Welcome everyone! Very grateful that you found your way here. How many of us felt April was about being introduced to the new, whether it was by personal choice or where life brought it to us. We embarked upon a path that was connected to embracing a new way of thinking, doing and/or being. There was a sense of it’s time to step into a new life despite the challenges, the frustrations and the unknown of how it will turn out. Many of these new beginnings will continue to influence us during the month of May. Although life may not always be to our liking, we feel stronger and braver because of what we went through. What does May have in store? Please read on. 


So, here we are and I believe there are many who are pondering the bigger meaning of life. This month, the cycle number is 2 but is influenced by the type of two- as it is defined by one of the Master Numbers…11. What does this mean? For starters, the energies delve deep. We are called to really feel and to really get to know ourselves, each other and our surroundings on a heart level. Learning to honour who we are as individuals but allowing this to be with one another. It’s so easy to place our feelings upon each other, whether we are conscious of this or not. What may feel right, good or be for you may not necessarily fit in with the rest of us. Learning to love the self completely but also to love the other for who they are and where they may be in their own life. We each have our own journey but in the end we all meet in the same place. Can we show great care and compassion during this lifetime? Are we listening with great care and compassion? Do we take and give with great care and compassion? The more we can demonstrate, feel and be ourselves with great care, with great compassion, as if our lives and livelihood depended upon it, the more we live a life that is fuller, that is full of love. Being true to the self, means being caring and compassionate to the self and once you master this, it’s easy to be caring and compassionate with everyone and everything else. What do you want to be a reflection of? What do you want to mirror back? Consider your answers with great care and compassion. Meet others and yourself with great care and compassion. 

It’s an emotional month. The #2 is connected to the heart and that is the feeling centre. Our emotions lead the way and whether that relates to moments where they get the better of us to moments where we explode with so much excitement, let it all arrive and learn to embrace what you feel. This is when great care and compassion comes in again…give yourself and others the space to express how you/they feel, even if it isn’t pleasant. Learn to love through the pain, through any negativity even if it means from a boundary, even if it means sending love energy from a distance, even if it means giving yourself the love to be more loving. At times it also means following what our emotions say as this can be an indicator to making choices. So, for instance, if you feel your heart isn’t into something or someone, listen. It may be difficult to follow through with that decision, but it is one that is loving and that will end up being for everyone’s well-being.  

One of the main ways the #2 energy likes to express itself is via tears…allow them to flow, it’s a powerful healing tool. And the main component of our tears is water which leads us to the next theme for the month ahead…water. One of the images I received was a figure standing alone with all this water around them…no land in sight. This can have numerous meanings from the symbolic of drowning in debt/sorrow/worry (this applies personally and collectively as many governments are spending money at alarming rates) to the literal of rising waters occurring. We are mostly made of water and keeping hydrated is always important but especially so during this time. If you are feeling out of sorts, maybe sluggish or unwell, have more water- both drinking and eating foods with high water content (yet please be responsible with any health issues as I am not discounting medical treatment). Also, there may be more of a focus on stories and issues connected to water, locally to internationally that covers a variety of topics. The main headline I see is related to the source of our drinking waters. Are we taking great care with the waters in nature and in our homes? Water is an emotional symbol. It encompasses all of this month’s themes and relates to many areas in life. Pay attention. 

Love. One of the most important emotions and energies. So much can be said about this as there are many different types of love and ways to love. Yet it is not always easily understood, shared or received. Why is that? What’s the problem? The answers depend upon the person. There is no right or wrong to love…it just is. But why do we struggle with this concept? Perhaps part of the solution is within the following intuitive message of love language. Now there is a book or two (or more?) written on the subject which is great and may be a good read for those interested yet it goes broader than that. What if we spoke and listened with more love, more frequently. There are times we meet each other with anger, with disappointment, with frustrations, with jealousy, with sadness and when we do, instead of continuing down that path, we choose to relate with love, with care, with compassion, with kindness. Love language is showing love by getting to know the hearts of those around us…that you would rather meet and be met with connections that relate to what/where your heart resonates with. Many of us seem to already know that it serves us and others well when we exchange our thoughts, our behaviours with love. To do, to follow and be what we love. To relate and share with love. It won’t always be easy, but it will be worthwhile and lead to greater peace.  

We are about halfway through the forecast and already lots of emotional themes. This trend continues with embracing and gathering. Yes, we may feel the need to hug and socialize once again (or more so since the arrival of Covid) but also where we discover what we would like to embrace and gather in ourselves and our lives. It can relate to ideas, thoughts, beliefs, actions that have and take on a deeper meaning as we feel drawn to what pulls at our heartstrings. Yet, we must also be aware of what do we embrace and gather as a society-are we helping or harming each other? Do we understand the concept of being there for another by sharing what we already embrace and gather, be it our resources, our gifts, our knowledge? 

The phrase “the real deal” shows up and this is about being authentic. It encompasses being discerning with what we do and say aligns with how we feel. Are we listening? We want to connect with others and experiences that are genuine. Part of this has to do with being honest with ourselves, the way we live our lives, the way society is. I believe many of us are tired of the crap, whatever that means to you. There will be those who will be called out…are they practicing what they preach, are they leading by example? Being authentic can also relate to laying it all out on the line. For some that may mean airing out things that may be hard to hear, hard to give and take at first. We give certain things a try that we wouldn’t have considered before or where we were hesitant with. So, if something goes wrong or happens to be not to our liking, instead of brushing it off, perhaps making excuses, to understand that certain decisions were a learning experience. See it from the point of view of it actually helps us move forward in the direction that better serves us, it helped us gain clarity and sets us on the path that brings us closer to our hearts.  

When it came to receiving the tarot card, this was a bit trickier as all I saw was water being the main feature. Off I went exploring and it was a toss-up between the 5 of Cups and the 8 of Cups. As I am writing this, I still haven’t decided on which one. In a way that makes sense as the energies for the month encompass how we feel and what we do with those feelings depends on the individual. The influence of the #2 in numerology often points us to making choices between two options. In this case, having the two cards is testimony to that vibration. Honestly, I prefer the description of the 8 of Cups as it is lighter than the 5 of Cups. We may all experience the messages from both cards…you decide and ultimately that is what intuition is about…being in touch with your inner you. I recommend reading what both of these cards represents. Overall, I would interpret them to relate to our emotional side of life. At times we will feel all is lost, it’s easy to drown in our sorrows over something or someone (5 of Cups) but we will have moments that helps us understand we have become better for them because there was purpose in the pain.  

And now we arrive at the fun part of this forecast…the Spirit Animal. The Giraffe makes its appearance and is our medicine. Their themes and traits both spiritually and scientifically influences our energies in many ways. For many of us, the neck comes to mind when we see and think of the giraffe…for sure this body part will play a major role. One of the main meanings I get is “sticking your neck out”- where we take or give a chance to something or someone. It could also relate to standing up for something you believe in…sticking out your neck because you feel it’s the right thing to do. Also, with its’ long neck they have the gift of being able to see in the distance…so call on the Giraffe to help you see what’s up ahead by using your intuition. There may be those who seek the services of psychics to help you know what is coming your way. Despite its sheer size, it’s so tall, there is a grace to them and this influences us by knowing there are ways to stand and rise above troubles, to reach for higher thoughts/ways and to look up instead of down. Move gently and gracefully. They have beautiful big eyes- be mindful to what you focus upon and that we may connect with others by what we see- eyes are windows to the soul. As with the tarot cards, I recommend reading the spiritual and biological meanings of this beautiful animal. Of course, also take in what feels good to you whenever you read anything on the giraffe as certain bits will apply to us in different ways. 

Well, I thank you all for taking the time to read this article. I hope you all took comfort with the messages. Until next time, my Guides, The Counsel, and I send Divine light and love.
Be well and stay safe.

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