Greetings everyone! This month the cycle year changes for the collective. Even though we are still in the calendar year of 2022, from my own experience I have found that the numerology yearly cycles start about 2 months prior to the “birthday”. What that means is the cycle year for 2023 is beginning in November 2022. We are starting a #7-year cycle and adding that to the 11th month becomes the number I will share below. I hope that explanation makes sense. Without further ado, please read on to get a sense of what the month will bring for us.


Well, where to start? This is a month that encompasses messages that will be challenging and yet there is the promise of coming out of it wiser. The main theme I felt is wisdom. Not the intelligent kind as I believe that one is about learning through school and books. No. Wisdom in the sense of learning through personal experiences, hardships and life lessons…things that are NOT taught in school, in books or materials that tells us stuff. I have a dear friend who has this amazing saying- “You grow through what you go through”- (credit to Renee Reisch). Hopefully, whatever life seems to be like this coming month, this expression will bring some reassurance. We don’t always contemplate the “crap” we go through as something that will benefit us. Yet, this month that is the premise. To become wiser for these difficulties so that we receive this knowing and light within each of us to elevate and enrich our lives and selves.

Did you notice a lot of ‘C’ words came up? That in itself can be a message; the letter c words and even names being a major influence. This is a month where we want to have a sense of completion, attending to tasks and areas that we are done dealing with and want to be done with. At times we feel we are complete with certain experiences-not wanting to go any further whether that be a situation or person. However, this may involve circling back. Returning to something or someone which may have felt unsettled/unresolved and now we are ready to gain a sense of completion. Circling back may encompass a repetitive notion or activity. We may encounter those who insist on circling back to an issue, but we don’t want to engage in it anymore because we feel it’s over/finished. These two themes can be emotional as it’s not always easy to deal with endings and yet at times it can be liberating.

Care and concerns will be part of our focus. Not only about the care we give but also in receiving. It applies in many ways and in terms of what we care about, who we care about and how concerned we get about these matters and people. Sometimes it can get dramatic, where we or the other may over-emphasize situations. During this month, certain cares and concerns may circle back to us and these will be opportunities to heal, release and be done with them. Many of our decisions will be based on the care and concern we feel and think.

I keep hearing the phrase “I’m tired of” coming through for the collective. Actually, I’m not surprised. It’s been a time of one thing happening after another as if our world can’t seem to get a handle on things, we have lost our “footing” whether that is as a society or individually. We may feel exhausted mentally and emotionally too. This energy of being tired can be to our advantage…letting things fall away so that the loads that we have been carrying, the things we have been holding onto finally leaves us and creates more lightness. It may feel like we are giving up or not caring but in actual fact, it is the opposite…surrendering can be a healing modality. Again, it won’t always be easy as it involves faith and trust.

The #9 energy can feel heavy as it is related to the part of life that is considered “darker”. It has themes and traits that people would rather avoid and not have to deal with. Yet, there is no turning away. It will show up and unless one finds a healthy way to go through it, it will remain and keep resurfacing. One of these traits is sadness. This can be uncomfortable whether it is your own or another’s. This is an emotion that is delicate and personal. If you are struggling, find ways to heal it and seek loving support from those or ways that will comfort. One good suggestion is to apply certain things from your past to help elevate your mood such as watching a show/movie, reading a book or visiting a place that is from the “good ol’ days”. It can provide relief. But also, if you are feeling really depressed, please reach out to a professional such as a therapist/psychologist or counsellor.

A really interesting theme showed up as I was tuning into the energies…calculus. I’m not a math person even though numerology has some math. I’m quite amused and smiling about this subject appearing as one of the messages. So, let’s be open to how it will unfold, as it can be where the news or a huge story related to this area comes into focus. Time will tell why it is one of the main traits.

The last two messages are sage and wise old women. I have them together because I feel they can play into each other. I feel this is a month women of a certain age (over 50 +) will be emerging more and more. And I feel it is time for their voices to be heard. Many of us who are seeking answers, insights and support will be drawn by the words and energies of these wise women. It won’t be every woman over 50 but the ones who have been quiet or undiscovered…they have had a lifetime of experiences that made them wiser and hence know what they truly know. They are true sages in every sense of the word. They have abilities to help in ways that might be considered ancient but impactful. They lead with the purpose of healing.

The Queen of Spades is November’s card of the month. Many of its meanings aligns with the messages of sage and wise old women. This card represents females that are older (over 50), widows, divorcees, grandmothers, great aunts. This is an energy of knowledge that encompasses passing down what has been experienced. It’s the lines and expressions etched on their faces and bodies. It’s a time of research and gathering the fruits of one’s labours. Generally, we may be influenced by these older women whether we know them well or not. The answers we seek are found by the ones that are more senior to us.

The Spirit Animal for November is the Elephant. A magnificent creature! Most likely a favourite animal for so many of us too. I see the elephant as the matriarch of society. She is the protector and the one who holds many truths. She aligns with the themes of sage and wise women. She can be the Queen of Spades- knowing, being and understanding. Some of the main traits I receive that will show up for us are wisdom, protection, circles and connections (whether they are blood family or not), strength. I also recommend reading the spiritual and biological traits of the elephant as many of its characteristics will be our “medicine” …how they are wanting to help and support us. Also, any type of saying related to the elephant will factor too such as “addressing the elephant in the room.”

I thank you all for your presence. Feel free to share this article with your circles. I appreciate all of the support. May November be a month that is healing and caring. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send you all many Divine Blessings. Be well.

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© Tina De Luca