Hello to all and welcome. A big part of what I do involves using my intuition to receive the messages that comes through the strongest. There is a presence of sharing for our betterment and the purpose is to bring peace of mind, heart and soul. With that, I do hope that others are able to see, hear and feel that too. To get a sense of what is in store for the collective this month, please read on.


For all that we have been going through these past few years, this is a time where things may start to hit home. We become more aware and what you see is not what you always get. We are shifting into the energies of 2022 even though the calendar still shows 2021. From my own experiences doing numerology, I believe the cycles change about 2 months prior to when the birthday month is or in this case, the new year month occurs (January 2022). It will be a year of well-being, with a focus on the health of the self and our world. But for now, because we are only entering this cycle, the beginning is a little bumpy as we leave the energies of 2021.

Normally I don’t start with the Spirit Animal when I write these forecasts but this time around, I am drawn to share about it first. The Moose, with its massive antlers, appears as a strong influence for us all. If you have ever seen one, you know how intimidating this animal can be…it is huge! They come across as powerful beasts yet their movements are graceful…no kidding. I remember seeing one for the first time in Jasper Canada. It was both one of the most awe-inspiring and unnerving wild animal encounters I have had so far. I will never forget the feeling of despite its massive size; how peaceful it was in its surroundings. So, some of the characteristics that I associate with the Moose that will influence us are: majestic, huge/massive, strength and power, foraging. These traits are here to help us, what we can draw upon to improve and elevate ourselves and our lives. Try to allow these characteristics to shine through as “medicine” …where it is more about positivity and healing. Now moose have a few distinct physical features but the one in particular that stands out are the antlers. This ties in with one of November’s themes of entanglement. Be aware of what you may get yourself involved in physically but also emotionally, mentally and materially. It doesn’t always have to be related to another person or group as it can be getting entangled with our own thoughts and beliefs. Be mindful of the value of what you get yourself into, especially if you encounter any opposition or challenges. Sometimes it isn’t worth the fight. Simply holding your head high and walking away is the best solution. “Fighting the good fight” comes up around all this. I also wonder if the symbol of the antlers also encompass intuition…allowing our own “antlers” or in other words, our sixth sense guide us. The Moose is quite the fascinating animal and not only do I recommend reading the spiritual meaning of it but also the scientific/nature facts as well.

The #8 is about abundance and most of us have been conditioned to believe it relates to money. Although money is important as far as meeting many of our needs and where many of us always want lots of it, abundance encompasses so much more. The #8 likes to align with the energies of wealth and worth. But its main focus isn’t with money…no, on a deeper level it is to embody the wealth and worth of our thoughts, our beliefs, our feelings, our words, our actions. Sure, wealth and worth connects to our resources and all things that are material but when it comes to the energy, the spirit, the vibration of this number, it is to understand the quality of our inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions. When you start to notice how you align to these areas, you begin to understand the true role of abundance. On another note, in literal terms, our society will be focused on the wealth and worth of our world from the stuff we use, buy and need to how others show up and share.

The energy of pressure shows up. Now, this isn’t a pleasant message but, in a way, I feel it is good to have a heads up but to also know that what we are going through is heard…we feel acknowledged for any hardships we may be in. Be aware of building pressure and we may feel pressure from others more than usual. Our bodies may also feel pressure…take care of your health. This is where tapping into the traits of the Moose may help too.

Two interesting themes came up: equilibrium and creamy. With the equilibrium, the main message I receive for this encompasses certain parts of our lives will balance out. Take heart, some, and I am hoping most of us, will be receiving goodness…our hard work will be paying off. Yet there will be instances of the Universe taking care of equalizing areas of our lives. The “creamy” message is different right? Hmm…so it could relate to textures as far as styles and tastes. But also, where it may be as simple as creamy foods will be popular such as soups and sauces. It is a fun message and be open to how it shows up in your own life.

So, the last part of this forecast relates to the tarot card. The one that I saw was the Eight of Wands. For me, some of the main meanings I receive with this card are; our thoughts-coming up with solutions, dreams and expanding our minds to include bigger ones, and what will be landing in our lives…the arrival of certain goals and achievements. Very promising and I also recommend reading up on the meaning of this card too as individually it may relate in different ways.

Okay, well, I thank you all for engaging with me by reading through this article. My Guides, The Counsel and I send many Divine Blessings of abundance to all. Be well and stay safe.

Tina De Luca is an intuitive reader specializing in Numerology and cartomancy. She also has other reading services including Spirit Animal Totem readings. Please reach out via email to: tina@inlightinenergy.com and via private message on her Facebook and Instagram Page: Inlightin Energy. There is a website to find out more information about her and her services: www.inlightinenergy.com Sharing of this post is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you!

©Tina De Luca