Hello everyone. Welcome to a new season and depending on where you live, it is either Spring or Autumn. With that, often there is a promise of ushering in changes and being optimistic with what we hope to bring into our lives. New season = new life. I know for myself; I am looking forward to seeing the beauty of nature revealing itself in a new light…the flowers, green trees and grass. So what themes are appearing for the collective this month? Read on to get an understanding of the messages.


Sometimes when I write these forecasts, I will receive many messages and other times it will be very precise where fewer words appear but their meanings encompass a broader range of possibilities. This month happens to showcase this. The first message that appeared when I was readying myself for writing this forecast was the tarot card- the Ace of Swords. It showed up front and centre as if this card is ushering in what all will follow. The Ace of Swords is the leader this month! When looking up the meaning of this card it makes sense why that is…many of its traits relate to the other themes that came through strongly and to what the #1 represents. I recommend referring to ‘The Light Seer’s Tarot’ (you can look it up on the internet as there is a website for this deck) as she is brilliant with explaining the energies of the cards. Once you read it, you will know what I speak of. What stood out for me were the following; the new, awareness/clarity, positive action(s). The saying “double-edged sword” has significance as well- as I can see how this card may display the other side. It may reveal the “negative” qualities such as sharpness-the sword is a weapon and has the ability to cause serious harm. Be mindful of your temperament as it will be easy for things to escalate quickly, including getting angry more than usual. Things may become violent. Try to let it out productively. Be careful of fighting and how you rise up to the occasion…do your actions help or hinder? Why are you arguing? Is it worth going into battle?

This is a month where many of us will feel a sense of being aware…we have a better understanding of ourselves, what is important and this self-awareness helps us determine what things we want to “kick” into gear. Ultimately this is about action but the kind that feels positive. “Affirmative action” is one of the key phrases and although I am not referring to anything political, it can be about that, but more along the lines of doing something that has meaning and will mean something down the road. It’s not about right or wrong choices but where we seem to know it’s time for new beginnings as we are tired of the “same ol’, same old stuff” …to get out of a rut/rat race. No matter how it will turn out, it will be worth giving these new ideas a try. We benefit from taking affirmative action even if the unfolding of it is not entirely what we expected. I have a strong sense many of us are willing to try new things and are ready for some new beginnings. Some of the ideas we start now will flourish later on…be patient with some of these new projects.

If we decide to take affirmative action, what could this all possibly bring? When it comes to new beginnings, there is the likelihood of what we will be introduced to such as new ideas, thoughts, ways, manners…and new faces. This may seem like a peculiar message (new faces), yet I feel this is connected to meeting those who will have some sort of significant impact with our path, whether that is related to the emotional, material, physical, spiritual, intellectual or mental parts of ourselves, our lives. Some of these new faces will come and go and some will stay…it will vary. Be willing to see what good has been introduced from them, even if it doesn’t seem so at the beginning. For those who feel it was more on the negative side, perhaps it was to create an inner strength and bravery-they showed up to help you take affirmative action.

Okay now let’s talk about the cutting and sharpness message as I get all kinds of different intuitive hits. First, I feel the main meaning is related to how we cut through our challenges…what we need to do to get through these difficulties. This may involve cutting out what no longer serves us- this ties in with the messages of new beginnings and affirmative action. There may be some who experience cutting from the receiving side such as cutbacks in their job, being cut out of someone’s life to cutting words as what is said can hurt. Right now, with inflation and supply issues, some of us are cutting out things that may be deemed too expensive or not necessary. This includes those who would normally not be concerned with costs, will now be mindful of what they use their money for. People want to be sharp with their resources and cutting back on what we consume and spend our money on may actually be a good thing…we waste less and these are opportunities to come up with innovative and inspiring ideas that are better and beneficial to all of us. It may bring people together and create community. There are so many cutting metaphors, the probability of any of them showing up are numerous. “Cut the crap” and “cutting the cords” are two prime examples of popular sayings that involve taking affirmative action. It will be interesting how many will relate to the cutting message and in what ways. With the sharpness, we may feel we are sharper or want to be sharper in our lives with decision making or creating something new. Yet, it can go the other way with appearances (looking sharp) and with our behaviours (sharp sense of humour). Lastly this message also has literal connotations…be careful with sharp objects and tools that cut from knives to scissors to broken pieces of glass. I wonder if there will be higher incidents involving cutting and sharp tools.

Finally, we arrive at the last part of this forecast which is about the Spirit Animal, the Bee. There are thousands of different types of bees so they all count but in particular I see the Bumblebee…it’s bright yellow and black fuzzy fur colours and chubby appearance pop out in the sea of all the others. Plus, I think they are the cutest of the bunch…lol. The bee is an important part of our ecosystem and so this alone is a telling message…how are we taking care of our homes, our backyards whether that is related to our own spaces or within the community. What are we doing to help grow and beautify our surroundings? Do we care how we treat nature and each other? Are we sharing our resources and helping our neighbours, our friends, our family? Bees are one of the few species that gives more than it takes-not only in regards to pollination but they work together within their colonies. They truly are about service and purpose. Are we fulfilling our own purpose? Are we answering the call to serve for the highest good? It’s time to get busy not only in these areas but also in how we produce the sweetness in life… do we make life sweeter for the greater good whether that is for the self and for others? Factoring in what bees are able to provide will be in focus too as there are a range of many products made with honey and beeswax. There’s a possibility some trends appearing as they tout the benefits and healing components of these ingredients. There will be some who are anxious to garden again and those who will be drawn to buying more flowers than usual as a way to brighten up the space and spirit. “Busy as a bee” is a very popular saying and we often use it when it comes to getting things done but I feel we will be selective in what we do and how we spend our time as bees are known for preferring certain flowers to others as they won’t bother with plants that don’t serve them and their colony well. It’s easy to hear the sound of bees, so this can refer to what in our world is “buzzing” and “what is all the buzz about” whether that is connected to popular culture and the news to what we hear in our own personal circle of friends, family and work. So much can be said about what the bee represents that I recommend reading the spiritual and scientific side of this beautiful and important insect as many of its traits and ways will influence us and be our medicine. Maybe more of us will be supporting the bees more than ever before. Let’s plant lots of flowers and stop using so much pesticides.

I hope this forecast brings you many new insights and that you receive many new ideas. My Guides the Counsel and I wish you all many Divine Blessings. “Be-e” well and stay safe. Love and light everyone.

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©Tina De Luca