Hello to all! As we try to gain some sense of balance during these unpredictable times, it will become increasingly apparent nothing will be the same anymore. It’s a year of “anything goes” as the theme of freedom is in focus and plays into our lives more and more. It will be common to encounter the unique and unusual, as life is full of surprises, whether we like them or not. This is a year where we are meant to open up and broaden our horizons. For some, this will appear to be rebellious, as there is a presence of going against the norm as doing things the conventional way isn’t working…and where breaking the rules, rules these times. To get a sense of what is in store for the collective this month, please read on.
You know it doesn’t take much to get caught up in the notions of what others say and do, even if we think we are not easily influenced. A lot of the times, it only takes one to upset the “apple cart”. No one is immune, no matter the background.
2021 is a #5-year cycle which represents freedom and will appear in many formats, whether it is related to our freedoms we have or not, the ones being taken away and the ones given. It will be expressed in unconventional ways, with breaking the law(s) being commonplace. This month, the “laws” associated with religion and spirituality will come into focus. Where we lay our faith, what we tend to believe in, will be shaken up. Although this may cause trouble or be troubling to some, the purpose is to explore, challenge and open up to the validity of what they represent and mean. It’s challenging to fester out the lies and break free from any systems that “control us”…whether it applies personally or collectively. It can be a time of cults and cultish behaviours. What we worship in the context of what we believe in no matter if you are religious or not, atheist or not, spiritual or a realist, whatever we “hold” in these areas will change. This may be why Jesus comes up. Now it can be controversial to speak of him outside of the context of “messiah” yet, what I pick up on is there will be more stories related to him as a man…his experiences, his life, and perhaps even some of them portraying him as a rebel. As a society, we may discover the true Jesus and not the one we have been fed throughout the ages. This would stir the pot for many, don’t you think?! I wonder if his date of birth will come into question too as this would involve the spiritual community, particularly astrologers. Let’s try to be open-minded whatever comes to light.
The #7 energy operates in the unknown, it aligns with the mysteries of life, meaning it likes to show what is hidden in its’ own time, own way, own reason and own place. In layman’s terms, it is the opposite of control. This is where the act of surrender can become our best friend. It won’t always be easy to give up the reins, but if we allow the Universe (or whatever term one may use such as God, the Angels, Spirit, etc.) to help guide us, this is where we witness the presence of miracles (synchronicities) taking place. We have to have faith and our faith will be tested. For some faith is connected to religion and The Church as an entity. I often explain faith as believing before seeing whereas we as a society are taught to believe it before we see it. The more we try to push or exert our agenda/wants/dreams, the more mayhem ensues. It takes practice, but try to follow your gut instincts as often as possible. Sometimes that involves getting out of the way, shutting up, being quiet and sitting in the silence. If that is hard for you to do, take a nap or go to bed early. Some of you may be laughing at that, but seriously, sleep and daydreaming are excellent tools to use this month. A wait and see what happens approach can be blessings in disguise. As the month progresses, we discover there is more to life than meets the eye. A side note: for those that delve into alternative therapies and subjects (reiki, psychic phenomena, etc.) changes are occurring in these areas and will be very individual in the sense of how it applies to your own belief systems…you may open up more or close yourself off.
There are marketers that like to make February all about love just because of Valentine’s Day. I mean that’s not bad, but for those that are longing for true romance, whether single or not, this can be disappointing, even heartbreaking for some. Yet, by the numbers and the energies I feel, many might not even care so much about celebrating and would rather be left alone (could it be due to spending more time with loved ones during Covid restrictions?). This is a moody month in the sense of we may feel more sour than sweet in terms of life’s promises and where we seem to be running the gamut of mood swings. We may also feel exhausted by all the emotions we feel and go through this coming month. I hear “I’m not in the mood” being used often and no it doesn’t always apply to sex. Overall, it feels like people are worn down and the toll on our mental state is affecting us greatly. Our mental health becomes more evident as the year progresses…it’s an area that is addressed and where it is an important part of our well-being. This is also why we may feel drawn to surrendering…giving up but hopefully in the sense of trying to figure it all out, in the sense of giving all our pain(s) to a higher good…praying and wanting assurances all will be well. This is a time where many of us need more love, the kind that makes us feel appreciated, supported, valued.
We are drawn to secrets, those that we share and keep. There is an element of being surprised to hear from those who have kept quiet/out of the public eye and towards any story that was hidden. There will be times where one can be at a loss for words…not knowing what to say, awkward silence and where we feel now is not the time to talk or share our innermost thoughts. We need to be mindful there are two sides to every story and not everything we hear is true. 2021 is about communication, what we speak of, this encompasses the positive and negative side of speech…lies are a big part of this energy, with this month our spiritual systems being challenged.
Nature and natural are major influences in February. Nature in the form of forests and the wilderness specifically comes through as this subject covers a wide spectrum. It could be anything from making headlines to a more personal situation where we choose to spend more time outdoors. As far as the theme of natural goes, this comes through in many ways but mostly where it’s about allowing the natural order of things to come. The natural part feels it will have very individual meanings and can include where one wants to express their natural talents more or be more natural in some manner. This could also encompass the belief system of “letting nature take its own course.”
This has never happened before, or from what I remember with the majority of my writings but Neptune and Venus came up. With Neptune, it comes through as the Greek god image, whereas with Venus, it comes through as the planet. Unsure why I am picking up on these two things but part of me believes it will make sense as the month unfolds. I would also say, look into these two planets from an astrology point, including searching out basic articles that relate to any influences such as what signs they are in and how that may affect you as an individual and maybe as a collective too. Astrology comes through as being popular this month.
It may seem odd but King(s) keeps showing up. The reasoning isn’t crystal clear but it can relate to actual King(s) and as a reference in terms of someone being the king of a specific area (i.e. King of Pop). I am not familiar with all the modern-day monarchs, but most would agree the British family are the most visible. Not wanting to discount the others, I tend to wonder if something comes up here and where Queen Elizabeth hands over the throne to a male family member.
Interesting enough this month’s Tarot card is the King of Cups. Some of the main traits I feel are sensitivity, water and being aware of those who try to “strong-arm” us into decision making especially from the men in our lives. Men/male energy comes to the forefront: they capture our attention whether the influences are positive or not. February’s Spirit Power Animal for the collective is the Ermine. To be frank, I had a challenging time seeing which animal was our Guide for the month ahead as I could sense the personality in bits and pieces but where I only saw the little dark eyes peeping through the snow. The Ermine is not a well-known species but it is also considered to be part of the Weasel and Ferret family as these breeds are all similar in nature and where one can find more information about their spiritual traits. How funny the little ermine/weasel was being a weasel in relation to making its appearance! This little creature is very cute and elusive. I think most would agree the weasel has a bad reputation in the sense when one brings up the name, one usually refers it as a deceitful, cunning yet once you explore more of their meaning it’s easy to see there is more to them than meets the eye. Some of the Ermine traits I feel will be our medicine are camouflage/hiding (especially since I see them as white sitting in the snow), intuition/perceptions, the quiet and of course being aware of weaseling our ways around others and situations. I didn’t know this but the Ermine/Weasel is a very important part of Native culture and its’ pelts were popular amongst royalty. This is a fascinating animal and one where I feel many will be surprised to read the spiritual meaning of what they represent.
Well, I thank you all for reading this forecast. I appreciate and welcome comments and shares of this article. Although I could have written much more, I wanted to tune into what stood out the most and as the month unfolds, I do like to share more intuitive messages for the collective on a weekly basis through various posts. whether via the thought of the day, the meditation of the week and when I do the free weekly mini card reading draws. Until next time, may the magic of February be kind and uplifting. My Guides The Counsel and I send many Divine Blessings of Light and Love…be well.

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