Hello to all and welcome! Here we are…the final month of 2020, where, and I am putting it mildly, many are ready to kiss this past year goodbye. Although the calendar is still set at 2020, energetically, we have already embarked into the numerology cycle for 2021, which is a #5 year. One of the major themes related to the #5 year is freedom…an issue that is becoming more apparent in our daily lives. It will be a year of protests, radical and revolutionary changes. No matter how you feel about it all, these energies are here to help us open up and explore our world, our beliefs, our systems. Things aren’t “black and white” anymore, to think “outside of the box” …it’s time to live and express all the varied colours that make up our Universe. So, what does December have to say? To get a sense of what is in store for the collective, please read on.

DECEMBER 2020 (12 month + 2021 year) = #8 MONTH:

As I am writing this article, COVID 19 is once again in the spotlight and taking hold of many matters in our lives. Ahh (sigh), and I, like many of you feel worn down by it all. How many feel resigned to the fact we are controlled by forces beyond our control as our lives seem to slip out of control? (Now try saying that a few times without getting tongue-tied.) And yet, no matter what the future brings, we are drawn to taking back control and feel we have the power over our own lives again…or did we ever? O’ life…you can be so complicated and frustrating. When will you give us a break? C’mon! Christmas is coming and we all want something really good, wonderfully amazing that is wrapped up in a big shiny bow that makes life easier. Right? Right. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus but he may not be coming this year due to Covid. Bah humbug!

Enough of this whining…because a key phrase I keep hearing is “shine bright like a diamond” and it sounds just like the record is stuck at the point of playing Rihanna’s song title over and over again. Hmm…so clearly the Universe wants to drive this message home. Okay, I’m listening…are you? What does that mean? For starters, it’s time to step into your own light and shine the brilliant soul you are. Doesn’t mean the whole world needs to see or know what that may be, but where you come into expressing what you love, what you value and that you do it wholeheartedly. Yet, keep in mind, what you love and value will not align with everyone…so can you accept that fact? As much as it feels good to have everyone on your side, the truth of the matter is that isn’t how it works. And this is the time to figure out we all have our differences; our unique ways and you know what…it’s a good thing. If you feel you are still in the stages of figuring out what you want, who you truly are, this is also like a diamond analogy…it takes persistence to bring out the shine, so keep at it and don’t give up so easily. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that makes our soul sing brightly…so start there and build your way up…even if it seems to take forever to get through any challenges and hardships…Rome wasn’t built in one day and so we can’t expect to always find our way this very minute either. Remember, this month the energy of being persistent is our ally…it will help us figure things out and give us the foresight to what we want to create. Determination and being confident is what drives things home for us.

Okay, so this can be either the toughest or best time of the year, depending how you feel about the holidays. Not everyone is into celebrating for various reasons but often it relates to missing loved ones. The path to healing isn’t easy and not trying to discount anyone’s pain but it seems like Christmas will take on a whole new meaning this year. Now that’s an understatement, wouldn’t you say? How many will choose to make the best of it? Can you find it in your heart ways to honour the season whether you agree with its traditions or not, whether you buy into the marketing of it or not? This can be where you start something different…do something unusual, introduce something unique…or do nothing at all…we may be pleasantly surprised how good Christmas can be without all the hoopla or pressures of creating the ultimate holiday. Maybe this is the year we learn the true value of the season. And I must add, money may be one of the factors why…some will not be able to afford to spend as much as previous years. However you feel, and whatever you decide to do, please take heart in the fact you are not alone and to reach out to if you feel otherwise. Tis’ the season to spread love and light. This is a month where the heart comes into focus and it happens to tie into the holiday season…be it literal, metaphoric, love will matter more than ever.

It’s interesting the energy of ‘rescue’ comes up. This can be in the sense of we hear of more stories related to rescuing and it can be where some of us are in the spot of wanting to be rescued…where we want to be whisked away from our present situation, helped out in some manner. It can also play out in the way of one ends up being the rescuer for someone in need. It may arise where charities are in dire straits this year and need more help than ever before. How many are experiencing tough times, where we feel powerless especially with anything that is forced upon us such as shutdowns, this is where the energy of rescue can factor in too.

It may seem silly why is food one of the themes for this month because it always matters. Well, there are many reasons but one sense I get is it will be a way we connect and find comfort during this time. There is an emphasis on food more than ever. There are many sayings related to food that we also must consider factoring into our lives…including what nourishes us, what sustains us and what heals us.

The Camel is December’s Power/Spirit Animal for the collective. This is a unique animal that has many profound traits that will relate to our journey this month. One of the I recommend reading the spiritual meaning as well as any articles related to the camel to get a better understanding and use it as a guiding tool. The Star Tarot Card came through as well. Although I am not completely familiar with all of its’ meanings, I do feel the star symbol will factor in our lives somehow, some way.

My Guides have been coming through with an emphasis on the brighter side of life. Especially on the part of shining…they really want to hit home we are all brilliant souls and to start focusing on that more and more. Yet they also understand we have this life to live. They want to drive home we are moving away from the things in life that dulls our soul…that’s going to be part of the challenges we face up ahead…overcoming what was so that we can truly be who we are meant to be. That means something different for each of us. Now is the time to share our support for one another, not conquer and divide. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send you all Divine Light and Love. Remember to shine bright like a diamond! Be well!

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