Hello everyone and welcome. Hard to believe a year ago this month our world was upended. So much has happened. We are in the middle of so many changes too. It hasn’t been easy and I hope that as we navigate through it all, we emerge better, brighter and benevolent. To get a sense of what March’s energies has in store for the collective please read on.
In the world on numerology, I could go on and on about it. There is so much to share but I try to hone into what messages are most important. Yet what stands out when I tune into the energies for the month is the monkey totem animal. Interesting as many of its’ traits appears to influence much of our world in March. This includes any sayings and metaphors associated with monkeys. Some of the key themes I feel are; “monkeying around- so whether that encompasses fun natured play, being social, fixing things to “monkey business”- fooling around with ideas, systems, people but where more and more will question the validity of certain practices and procedures, no matter if they are due/related to Covid or not both on a personal and public level. I also feel we could all do with some laughs and lightheartedness, characteristics of the monkey. Overall, the monkey’s energy comes through strongly and I recommend reading up on the spiritual meaning of this animal to get a broader sense of its’ medicine.
The #8 is connected to the ego and often this area can get a bad rap. Mind you as much harm it can bring, there is an element of good with it too…it’s just not always presented that way. A healthy ego is about confidence and these two traits go hand in hand with the #8 energy. The goal is to build and expand our strengths that benefits not only the self but those around us too. It likes to feel valued and demonstrate the qualities of our best selves into the world. Yet at times, it can come across as arrogant, egotistical. The #8 likes to make things “right” but we need to be aware of not thinking we are self-righteous. This month we are learning to be confident without being cocky. For those that wonder how, it’s a matter of practicing and noticing the details of where you lack and overcompensate in terms of thoughts, beliefs, behaviours. Confidence to me is about the quality not the quantity. The more we can focus on the quality of our lives, no matter the area, the more we can build solutions and ways that improves our way of living and being. I also feel we need more cheering and cheerleaders. Sometimes it’s more about getting the “peppiness” of those encouraging us to keep going, to not give up so easily and believes in what we do, who we are, how we live. Cheering each other on that encourages us to make good things happen. To all of you from me: Go team go!!!
Of course, when one thinks of the ego, appearances comes to the forefront as well. The #8 energy is very visual. It notices everything and makes much of its decisions on what it sees…it has a discerning eye. So, this can play out in many ways for us and relate to any area in our lives and self. We may find we are drawn to those that exude sexual energy, have a look that we find appealing. It can be about wanting to physically makeover the look of something or someone as we want to look our best even if we don’t feel that way. Yet it is also a good time to fix what is broken or not working well and to figure out the answer(s) to a problem(s) as we notice details that weren’t apparent to us before. Overall, there is a presence of seeing the things we may have overlooked as we are more in the mindset of paying attention to the characteristics of everything we come across, the good and bad as it all teaches us the value of what we think, feel and know.
I can’t help but think it’s no coincidence that entertainment comes up. Not only is it about us wanting to be occupied with fun activities, craving more of a social life but where this industry will be in the spotlight. Nowadays just about anyone or anything can be entertaining but where do we draw the line when it comes to what is entertainment or not? Again, this all ties in with appearances, the ego, and what we value in terms of how we spend our time.
Toys and toying shows up. I see it relating to our “toys”, what we play and engage with, regardless if it’s a child or a grown up. And toying in the sense of it can be about toying with ideas, feelings, thoughts, and even each other as it doesn’t always mean it has to be with a material item. Be mindful of those toying with you as far as teasing and playing jokes…it won’t always be pleasant or for a good laugh. This is where narcissism and narcissists can appear. Don’t play in to all the charms and promises one makes to you…they can be “toying” with your heart, with your ego.
Facts and figures. The main premise with these traits aligns with what we see and believe in. It comes across as wanting proof and having to show proof. So, as a general “rule” I would say the energies around this may lead to exerting control, power and influence over one another. If someone can’t prove the worth of what is being presented/shown than it becomes a matter of who is right whether it is true or not.
Finally, I wasn’t getting a tarot card easily and so I consulted with my delightful friend and card reader Julie. She asked and received The King of Swords. The following text is from her explaining the meaning of this tarot card: “The King of Swords is ready to confront whatever life throws at him. In the original Tarot, the King of Swords holds a sword in his right hand – the hand of the conscious and rational mind. In the Light Seers Tarot, the King of Swords holds his sword in his left hand (spiritual). I like the contrast because the King leads with facts, rationale, scientific principles and the logical mind. He holds Spiritual Truth as well as Scientific Proof or grounded Truth. He has an affinity for rules. He represents an authority (like an attorney). He finds impartial clarity before taking the next steps. He blends all of his experience with inventiveness. He knows how to blend intelligence with emotional and spiritual energies. The King of Swords reminds us that we have to be courageous on our path. To find our own methodical, confident authority by KNOWING the way rather than feeling the way. In reverse, the KOS tells me that someone is using knowledge to take advantage of others. But upright and when the surrounding cards agree – someone is using truthful communication to help others in a way that is honourable rather than manipulative. It’s honest communication above all. The KOS shows us that the winds of change have died down and we are heading for more stability and clarity – out of confusion into a balanced, rational path. Out of “extremes”, which I LOVE. He’s an advisor…an authority of some kind. He has a solid reputation and he knows quite a bit about his particular field or craft. He is impartial to a fault. He will draw upon his experience and his innate understanding of the rules, systems and structures to give you well researched advice. I say that he can be impartial to a fault because he comes across as detached or sometimes disinterested in your personal circumstances but that’s only because it may not relate specifically to his skill set. He can come across as detached but he will only provide you the most relevant guidance and if he can’t do that…the KOS will not “guess”. The King will not assume to know all of the facts. He knows how to listen without inserting his judgment until he’s heard the whole story. He comes across as oblivious, but the King is anything but oblivious. He is at all times looking to guide in the most honourable way without tripping you up on your path.” Wow! I copied and pasted Julie’s interpretation and reading it back so much of this card encompasses the #8 energies. I also want to add that I feel the King of Swords exudes sexual energy too…sometimes it is the confidence of an individual that attracts us to them. Funny enough, I ended up receiving the tarot card of The Devil. Not a great card nor well-received for many either. I consulted with Julie and her interpretation is “toxic attachments, relating to anything and everything.” Whereas my initial interpretation relates to sexual abuse-past, present and future. Be mindful and safe.
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Until next time, all of my Guides and I want everyone to have a Divine March 2021! Love and light!
©Tina De Luca