Welcome everyone. Here we are at the end of 2022, yet we are already being influenced by the 2023 calendar year. By my numerology experience of 30+ years, I have discovered the cycles start to change 2 months prior the time frame in question. So that means, December’s 2022 cycle number is reflective by using 2023 (7 year + 12 month). It may sound confusing but what is important are the themes and messages related to the number. To get a sense of what will be in focus for the collective this month, please read on.


Well, once again it has been quite the year with many ups and downs. When will we catch a break- right? What do we have to look forward to now? This month, there is a focus on all things related to the area of leading. Whether that be taking the lead, leadership, leaders…we are in a position of determining what, who, why and how we are led. This is can be eye-opening for some even to those that already consider themselves “awake” as there is always something new to learn, understand, grow from. Yet ironically, the main purpose with all of these leading themes is to help us become our own leaders-be it in a specific situation, an area in life, in a certain relationship…we begin to see and sense it’s time to be our own boss instead of being bossed around. Being told what to do and how to be will not go over well especially with those that have been complacent and/or agreeing with the leaders of society. We are beginning to see what is useful and who is useful. As a society, the way things have been going, it will become more apparent we are losing faith in the leaders of our life; be it political, corporate, spiritual, celebrities. We question their power and how they use it.

When I tune into the energies for December and as I focus on the number one vibration, surges of strength and being strong comes through. We find ourselves in situations that requires us to be brave and rise above whatever pitfalls we are in/encounter. The purpose of these experiences is to help us become independent. To not let something or someone get the better of us. To be able to think and feel for oneself instead of being influenced by what others think and feel is best for us. We base our decisions independently, which is to say being helped by what you feel will help you rather than by what helps the other person(s). Are we being supported based on our own needs instead of the needs of others?

A mixed bag of messages comes through with the following theme of authority. In one way it can be positive such as being recognized as an expert in a certain field, for example an authority figure in the area of Christmas. Yet, it can also be related to those in positions of authority whether they are part of our inner circle such as a father figure to those in higher roles such as politicians and business leaders. The authority could be anyone who claims to be in charge and where they feel like they have the power to do anything they want no matter the consequences. I can’t help but feel this is strongly connected to presidents and CEOs, both in the political and corporate fields. Will it now appear to the masses how much authority they have over our lives and what can we do now to step away from all the control they wield? Although both genders can be represented in positions of authority, I sense the majority of those that will come under scrutiny will be males.

I kept hearing the phrase “take me for a fool?”. Now, I believe this is a good thing because I see it becoming part of seeing past the rhetoric of those that believe they are here for the taking. Especially with the ones who seem to explain away or dismiss what is taking place. Who do they think they are? What are they playing at? Do they think I am going to fall for that (again)? These are all questions that relate to “take me for a fool” message. It also relates to take and taking. How those who play us for fools just keep taking and taking no matter if it is something material or emotional. Despite the possibilities of becoming angered by these situations, it creates an awareness that will initiate new ideas, ways and beliefs towards a fairer society. Now it may not become better right away, but at least we will begin to. There is a lot of action energy with all of this.

Red. It relates to the obvious as far as the colour red will be prominent and featured in ways we normally don’t give a second thought to. But red can also be about how we use it as expressions such as “seeing red”, “being in the red”, “painting the town red”. They all refer to various actions and we will relate to one or many of them. So, on a personal note, be mindful of anger, debt and yet to have some fun in life too. As far as a collective, we may receive announcements and hear news related to stories of disputes/fall-outs, of overspending/financial woes to those that are having a grand ol’ time.

The card of the month is the Seven of Diamonds. It represents temperament, anger, impatience and decisive action. Many of its meanings relate to the number one themes. It will be easy to feel our anger levels rising and to lose our tempers easily. Although it’s not a pleasant emotion, sometimes it can be a positive influence as far as leading us to step into a role of taking action, of doing something about what is making us so angry. But also keep in mind, that when you do feel easily irritated that this is part of the energies we are experiencing this month and to find a healthy way to let it out. Don’t keep your anger bottled up inside of you. We may find there will be communities, articles that will share methods of dealing with anger and perhaps new evidence of understanding this emotion.

Lastly the Spirit Animal which is the Opossum (or Possum as it is often called). When it appeared to me, I first saw its nose and then the eyes. The way it showed up is part of the messages related to this animal. That may be where our sense of smell is sensitive, we may smell something being “off” and/or where our smell will lead us to what we need to find, see for ourselves. How you interpret what this may mean or come to be for you will count as well. The Opossum/Possum is not an animal that appears on many peoples’ radars. Yet, how many of us are familiar with the saying “playing possum”? It actually refers to playing dead as they are gifted with this feature. So, even though this may feel like a negative message, it can be a good one as far as a protective mechanism…playing dead to what is not good for us, not giving life to an idea that you know will be harmful. Don’t you agree that is a positive way of looking at this? It is a feature we may use to help us deal with difficult issues or people. They are known for being fiercely protective especially the moms. They are often depicted carrying all their babies on their backs from one place to another. This is a powerful message as far as how do we protect our children and do we protect them well enough? Do we defend our young at all costs? There may be instances of where the general public will be involved with issues related to these areas. Besides that, I recommend reading the spiritual and scientific meanings of this animal. One site I highly recommend is whats-your-sign.com by Avia.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this forecast. I appreciate all those that care enough to share their own thoughts and send this article to your own networks of friends and family. May the messages bring much needed peace of mind, heart and soul. I, along with my Guides The Counsel, send you all much love and light. Be well and stay safe.

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