Hello to all. As a collective, we have been facing one challenge after another. It’s been a steady stream of dealing with the hardness of life. In the midst of all that we are experiencing, may we receive Divine healing light and love. To get a sense of what major themes are present, please read on.  


The #9 is not always easy to deal with. It is a cycle that encompasses endings and the darker side of life-the things we don’t want to face or go through but is a part of our world. There are advantages to these experiences although in the moments it doesn’t feel like it. Everyone will have their own reasons as to why certain things don’t work out or why we go through difficulties but in the end it’s all about becoming wiser. There is growth in the pain and the purpose is we are better for it. These are going to be opportunities to heal as we are ALL on a healing journey, collectively and individually. If you are struggling, please reach out to someone for support…whether that is someone who is there to listen or to give back in some way. I hope we find the advantages to why we have these painful experiences, emotions, thoughts and feelings. 

The theme of realizations comes up. Now, it can create “a-ha” moments where things become clear or it can be discouraging in the sense of not being able to accomplish or receive certain goals/plans/dreams. Both ways can feel disappointing but remember, try to see the advantages to what comes to be, what comes to light. Also, this can also be about realizing something we have been longing for or working towards or where we come to realize what we want. Overall, it may turn out to be very positive.  

When the word “sacred” appeared, I kept hearing “sacre-bleu” which is a French expression similar to “oh my gosh!” (although the French refer it as a swear word). It’s kind of funny how certain messages can stick out and create some much-needed comic relief. We may experience moments of surprise, disbelief and even laughter which again, can be to our advantage and help us realize maybe that wasn’t so bad after all. Now, the sacred theme isn’t comical but where on a serious note, is about what we hold dear yet what are we willing to forgo because of what is sacred to us. What are we ready to let go of versus what we keep holding onto? What is more important when it comes to reaching some final decisions?  

Light and dark. It has many references such as day and night but what seems to be appearing more and more, especially in spiritual circles, is the connotation of good versus evil. As in light forces against the dark forces. Now, I am not keen about this but then who am I to say what is true or not? I feel this is a time where despite all this, no matter what you believe, follow or know, this is more about defining what comes to light. We are all on different paths, and how we come to realize certain truths is very individual. We must stop beating each other up over who knows what, what you do, what you feel or believe…everyone has their own reasons as to why they are in the light or in the dark with certain subject matters. If you engage with someone who appears to be in the dark about something you feel you are enlightened about, are you able to share and be supportive in a way that is light? Can you be kind, compassionate and caring with the differences? Can you be the example of love and light instead of bashing them for what you think goes against your thoughts? Being in the dark about certain areas, subjects whether they are related to our own inner circle or related to the whole (meaning society), comes to light this month.  

So far, many of the messages relate to healing. The #9 brings up memories and situations that take us on the healing path. They are opportunities to forgive and let go. Not always easy to do but once done, there is a lightness in the place of the heaviness. Allow the layers to unfold. Cry. Yell. Grieve. Release it all to the Universe.  

What is true? Truth be told, truth is subjective. I believe it is a grey area as I feel everyone’s truth differs. So, my truth may not align with your truth. And that’s okay. Instead of forcing the truth upon another whether that is individually or collectively, can we each be in our own integrity? Because that is truer, that is the true way. 

The last two themes I want to write about play into each other…standstill and circling back. The order they appear may be backwards but that won’t matter so much. First of all, I want to say it’s for our benefit…think of it as the Universe helping us, as difficult as that may seem to believe. If you have certain ideas or plans that come to a standstill, it means you will be circling back to a previous idea or plan that needs attention for some reason such as healing or reviving it. Also, standstill could be in our favour because the timing isn’t right or something better will come along or because we need the rest. Standstill as a collective could be where we encounter challenges that need to be addressed, that need our attention because there’s no avoiding those issues anymore. With circling back some of the best ideas are related to past traditions/ways (i.e., canning food). Yes, not everything in our history is pleasant such as the way we came to be as far as treating others, but again, they can teach us to be better, to become wiser for it.  

Okay, so the Meerkat is March’s Spirit Animal. I think they are so cute yet they are not pets. Often, they appear standing up in images. This is a sign of where we may be standing guard, getting a sense of what is approaching, watching out for any danger(s). They are a species that live in groups, they create bonds and support one another. Their habits can be inspiring as far as how well they adapt and do things together in order to survive and thrive. A few other important points are how and where they make their homes…they balance out living underground in these tunnels as well as spending time above ground for food, fun and sun. I recommend looking up the meaning of the Meerkat spiritually and scientifically as their habits and traits will influence us and be our medicine. 

Finally, the tarot card, which happens to be The World. Even though it’s #21 in the major arcana, many of its’ meanings align with the #9 cycle this month. The #9 relates to the Universe, universal energy, and even though some may see the world as being about planet earth only, actually refers to the whole solar system and beyond. Completion, fulfillment, wholeness, transcendence these are some of the lighter meanings that come to be. A need for closure, delays, stoppages these are some of the “darker” meanings that will also influence us. If we can look at it all from the point of it’s all in our favour, then we are healing the wounds of our past so that we can begin lighter and brighter. Refer to various tarot card sites to get more insights about this card.  

Well, everyone, I am truly grateful for all of you and your support. I hope this forecast sheds some light and will help in some manner. Until next time, my Guides and I send Divine Light and Love energies to the entire world. Be well and stay safe.  

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