Hello and welcome to all. I want to start off by saying I appreciate all of your support and openness to what I share. For those that are new or don’t know, I write a monthly forecast based on numerology and what I pick up on intuitively. I always call in my Guides for support, protection and guidance that will help us understand and be aware of the energies that are influencing the collective on all levels. Basically, this means I receive messages that are a balance between the spiritual and human sides of life. For those that are curious and interested to what is in store for us, please read on.



By the numbers, this month will feel intense, perhaps even heavy and it won’t always be easy, even for those that normally say they have a positive/optimistic outlook. As much as I want to share messages of roses and rainbows, I am picking up on energies that involve major shifts and there is no point in trying to sugarcoat it all…what good does that do? Sometimes, it’s better to just know so that we can be better prepared and have a sense of what needs to be healed so that we can move forward. There is a sense of pressure to break free, to feel free, to be free. This may involve anything, from our thoughts/beliefs to our feelings and actions. Some of the “old ways” are not going to cut it anymore, especially the ones that have a history of causing us to stay in pain, to suffer. We are facing some of our deepest and darkest sides of life, of self. It’s not pleasant, and there’s no avoiding it either. It’s becoming harder to keep and contain…our world is cracking open…and it can’t be put back together…there are too many changes abound influencing each of us differently.

This month it’s like a double whammy because September is a #5 and the calendar year is a #5. Freedom is at the core of it all. Not everyone is going to agree and align…we can’t seem to come together on the same page, no matter how hard everyone tries. But we are not supposed to as it’s an energy that encompasses being able to show and express all the parts of self that doesn’t fit society’s rules and ways. It’s rebellious and it doesn’t like to be told how to be, how to live. “Fighting words” is one major way many of us will use when it comes to sharing viewpoints. Everyone has an opinion and it can easily become ugly and dirty. Be aware of words…whether they are directed to the self or others. Are they inflicting pain or love? Communication is a big part of the #5. So, as you may have noticed, many of the themes that are showing up relate to our words…spoken, written. Don’t be fooled by what you hear or read, whether it is via the message or via the messenger. Before jumping to conclusions, we do have to consider all options or look at all sides. Take into account various perspectives and not be so quick to judge. We are discerning what is the lie, what are they trying to sell, where is all this leading? Try to explore and be open to what you discover. At first it may not sit well, it may shake and rattle you up and that is the point in all this…to stir things up, to create change, to open our hearts-minds-souls. To move forward and seek a path that elevates our being.

We all are going off in different directions whether that is personally or as a collective. It can get uncomfortable as there will be those who are willing to protest. I keep hearing the phrase “taking it to the streets” …so I wonder if things will escalate, perhaps even get violent, so please be mindful as there may be crackdowns and those who cause trouble for trouble’s sake. These protests don’t always have to be in the public eye, but where it takes place between friends, family, at work, at home, at play. It seems we are focusing on our rights and freedoms more than ever whether they relate to the big or small things in life.

It’s unique that Mercury came up as a theme. I see it as the winged god and yet it can also be about the planet as they belong to each other. How this will show up, I am not receiving all the details. I wonder if this is also symbolic as what followed was the words “taking flight” and “wings” …these all go hand in hand with Mercury as well. So maybe we see some of our plans, ideas, dreams taking flight and/or we set them free because there is uncertainty with how they will take shape or happen. These messages can be more personal and try to be open to how it may relate to you, to us.

“Rising above it all”. Now, don’t those words feel good? How many want to? Because that’s a task laid before our feet…it’s a choice and do you have what it takes to do so? For me, it’s about breaking free from patterns, from the repetitiveness and pettiness of whatever we dislike, we are tired of, whether it is thoughts, actions, feelings. It’s not always easy, but it is a freeing process. It can be about ending the cycle of all the crap we put ourselves through and wanting to live life on our own terms…what you won’t allow to be part of your energy anymore. As a collective, it can relate to not allowing our systems to get the better of us.

The Hierophant tarot card came through for the collective. I’m totally surprised. Being honest as I am not well-versed in the tarot but for me, I get religion, the Pope and authority with this card. These are themes that are the opposite to the #5 energy in numerology. But, then it could all make sense because the #5 energy could be pushing back to these areas and we see, hear news related to disruptions associated with them. A part of me wonders if there will be major changes or something unexpected occurs with the Pope, religion, authority. I do recommend checking out various interpretations on this tarot card.

The Crow appeared as September’s Spirit animal for the collective. Maybe not a favourite but this bird has powerful qualities. First of all, they have a reputation of being vocal…this connects to the # 5 energy of communication. I get be careful of the squawkers and even be mindful of your own words…what are we crowing about? It is very intelligent and is known to have quite the memory. We have the capacity to be smart about our choices but also where we are creating memories that will be part of history, they will not be easily forgotten. They like shiny objects so we may be influenced by the razzle and dazzle, bling is king. There are many superstitions and folklore associated with the crow. One being there are those who believe it is the messenger of death…both physical and symbolic. We all know death is part of life, but this month our focus is drawn to this area more than usual. And the other major theme with the crow is it’s connected to change. Another match to the #5 energy. I notice how much the crow and the #5 in numerology are equals…this confirms the “double whammy” effect that is present this month. So much more can be said about the crow, but I wanted to share the major points I picked up on. To understand more, please read the spiritual meaning of this bird on different websites.

There are major changes and surprises in store for us. They are not all bad. Yet, if you are one who is apprehensive, call on someone or something (i.e. Angel) to help you navigate through it. Don’t be shy asking for help and sometimes trying out something different will do the trick. Be open to the possibilities of what is unfolding and try to keep moving forward, even if that is exploring options.

Okay everyone. Thank you for reading this through. May September be enriching. I and my Guides, The Counsel, send you all Divine Light and Love. Be well, be safe, be YOU.

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