Welcome everyone. We are more than halfway through both the calendar year and the #6 cycle year…whew! The way I look at the numbers, this is a challenging time and so, for those that are here, I want to say you are doing great even if you feel otherwise. We all deserve a pat on the back for making the most of what life has been dealing us. Now more than ever we all need community and a sense of feeling supported. I hope these articles serves a purpose of well-being. To understand more of what the energies have to say for the month ahead, please read on.


Change is in the air as many of us will be influenced by the energy of “different”. Whether it’s by choice or not, we feel the pressure of “having to” do something about it and that is when being different comes in. Different ways of doing things, different ways of seeing life, different ways of relating…overall it’s a time of living and being different to the usual systems that have been in place. We are breaking free from what no longer serves us and as scary as that may seem, it will be liberating. Not everyone embraces change, especially when it happens unexpectedly but if you can see it from the perspective of creating something better, of elevating your journey, this may help ease the unsettling nature changes can bring in. Being different can relate from the small to the larger areas in life, be as simple as changing a hairstyle to something more intense such as changing homes. It can be a matter of changing attitudes and habits. We may find we change our minds more than usual. This is a month where we are pushed out of our comfort zones as the Universe dares us to be different, to consider different ideas, thoughts and actions all for the benefit of creating more opportunities.

Now, one can say that being different is similar to taking a chance, right? Because, doesn’t it feel like a gamble when we change something in our lives? Chances are a big part of August. Often, we see this in terms of luck. Some may akin this to trying to win something whether it is the lotto or win someone over or win a particular job. Chances can present themselves in the form of probabilities…the chances of something happening or not. Not only does it apply to the chances we take, put also the chances we give. Again, this can be hard, as it depends on the situation and the type of person you are. It may help to look at any chances you are considering as a doorway to possibilities…it creates an opening towards the next step in your journey.

Many of the themes align into each other but stand apart when making their appearance. So, for instance, gears and gearing up can relate to the automobile industry yet when these messages came through, they showed up as individual meanings. The traits of gears and gearing up emanate as metaphors- gearing up for what lies ahead and/or the task at hand, while with gears it can refer to how we operate, our clothes and it is also considered a slang term for drugs. Yes, drugs and alcohol are a part of the #5 energy. But if we happen to hear the automobile industry refer to gears and gearing up often then this counts too as it is a literal reference. With the message of automobile industry, this could be about something newsworthy happening that grabs our attention such as a style or functionality that is different from since its’ invention and where this area is in focus more than usual. Because fuel prices are so high, and they expect them to keep going up, this may be why the industry is in the spotlight.

I keep hearing the phrase “cracked wide open” and it can refer to breakthroughs in cases and problems whether they are related to society or individually. Some of us may be feeling like we are cracked wide open…this refers to our mental and emotional states. And then of course, because I hear this expression out there in the collective world, it may be used often as a way to describe certain situations and feelings. This can lead to breaking free from something or someone, and that the message can refer to the type of experiences we have this coming month.

August is a great month to explore creativity. Now a lot of people get stuck on this notion of “I’m not artistic” yet everything is creative because it was created from a point of bringing nothing into something…right? Does that make sense? Did I just create a funky way of explaining this notion? Lol. So, let’s say you are struggling with what to do next, you may find some flash of inspiration comes to you and that is a form of creativity. You develop a skill and create from that area. You decide to cook, fix, organize, make, do, be or anything that requires it to be brought out into the open in some manner. Or you become a fan of what others create. Creating is a way of developing and bringing out what we think, see or feel out into the world plus it has wonderful healing properties.

Two of the themes that I picked up on are not very pleasant and I hesitated as to whether or not to include them in this forecast. As you can read/see, I went ahead. In a way it can benefit us as to be aware so that we can be extra cautious. Encountering hostility is not fun and there are those who may be expressing this trait more than usual, including the self, and it may help in terms of whether to continue doing business or interact with others who are in this mood. It can be a matter of taking a break from them for the month and re-visiting in September or later. We notice rude behaviours…try to not let it get to you and deflect it with a creative word or way that eases this kind of tension. It may be a sign to not go forward with whoever or whatever presents hostility. We do live in a world where crime happens and this may be where we hear of more thefts as this is the type of crime that came through the strongest. It wouldn’t be surprising except for maybe how much it goes up given how much everything costs and continuously rising. It can also refer to how we feel about inflation- that they are stealing from us…the costs are unjustified (whether this is true or not). It’s a crime that our basic needs are becoming so expensive to fulfill.

Usually, I share the tarot card last but this time I will talk about it before the Spirit Animal. The Wheel of Fortune was chosen this time around due to exploring the deck and picking it by what it represents. Some of the traits that stuck out for me are chaos of creation (for me this is when we are at our worst, we seek creative solutions), lucky break, change and expanding our world. Generally, I feel this card influences us with how things will be up and down, how quickly things can change, yet it always works out because the wheel propels us forward and it takes us to places we may have never encountered before. I recommend reading the meaning of this card and see what rings true for you. The Spirit Animal was perplexing…it took writing until the end for it to come through. It’s the Dragonfly. How appropriate. First of all, it is one of the most colourful insects I know of, they come in a variety of hues that are often bright and iridescent. Three main traits are change, spontaneity and opportunity. So much of the dragonfly aligns with the #5 energy. I find there is something different about this insect that makes them stand apart from other flying creatures. I also would say water will be significant as dragonflies are often drawn to it. Again, I recommend reading the spiritual and scientific meaning of the dragonfly as it is here to help us and be our medicine (provide healing on all levels).

Thank you for being a part of my journey…I appreciate all of your support. Comments and sharing of this article are welcomed. May August be a month of pleasant surprises and amazing breakthroughs. Embrace changes as stepping stones to a brighter future. Until next time, my Guides, The Counsel and I send everyone many Divine Blessings of wellbeing. Love and light everyone.

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