Hello to all and welcome. We are almost halfway through 2021, hard to believe right? I also feel many have this inner knowing that so much in our world will not be the same anymore despite trying to fight or implement what was. Much has changed, especially our feelings, thoughts and beliefs. It’s a time where the Universe wants us to keep moving forward, to open our mind-heart and soul more and more. It’s about breaking down barriers and limitations we still have personally and collectively. We are learning what freedom embodies and means, including accepting all the diverse ways we each express and value it. Not always easy to take in what others believe. With that, to get a sense of the energies for the month of June, please read on.  




Well, where to begin? This is a question many of us will contemplate as we are starting to understand we are not going back to the life we once lived/had. There is no more fooling, as honesty is the best policy right now. Not only do we want honesty from others but we are learning to be honest with ourselves too. We would rather know what is going on even if it hurts, even if it’s shocking. We gain from getting to the heart of the matter. Our feelings and emotions take centre stage. We are influenced by what our hearts say, including whether our heart is in something or not, with someone or not. Who and what do we understand at this stage in our lives? Are we willing to trust our own intuition? Listen to our inner voice? How much do we allow our emotions and feelings guide us? Are we living a life that aligns with who we truly are? Are we being our true soul selves? The answers will be different from person to person. Don’t let your emotions cloud yours or someone else’s world. Be gentle and kind with one another and the self. Try to understand where they are coming from. Listen to their story with an open heart. 


Some of us will be surprised to discover we are stronger than we once were as we are willing to stand up for what is right, what we believe in and what we want in life. Even though we may concentrate on how much the outside world has changed, we become more aware of how much we have changed on the inside. This is where our true colours come to light. To be like the peacock, be willing to open up and show who we honestly are. This may involve bold moves as far as the actions we take to the way we express our feelings with one another. There is a beauty within us all, well, at least I would like to think so, although there are those in our world who we may feel doesn’t fit that bill. Not everyone will like, agree with what we share as it may not be to the standards of what society dictates. Could this be how we express our love-hate relationship with things and people around us? Exhibiting parts of ourselves that doesn’t go along with the crowd? That’s part of the world we are creating…to boldly go where no man has gone before and I’m not referring to outer space.

The ocean came through as one of the main themes. Not only may it be about these bodies of water but where it refers to metaphors. Again, tying in with the traits of our emotions and feelings…they run deep as the ocean. We may discover new things about the oceans and there may be more stories/news connected to the oceans. Our awareness about water comes to the forefront. 


In the tarot, the #2 is not represented by the Lovers but rather by the High Priestess. Yet, it’s the Lovers tarot card that showed up for the collective. It makes sense as far as this card represents relationships which happens to be one of the traits of the #2 in numerology. So, this month our relationships are important more so than usual. Even though relationships can be any kind such as family or friends, this month there is more of an emphasis on our intimate relationships. Some will break apart and some will breakthrough. It’s all connected to freedom. Where we want to feel like we can be ourselves, express who we truly are and that means not everyone will stick together…either you will walk away or walk together to allow the freedom to be. For those that are single, it is a time where we feel ready to give up some of our freedoms for a new and meaningful relationship. It also encompasses the energies of caress and embrace. Yes, it is related to our physical needs in an intimate relationship but also where we embrace and caress our personal ideas and goals. Putting extra love into what matters and feels important.

This month’s Spirit/Power animal is the Peacock. Most recognize this bird by its’ plumage. A very significant trait of the peacock is its feathers. This feature will factor into the energies for the collective. Vision, as each feather has a look of a seeing eye, will be important so take care of your eyes but also a good time to open up your own “third eye”. Also, the colours are vibrant and rich. Allow more colour into your life, whether that is with décor/fashion and with experiences/people. Blue is a prevalent colour with this bird so this may be a favourite, a healing hue, or referred as explaining an emotion. A strong message I receive when tuning into the peacock is where I see it standing tall with its wings all open as this means to be proud and confident. To strut your stuff. To share your knowledge and talents. That by being you, you are already beautiful. It doesn’t always have to be about career or big, grandiose events but in relation to all the things that were heartfelt, heart-centered, heart-warming. I also recommend reading the spiritual meaning of this bird as many of its’ traits will be part of our medicine this month.  

Okay, well, I didn’t write as much as other previous forecasts but that is because I ask and tune into the energies that come through the strongest. At times it can involve a lot of messages and at times it is more specific and honed in. That’s how it goes with intuition…it’s allowing whatever comes forth to be.  

With that, I am so grateful for all of you beautiful souls sharing and being. I appreciate all of your support and presence. Please feel free to like, comment on and share this article with your groups. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send Divine Blessings of love, beauty and peace. Be well. 


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