Hello to all. Here we are, the final month of 2021. With all the trials and tribulations, ups and downs, we don’t seem to be better for it. How many of us have been flying by the seat of our pants, trying to make things fit, make sense of it all and to get back into some sort of groove. Yet has it worked? What is next? Despite there being sayings of today is all that matters, there is a presence of what does our future hold? We do want to know what is ahead regardless of belief systems. I think we can all agree we have changed so much. Nothing is the same anymore. Nothing. To get a sense of what December has in store for us, please read on. **Please note how I calculated this month’s cycle number as I used the 2022 calendar year as I believe the cycle year for 2022 started in November 2021 so I will be adding the 2022 year to the 12th month even though we are still in 2021 (12 month + 2022 year = #9) **


So, a part of me has a sense of where do I begin? And funny enough that ties into the energies of endings and coming to a close. Because, this month we are ready to stop and put things to a rest. What are you ready to release? What can be left alone? This is a time of being done…that we are finished with whatever holds us back or contributes to feeling down, discouraged. It relates personally and as a collective. There’s a sense of tiredness but not necessarily due to lack of sleep but along the lines of the heaviness we carry to get through life. It can all be too much at times, right? How many feel as if the weight of the world lies on your shoulders even though you may not be considered anyone important…it’s as if what I decide today will affect all my tomorrows and those around me. Why can’t some people leave things be? Mind their own business? It’s as if we are living more and more under a microscope where it’s not just about being judged/watched but where we are made to feel guilty for what we do and don’t do. The lines of division seem to get deeper and deeper, and as a society we are growing more apart instead of coming together. So, I ask, when will all of this end? When will we be able to close out these arguments of who is right and what is right? And instead get to the heart of what truly matters…whatever that may be.

“To hell and back”. It’s not the most pleasant-sounding message. Is it? Well, it’s supposed to be more of an analogy but I am noticing there are rumblings of those wondering if we are living in hellish times and some going as far as questioning is this the end of the world? Oh my gosh, I’m not surprised as it does appear to be. Sometimes, I wish we all lived a simple life. Instead, I feel it’s a phrase that may become more popular as far as explaining what we have gone through. This metaphor actually gives me hope. I feel it means all the suffering and pain many of us have dealt with, felt, processed, has been for the greater good…it means we are healing or have healed parts of ourselves, our lives and we are now better for it. Make sense? It’s a testament of strength and wisdom. I truly feel it’s connected to growth and awakenings.

A big theme for this month will relate to releasing. Sometimes it’s as simple as being able to walk away or not feeling affected by certain areas and at times it will be more challenging. It can relate to releasing inner qualities such as certain habits, traits and beliefs to releasing the physical/material such as possessions, people and places. It can be releasing what we listen to and to what we are willing to engage in/with. Yet it can encompass the broader spectrum of releasing materials, products, stories, anything that has been withheld or pulled back may find its way into our lives in some manner. It can be literal, as in releasing what has been caged. Some of the troubles we face are long standing, from years past, even generational, as it will relate to issues that were passed down…it’s time to release it all. Let it go. It’s okay to set it free. Stop letting what was, determine what is…instead let the past be a monument to the experiences and the knowledge we gained through it all. Let the past be a teacher.

The #9 energy can encompass heavier traits of guilt, shame, judgement. The court system also aligns with this energy. Can you see how they go hand in hand? I keep seeing the image of a judge, the kind found in the British shows-an older man with the long white wig, with his gavel, sitting behind a high platform desk and the justice scales beside him. There’s a seriousness to him, he looks stern as if he is about to rule. It can be a metaphor for what is taking place now outside of the “courts” because it all feels very much like our fates may be in the hands of those in power but also where the actual court system is going to be a strong influence and indicator this coming month. Overall, I believe the court system will be in focus and that could include some major stories and headlines. Of course, it would relate to the theme of our rights and freedoms. We may have those who challenge or fight for certain rights and freedoms but where we also take note of these areas whether we care to or not. Even though some may argue our rights and freedoms have been in the spotlight this past year, it’s more so this month as it becomes a major point for many.

When I write these forecasts, I hone into the strongest messages, themes and traits. Often, a unique or comical message comes through. It helps create a lighter spot in the outlook. When I heard “excuse me” and “really” coming through, they have an essence of being out of place. How do these phrases connect to the numbers? Well, for one, they both have a definition relating to truthfulness. We may be using these sayings as ways to challenge the integrity of the person or organization we don’t believe in. And yet, it can relate to how we react to farfetched stories, especially if they seem to be ideas that are “out of this world”. “Excuse me” could be about wanting to be pardoned/forgiven. Who knows, they may even be used more often than usual.

Less is more. Sit with that message. How does it feel? Does it bring any kind of relief? Because that resonates as a simple solution to some, possibly many of our problems, personally and collectively. We can be inundated with so much…information, technology, social media, apps, advice and basically just plain ole’ stuff…like how much do we really need? When do we draw the line when it comes to how much we take and keep (and I don’t just mean the material world)? What is truly important when it comes to living the life we want? It’s getting harder to keep up with the “Joneses” (or in this case the Kardashians). All this talk of there won’t be this or that, may very well be blessings in disguise as will it teach us to make do with what we already have, to be creative with what is available and to basically to just let go (it’s showing up again) of all that is overwhelming…the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and material stuff we tend to hang onto and don’t always need. It could become a movement in regards to the environment. Less is more can be very liberating.

The final main theme to show up relates to geometrics. Yes, it is mathematics but, in this case, it’s also better known as crop circles. For me, I think of geometrics as mandalas. They could become popular and used in many ways such as logos, meditations, décor, anything that may very well present itself as a way to draw attention to the shapes and forms in our world, in our line of vision. I’m no expert in geometrics and any of its theories but I do believe they are a key to other dimensions. I also feel their symbolism refers to elevating our soul journey…unsure how or if this is already a belief system in place. With the geometrics, it encompasses shapes and it will be interesting to see how it influences us, particularly circles.

I’ll be honest, I had a difficult time receiving December’s tarot card and the spirit animal. I like to keep it to one and usually they arrive easily too. It wasn’t until I completed the forecast and about to publish it, when the Snow Leopard showed up. Spoken like a true cat…lol! I had just resigned to the fact the Spirit Animal was going to be the “carousel”. So, I am still going to keep in what I wrote about that and now I will add the actual animal messages too. The Snow Leopard jumps into my vision. Just suddenly shows up as if it arrived from nowhere. Be aware of jumping to conclusions, for opportunities that jump in front of you, to things that may jump out to you that were not visible before. Being able to see in the dark and through the darkness. Yet, at times we will feel like we are in the dark, some things are lurking in the shadows. Courage. Facing our fears. Being aware of the tracks you make in life. Mountains will also be a part of our medicine and for those that are not close, it may be the closest thing such as hills, cliffs, forests. Mountain areas may be in focus too when it comes to news stories. These are some of the main themes I pick up on, but I also recommend reading both the spiritual and scientific meaning of the Snow Leopard as it will help us and clarify what is taking place too. Here is the Carousel portion: part of me wants to say that all this comes through with the energy of rotation…it’s as if there will be multiple choices. I get an image of the modern-day carousel (the ones with a variety of animals not just horses) and I can hear the music box style sounds. How I interpret the symbolism of the carousel to be is as follows: at first drawn in by the sights and sounds of being able to ride atop a favourite animal, pretending that you have harnessed the power of it, fun, carefree but safe yet at some point you are tired of going around and around, time to get off this merry go-round. And thus, this would align with many…what part of your life are you going in circles with? What do you want to stop? What keeps circling back to you? Which carousel animal calls to you? Because this month the Spirit Animal is all and any because it will be very personal. Plus, there is the message of these carousel animals are not real…that’s a big reference as to what in our lives is real versus what is not…what keeps repeating that will make us question the validity of it. Make sense? Now, with the tarot, I did settle with the Eight of Cups. I recommend looking up the meaning of it but what I feel strongly has to do with the notion of cup and cupboard symbology. What cup do we drink from? Are they full or empty? What do we fill our cups with? What have we been storing in our cupboards? Whereas with the actual meaning of the tarot the one theme that stood out is letting go…it matches the releasing message for the numerology portion. The Eight of Cups doesn’t feel like an easy energy to work with, alas try your best and be kind, be gentle with it all.

I apologize for getting this forecast out later than usual (again) as it’s already 5 days into the month but I always believe there is a reason and hoping that part of it has to do with the timing being Divine. My Guides, The Counsel and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Joyful Holidays as there are a few different ones celebrated depending on your culture. Thanks for all of your support. Until next time, may everyone be well, stay safe and have a Blessed December.

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