Happy New Year to all! It’s an odd time in history as 2021 will prove to be unpredictable, unusual and unique in many ways. As I am writing this article, my hope is we are using this holiday season as a vacation from vacation…that we are taking the time to chill and get in touch with what we would like to bring to life this coming year. For now, let’s see what is in focus for the collective this January.


There is a presence of wanting to do things differently this coming year. We miss living life on our own terms…the call to freedom is prevalent and influences what unfolds and changes in our lives in 2021. Yes, many shakeups and breakups will occur. 2021 promises to be a wild and wacky year. Hang on to your hats cause here we go…we are all moving forward whether it is welcomed or not.

The phrase “walk the talk” will become important as the days and months progress. Even though it appears strongly now, it will last this entire cycle year. As one can gather, it applies to all of us, no matter if we are on our own or with others, in the public eye or not. No one is immune. This is a great teacher…because it will motivate us to move forward and to change our ways quicker than usual. If someone “calls you out”, try not to take it personally but instead it’s giving you a valuable lesson to answer the call to doing/being accountable. It’s better to be transparent, even if that means trouble, then getting caught in a web of lies which will cause more problems down the road. Personally, I feel the collective is craving true examples of those who do “walk their talk” (including when someone breaks the rules but take responsibility for their actions) and those in the public service will be in the spotlight in regards to this attitude. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, including which players fall/fail compared to those that rise/succeed.

This leads to promises. As I tune into the energies, I hear tons of promises being made by the collective…to God/Higher Power, loved ones, each other, oneself. To be honest, it is the time of year where resolutions are a popular tradition but this time around it’s like we want the year to be promising in relation to our goals, dreams, plans. For some of us it becomes a practice of making promises to secure certain deals or as an attempt to get what we want. Be careful what promises you make, no matter to whom or what, as many will be broken throughout the coming year. Are you going to be one who says what they mean and mean what they say?

The #6 is represented by family. It goes deeper than blood relations as family can be more about friends, neighbours, pets…any ties that bind us. So, depending on your circumstances, family comes into focus, whoever it is and whether we like them or not. It may not always be pleasant circumstances as to why and what occurs. At times weird things happen or will be shared amongst our relations that will be surprising. Some may experience changes in the family dynamic …anywhere from breaking apart/from family ties to breaking the silence and adding family back into one’s life. Also, certain friends will become closer, more like family. Awareness alert-this is a month of easily getting pregnant. So, if you don’t want any kids, please take extra precautions. For the teenagers, make sure they understand birth control and safe sex as this age group is at high risk of pregnancy this year (I see a surge of teen pregnancies). I also see a higher rate of twins being born in the later part of this year and going into 2022.

Community and home environments will be changing. Covid has already impacted these areas yet they pop up again this month because there is a presence of doing something different and this will affect each of us differently too. It may mean some will want to move and make their homes in a certain community, while some will want to change things in their home or in their community. Our communities and homes will face issues that will break apart certain traditions and beliefs as how we live will not stay the same in some manner. This could include the concept of communes being an option. It’s also a time where we find support in the most unlikely places or with those that we would not consider helping us, including family members we may not be close to. Actually, the saying “closer to home” factors in our lives more than usual this month. This can include the good, the bad and any triumphs or troubles that may happen within our home, our community, with family or with any neighbours.

Cleaning house came through as one of this month’s themes. And it’s quite interesting as not only does it encompass the literal sense of wanting to go through our living space and clean our home but where it appears as a metaphor where we eliminate/clear any problems and corruptions in areas that are not working/efficient/just. Not only does this include our personal space/lives but as a collective local agencies and governments (closer to home such as municipal and elected officials from your community). It may not be surprising when these areas change but it will come as a shock to what extent the lies/stories are spun to avoid responsibility …this is where “walk the talk” factors in too. Be aware of any in-fighting as arguing within the group will take place easily and without warning, not everyone will have your back. *When it comes to the government, my Guides keep referring to them as legislature(s). It may become a trending term or used in the context of delivering news/stories. *

The concept of “give and take” lights up. As a society are we following and practicing this? It feels broken and it is something that needs to change as far as what we see-feel and do in relation to what we give versus what we take. No matter if it is an industry, a company, an organization, an agency or personal, how many of us take more than we give or give more than we take? Yes, certain people will be taking score. This is a dilemma that will be addressed but not necessarily solved.

Of course, it is a common time of the year where health and diet come into focus. The #6 energy aligns with well-being. Yet, this time around it feels if more of us relate to it as being about fitness and food it may be easier and successful. Instead of thinking about losing weight, dieting and exercising, try making it about getting fit/in shape and look at food as food, if this makes sense. I’m not trying to be insensitive as it can be a touchy and challenging area for many but intuitively it is trying to come across as being of service by taking the pressure off. And then we havesmells entering the picture. It seems peculiar as to how smell will factor in, as not only does it affect the foods we want to eat but where smell can affect our health. Be open to how the sense of smell influences our daily lives as this sense may be more sensitive than usual plus it can apply as a metaphor where if something doesn’t smell right than it’s a clue to whether you should believe it or not.

The beauty and fashion industry falls into the #6 energy, which covers many things, yet jewellery will be in the forefront of this category. I’m not getting all the details as to why it becomes a popular subject as we have to see how it appears. It may be simply as what people will sell or pawn to earn extra cash.

As I conclude this article, I want to share January’s Spirit animal wasn’t easily revealed to me as usually it comes through before I start writing. I had to poke around with my Guides to receive which one would represent our medicine for the month. That’s part of the reason why I am late publishing the forecast. Finally, the Quail showed up! Very unique choice as it’s a bird that sticks to the ground rather than flying. This feels significant. How many of us want to “take off” whether that is going on a trip or where it relates to our goals/dreams taking flight. We want to get moving but the way things unfold this month keeps us close to our nest/home. There are many interesting traits and I recommend visiting the website: whats-your-sign.com to read all the qualities Avia has shared about this lovely bird. It’s amazing how it fits with many of the numerology themes of January. And as far as the tarot card, I saw the Six of Swords. Depending on the deck, it isn’t a “happy” card to look at and yet it feels the card is a precursor to bringing us joy…we just have to deal with leaving what no longer serves us. I’m not a tarot expert but explore different sites to gain perspective and insights to how this card relates to us this month.

Thank you for taking the time to read this forecast and please feel free to comment and share with your networks. I appreciate all of your support and care that is offered to what I do. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send you all Divine Blessings of well-being!

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