Greetings and welcome. Can you believe we are halfway into 2022? It doesn’t feel like it’s June 1st –the day I am writing out this forecast. Part of me has this feeling time has changed too…as if the energies associated with time are not the same anymore. Anyways, no matter what you think of time, please take some time to read what is in store for the collective based on numerology and the intuitive messages that came through.


Now won’t this be a fun month or not? Even though we may not always enjoy life and things have been so serious in our world for the past few years, I feel many of us are wanting more fun. Right? Ditch the responsibilities, the worries, the concerns…basically all the adult things. It’s like I hear the class clown of the group saying, “ah, fuck it, c’mon everyone, let’s skip all this crap and have some fun.” The world has been exhausting and we don’t want to play by societies standards anymore. The kid in each of us are showing up. So, for some that could be whiny and for some playing, goofing off. Why not? It seems the more we try to force things to work, the more it gets messy. Time to go with the flow. Go and play…we deserve some fun.

It was nice to receive themes that have more lightness to it. The #3 is an energy that prefers to bring in the positive, it likes to be liked. Yet, not everyone feels these are positive times and not everyone is likeable. If you are struggling, having a hard time, this is where finding something funny, doing something fun will be beneficial. I mean it usually is, but we don’t always do that and many of us have been influenced by the adage of “work hard”. Those wanting to continue down that path need not apply…because funny enough, life has a way of going on whether we work our butts off or not. I am not saying ditch it all but where it pays off to play…literally and figuratively. It will range from actual playing such as a game or activity to playing with ideas, plans. Attendance to events that involves playing may be more popular than usual…concerts, theatre, sports, anything that looks like fun. And for some, play will encompass being suspicious of what the other is playing at. As you can see, play and fun will go hand in hand. What part of yourself and your life are you willing to play with? Are you able to go in with an attitude of fun?

The #3 embraces all that is friendly. I highly recommend being a smiley, happy-go-lucky personality as much as possible…it will pay off. I mean who doesn’t like to be cheered up or on? Not you? Not Joe or Alice? Well, do I have a joke for you because we all need to lighten up now and then. The areas related to friendships and socializing will be prominent. We may rely more on our friends than our family this month. It could also be where we develop our friendships, make new friends or find out who our friends truly are. There is a sense of creating camaraderie despite what is going on. It’s easier when we are smiling, laughing and having a grand ol’ time…but will we do more of that? Being social is good for us…it connects and brings us together…so be that ray of sunshine. Socialize. Say hi often. Smile a lot.

What’s more fun than dancing and singing? If your answer is anything but dancing and singing you are missing the boat…just kidding. Actually, people can be quite shy about these two activities and yet they happen to be a big part of this month. If you prefer not partaking, try it anyways. You can at least do it in the privacy of your own home and perhaps around those closest to you. These are activities that are uplifting and incorporating them on a regular basis will help elevate your spirits and creativity. Play music in the background more often. Maybe the dancing is moving your head, your shoulders, tapping your feet or hands to the beats of the song. It’s a fun way to exercise too! On another note, it could be areas that we are drawn to when it comes to watching tv, movies, or live performances. There may be more references of using the terms of dancing and singing as metaphors.

Energies connect. They play off of each other, with each other. That’s the way it’s supposed to be…no matter what is present, how we perceive things…everything is part of a circle…numerology is one of many ways of proving this. I keep seeing circles showing up as a symbol for everything. It can relate to circle of friends, social circles, circling the block/neighbourhood, things coming full circle, circling the same issue over and over again…as you can read there are many examples of how this can appear. If it happens to be literal, then this could be a popular shape with items, décor, fashions.

There are two traits that may be irritating to some; confusion and skipping. There are those that like to be prepared and organized. We tend to be set in our ways as many of us are creatures of habits. This is a month where it will be easy to be undecided, to be doubtful and question our choices-past, present and future ones. We may want to skip making choices right now or skip doing things altogether-” I want to skip being an adult right now!” Or, maybe, skipping could be how one goes through life this coming month…it could incorporate making things easier. Confusion could relate to how certain information, stories come across…not everything is crystal clear. “Skip the dishes” is a business and I wonder if they will be uber-popular this month…if their business will be booming. Perhaps any business that focuses on what you can skip from doing, may do extra well this June.

The last theme is more of a saying as I keep hearing “lapping it up”. By definition it relates to enjoyment, enthusiasm. When I hear this expression, I feel it has to do with receiving something that is good, that boosts your spirits. Why not? If you happen to come across or be involved with something that is fun, lap it up.

Finally, coming to the last part of the forecast…the spirit animal and tarot card. The dog appeared and how fitting too. The dog is considered to be man’s best friend and is probably noted as being of the most sociable and friendliest animals too. That alone connects to the #3 energy. There are so many traits to the dog that I won’t point them all out. Besides the obvious, I would say this is a time to pay attention to your sense of smell-whether it is being sensitive to certain scents to something smells fishy…let your nose help guide you. Be aware of the company you keep as well. I recommend reading the spiritual meaning of the dog as their traits will influence us. Plus, there are many sayings connected to the dog that will make sense to our lives. The Three of Cups tarot card came into view. This is a beautiful card, often depicting three ladies together in a group with cups raised. To me, the significance is friendships and celebrating life. Our friends help us do that. We join together to have fun, to support, to share. Let these themes play into your life this month.

I am so grateful for all of you. I appreciate the shares, the likes and of course your comments. Please feel free to tell others about what I do, including these forecasts. I am available for personal and group readings. I may be contacted via DM on my Facebook/Instagram Page: Inlightin Energy and via email to: For more information, please visit my website:

Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I want everyone to experience many reasons to smile and laugh this month. Have fun and enjoy life! Love and light to all. Be well.

©Tina De Luca