Welcome everyone. At times there is a presence of getting to the point and with this month’s forecast, that is exactly what I feel…to not bother with chitchat this time around. So, without further ado, please read on to get a sense of what July has in store for us. 




Well, it’s summer holiday time in my part of the world (as well as many other nations in the northern hemisphere) and yet there is a presence of work rather than play. The #4 energy is drawn to tackling what needs to be done. It’s definition of fun is connected to duties in the sense of organizing, cleaning and simplifying whether that relates to the home, the workspace, the self. It thrives when things are in order. I wonder how many will use vacation time for attending to chores or where the vacation ends up feeling more like work than fun. Any days off this month will be where we are wanting to make the most of the time by getting in as much as possible. So, if you find yourself not being able to relax, sleep, enjoy and socialize, know that the #4 prefers to keep things serious as it focuses on doing…it has analytical energy. This month, if you have been procrastinating on certain tasks, this is a good time to get to work on these matters. In fact, I guarantee that many will feel better for it as the #4 likes to feel connected to the actions we take. It is drawn to discipline as it likes to know things are being accomplished. This month we relate work and working in all that we do and are. It’s where things become busy or we “need” to get busy. 


One of the traits I like to point out with the #4 has to do with foundations. Laying the groundwork for the times ahead but also where we take notice of the structures we have in place and that need to be placed. This takes work-for some it’s defined where it can be hard or where it can be smart. Which category would you like to be in? Sometimes it may involve both. Please note that we won’t always notice or receive the benefits right away. Keep going, keep at it…but whatever you do, know that your efforts, no matter how big or how small will count for something…time will tell what that will look like. Take pride in what you do and do a good job-that may involve being smarter about how you work at it. You may want to think about the job/task ahead of time in the sense of what will bring the best results, be the wise choice so that what is all involved isn’t wasted. Yet, often, we learn the hard way so be easy on yourself and others should certain jobs take longer than usual. On another note, foundations also represent the structures in our lives-from buildings to organizations to the rules and regulations of societies. These foundations will come to the forefront. They may face more challenges and where they are called upon more frequently in some manner. I also get the vision of mud-this would relate metaphorically and literally. We may feel stuck or where some will be acting like a “stick in the mud” or where this actually materializes in our surroundings more than usual. I can also see mud being popular in the health and beauty industry. 


The #4 can be firm in its convictions and expressions… “haste makes waste” so we encounter bluntness often. Try not to take this as a rude gesture but in terms of making the most of time, space and resources. We are “taken to task” and not everyone will appreciate this style. Be aware of how you address others and yourself as it can come across harshly. How will you hold yourself and others accountable?


Life. For many years, even centuries, there have been structures in place that influence how we live. In particular, we have been led to believe such concepts as “survival of the fittest” and that it’s a competitive world. But does it have to be so anymore? Yes, there will be those who like the competition (and it is a part of many sports and games) but I am speaking in terms of how we do business and engage with one another. Is it time to stop competing with one another and start collaborating more? There are some cultures that will work together to reach certain goals and achieve success whether that is with a personal or professional endeavour. The areas of competition and being competitive will be a part of our conversations more. Lately, I have noticed there are those who truly care about eliminating the concept of competing, that there is enough for everyone. 


The conditions of our world can be challenging and sometimes reality sucks. This month, we take a look at our lives more closely in regards to what influences us-whether the systems we have in place help us succeed or fail. We pick apart what’s real, who is being real and what can become real as we want to improve our situation in some manner. This is where state of affluence comes into play-do we have what it takes to be better? Who and what is there to help us? The reality of our situation influences us to do something about it.


Many of us will be drawn to the future as we want a clear vision of what lies ahead. Now, for some it may mean getting in touch with the intuitive side and for others it’s about making concrete plans and following through on the work. We may feel nervous about our future. Be mindful of anxiety attacks. Taking care of your breath and using deep breathing exercises will help tremendously. Often the anxiety and nervousness are related to our thoughts-by thinking too much about life, situations, anything that feels unsettling, unstable…be mindful of over-analyzing. Grounding exercises are beneficial too, such as hugging a tree or walking outside.


The Salamander is July’s Spirit Animal. I am not familiar with this species but I will share what stood out for me. It’s connected to the land and water. I feel those two areas will be a matter of concern- is there enough water to help sustain the land and some areas may experience too much water on the land. It’s either one- no in between. It also appears to be slimy so this trait may play a role in how we determine some choices and how we follow through on plans and with people…are they slippery? Will some of what we think may be good, be good? Will it be worth the investment of time, money or space? It’s adaptable and resourceful so call on those characteristics to help you. It’s a species that has a varying list of traits that will influence our journey this month. I recommend looking up the spiritual and biology meanings of it. For the tarot card, I saw an image of sticks tangled in the air- as if there were those engaging in some sort of battle. The closest card I felt connected to this vision was the Five of Wands. One of its main themes is competition. Again, confirmation that some of our battles may be due to the who and what we compete with…is it necessary? Also, where we may feel like we have to fight harder than usual for what we want in life. As with the spirit animal, I recommend reading the meaning of the card on various websites. 


I appreciate everyone’s patience as I was late posting the forecast. May it help bring perspectives that benefit your month ahead. Until next time, I along with my Guides, The Counsel, send everyone many Divine Blessings of abundance. Be well and stay safe. 

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