Hello to all. Well, things are intensifying when it comes to sharing what our heart feels-whether that is connected to heartaches or warmheartedness, this is a month where the energies are quite profound. Our feelings will run deep. It’s a time where honesty is the best policy even if it stings at first…love is making itself known on a grand scale. To get a sense of what is in store for the collective in February, please read on.


The first thing I notice when I look at the numbers for February are all the twos; it’s the second month of the calendar year in the year 2022 (three twos). My experience from working with numerology for over 30 years, is the more the same number repeats (in this case the #2), the more intense the energies. The #2 repeats 4 times this month, and on some days, it will repeat 5 (2-2-2022) or 6 times (2-22-2022). Whether you know what these numbers mean or not will not necessarily be the concern as the overall sense will be connected to feeling things deeply…we may be overcome with emotion(s), moody and where we experience some thoughts/actions that seem to cycle over and over again. It’s like taking one hit after another, be it positive or negative. No matter the number, when they repeat this often in sequence, it’s the Universe’s way of showing us that the ONE thing/choice/way/idea/feeling/action we focus upon, whatever this one may be, DOES impact EVERYTHING…it all connects and plays into each other…nothing is separate. Does this analogy make sense? I hope it does because that is what February is all about and for most of this year too. Honestly, it won’t always be easy, welcomed or liked. We really need to be there for each other, to support each other despite opposing views and beliefs, as it’s not about taking sides. This year, we as a collective, are in the throes of understanding peace, love and unity on all levels. Deep down, this isn’t about who is right or wrong, good or evil, awake or asleep. Even though they are part of the story, ultimately these traits are there to help us become more loving, more compassionate, more attentive to our heart centres. No one is better than the other…just because one person may have different experiences or knowledge than the next, or you think some are in the dark, doesn’t make anyone an authority…wherever one is on their journey that is where they are. Please let’s be kind, let’s be helpful, let’s be love.

As I write this, the Canadian Freedom 2022 Truck Convoy is gaining momentum from the time if its’ start. This movement exemplifies the numerology for the year and because it will run into February, also aligns with the numbers for this month. One of their big mottos relates to peaceful demonstrations and their stance holds the middle ground…supporting whatever choice you make but not having to be forced to taking a side. Brilliant! I love it when life happens according to the numbers or in other words, when there is proof of how numerology aligns with life. Sending much love and light to all involved (in fact we are ALL involved), near and far (this is influencing the world), for or against (because many, even the light-workers, are quick to point out the enemies). How about all who are reading this forecast right now, let’s inundate this movement with lots and lots of love and light energy.

Even though it is a #8 month, because there are so many number twos in the date sequence, the #2 prevails quite strongly…many of its’ themes and traits will influence the #8 energy. For instance, the # 8 has strong masculine vibrations, it is a sexual energy and here the #2 energy will present itself by bringing out the feminine side, to balance the masculine out and where men feel drawn to showing their softer side, being strong in gentle ways. Those who operate more from the masculine side, may show more love, more care and open their hearts more. Those who are ego driven may come across as bullies…they feel cornered as they don’t know how to show their vulnerability…they see it as a sign of weakness and therefore may try to fight back with some sort of abuse (i.e., verbal, physical). It will be interesting to see how many of us will show each other love and care, despite our appearances and behaviours. Be aware of arrogance as the theme of “being right” is a part of the #8 energy. Going around telling or hearing others say “I told you so” doesn’t serve anyone except for the person boasting about it…it can be unsettling for many when things unravel, no matter what stance you take or where you feel you are on the ladder so to speak, so please be kind and supportive.

This forecast is a combination of what the numbers mean and intuitive guidance. There are many traits but I share what comes through the strongest and they all connect with each other. Strength is one of these themes and that relates to the lion which is February’s spirit animal. It all aligns in some manner. With strength it will be personal as far as being strong with some choices, with sharing thoughts or feelings and/or with overcoming some worries. But it also applies as a collective-showing there will be strength in numbers when it comes to protecting what we value, what matters. This is where things may get intense as the lion has a fierce roar…how many of us will be in situations where we feel we have not been heard? This is where I hear the term “brave heart”-being courageous from the heart chakra-sharing from the heart, being open with feelings and that is not always easy to do as it can be difficult to know who or what to trust.
Loyalty and trust can go hand in hand. These are traits that come into focus and where we may feel betrayed (so this can be with an organization just as much with someone in our personal circle we know) but also where these things “pay off” …trusting our feelings, our heart, being loyal to what we feel. These are areas that can be heart-breaking and heart-warming.

“Love, love, love and more love.” Now doesn’t that sound lovely? When this message came to me, it was with this vision of seeing all these layers around the heart being peeled away every time the word “love” was repeated. It’s as if the notion of protecting your heart by being careful with your love isn’t serving you or anyone else anymore. That the more you become and be love, the more love there is…it’s like meeting love over and over again and each time it feels better and better. Can you understand this analogy? For example, let’s say you interact with someone who irritates you, whether you know them well or not, what can you do, think, say or feel that is loving…is it walking away? Is it letting them talk? Is it giving them a hug? There are many kinds of love and many ways to express it…this is the idea…to do, to feel, to think and to be in the energy of love as much as possible. And remember…be loving to yourself throughout the month and should you decide to embrace more love. Yet, on another note, all this love energy can relate to wanting more loving relationships and to strengthen the bonds we already have or the ones we would like to create. Sharing the love comes in many formats and this is a time where we can understand the power of love.

Share, care, values…these are traits that will be easily expressed and where they all intertwine with every theme for this month. The question is are you basing what you share, care about and value because you are coming from the heart or are you coming from the ego? That will be a factor as it can show up as whose side are you on or certain groups might feel left out when really it isn’t supposed to be about caring about one side more than the other. Again, not easy. I wonder can we share, care and express our values without beating each other up?

Seeing the details…well this can apply in so many ways. In the personal sense it can be where you notice things in a certain part of yourself/your life and you give it more attention. As a collective, it can be where we need to look at the details of situations before taking one’s word…we dig deeper, some notions come to light…basically it’s all about seeing the parts we were not seeing before. This is where all the other themes for the month come into it too…trust, loyalty, strength, brave-heart, love, sharing, caring. Who/what do you trust? What/who are you loyal to? Where do loyalties run/stay? Do you have the strength to move forward with what you see/feel/heard? Are you brave to share and care more with your heart? Do you trust what you share, care about? All these questions relate to how we view life whether it is our own or as a society.

Now this last theme in my opinion, depending how it is conveyed, can cause a lot of heartache- “following”. Honestly, I get upset when I hear it being used to describe those who may not see or agree with your own point of view(s). Because everyone is on their own journey with what they see and know versus what may be true or not. Part of life is free will and how one uses it is their choice. Really when you think about it, we ALL are followers. Ideally, this energy is connected to following your own heart. Being in tune with your soul, your inner self and listening to what it feels, to what it knows. Again, that’s not always easy as it may go against what others say, feel and believe. But when you do follow your inner guidance, your heart sings…it is full of love and light. On a more “practical” sense, following may also refer to who or what you follow on social media and seeing whether there is value to doing so. We pay more attention to the platforms we follow-where we receive and give.

As mentioned briefly near the beginning of this forecast, the Lion is February’s Spirit Animal. Many of its traits, spiritual and biological, will influence us but will also be our medicine. Call on the lion for help especially if you need to be brave, for strength, for protection. Other traits that stand out are sayings such as “heart of a lion” and roar/roaring where we may find ourselves sharing more of the self but also finding success with an area as in “the party was a roaring success”. I recommend reading the spiritual and scientific meaning of the lion to see what fits and what is possible.

Finally, the tarot card #14 Temperance. For me, the main energy I get with this card is peace. It feels peaceful when I look at it and tune into the energy of this card. Some main traits associated are balance, moderation, harmony…themes that lead to peace. The influence of sticking to middle ground, to avoiding taking sides are ways Temperance speaks of. Find a picture of this card and get a sense of what you notice, what tugs at you and allow these energies to guide you this month.

I am so grateful for all the love I receive from those who care about what I do and share. I receive a lot of help from all my Guides and without them, I would not be doing what I do. Thank you. Sending love, love, love and more love to you all. Be well and stay safe.

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