Hello to all and welcome! Okay, if there is anything I want you all to remember about this month’s messages is that the breath will be a huge healing tool when it comes to coping. Whether that is taking a breath as far as stepping back for a moment, a day or more (depending how much of a break you need), to using the breath as a way to calm the self and especially getting out in nature for some fresh air as it won’t be an easy month. This month’s numbers are repetitive (#4 month and #4 year plus the year 2020 has two 2s and two 0s) which means there is a double dose of the same taking place…in other words we are circling around the same issues, feelings, thoughts and experiences, sometimes where it seems there is no end in sight. There are possibilities of where this past year’s events may resurface and reminds us that there is still some work to do. For those that are curious about the energies for September, please read on.


Ahh…take a deep breath everyone as this month has some intense energies. Anxiety has been and will be a common symptom. I think we all can agree 2020 has been a tough year and this month is no exception, I am so sorry to say. I am not one that likes to share unpleasant news and yet to have this awareness can be helpful in many ways especially if one can take these energies as opportunities to release and heal. This is a month where many things, including people related to our past, especially from this past year, makes a series of comebacks. I keep seeing circles appearing for the collective. I feel the circle is a powerful metaphor with many meanings. A couple of the main themes it will represent for us entail circling around the same issues and where events/experiences circle back to us both personally and as a collective. Yet it isn’t all bad news as at times all our hard work will finally pay off in some manner and these challenges can help us become “whole” where we see and come to understand the whole picture. This is also a month where we realize things do come full circle in our lives…these occurrences encompass the yin and yang principles, which also happens to be part of a circle.

The #4 is a busy energy. It rules the intellect and there is a tendency of the mind constantly going…it’s hard to shut off the brain. So even though one may either slack off, feel lazy or are actually busy, no matter what is going on, our minds have a hard time relaxing. We tend to be in our heads more often which can lead to overthinking and worrying about the future. It can also affect our sleep where we sleep less and erratically (waking up at odd times). It’s a good time to tackle piles we have neglected. It is a matter of being disciplined enough to get going and once you are in the routine, it becomes easier to follow through and get things sorted/done. It pays off to not procrastinate so much as being prepared and smart about our choices ahead of time makes life easier right now.

There is more of a seriousness tone to the month meaning we get serious about life and it is a challenge to enjoy and have fun. We tend to look at life from more of a hard vantage point…we focus on the realness/reality of what is going on and at our future plans. We may also find ourselves being/getting tough and finding things are tough whether it is related to the self, others, goals, plans, etc.. These energies can serve us well in terms of discovering what we need to overcome and to motivate ourselves to do/be/want better yet also makes us realize we can’t always accomplish our dreams without the help of others. There is no such thing as “self-made”. If you find yourself struggling with any of these conditions, whether it is brought on by the self, another or situation, try to find something practical that brings relief.

The area of jobs and work lights up. And I am not referring to careers as it relates to the “working and low-income class” occupations people do to pay the bills, to eat, to live. Many people will feel their job and working life actually sucks. Things come to a head and many are fed up with the system as what is promised, what we have been led to believe is not the reality compared to the illusion of living a good life. Even though we are already aware of the many problems associated with not receiving a healthy wage and what it all encompasses, what is being done about it? The disparity between the rich and poor is nothing new but this is a month where many feel enough already and try to do something about it. The term “stretched thin” comes up. There is a push to close the gap between the privileged and poor, no matter the area of concern, and work towards a fairer future and system.

I hope everyone that is reading this forecast is with me so far and again I apologize for how it comes across as it isn’t happy-go-lucky themes. This brings up the matter of “doom and gloom” showing up as one of the topics for this month. Some of you may consider this forecast as gloomy and that’s okay, as I share what comes through, but also to be aware of groups/persons and the self getting onto topics of doom and gloom. I would like everyone to be aware of it doesn’t take much to feel sad and hopeless. That either we go down or are led down the road of despair. At times it can feel like we are caught in a trap and our choices are a matter of “life or death”…whether they are literal or metaphoric. In many ways it’s been a limiting year in the sense of we have beenstaying put, staying close to home, where we have felt restricted. We have some hard decisions to make and it can be a matter of which ones breathes life and which ones breathes death. The good news is these energies won’t last.

Now for those that have been regular readers of these forecasts, particular tarot cards have been showing up in relation to the themes of the month. I was shown The Fool tarot card representing September’s energies. I recommend looking up the meaning but some of the messages I receive are: we don’t always know what lies ahead, that we have been foolish in certain areas, we may feel like fools for not seeing or doing specific tasks before/ahead of time. I would also apply what feels right to you when reading about this card.

And finally, comes the matter of this month’s Power/Spirit Animal: The Mountain Goat. Again, I recommend reading the spiritual meaning but a couple of strong points that comes through for us are: it is known for and has the gift of climbing and if you think about it, this past year has been one where we have been climbing through many tough challenges both personally and collectively, and how it masters the climb up is key as it is about the steps we take to reach the top, to overcome adversities and to keep going even if things crumble beneath our feet. The Mountain Goat has many wise teachings and themes that can help us navigate the month ahead.

I thank all who have taken the time to read through this forecast. I hope you find the many gifts that presents itself during this month’s energies. Sending everyone Divine light and love. Be well!

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