Hello everyone! Although it’s past one week into the month as I write this, there is value in being late posting this forecast. The themes for the month may confirm what is already taking place plus it may reveal some insights that align with what we sense. For those that are wondering what the numbers are saying for the collective this August, please read on.


Here we go! Are you ready? Ready for what? Because as I tune into the energies for the month, the concept of “best laid plans” is a major theme that intertwines into our daily lives and this means they don’t always work out as planned. So, a part of me wonders if there will be times this month where it will feel like we have to “fly by the seat of our pants” as depending on the circumstances, some of our plans may either be tweaked or scrapped altogether. Although we are anxious to get things going again and feel like we can take part in certain activities, some of these plans will end up changing. Some of our activities are rolling along when wham! We experience some sort of setback. At times it will feel like we take one step forward, two steps back. Yep…won’t that be frustrating. Take heart folks! We are learning what is working vs. not working. And at times it will be tough. Don’t let it break your spirit if you hit a roadblock or are struggling with something or someone. The #4 is an energy that encompasses putting in effort but is this by working harder or by working smarter? You be the judge of that when it comes to laying out plans. Are you going to try to think things through carefully? Approach it with a keen eye or are you going to throw caution to the wind and wing it? This is part of figuring out what works for you because what may be right for you may not be right for the other. This is a time where we are expressing who we are and as diverse we all may be, so are the solutions, ways and manners to which we live.

Now, the numbers are in conflict this month. What this means for us, is on one hand we want security and stability and on the other hand, we want the freedom to do as we please. We want to feel safe but we don’t want to be told what to do. Hmm…and a prime example of this dilemma is the area of the Covid vaccines. I bring this up not because I’m picking sides or stating what one should or shouldn’t do but where this area is becoming a prime example of how our safety is in focus but our freedoms are changing because of it. But with this message of safety and security, it also encompasses what do we need to change in order to protect and ensure our freedoms and rights are also enabled. It is tough and touchy subject that will spark heated debates centered around what is working versus not working theme. For those that struggle with what to do, whether it is related to getting the vaccine or something entirely different, asking yourself “what is my why” may help with the decision process. It doesn’t have to align with anyone’s reason as long as your why feels good and sits well with you. Make sense? “What’s your why” is a simple technique in figuring out what to do, no matter the circumstance.

The #4 energy relates to the future and for those that would rather take it moment by moment, day by day or any other immediate time line, there is still an influence of thinking ahead and that may involve taking a more hands on approach to our daily activities that encompass being prepared. We may set our sights on what we would like to accomplish within a certain time frame. Whether we realize it or not, many of us will have energy to burn because there is a presence of go-go-go. There are things to get done, people to see and what have you. Even if we are tired, it’s hard to unwind. Our sleep is affected too because our brain is thinking about all the work that needs our attention. It’s as if there is this invisible pull pushing us to get at it even when we don’t feel like it or think we have the energy to do one more thing. The good in all this is, it’s a good time to implement a routine or to initiate any activity that you have been procrastinating on because we have the discipline to follow through on some of our ideas. In some sense, it feels busy and at times we may be busier than usual. Again, it relates to work and working as they are part of the #4 energy.

With numerology, so much can be said about what the numbers mean but when I sit down to write these forecasts, I try to tune and hone into what comes through the strongest. I write as if the messages are intuitively dictated to me. That brings me to where the theme of emerging and August’s spirit animal the butterfly, seems to go hand in hand. They showed up at the same time and when you think about it, the butterfly emerges from the cocoon…it’s an important symbol. For each of us, it means a certain part of the self, even a certain part of one’s life personally and collectively, will be emerging. If you think about it, this past year or so we have been cocooning at home and now as things are opening up more and more, what have we become? Who are we? What has come to light? What projects have we been working on that are emerging and taking shape in the outside world? Success comes to those that have been working hard whether that has been on the self or an area in their life. The other important message I received with the butterfly has to do with its’ wings. They remind me of the human lungs and therefore, we must be aware of our breath but also the air we breathe. Take care and be mindful when it comes to the health of one’s lungs. It will also relate as a metaphor…some of us wanting more freedom…to be able to expand our wings in life. I recommend reading the spiritual meaning of the butterfly as it has so many traits that will influence our lives and be our medicine. Plus, it also holds special meaning for many individuals.

Finally, the Emperor came through as the tarot card for the month of August. I am not an expert but some of the themes I received with this card are: fathers, force/strictness, protection. When this card appeared clairvoyantly, I saw an image of a man’s hands. One hand was in a fist as it punched the other hand which was an open palm. I wonder if this means certain rules/regulations/laws will be handed down swiftly and strictly. Also be aware of bullying and abuse as this image may relate to these areas as well. Also, it has occurred to me that the area of hands showed up in this forecast at least three times. This is telling as hands is a message for us…it can run the gamut from how we use our hands to being hands on with certain projects.  Keep that in mind as this was an interesting way how it intuitively appeared. One more note about the hands. How many of us made objects from the shadows with our hands or are at least familiar with seeing others do this…isn’t the butterfly a popular one? This ties in with the butterfly…another reminder the hands and lungs may be in focus for various reasons.

Well, thank you everyone for taking the time to read through this forecast. I appreciate all of your support including sharing of this article, what I do and engaging with me via comments. I try to welcome all and that includes anything that may challenge what was said. I’ve been doing readings for over 30 years now (I started young cause I am still young…lol) and with all that experience my readings are interesting and comforting. Feel free to reach out to me via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com or via DM on my Facebook and Instagram Page: Inlightin Energy. Please note I do NOT publish my telephone number for privacy reasons. To find out more about me and what I do, please visit my website: www.inlightinenergy.com

Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send you all many Divine Blessings as you emerge into the beautiful soul you are. Be well and stay safe.

© Tina De Luca