Welcome to October! Can you believe it? Even though 2022 isn’t finished, there is the question of where has the year gone by? Time can be elusive, either it feels like it has gone by too quickly or it is too slow. I didn’t follow through with a forecast in September…my intuition told me to step back and use the time to gather and centre myself. I guess I needed a break from writing. For those that are regular readers, I apologize for not publishing one last month. Meanwhile, I am in the process of initiating new ideas related to what I do. Over the next few months and more, I will be sharing new creations that may require tweaking so please bear with me when I introduce them. Some of these will be pushing me out of my comfort zone too…yikes! It’s all good as I feel I have so much more to contribute. I am open to all your comments and views in these matters as they appear. Alas let’s get going with the forecast. For those that are interested in what the energies have to say about October, please read on.


Well, it’s been quite the journey these past few years, and for many, there has been experiences where life has brought about challenges from many different directions, affecting our well-being on all levels…emotional, mental, physical and material sides of existence. Feeling like life has been hitting us hard, one thing after another, as if there has been no reprieve from the difficulties that keep cropping up. From my experience with numerology, when a certain number is duplicated and more (i.e., 2022 has three 2s), the more intense the energies are because the same traits and themes associated with the number shows up again and again. Those energies keep repeating themselves…it has a revolving door presence. This is what I refer to as the master effect…to truly master anything in life, we need to practice. And to practice means repeating the same thing over and over again whether it is a treat or a lesson. So, for those that wonder why life is so hard, this may be one explanation that brings some sense. If it does, give yourself some grace with it all and know you are not alone with your struggles.

The #7 thrives in the silence. It is a spiritual energy that encompasses going within and having faith. During this month, there is an influence of gather, especially in terms of how we accumulate and absorb energy, information, habits and beliefs. Now that seems like quite the list but each of those traits connect to one another and affect our well-being. This is a time where we become more aware of what we gather, whether it is an emotion, a thought or a behaviour, in terms of does it help or hurt us. Because there is a presence of being pulled to going within, the habit of quiet contemplation may develop for many of us where we sit with what is gathered or gather a certain epiphany by being in quiet contemplation. It feels more challenging to figure things out with our head and when it gets to be overwhelming, being in the stillness is a welcomed way to determine what is what and what is the next step. On another note, the gather can also relate to the people we spend time with and who we want to socialize with if any. Sometimes, gather may be expressed in a way of how we guess what may be unfolding with plans, projects and people.

Depending on where you live, it is either autumn or spring. No matter the scenery, nature seems to come into focus more so than the other seasons. The colours, the smells and even how it feels impacts us in ways that are more noticeable. Nature is a vital part of our existence. I am sure many of us already know this, believe it and yet it is a time where we pay more attention to her. Some of us may get out more in nature this month. We seek nature as a way to nurture us whether that is by going outside or by bringing it inside (sounds, sights, smells from essential oils). The area of nature may be featured prominently in stories- the news, movies, books, articles. Events and/or groups that relate with ways we can nurture nature to how nature can nurture us are popular/sought out. As well, more people may be willing to try natural remedies instead of modern medicine.

This is a month of seeking healing modalities that are soothing and probably much needed too. Our feelings will play a big role in these areas. We go with what feels right to help soothe us (whether it is considered good or bad for us). Some of us may identify our pains with feelings instead of injury or disease. We may want to heal our feelings more than usual by seeking what is soothing, especially alternative therapies. No matter how you identify with these messages- soothing, healing and feelings are quite important now.

Because the #7 encompasses spirituality, areas related to religion and intuition are in focus. We follow, delve and/or incorporate more of these ideas into our lives. Some will consider using the services of those involved in these areas for the first time or more so than usual. Our answers are not always forthcoming so these methods may shed light to what is concerning. There is a sense of there is more to life than what meets the eye and it takes believing before seeing to prove that point. Do you believe? What do you believe in? Do you have faith? What do you place your faith in/with?

With the message of hidden realms, it mostly relates to the ethereal such as magic, fantasy worlds, fairies and fairy tales. Yet, in the same token, it can be applied to hidden worlds that exist for real but are kept behind closed doors such as secret societies. I have noticed this year there are more people making Halloween about the month instead of one day. It relates to the hidden realms in many ways whether it’s taken as fun or serious. The subjects of signs and superstitions will come into play whether we believe in such things or not as how we relate and take them to be will vary from person to person. I tend to get a sense that there will be more references on these matters-how they appear, what they could mean both personally and collectively. Overall, this is a month of believing being a major presence and playing a vital role within us and our lives.

The Spirit Animal for October is the Chicken. The way it appeared to me was interesting. It came through via an image and sound of the hen story containing the phrase “the sky is falling; the sky is falling.” So, that in itself is a message… we need to be mindful of what sets us off in a panic personally and collectively as we may be panicking for nothing. But, at times, there may be situations that occur which gets large groups of people setting off in a panic instead of handling it calmly. Maybe the story will be popular this month (how many here will want to go check out the tale)? This is where the message of calm versus panic showed up and I am applying it here as a reference. With the chicken, some of the main traits I get are pecking (are we being relentless, picky or discerning with what we pick up on, are we picking on others- bullying, stalking, obsessing, or caring about), pecking orders (are there those who are receiving what is due in accordance to how it is meant to be), laying eggs (this could be about sitting with ideas before they hatch/being secretive with them), protection (they are probably one of the most preyed upon animals), staying put versus “flying the coop” whether that relates to home, job, relationship (chickens can fly but not very far). Plus, there are so many sayings and references to the chicken, including eggs, they will apply too such as: are you being chicken (being fearful), nest egg/don’t put all your eggs in one basket (money issues and decisions), running around like a chicken with its’ head cut off (overwhelmed, struggling with direction/uncertainty), what came first – the chicken or the egg (trying to solve mysteries), coping with embarrassment (egg on face). Additionally, we need to reference how there are many superstitions related to the chicken and as a food staple since it is a part of many dishes. It’s uncanny how all these different messages align. I recommend reading the spiritual and biology meanings of this bird to get a sense of how it will relate to yourself as its traits will be our medicine…how it influences and supports us.

In past forecasts, I was sharing the tarot card of the month. But because I don’t use the tarot in my practice it doesn’t make sense for me to continue doing so. Instead, I will be introducing a card of the month related to the playing deck as that is what I use in readings. The 7 of Spades is what came to me but also where I shuffled the deck and (drum roll please) guess what? Yep, that very card came out. I love when things align…so magical! This month the 7 of Spades is about blessings in disguise. This is where we may feel/have regrets about a certain situation but in time, we come to discover that the real reason something turned out as it did or didn’t (depending on how one perceives this) was actually a gift. Take comfort in the fact that if you could go back in time and change things to where you would be in a better/different position today, it wouldn’t matter as you would still be in that same position today (did that make sense?). This card has an energy of healing the choices we struggle coming to terms with. Allow grace, kindness, forgiveness for yourself. This is a month where there is a presence of things being hidden from us, secrets, not understanding or being able to make sense of the whys or whens or hows during the occasion and a bit after its occurrence. So, this causes a disconnect, a feeling of remorse, shame or guilt. Yet, on a spiritual level, it makes sense as the “universe” (whatever unknown/higher power you believe in) was actually helping us and eventually we will be comforted to know the real reason behind it was for our benefit in some manner. The 7 of Spades provides inner growth and healing.

I welcome comments and questions related to the forecast. I also appreciate those who share it with their networks. Until next time, may everyone have a magical month. Be well and stay safe.

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Thanks for all of your support. Love and light everyone.

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