Hello to all. Well, it’s officially 2022. A new year with new possibilities. A time where we either feel hopeful or cautious as the last few years have taken a toll on so many and life has a different meaning. What do you long for? What are some of the things you would like to do, have, see and feel this year? There’s no harm in dreaming big and why not? Despite all the upheavals, the struggles, let’s all imagine, believe and allow. I’m ready to receive some magic into my life…how about you? In the meantime, for those that are curious to know what the energies have to say for the collective this month, please read on. 


So much could be said for the month ahead but I tend to share what comes through the strongest. This is a month of observations, where the energy of watching leads the way. An image of standing apart, away from the majority, away from all the hustle and bustle of the world and just watching it all go by from a distance comes to mind. It feels as if we are in a mode of disengagement not because we don’t care but where there is a presence of allowing what is happening to happen…to let nature take its course, to relinquish the need to figure it all out. There will be those who feel like it’s too tiring to get involved and fight the battle, to fight our way in-out-up-down…whatever has felt like it’s taken so much work to work, isn’t working and we may finally “see” that the way, the answer(s) has been within us the whole time. We just didn’t care to see it before because we were so busy pushing what we wanted to see not what we observed within our own heart.  Watching and observing encompasses more than what we notice with the eyes but where we observe our inner selves-whether you call it intuition, your gut, your inner voice…and watching how it all unfolds when we do allow that part of ourselves to take the lead. Our eyes will be watching for what comes next and there is the third eye that will also play a role in how we observe our world.

The #7 energy values peace and quiet. It prefers the company of solitude. Now, this doesn’t mean we will be by ourselves or alone but where we will want moments/time to be in solitude. Where we seek some quiet in our day to observe some peace, to go within and be with our inner self. It’s a great time to meditate, to dream, to imagine, to allow our spiritual selves to be in charge. Sometimes it will feel like we could use a nap and if this is possible, I highly recommend laying down even if it’s just for a short amount of time. It will feel refreshing to spend time within, with some peace and quiet however that may be and where.

With all this solitude and going within, the benefits are tremendous…it may be the start of cultivating a new routine for the self. A part of being in the quiet helps one notice how much noise interferes with one’s own observations with what sits well and what doesn’t sit well in our own life. It’s amazing how inundated we are with everyone’s version of what is right and what is wrong, no matter the subject or area in life. How certain beliefs, systems, organizations and people influence the way we observe and live. This is a great month to begin the practice of making choices/plans/dreams based on sitting with ideals that sit well with who you are, that align with your inner self verses ideals that go against your inner self, that don’t sit well with you. Yet, there may be instances of having to keep the faith with what you decide as there will be those who will feel what you do/follow isn’t right as it will not sit well with them. Try to mind your own business by observing your own path, your own dreams. Sometimes, you may have to keep your plans a secret, quiet until you have a sense of when is the right time to reveal what you are doing. Follow your gut/instincts.

So far are you able to get a sense of what the energies are trying to convey? That there is a strong presence of the inner self within all these messages? Because that is a big part of the number seven…the spirit. For everyone that takes on different meanings and may or may not matter depending on your beliefs. Magic and miracles abound with the #7 energy. Some we already take for granted and there are some that wow us. We want to be wowed this month. I keep hearing “Dear God”, where there are those who will pray for a miracle with something they need help with (some will say that’s how it usually goes), doesn’t matter whether it is related to religion or not and will mostly be because one feels desperate or is in a desperate situation. I do feel the majority of us will have at least one experience of desperation this coming month (if it hasn’t happened already depending on when you read this forecast) where it leads to turning to a higher source and the concept of making a promise to God if your prayer is answered. There’s nothing wrong with this but I also believe with prayers that we need to believe, surrender control and allow God/Source/the Universe (whatever you call it) to answer as they see fit. Not always easy to do. The less we push or try to control the outcome we think we want, the more we bear witness and experience the magic and miracles of what takes place in our life…allow the arrival to happen naturally. Be observant within and around you.

Interesting that for the second month in a row, the animal that comes through is related to snow. This time around, the arctic white fox shows up as the spirit animal for the collective. I see it observing us, sitting quietly in the snow (doesn’t matter if you are in an area that has no snow and where it isn’t winter right now). It’s completely still, its’ eyes fixated on our world, on us and this alone is an important message. This vision confirms the themes of watching and being in the quiet. The arctic fox is very particular and limited to its’ habitat, so this means some of us may want to move or make some moves but we may be held back, much to our dismay, but will prove to be beneficial as this may not be the month to initiate these changes. Allow the arctic fox to help you get things ready or in order instead. It may because you have to work behind the scenes or plan things in secret. You might have to be cunning with your dealings not because you are trying to be deceitful but where you may be following a path that is not popular/common or where you feel will be supported. I also am a bit nervous with this animal showing up, because it can also relate to being careful with your dealings and with others…speaking from personal experience, as it may be a warning of trouble ahead…so really be observant and listen to your instincts. The arctic fox also “stands out” because of its thick coat…this may mean we have to practice putting on a thicker skin when it comes to relating with others…especially if you are one that is sensitive to the comments/observations of what makes you squeamish/hurt. It could also relate to colder weather and needing to bundle up more than usual…to be prepared for it no matter where you live. I also recommend reading up on the traits of the arctic fox, both the physical and spiritual sides as it will relate to what we are feeling and experiencing this month.

Finally, the tarot card for the collective this month is The High Priestess. There is an elegance and grace about her plus she encompasses the intuition side of life. These traits will influence and help guide us whether we allow her to or not. I also feel she sits there quietly observing the world around her by going within…themes that align with the #7 energy well. Again, I recommend reading what this card represents by checking out various sites. My favourite is the Light Seer Tarot.

Okay everyone, thank so much for your presence and allowing me to share what I do. I appreciate all of your support, including any comments and shares of this post to those in your own networks. May you all observe many magical and miraculous moments. Be well and stay safe. Love and light everyone.

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