Greetings everyone and welcome. Here we are, another year done and a new one beginning. What kind of year do we hope for? What do we want to initiate and implement? This is a time where most contemplate and plan what they would like to achieve by what they want to give up…however what if we turn that tradition around and make it about what we would like to bring in, to be, to allow. May 2023 be a graceful and kind year. In the meantime, what does January have in store for us? To get a sense of the themes for the month ahead, please read on. 


  I get a sense not many people are looking forward to the times ahead even though we may like to think otherwise. A new year usually indicates a chance with new beginnings. Since 2020, life has shown us to be tough and doesn’t always appear to be fair. Will this be a year where we catch a decent break? Will things improve? Will we feel good about life and what it has to offer? Sometimes, I wonder if we, as a society, will ever create a better world, a world where struggles and pains are a thing of the past. Not a very positive introduction, is it? These questions are meant to inspire us to dig deeper- one of this month’s themes. As a collective, this is a year of going within, stepping back from all the “noise” and in January we delve into what influences us, individually and as a collective. Not being swayed by all the smoke and mirrors…that it’s time to get to the bottom of things- how we achieve, how we define success and being the best may not all be what it seems to be. Although digging deeper comes through as reaching for what matters, what is more meaningful, it also relates to finding the answers, to figuring out how to overcome obstacles and decide what is valuable. As a society, digging deeper can apply in many ways but especially in the financial world (#8 is connected to money) such as being asked to pay more and getting less. Are we getting our money’s worth? Is it worth the money we are paying? Are we going to band together and figure out other ways to meet our needs instead of having to dig deeper into our “pockets”. Are we digging ourselves into deeper debt, deeper trouble whether that be individually, corporations, businesses, governments? Digging deeper helps us get to what matters, what is going on and what we want to gain in the coming year. On another note, because the #8 is associated with big business, big names, powerful people and the financial world, secrets that have been kept/under wraps may be discovered including any clandestine operations in these fields (because someone was digging into their affairs).    

  Resources, gains, confidence. What do we want to gain? What are we gaining through what we set out for ourselves? Do we have the confidence to believe in ourselves, in others, in anything that we hope will help us gain in what we pursue, what we focus on? Ugh…sometimes it can all be too much, yet, by asking ourselves these types of questions, we can determine what resources we need to reach our goals. It is also about being resourceful as we are determined to get ahead, to become better and be better no matter what we have available to us or not. Our gains can be about what we already have in place, what resources we have access to and the advantages in our lives. The confidence theme also aligns with the gains theme as we may ask ourselves when it comes to starting something or signing up for something new whether it will be worthwhile (because this is the time of year we are inundated with sign-ups). We will want to determine whether we feel confident in what they offer will bring us any kind of gain(s). We are gaining confidence this month…especially in terms of listening to our inner voice/intuition. If you feel you are on shaky ground, see what resources you have that will help you gain the confidence to feel better, calmer. In general terms, our resources also encompass what we use daily such as electricity, gas, water, oil. We may encounter more issues than usual and it may be where we look at these areas in terms of gains and confidence. 

 In a way I wasn’t sure with everything I was writing in the forecast because a few of the themes contradicted each other and when I tuned into the energies, I got a combination of vibrancy and then quiet. It’s as if there were bursts of certainty than mystery (blank spaces). I feel that is how the year will be- there will be times we have this knowing and then times where we don’t know. As much as we would like to have all the answers, we don’t always do…none of us do. Don’t be taken in by those whose claim to fame is having it all, knowing it all. With that being said, this is where I questioned the following themes: drive and determination, then, “knowing when to leave things be”. These messages came through together and are meant to work together. How I received the vision for these themes was I saw and felt drive and determination as inspired actions to make something better of oneself but then having this inner knowing, trusting the sense of when to step back and let things be. This is where we are learning to give ourselves the grace of allowing some things in our lives to unfold naturally and have faith with what, when, where, why and how it all happens/works out is meant to be. No matter what you believe, there is more to life than meets the eye and there are higher powers/unknown forces to prove that. Being confident without being cocky/arrogant comes into play. And then be mindful of what you get involved in as “knowing when to leave things be” can be about whose and what business do you get your nose into- sometimes minding your own business is good business.  

 For some reason, the message of fire came up. I only heard the word and didn’t receive any details with it. So, just in case, can we all be careful with fire…candles, fireplaces, bonfires, anything that can burn be extra safe. Now, it can also refer to sayings that incorporate fire such as “playing with fire”, “he/she/you’re on fire”, “where’s the fire?”. It all aligns with the themes of the month especially in relation to drive and determination and knowing when to leave things be.  

 The Octopus is January’s Spirit Animal for the collective. What a great one it is too! I fell in love with this species after watching the Netflix documentary “My Octopus Teacher” and ever since then was waiting for the month when it would show up as our medicine. If you haven’t seen the film, please do, as it will change and expand your beliefs on this animal (plus, some may never want to eat calamari again). I also recommend reading the spiritual (one of my favourite sites is: and scientific meaning of the octopus as each of us will pick up on certain traits which will influence us in various ways. Of course, when octopus comes up, we often think of the 8 arms it has (and it happens to be a #8 month) and that they squirt ink. We may find ourselves multi-tasking more than usual or where we feel we have plenty of choices. What are we reaching for? What are we grabbing at? Do we recognize the many opportunities we have access to? Do we have a lot going on? Are we supporting others as we can afford to give a helping hand. With the ink, this could be a month of contracts being more prevalent than normal. What are we signing up for? Are we taking care of legal matters? Writers, the writing world may be in focus more and are they getting their rightful dues or are some authors overrated. Will we be talking about books more, whether that relates to what we are reading, recommendations and if there are too many? Plus, how many will want to pursue dreams of writing-is this going to be the next big niche? In another way, the ink can also refer to tattoos and this industry…what sort of news and stories will catch our attention? Will it be something that becomes more or less popular, discussed and debated about, perhaps where an increase of having them removed is sought after? How many will want a tattoo for the first time? We must also consider how and where the octopus lives as these qualities will be part of how we are influenced too.  

 Finally, the card of the month is the Jack of Diamonds. I went with the shuffle and randomly draw one card method because I couldn’t get a clear picture of which one it would be. This card mainly represents the mailman (the method I use is from my mom’s side of the family and the meanings were given at a time when there was no technology…from way back in 1700s France where her maternal family was from). I strongly feel this is about delivery- what kind of news will we be delivering and what news will be delivered to us. Delivery can also relate to how we present ourselves, what we present to others and how things are presented to us. Overall, we receive a delivery of some kind that has a strong impact on our lives. Because of today’s technology, it incorporates social media platforms that involve written words including emails, texts, private messages as many of us receive deliveries through these outlets and not just the postal service. The Jack of Diamonds is about what information we read/look at rather than verbally talk about. For those that aspire to write, this card helps inspire us to do so…whoever is reading this could be the next great author! We may find ourselves sharing more via the written word rather than talking about it. Finally, this also confirms that we are drawn to making lists more than usual this month…whether it’s related to shopping, a to-do list or a list of what kind of year you want…this all involves what we write no matter the format or what it is. Happy writing everyone! 

 Thanks for reading this forecast as the messages are a combination of numerology and intuition. I also believe I receive guidance from my Guides The Counsel every time I share this kind of knowledge whether it is in written or verbal form. Until next time, I and my Guides The Counsel send everyone many Divine Blessings of grace and light. Be well and stay safe.  

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