Hello everyone! Welcome to all as there are those who are new to what I do and share. Writing is a favourite activity of mine especially these monthly articles. One doesn’t have to be a believer in what I do as I try to cultivate a presence of bringing forth the intuitive messages in a relatable, down to earth manner. Sometimes that means not everything is pleasant news but it helps to have an understanding because those are opportunities to heal and improve. So, for those that are curious as to what energies are in store for the collective, please read on.


Won’t this be an interesting month…but really isn’t that a part of life too? As I tuned into the energies for May, many themes came through and I will do my best to get to the point on all of them. I want to start off with the tarot card The Wheel of Fortune. Yet, the image I see is of a large hand emerging from the clouds turning the handle on a big wheel (I don’t know if any decks depict this card as such). I see the wheel moving as whatever is on top falls down and what is on the bottom rises to the top. For me this symbolizes reversals of fortune. It’s not always about money although that could be the case for some, but where it’s connected to anyone, anything, any area that has been struggling- “on the bottom of life” will receive boosts/gains while areas and people who have been on top, winning at this game of life, will fall/face new struggles. It’s not about who is good or bad, what is right or wrong. It’s not a punishment but to help us understand what others go through in life, bring in awareness akin to “how the other shoe fits”. The Wheel of Fortune is to help create balance even if we think otherwise. I also recommend reading various interpretations of this card as I am only sharing what comes through according to my psychic perceptions.

Things will feel differently from last month as the heaviness we felt in April is lifting. We see the “light” and things come to light even if they are only glimpses…as these are starting points to help us move forward. We encounter new opportunities if we consider opening ourselves up to different ideas/ways than we would normally consider or explore. Sometimes taking a chance pays off whether it is with a thought, a person or a feeling. We have bursts of energy that will help us take the initiative in starting something new or that involves the beginning steps. Expressing our individuality in some format influences the various directions we may take and any initiatives we are drawn to.

There are a few phrases showing up as having meaning: “sooner than later”, “act now, think later” and they intertwine with the following traits of: calm, bullet-proof, celebrate life and cheesy. Now, I could go on and on about all the meanings but the overall concepts have to do with where we may feel rushed or in a hurry to get certain activities/tasks/ideas going. This may also relate to where one feels pressure or stress due to other reasons and must do something/make a choice right now. Trying to stay calm is not always easy so going ahead may involve having an attitude of being bullet-proof and/or cheesy. Using inner strength, uniqueness, anything that helps us feel protected or invincible to get us through or rise above adversity and challenges of any kind. It won’t always be easy but sometimes trying involves tools/mindsets to get ideas/dreams/goals off the ground. Bullet-proof and calm also involves speaking up especially when we have felt shy/nervous/scared in sharing our thoughts and feelings. Although celebrating life may seem odd in this category, with Covid still being a major role in how we live our lives, to me it makes perfect sense why it shows up along these themes. For instance, despite your personal beliefs, there will be those who will feel calmer and bullet-proof after getting vaccinated and are starting to celebrate life again whether that is attending social functions, participating in group activities…anything that held them back from life. Or for those that have been struggling and suffering, there may be those who start sharing ideas and ways to celebrate life that are safe and assuring. I also feel celebrating life is where many of us will experience victories/gains of some kind that gives us reason to feel calm and bullet-proof.

The #1 energy is represented by men/masculine energy. It doesn’t always matter if the individual is a male as women can demonstrate this side as well. We feel these effects strongly. My concern with all this is how I picked up on “boys club”. For me, and I am sure many of you, feel it is negative and in today’s world not limited to only men as I know of some women who partake in these behaviours too. Part of me wonders if there will be certain individuals and groups “outed” where their practices are challenged because how they got to where they got is a lie. Yet for others, it may involve specific “boys club” to get ahead. Alter egos may be a part of all this too. Be aware of the heroes in life, and who you consider to be a hero as not everyone is genuine.

The Porcupine showed up as the Spirit Animal for the collective. Their mostly recognized by their quills. This will play a major role for our medicine this month. Their quills are sharp and how they defend themselves from predators…who wants to get close to a porcupine except maybe for a dog?! I’ve seen it happen a handful of times and it’s not pretty. They can cause serious damage yet I think they are cute too. We easily get defensive; we feel the need to get extra protection/be protective and we may take things personally where certain actions and words may get our spine up (because the porcupine raises its spine before shooting its quills). It’s not all bad as there are many good qualities to this rodent and I recommend reading the spiritual traits of the Porcupine to get a more rounded interpretation.

Okay, that is an overview of the energies that I picked up on and were shared to me by my own Guides The Counsel. Please feel free to comment and share this post to anyone. I appreciate all of your support. Until next time, may everyone have a calm and Divine month.

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