Hello to all and welcome. It’s already one week into the month and I apologize for the delay in getting this article out. To be honest, March was a difficult time for me and I have been struggling with the energies that I feel for the month of April as it’s not all pleasant. I would rather focus on optimism and yet I have to believe and trust in what I pick up on is for our benefit in some manner. It’s not doom and gloom but where I am picking up on the emotional and mental areas of the collective which is difficult to process. For those that are open to knowing what the numbers have to say for April, please read on.


I have been very hesitant to writing this month’s forecast as the energies don’t feel all that great. A part of me has been questioning the validity of what I am about to write as I wonder is this about my own moods or is this truly connected to the collective. I’ve been asking myself am I alone in feeling these energies or are there others, especially other psychics, who are picking up on similar themes? It’s not always easy to know and there is the question of am I doing the right thing by sharing in such a truthful manner? The numbers for this month are not easy as the energies are dense/heavy and there is a presence on endings. We have been dealing with many difficult issues for over a year now, it’s been taking a toll on many areas in our lives and this month it’s as if we have hit our threshold. It’s not about being fed up anymore, many feel worn down and out. Our mental and emotional selves are broken…we feel defeated as if we can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. More than ever, we really need the support of each other as it can feel very dark for some. Mental health comes to the forefront and as a society we need to do better in this realm. We can’t sugar-coat it anymore because many are facing their darkest times. There are certain methods that are used to addressing mental illnesses that will not cut it anymore as it will come through as a deterrent. We need to be aware that sometimes it is a matter of getting through the moment and working our way up to getting through the day as the momentum of healing will not be smooth sailing. It’s easy to feel down and for some the tears flow without warning. I’m by no means an expert in this area but how it comes through is we have been mostly numbing our emotional/mental pains instead of experiencing it to the end where we come out of it healthier, stronger and freer. This is where “raw and real” shows up…being open and revealing your struggles, your darkest thoughts and feelings in the open as it’s not easy and pleasant to be vulnerable for all those involved. We are sad and the world feels “fucked”. This is a time of facing our fears and our worse selves…the parts we have buried and suppressed for so long, the parts we have avoided acknowledging, the parts we have been told to ignore because we will be better if we do but these things are not working anymore. We are facing and sharing truths and sometimes the truth hurts. As hard as it is to go through the process(es) of allowing our dark selves to show up, we must face it head on as there are no shortcuts for profound healing to take place. And that is why I have hesitated to write and publish this forecast…these are concepts not fully endorsed or supported by certain communities. There are those who feel and believe the solutions lie in positive thinking, in feeling only good thoughts and so on…yet I tend to wonder how can you think and feel positive/good when you have underlying thoughts of despair or sadness…shouldn’t these emotions be cleared so that you can be in a space of love and light? My hope is we come out of these energies lighter and healthier. Please, if you are struggling, try to find a way, a person who will be by your side as you purge and release your pain. To be seen and heard during our darkest hour should not be met with shame, guilt but instead with care and compassion. Themes of death and destruction can be scary, there are those who don’t like to go there but it is a part of life. We need those who have faced their darkest times show up for those that are going through it now…as they are living proof of it can get better and to help us unload. Sometimes in our struggles we think they are insurmountable; we feel daunted by it all and there are those who can help by shedding light to the way up and out.

Okay, so far it has been a tough read but, in a way, do you feel a little better just knowing this is all out in the open? Instead of touching a nerve, it touches your soul and to know you are not alone in feeling defeated, despair. Because I know, speaking from experience, I feel better once I address negativities as it’s a form of releasing and letting it go from your energy. This brings me to the point of trying and using methods that will help clear and cleanse the energy of the self and at times the location (i.e., home environment). I truly believe we all absorb and keep vibrations in our own bodies that affects our well-being. Again, it comes down to whatever you are using in relation to whether if it is numbing or healing your pain? When it comes to seeking relief, we usually want it to be fast and easy yet this time around these quick fixes won’t always work. There are many wonderful things we can use and do but reiki comes through strongly. I recommend finding a practitioner that you feel comfortable with in trying to release negative energies that are in your aura. I know a few people, depending where you live may influence your choice, and ask around as you never know what will end up being a great session. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like the names of who I suggest. I also feel the colour pink will help, whether it is wearing it in some fashion (jewelry, clothing, accessories) or imagining being surrounded by this colour. Pink coloured crystals such as rose quartz are beneficial too. Ironically, April’s Full Moon is known as the “Pink Moon”.

I want to share more positive messages and despite this forecast being more focused on the opposite, I truly feel these darker energies are being addressed as it is part of the path to light and love. The themes of death and destruction comes to the forefront as it relates in the physical sense; as in who dies, people think of death more and metaphorically; what areas/items/actions become obsolete whether we experience them in our personal circles but also where they are in focus more from events and news stories around the world. It also applies to our inner selves where we are experiencing the death and destruction of certain habits, feelings, beliefs and thoughts. How many people will share they feel “dead” inside or that they feel like they are dying because of the grief they are feeling. Not everyone is in great shape and they are struggling to feel better, to feel good about life again. Remember not everyone has an easy time of letting go of the pain and part of the healing path involves clearing and cleansing, much of it related to the histories and patterns we tend to hold onto.

As I wrap up this article, I do feel this month’s tarot card and spirit animal have very strong positive and loving energies. It’s as if they balance out the hardness with themes of good, of strength and of growth. The World came to view as I started writing and what a great tarot card it is! For me, I feel this is a time for the world to pull together but it won’t come from the elite, the super-rich or advantaged…it will come from us “ordinary” folks…the ones who truly know and understand the meaning of what it takes to be in the other shoes when it comes to struggling and finding your way out and up. This may lead to an uprising where those who are tired of being downtrodden come up with solutions and ways that better serves the population. The world has been “out of balance” for quite some time and I feel this card has an energy of meeting the needs of the rest of us…the ones who are not part of the rich, elite and privileged. It’s not where everything is solved right now and it seems like a tall order but it’s about stepping out into these directions and becoming more aware of what is possible, fairer, better. The Frog is April’s Spirit Animal. I am so pumped about it too! I want to leap for joy! LOL. Seriously, it has amazing qualities and we can sure use its’ medicine right now. Some of the traits I feel will be important for us includes we are able to make progress as we reach plateaus by “leaps and bounds”, we “jump on board” with certain ideas that proves to be beneficial, and some things were/will be worth the wait as we sat back until the right moment/situation presented itself to us (akin to a frog sitting on a lily pad waiting for their food to make its way to them). But if there is one main downfall, I want everyone to try to remember to not “jump to conclusions” this month. There are many sayings related to the frog that will factor too, including the popular “you have to kiss so many frogs before you find your prince”-so those who are wanting a relationship don’t give up on love but know that maybe you haven’t found the right one yet and there is a saying “eat the frog” which has to do with tackling an activity one procrastinates with as this is a good time to finish projects we don’t like doing. Maybe Kermit the Frog will make headlines and/or become popular in some manner. I also recommend reading the spiritual meaning of the Frog and the World tarot card as many of its themes will relate to us and the energies this month.

Well, for those that took the time to read through this forecast; thank you! It wasn’t an easy read and there is always this uncertainty of what I pick up on will it be met with disdain or with respect. Please feel free to comment and share as I always appreciate the support. Until next time, may everyone receive Divine healing energies this month. Be well!
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