Hello to all and welcome. I am glad you made your way to this point as it hasn’t been easy and as a collective, we have been through the wringer. Now is the time to start focusing on the well-being of ourselves and our world. May we support each other in these trying times. For now, to get a sense of what the energies have to say, please read on.



Well, here we are in October and although technically there are still 3 months left until the new year, energetically, this is the last month of the #5 calendar cycle year. The way I practice Numerology, I believe the cycles start to change about 2 months prior to when the new year starts. The year 2022 cycle will start in November 2021. You don’t have to be a numerologist to know the themes associated with the #5 because there are vibrations that we unconsciously pick up on and are drawn to that encompass the traits of the #5. So, as we are coming to a close in the #5 cycle, there is a presence of “one last push” before we head into the next calendar year cycle. Also, some of the themes that come to be this month will be a preview of the coming year. A few years ago, I stopped writing yearly forecasts but I am considering bringing it back as it may add value and insights. Stay tuned.


2021 has had many changes and mistakes. It’s a #5 year and the main theme of this cycle is freedom. It sure has been a major part of our lives…whether it was about freedoms that were taken away or given. One of the main ways the freedom energy likes to show up is by opening up our world…so really, even though there were many restrictions, it did create many experiences where it opened up our eyes, minds, ears, hearts. Of course, it appeared and influenced us all differently, but the main goal was reached…we are not the same and we are not going to be. We know, think and feel differently. Enough so that we want to be free of whatever held us back emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

So how will the freedom energy of the #5 year influence the #6 month? Well, the big area that comes to light is related to our burdens and specifically lighten our loads. Many of us will feel we can’t keep up or keep going with all that is going on. There are some things we will need to put down, to leave be. Now, that will vary and can encompass more than one area of life. Some examples are unloading the energy of sadness or leaving behind certain people or downsizing possessions…it may be anything. It’s as if, all of a sudden, we are aware of the heaviness of what seems to be keeping us restricted. Up until now, whatever has been a difficult decision to make, “no more” shows up and it’s the final push to break free from whatever holds us back, holds us down, whether it is by our own doing or not. Imagine we have been on this mountain and halfway through the climb we notice the baggage we have on our backs is too much for us to keep carrying if we want to continue on and reach the top. What is your baggage? What will you unload so that you can keep moving forward in life?


I am sure all of us have had enough of COVID 19. Right? Despite it all and no matter what your beliefs are, as a collective, this month is going to be a preview of what health and well-being truly means. It’s more than COVID. The cure is not just found in medicine. It’s going to become more and more apparent that our food, air, water and land plays a major role in how we feel and do. We will come to see it is about our environment, with an emphasis on the health of our homes, communities and our planet Mother Earth. That it all intertwines and if one area is “sick” than it affects other parts of us, our lives. Think of it as a wheel and for the wheel to stay in good shape, we have to be mindful of all the different parts that needs care to keep us going, including its surroundings because there can be things in its path that may harm the wheel and stop it from continuing on. Health and well-being are not just about visiting the doctor or getting a prescription but where we need to look at it from the perspective of does this serve me in a helpful or harmful way?


These next themes are all part of the same yet take on different meanings. Our cares and concerns plus what we own and ownership are traits that we sit with this month. It can be in the literal sense of what or who we take care of (i.e., the home, family), what we own (i.e., house) but where it becomes deeper, more meaningful in the sense of what our soul knows, wants. What do we truly care about? Do we allow certain cares and concerns get the best of us? Do we own and take ownership of who we truly are and what we do? It all comes down to responsibility and being responsible for how you feel, think and do. To stop finding faults, making excuses and laying blame whether it is connected to the self or to another.


The #6 is represented by community and family. We crave support from these areas. For some, that may very well mean family but it can also mean friends or acquaintances from communities we associate with (i.e., fitness group). This past year, if you have been finding your circle has been breaking apart and away, now is when you are drawn to creating a sense of family, of community, of wanting to be part of a collective that supports you, that helps you feel like you belong in some manner. Who we associate with will be very different from a year ago. We are strongly influenced by the saying “bringing to the table” which encompasses the people we let into our homes/lives but also as individuals and groups what we bring to the table as far as support. Belonging and what/who belongs will be a major theme for October and the coming year. Anybody aware of the Sesame Street song “One Of These Things”? It comes through as a message for us all.


October’s Spirit Animal is the Donkey. Not trying to be rude, but I also heard it as “jackass” because we all will have instances of interacting with one and being one (myself included…lol). Sorry! Be mindful of this. Sometimes we can’t help it and it’s a part of being human. But besides that, there are some great traits that we can call on for “medicine” (help) and that align with the numbers. For example, the theme of lighten the load brings me to the image of how in many parts of the world the donkey is used as a means of transport, and although it can carry many things on its back, the caretaker needs to be mindful to not overload it either or it will risk breaking its back. Plus, the donkey will kick up a fuss if it feels like not taking on a load. We need to take care of what we carry and that our backs may feel this stress, the pain of taking on too much. A main characteristic of the donkey is its’ stubbornness. It knows boundaries and when it says no, it means no! This can be helpful for us when we encounter someone or something that goes against what we feel. Believe it or not, the Donkey is one of the kindest animals and is very loving. These are traits that will serve us well especially when it comes to creating a better environment whether that is at home, work, school, or community. It also gives us the strength to persevere when the going gets tough but it also knows when to stop and give it a rest. Consider the physical looks such as its ears, mouth and tail as there are many references to these body parts. Keep your ears open, try to listen more, watch your mouth but know when to laugh/speak up and well with the tail, it could be referred in the rude context yet also mean pinning for something that takes extra effort to reach. There are so many qualities to this animal, not only do I recommend reading the spiritual traits but also the animal ones too as its habits and personality will have meaning.


Finally, the tarot card for the collective is the Ten of Wands. When it came to this one, I was getting a sense of a certain image and themes and with the help of Julie, she was the one that pointed this card out. Thanks Julie! She specifically referred this card from the Light Seers Deck and I highly suggest googling the “Ten of Wands Light Seers Tarot Deck” as it truly aligns with many of the messages already shared via the numbers and Donkey Spirit Animal. Plus, the image is very similar to burdens and the donkey (but it’s not a donkey). Myself, I see this card more like the man pushing up all these sticks, trying to keep them up from falling down. I interpret this as a symbol of being mindful of trying not to take on too much, to not feel like you have to hold everything up. Boundaries will be an important part of our well-being this month. Also are you trying to keep up certain appearances? Now is the time to drop the facade and allow your true self to shine…try not to let other people’s opinions get in the way. It’s not always easy but in the end it will be worth it.


Okay, that was a long read…maybe? I try to focus on what comes through the strongest as so much can be shared. For that I am grateful that you do take the time to read through these monthly articles and are open to the messages. I also appreciate comments and shares. Feel free to let others know what I do and say Sending all of you many Divine Blessings of well-being. Take good care of yourself and each other. Love and light everyone!


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Thanks for all of your support! 

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