. If this is the case, I will try to remember to add it here later on…and update as Julie replied back with The Ace of Cups being the tarot card for the month ahead. Here take on the energies related to this card for the collective is available to read in the comments below this article. But, as you can see by the accompanying photo, Horses are October’s Spirit/Power Animal for the collective. Yet, not just any horse, as wild horses specifically comes through. Horses are amazing animals and so loved by many in this group. They have many traits that will align with the energies of October but a few significant ones will relate to freedom, moving/riding forward and of course changes. I would also say those who work with horses, professionally or personally, will feel more of an influence and notice bigger strides. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few horse lovers make a connection and develop a strong bond with one in particular. For those that have always wanted to ride or learn more about them, it will be very healing to spend time around horses even if it’s just watching from afar. I recommend reading the spiritual meaning of the (wild) horse to get a sense of its’ medicine.

So, however things change in your world, may it all be embraced with an open mind, heart and soul. Many Divine Blessings to you all. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I want you to all be well and rock n’ roll everyone!

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