Hello everyone. Here we are. Half the year already gone by. So much has changed. As the world moves towards opening up again, how are things looking now? And as you look around, are you happy with what you see and feel? It will be surprising how we react as we emerge from all these restrictions. Some may not feel entirely sure as in this present time, what does life mean after all we have been through? Is it this one big game where some win and some lose? Are we truly doing well? It’s a month of many questions and curiosities. Expect the unexpected and where some of our best laid plans change on us. If you would like to know more about what energies are in store for the collective this July, please read on.



As I was tuning into the energies for July, questions kept popping up. Not in the sense of questions being from me but more along the lines of that is how many of our conversations will go and how many of us will be thinking. We are curious. As we interact with one another, we wonder about things and about what is going on. For example, I keep hearing “what are we doing?” Things feel scattered. We are indecisive and it may be harder to make up our minds about certain choices including some of the smaller ones we make. So as the world is saying and making its’ way “back to life”, at first it may feel good, we are happy but then as we continue on or join in, we may discover we have doubts. It’s a month where anytime we consider the days ahead (the future) we are unsure, we don’t know or the answer is a no. At times there is a presence of going off in all these different directions as if there is no landing place. It can be unsettling. It’s best not to get too ahead of ourselves…to try to stay present as much as possible otherwise we end up making a mess of things more than we care to deal with. One day at a time is one of our best options.


Now, I live in Canada where the season of winter can be harsh and long so when summer comes along many of us Canadians like to take advantage of the warmer weather. Yet this year, it feels like more people want to really make the most of this season…double the fun…maybe COVID had a role in this as well? Because last year it seemed like summer was cancelled. So, no matter where you live because for some readers it’s winter, I wouldn’t be surprised how many are influenced by the energy of fun. Are we having fun? What do you consider as fun? We question what we do and how we spend our days as to whether it is fun or not…even if it is work related. Personally, I am wanting this month to be a “summer of fun” so I am making room for this and not trying to focus on the serious side of life so much. I don’t think I am the only one who feels this way too.


With fun comes play. We are in a playful mood; we are drawn to playing more, whatever that may be or look like as it will vary from person to person. It can encompass playing around and what we play into as this is a time of gossip and rumours too. Don’t believe everything you hear. Remember the intro where it was mentioned it’s a month of questions and curiosities? Well things will be much easier if we follow through on questioning what is taking place or about to. It’s not about being rude or nosy, but where we discover what is best for us in the moment. It clears any confusions and doubts. We may be pleasantly surprised by what we discover. Ask yourself…what am I playing at? It can also be funny how things play out. And of course, there is the obvious; we engage in more actual game games such as board, video, sport…anything that is fun as it brings in camaraderie and laughs. The #3 energy wants to teach us to laugh and especially learning to laugh at ourselves because life is funny. It pays to be funny and have fun this month.


It’s kind of a “loosey-goosey” time too. It feels like we are lost or better yet where we get lost in the present activity you are engaged in because it’s fun. Not everything seems to fall into place easily but that is how the #3 energy likes to be…go with the flow and take it easy…try not to get so worked up about things. It’s not being lazy but at times we may think we are. Chill. Enjoy. If you have extra time off or can postpone certain tasks then do it…you never know when you will have the opportunity to just be, to savour the moment you are in. Sometimes doing nothing is doing something and has a powerful impact. Try to see the bright side of anything that sets you loose, where you think you lost at something/someone or what you are losing…as it is freeing you. I hear “pop music” and got a vision of people “bopping along” …take it as literal or as a metaphor.


The #3 is represented by children and childhood years but this month there is more of an emphasis on childlike behaviours. This means us adults may act more like a child so be mindful of whining, sulking and being immature about certain things. Yet, it can also be positive in the sense of having a childlike attitude towards areas in life that brings a smile, that helps us see the silver lining. Children are pretty good at forgetting some things and this can be an advantage for us grownups who would like to disregard certain thoughts, actions, words.


I found it quite interesting and pleasing to receive “aunties” as being one of the main themes for July. It’s not often a particular group is singled out and being an auntie myself, which I truly love, makes me wonder how many of us will feel recognized or sought out for extra reasons. This may be a combination of personal experiences but also where stories related to aunties are in focus more. Aunties grab the spotlight. Yeah aunties!


It’s a social energy and our friendships may be more important than family. It’s not that they don’t count but where we would rather engage and spend time with our friends. They can be a bigger help than family or a pain in the butt…your call. Also consider some of our friendships will change…some end, some begin and some become closer. Being friendly, even to those who are difficult to like, will be beneficial in some manner.


The chameleon is July’s spirit animal. I had guidance with this one…from my beautiful friend and show partner Julie. I was struggling with receiving it and when I told Julie about it, lo and behold, she shared what came through to her. Did any of you notice how this encompassed some of the messages? Receiving help from a friend. Yeah Julie! I do recommend reading up on the spiritual meaning of this fascinating creature. I am not familiar with the chameleon but what we all seem to know it has the ability to change colours. For sure, I feel this is a major theme for us as well as the fact it is a curious animal…confirmation with one of the meanings of the number three. Plus, it has been very hot in some regions…a climate the chameleon lives in so for those that are struggling with the heat, maybe read up on how this reptile copes in the weather…maybe it’s a matter of being still, taking it easy.

Finally, we come to the tarot card for the month. Honestly, I wasn’t too sure about this one as The Moon came through. It’s such a dense energy and part of me wonders if it has to do with riding out the waves in life and going with the flow since the moon has those qualities. Plus, I feel it has to do with the planet influencing us this month…scientifically as well as astrologically. Again, read up on the tarot meaning to get a sense of how it may relate.

Thank you for taking the time to read through. I appreciate all of your support. Sharing, commenting and liking of this article is welcomed. I and my Guides The Counsel, wish you all a fun and easy-going July. Be well and stay safe!

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