Hello and welcome everyone! For those that are new to my Page, I like to write monthly forecasts based on numerology and intuitive messages that comes through for the collective. This month, the cycle changes from a #4 year (2020) to a #5 year (2021) and therefore November’s number reflects using the #5 year cycle. Although we are still in the year 2020, from my experience of doing many readings, the cycles start to change 2 months prior to the actual date. We are going to be easing into the energies of 2021 this month. To get a sense of what is in store for the collective please read on.


Well, here we are at the end of a cycle year most would like to forget and wish never happened. Yet, some will come to see these experiences as blessings in disguise as November comes through as a turning point for many…certain areas in our lives pivot…there’s no turning back and those of us who come to understand this, are/will be soaring especially in relation to the inner self. Those who emanate a presence of calm, of being centered, of being at peace will be a beacon of light for those who are struggling and hurting. Our faith is rattled and we feel exhausted by all the comings and goings of this past year. We seek solace and guidance from those who appear to be wiser and stronger than with those we have placed our faith with in the past while. This is also where the presence of prayers comes to be. Normally when I receive prayer as an intuitive message it comes through quietly and without much fanfare. Yet this time, it appears as a vision of many people praying more than usual, all at once, with great force and as if heaven/angels/God (however you identify prayers going to) are inundated with so many that it knocks them over by all the requests that are piling through to them. It’s not a bad vision but one where it’s surprising how many take to prayers this time around, especially by those who normally don’t believe or use prayer as a method for help.

The Tower tarot card

comes through as one of the symbols for the collective this month. For those that are familiar with this card, the image is not pleasant and what it conveys can be frightening. For me, this card is quite powerful and can be positive in the sense of whatever comes crashing down in our world means it’s time to move on, to move forward and now we have the opportunity to create something better. There is an unknown factor in the message of The Tower tarot card as when we think things can’t get any worse off, they do and the fall can feel more painful than the landing…we find out what we are truly made of and capable of when we reach the bottom. The Tower can be the wakeup call so many are looking for but how it comes to be is not in a manner we had hoped for. The Tower can be the catalyst for a better world even though at the time it seems impossible.

The #7 energy aligns with the spiritual side of life. For some this can be connected to religion, or nature or with something that is not easily explainable such as intuition. No matter what you believe in or not, the #7 energy is a matter of introspection and listening to what comes through from within rather than from the outside world. We receive answers that don’t always make sense in the moment but turns out to be so true, so right, so Divine. It likes to mystify us in the sense of not everything can be explained and that magic is always around us. The #7 energy likes to teach us there is more to life and ourselves than ‘what meets the eye.’

Interesting as when I tune into the energies for November, I keep hearing this humming sound weaving its way in our atmosphere, cutting through all other noises. Normally there are some who already know this and can feel/hear this too but for some reason it seems to be important for this message to reach the masses. It’s as if Mother Earth wants the collective to hear and to pay attention to her more than ever…to know she is alive no matter what stance one takes with our planet. I wonder if this is a call of it’s time to align more with nature, to listen to her signs…when we take better care of her, we take better care of each other. And then in the distance I hear drumming and when I look towards this sound, I see a circle of wise beings drumming…they appear to be represented by a group of Aboriginals led by an older, long-haired white-haired female wearing a heavy multi-coloured blanket like a shawl. It’s beautiful and this is where I wish I had the power to take these visions and plop them here for others to see, hear and feel like I do. It’s also mysterious as in “is their drumming the cause of this humming and what is the story behind this vision that comes through for the collective?” I want to believe it’s a sign healing energies are coming…something we can’t see with the naked eye is taking place and gaining momentum. I want to add, humming and drumming can be helpful to us now…healing tools to incorporate into our daily lives or at least on a regular basis in some manner, some way.

The Eagle is the Spirit/Power animal for the collective this November. Very powerful themes including soaring to new heights (this aligns with the message of The Tower tarot card), using intuition/looking within (they have keen vision) and spreading your wings (courage/strength). I recommend reading at least a few sites explaining the spiritual meaning of the Eagle as many of their traits will encompass the energies for the month and also be a guiding force for many of us. I would also add the Eagle is significant in many cultures and countries, especially with the Aboriginals and of course the USA. At the time of this writing, the American presidential election is coming up soon and on top of all that, dealing with racism issues, political unrest and high Covid-19 cases. For sure the US is going through major upheavals and the presence of the Eagle is a reminder for Americans ways to heal and be. Will they listen?

However, November unfolds, may you each find the magic that resides within and around. My Guides The Counsel and I thank you all for listening and allowing us to share our messages. Until next time, sending Divine Light and Love to you all. Stay safe and be well.

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