Hello and welcome! Those of you who pay attention to numbers, may have noticed that there are many twos connected to this month…this means the heart has a major influence and significance in our lives…emotionally, spiritually, physically. We feel more sensitive and the area of care comes into focus. To get a sense of what energies are present for the collective this month, please read on.


This will be a very emotional month and it’s all based on heart energy. Many of us will focus on what our heart says and be influenced by how our heart feels…as examples “my heart wants to do this” and “ my heart is just not into this”. There is a sensitivity that will not always be welcomed or comfortable. So take heart…do the best you can and try to be gentle with it all, including those around you. It’s not going to be easy listening and following the heart as it doesn’t always make sense to the logical mind…reality can get in the way. A major theme for this month is related to care and caring. And again, it will all lead to the heart as in demonstrating how much we feel/show/say we care.

This month’s photo is of a llama which happens to be February’s Power/Spirit animal for the collective. When I tune into the energy of the llama, I get feelings of comfort in the sense of sheltering from the pain and elements of life. For me, there is this quiet strength that wants to take care of and nurture loved ones. It will matter what you pick up on when you focus on the llama as this will have personal meaning. I also recommend looking up the spiritual definition of the llama as it’s themes will also factor in.

The phrase “what matters most” will be significant. It doesn’t always mean something that will be said often, but more related to weighing in decisions especially concerning the future. The question will be whether your answers come from your mind or from your heart. What will matter most when it comes to taking care of and/or caring for any area of life that we are concerned with? We are not just thinking of the self, as we also will tend to include those we care about and for. “What matters most” will encompass the energies of giving and receiving. The more heartfelt we are, the bigger rewards/successes come to be.

The #6 is represented by family yet what it tries to convey is family can be more than blood relations and that the family isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. At times it is better to break away and forge your own family unit, whether that is with friends, community, groups, pets. I find with the #6 energy, family will often be in the forefront and we will hear/see from family members more often than usual. Generally, there will be more stories focused on family and related areas.

One of the keywords that came through was “host/hosting”. It “lights up”, meaning it will hold value for us in some manner. From being in this role to having others host us, it will range from the literal sense to the symbolic sense of hosting. Also, it may include hearing more tips about these areas.
Overall for the year, work/jobs are a main issue and this month we are drawn to the area of employment especially in relation to EI, benefits and the services we receive from those who take care of/for others (ie doctors, nurses, teachers). The governments will be bringing up employment issues that will concern many of us.

Finally, shelter and home are another two areas we focus on. Home is where the heart is but for some it will be more about adequate shelter as the costs of living pinches the purse strings. There may be a call out to the government and from supporting agencies to do more when it comes to housing and shelters.

Whatever February brings, may you all take care and be enveloped by loving energy. Be well!

Please feel free to comment and share this article with your networks. Tina is a psychic that specializes in Intuitive Numerology and regular card readings. With the help of her guides The Counsel, she shares what comes through for the individual that will bring peace of mind-heart and soul. For more information please visit her website: www.inlightinenergy.com Please like and follow her on Facebook and Instagram accounts: Inlightin Energy
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Well I am so late publishing this month’s forecast…to be honest I had a hard time feeling the discipline to sit down and write…grappling with the energies of wanting to lay low (i.e not do much) versus am I being bad by not being consistent with the timeframe and regularity of these monthly articles. So, now with almost half of January gone, I am going ahead with the forecast despite whether or not anyone is interested. There may be those who already realize this month has been one of dealing with unusual and unique energies connected to various levels (emotional-physical-mental-spiritual). To get a sense of what January is about whether via confirmation or clarity, please read on.


We have started a new year and decade yet the energies feel “different” instead of “new”. It’s as if many of us can’t seem to pinpoint what it is, articulate exactly what they feel but can sense within that changes are in the air. And for some it’s a time of “bring it on!”. Encompassing defiant and rebellious attitudes that are not necessarily meant to cause havoc but to breakaway from convention and carve out a world that is unconventional to what we are used to. This month ushers in changes that impacts our world suddenly and shockingly and we may be surprised by how we respond in unique/unusual ways. Some will embrace these different energies and others will try to defy any differences as they want things to stay the same. The big theme for this month is changes, big and small ones, personally and collectively…yet not all will welcome them and some will feel it is time for change. The key is to try to honour and go along with what changes you feel are due…try embracing and inviting the different and see where it takes you.

The big difference we as a collective are going to be experiencing not only for the year but this decade will be connected to the area of our relationships and how we relate to all matters. This encompasses not just the human side but any relationship to anything that is part of our world…some examples are relationships to money, to work, to the environment, to our bodies, to our belief systems….hopefully you get the picture as it will vary from person to person and what energies are influencing us. We are entering a time where sharing and caring for/about one another holds more value, has advantages to all concerned. We are in a decade where it is about helping and being part of partnerships rather than going at it alone or putting the self first. In fact, many will embrace assistance from those around us whether we know them well or not…even asking for help will become the new norm.

So much is going on and it seems to be happening fast with a lot of it affecting the areas of stability and security. Traditions are changing. We are literally seeing and experiencing changes in our world that is impacting many of us whether it is near or far. There is anxiety and worry. We don’t always know what to believe as we catch others lying to us and we may be the ones who tells the lies. What we hear is it true or not? At times we have to trust our heart/gut and do what feels right instead of basing it all on the facts.

The #5 energy is represented by the teen generation. So this age group will be a part of major stories and issues this month but also those of us who are older, past this generation will be influenced more than usual whether it is connected to our own teen years or from teens around us. Rock n roll and do the best you can when it comes to feelings of intense angst.

Finally, this month’s Power/Spirit Animal came through as the Red Cardinal. I encourage looking up the spiritual meanings of this bird as it will relate and connect to many of us and what themes will be present in our lives.

With that, I am so grateful for all of your support and especially engaging with me on my Facebook Page and variety of posts. To find out more about what I do please visit my website: www.inlightinenergy.com I am also on Instagram and Facebook (but if you are here reading this you already know that…lol)…please feel free to follow and like Inlightin Energy at these outlets. Being a psychic for over 30 years, I am available for personal and group readings. Please feel free to connect with me via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com or via PM on my Facebook Page: Inlightin Energy. Until next time, I and my Divine Guides The Counsel send each of you Divine Blessings of ease and grace. Thank you!

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Welcome! Although we are officially in the last month of 2019, my experience with Numerology is the cycles start to change about two months prior, so December’s number reflects this. To get a sense of what is in store for the collective this month, please read on.


Finally…as it feels like many are glad that the year 2019 is almost over. It has been one where areas in our lives have been contradictory, a feeling of not being able to get our “footing”, dealing with uncertainties as the energies were based in endings and letting go. This year’s cycle we find ourselves working towards stability and security…wanting to create a foundation that is simpler, easier and more honest/authentic. This month the energies pull us inwards…we are drawn to the quiet and solitude of life. Even though December is traditionally busy because of the holiday season, most would rather cocoon and spend their time peacefully, whether that is alone or with a small group of loved ones. The thought of all the hustle and bustle usually associated during this time of year isn’t as appealing. For some the idea of not making a big deal about what to do/spend/cook sounds like a better plan. So, if you are one that falls into this category or find those around you are not wanting to do much, take this as a clue as to fulfilling the inner feelings of keeping things simple, easy and laid-back…it’s not always about being a “humbug”.

The #7 is represented by the unknown, meaning it is a spiritual energy where our faith is the main theme. For some, this encompasses religion, while for others it may be Angels, Spirits but it goes deeper than that. It is an energy where we learn to believe before seeing…that despite what is going on in our outer world, to have this inner knowing that all will be well even though we may not know exactly how and when. Faith is the presence of surrendering to the mystery of the Divine/God/Higher Beings (whatever you believe in) and allowing the “magic” to unfold/come to be without interfering/controlling every step of the way. This is when “miracles” happen. A good example is nature, as when we leave it be, they live this process and flourish. Being in a worry frame of mind does not serve this energy well. It’s understandable that we do have causes to worry about, especially around this time of year, and some of the best things to do are: meditate, daydream, sleep, go out in nature, read, yoga and praying/chanting. Now, for me prayer is not limited to the traditional verses/ways taught by religion/the Bible as it can be a matter of taking a few deep breaths to calm your energy and talking to the self, as it is a personal invitation between the Divine and your soul for a meaningful conversation whether it is a few words or a couple of paragraphs. It is a good time to get in touch with our inner selves and have more faith in what we feel rather than what we think even if it doesn’t make sense at first. On another note, areas related to religions and spirituality come into focus, such as stories, news and discussions, whether we believe in them or not.

How many of you are familiar with the song “Take It Easy” by The Eagles? Because although the lyrics refer to certain topics, the title feels it will be a good mantra for all of us this month. Even humming the tune will help calm our energy when we feel overwhelmed. The phrase “taking care” comes through strongly for the collective and taking it easy is a good way of taking care. It encompasses everything and anything, especially the spiritual and emotional areas of life/ourselves. It ranges from taking care of the self to each other (including animals) and how we take care of our surroundings (including our ecosystems). We may find we take more care in certain aspects of our life and causes we believe in.

December’s Spirit/Power Animal for the collective is the turtle. If you noticed by now, many of the numerology themes for the #7 in this forecast correlate with the traits associated with the turtle even if you are not aware of all its’ meanings. Turtles are known for being slow, being quiet and of course being able to go “within” because of their shell. I recommend reading the turtle’s spiritual meaning as they will symbolize what occurs for us. Also any metaphors and sayings will have connections to our lives.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this forecast! My Guides The Counsel and I send you all many Divine Blessings of peace, magic and miracles. Be well.

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Hello and welcome to all! Even though we are technically still in the year 2019, this month’s forecast is calculated using the year of 2020 as the energies have begun to change for the collective. Why? From experience of doing and observing Numerology charts for years, I have noticed the cycles start to shift about 2 months prior to the actual date. We eased into the numerological cycle of 2020, a #4 year, earlier than usual, sometime in October and we will finish the cycle near the end of October 2020. As a collective we are already influenced by the traits and themes associated with the meaning of the #4 year cycle. This month’s forecast reflects what is in store for us as a collective and to get a sense of the energies, please read on.


This month we are influenced by care and concern. The energies are focused on our well-being, how well we live our lives, not only as individuals, but from a standpoint of communities that hits closer to home, to where we live. So although, not all of us will care about what is happening on the other side of the world (whether that is the next city/province/state or country), we come to care about how the other side of the world (next city/province/state or country) is impacting our local environment. This encompasses how healthy we are physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually and any other part of our existence. We want to improve the state of whatever area or areas seem to be lacking, not doing well and the concern we feel for those areas, helps us focus into caring more about and for what needs to be worked on. It’s time to care about being responsible for what we do and what we want for our future.

The #6 is represented by family. They will become a bigger part of what is going on and for many of us, whenever we feel we need help, we are more drawn to ask our family members, including those whom we consider to be like family for assistance. Yet, it will go two ways as far as they may offer help and if one thinks they are of no help, essentially they are but in a way that isn’t apparent or to one’s liking. We are learning the importance of what family means and is…whether that is biological or in the sense of a community family (i.e. work family-club family-friends).

During this cycle year (now until near the end of October 2020), money is a big issue and impacts many of our concerns, wants and needs more than usual. This month we are concerned about the health of money, covering a spectrum in the literal and metaphoric sense. Meaning in particular, we will be concerned about the money given and taken by/for health care, social services, education, we take note how much money we spend and receive in return on food, beauty (products and services), clothing, housing and we are concerned with our own money in regards to do we think and have a healthy relationship with this commodity.

Finally, we come to the part of this month’s Spirit/Power animal for the collective. It is the bat. The traits associated with this breed will align with us individually and as a collective. I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of the bat to understand in which ways it will influence us. Also, sayings and metaphors associated with the bat will factor into our lives (i.e. “that person is batty”).

Thank you for taking the time to read this forecast and I appreciate all comments, shares and likes! Until next time, may everyone have a Divine and healthy month. Be well.

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Hello and welcome to you all! Every month I like to tune into the energies based on numerology that will influence and be present for the collective. I share the main themes based on the numbers and combine them with intuitive messages I receive. For those that are curious and interested in knowing what is in store, please read on.


October has an energy of wanting to be ahead. Although we are technically still in the year 2019, it feels like the energies for the year 2020 will start making its’ presence this month slowly but surely. This will create at times, a sense of being pulled in different directions as we have a mish-mash of energies at play; a combination of dealing with closing the past, trying to be present and thinking about the future. It may feel confusing and uncertain as we try to get our footing…where we are at now and what lies ahead. Two areas that come into focus are time and purpose. In regards to time, there is a combination of paying attention to times gone by, how we utilize our time now and in some cases, how much time we have left (whether this is about morality for the self and others, time left with projects-situations-relationships-dreams…anything that comes into focus personally and collectively). Time will feel and be important. In regards to purpose, we each and as a collective will question the purpose of decisions and choices made from the past, what we do now and how it will affect the future. We want to know we are making a purpose and feel our time here is purposeful. Time and purpose will play into each other’s hands while we make plans individually and as a whole. We are trying to looking ahead with a sense of purpose yet feeling time has a role in it too.

There is a strong presence of shifts taking place. Now the word shifts has many definitions and can be applied literally but most importantly it will encompass the areas related to how we feel and think. Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings from the past will dramatically be different to how we think, believe and feel right now. At times it will feel liberating and there will be moments where it will feel painful…a sense of we see the light vs. we are still in the dark about certain areas and others. The key will be to demonstrate and give the self and each other more care and compassion. It doesn’t mean we have to agree or go along, but to try to be kind and tender about it all and with each other. We can easily fall into a pattern of being hard and strict with the self and one another when something doesn’t align or agree with what we feel, see and think. Take it easy and at times go lightly…we will need to step back, take a break now and then…give some thought to what is helpful vs. hurtful.

The area of resources will start to become prominent this month which will carry out for the next year (up until November 2020). Resources will encompass the things we use, supply and receive on a day-to-day basis, especially the area of money and how it impacts our lives and the life of our planet. There will be a stronger focus on what we do with the resources we take from earth and each other, significantly how money plays a huge role in it all. Money will be a contentious issue this coming year. It will be a time of repairing the damage of how we been doing things traditionally yet looking at improving our ways by cultivating traditional practices that make more sense, are simple, smart and safer (i.e. using natural methods vs. chemicals and pesticides).

The #4 is represented by groups associated with safety and protection such as the police and the armed forces. Even though we may hear more about police matters, the military comes into focus the most. No matter the branch or location, we will hear more stories and news related to the military. There may also be questions regarding funding and the resources they provide and receive. Also those who serve or have served in the military may think about the purpose their role played at the time and if the time spent in the service was/is purposeful.

Finally, this last part is about October’s power/spirit animal for the collective; the clam. Not a popular species as far as it’s not a breed we pay attention to. Yet their role and purpose are quite significant to the planet. There are not many sites describing the spiritual meanings of the clam so I recommend reading as many as you can find out about them as their themes will relate to the energies in October. Even sayings and metaphors involving the clam will be popular, more apparent (i.e. “happy as a clam”).

Thank you for taking the time to read this forecast. Comments are welcomed and sharing of this post is appreciated. Tina De Luca is a psychic specializing in intuitive numerology and regular card readings but is also sensitive to the energies of people, places, pets and things. For more information about what she does please visit her website: www.inlightinenergy.com  To book a personal session or a group event please contact her via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com or via messenger on her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/   Also Inlightin Energy is active on Instagram…check it out. *Please note the telephone number is not published but can be shared if requested privately.*

Until next time, may everyone have a Divine month ahead. Be well and safe.

©Tina De Luca


Hello to all! We are in the last quarter of 2019 where the energies of this year are getting ready to wind down. Also in the northern hemisphere, some areas are experiencing fall season as it feels like it has arrived sooner than usual. Here’s hoping the beauty of autumn is warm. For those that are interested what the energies for September will be for the collective, please read on.


Even though this month is a #3, there are strong influences from the #9 energies that are part of the date. We want to have more fun in our lives yet it will feel like our attention keeps repeating to matters related to our past. There is a strong presence of the “past catching up to the present” and the sense that comes through with all of this has to do with forgiveness and letting go. We are clearing the debris/gunk of our lives, whether that is emotionally, physically, mentally, materially and spiritually. It won’t always be easy or pleasant, as we will try to avoid what shows up and be looking to take shortcuts as an easy way out of what seems to be painful yet necessary if we want to completely let go. When I tune into the energy of what forgiveness is about the idea is to bring in the energy of love around the area of concern. It doesn’t mean you have to love what happened or love the person in question, but you reassure yourself with loving thoughts and actions. It would be like embracing your inner child with unconditional love.

This month’s power/spirit animal is the bear. I see the brown bear in particular but I also hear the black bear in the background. There are different species of bears and they will all have similar general traits but I recommend looking up the spiritual meanings of the brown and black bear to get a sense of their specific qualities.

September is the 9th month of the year but many of us treat it as a new beginning month. So what is interesting with the energies is we may have the intentions to want to start anew yet our focus will be drawn to the present and seeing what needs to be done. We may try to initiate new ideas/plans/goals but we will be taken back to what needs to be finished first. “Right now” is a phrase that comes up frequently before we can begin anything new. Others will try to avoid what needs to be done “right now” in ways such as distractions, having more than one thing on the go and dropping one thing to go to another. Take it all in stride as it is about being in the moment and doing the best you can. Our moods and behaviours may reflect childish tendencies so be aware of acting out at times as if you were 5 years old. This month laughter can be a great healing tool to release pent up frustrations and impatient attitudes.

I keep hearing the phrase “games people play”. Now, this can be about actual fun and games activities but it also can encompass how we engage with one another all on levels from all sources whether we know them well or not. There is an underlying factor of wanting the truth and for people to be forthright yet me may still play these same games with one another as a means to avoid saying what our inner child needs and craves. We may question and ponder if we are acting like a big baby when it comes to releasing pent up hurts and wishes. Help from those who you feel can support you but especially can understand without judgement will be key as we don’t want to feel wounded by our past anymore.

Try not to be discouraged or feel defeated whenever contradictions comes up. The whole year has had a theme of contradictions and in particular this month it’s like it will be in our faces more and more. It is difficult to decide what is what or to make certain choices because we feel/see/hear many options or ways that can feel too much. Also the contradictions encompasses a versus energy where it comes across as competitive and comparative. For example this month has a focus on areas of age/aging (young vs. old), good and bad (light vs. dark), moods/feelings (happy vs. sad), presence (holding on vs. letting go) . I believe there is more than one way and in life everything counts. It is a matter of acknowledging and gaining wisdom with it all this month.

The weather comes up in the form of warmth and heat. There will be a focus on temperature patterns and no matter where one lives we will be feeling either too warm or not warm enough. Also solar energy comes to the forefront and the use of heating. The colours of yellow, orange, browns and golds comes up…yes the colours of fall but also we may be attracted to wanting bright vs. muted palette.

Finally the theme of gifts arises this month. It won’t always be related to receiving presents but remembering to see the gifts present in our everyday lives. We take for granted many simple and easy things that show up everyday so acknowledging the smaller gifts of life will help one feel the energy of joy and light.

Overall this month’s energies are about facing our shadows to see our inner light and to remember to be forgiving with it all. We are releasing to clear the path to get in touch with our true selves. May you all be embraced by Divine warmth of love as we go about our daily lives.

Thank you to all of you for your support and engaging with me via Inlightin Energy. Please feel free to comment and share this post. For more information about me and what I do please visit my website: www.inlightinenergy.com And if you haven’t done so already, please like and follow me on my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/ I am available for personal and group readings. I may be contacted via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com and via private messenger on Inlightin Energy. I may also be contacted via telephone but only share that number by private requests as I do not publish it publicly. Until next time, may everyone be well!

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Hello to all! I am so late writing this note and sharing it with you all. To be honest, I procrastinated and didn’t use my time wisely in regards to getting it completed sooner. So, hoping as late as it is publishing it, there are those who are still interested what the energies have to say for the collective this month. Thanks for your patience.


As late as I am writing this, I find it ironic the main themes that comes through are what is reflecting back as far as patience, being gentle and sharing. This month the phrase “state of grace” comes through strongly. Although it can be about being graceful as far as appearances it goes deeper than that with maintaining and expressing the energy of grace. It’s about not letting your emotions get the better of you where you feel overly worried, overly distraught…anything that causes one to feel overcome by what is happening. Our emotions will be in focus and it is up to the individual to find ways to not let them get us down or overwhelmed. This is where gentleness, honesty, patience will help. So if you feel your reactions are getting the better of you, what can you do to get into a state of grace?

Relationships are key this month. All kinds, from friendships to intimate ones. Opportunities will present themselves where honesty and sharing factor into how we relate to one another. It will be important to listen not only with our ears, but with open hearts. It won’t always be easy to hear what is shared, but in the long run, finding out the truth and being honest will help the healing process no matter the outcome. Some discussions are a long time in the making…some are “clearing the air”. On another note, whether one is single or in a relationship, many want to feel connected and part of something special. Many crave love and romance…we want to deepen and feel a bond where love prevails. So, if you are single this may mean wanting to connect and try dating, For those that are in a relationship already, it may mean wanting to connect more with your partner or decide if it is worth connecting with them. We want to share ourselves and feel we deserve more love.

The #2 is represented by women and yet there is an energy of feminine energy playing more of a role. This comes through as no matter the gender or how one identifies, there is a pull to express one’s femininity. It’s not necessarily about the appearance but about the emotions, the characters, the traits one would associate as being more feminine than masculine. For those that are males and tend to be “manly”, we may see them demonstrate or try to at least, their feminine side as far as being more vulnerable and heart-centered. Those that are still trying to suppress their femininity (no matter the gender), will feel life is out of balance.

Because this is being written and published close to mid-month, I am keeping this forecast short. For those that like to know, this month’s power/spirit animal is the dragonfly. I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of them to get insights how they relate and what they will bring to us this month. Overall, I would love for most to remember to be gentle and practice being graceful and gentle, especially when it comes to being honest with oneself and with others.
Sending you all many Divine Blessings of love. Be well!

Tina is an intuitive specializing in Numerology and regular card readings. She also can tune into energies of people, places and pets. With over 30 years of experience, Tina reads for people from around the globe and has appeared on various radio blog shows. For more information about what she does please visit: www.inlightinenergy.com Please like and follow on her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/ Thank you everyone for your heartfelt support and sharing what I contribute.

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Hello to all! For most, summer season is here and that means wanting to take holidays and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible whether that is in your own backyard or far away. How will July’s energies be? To get a sense of what is in store for the collective, please read on.


Are we having fun yet? The general consensus seems to be no. The year 2019 has a main theme energy of contradictions. Frequent patterns of “versus” going on (i.e. past vs. present). This applies to all levels and related to all things we interact with and to what we seek. It’s easy to get lost and feel frustrated when it comes to wanting clarity and certainty as this is a year of trying to go with the flow. And yet, the past also seems to get mixed up in the present and plays a role as we find ways to clear the debris of our lives. So when I asked “are we having fun yet?”, the idea is to make the most of the now and enjoy the moments as much as possible. Whenever the past shows up, this is an indicator to knowing better and what can be reachable now. What is good and how can you make it more lighthearted? We are in the last part of this energy, about 4 months left, and then the energies will shift into something entirely different in 2020.

This month the power/spirit animal for the collective is the whale. I see the humpback whale as being the prominent species but all types of whales are included as there are many and the spiritual meanings are similar for all. I recommend reading about the traits of whales, including the specific types to see how it relates to you and all of us for this month. July is a number one and the word “own” comes through strongly. Own encompasses the literal and metaphoric. There is a presence of being on your own, doing it your own way, feeling things in your own time, what you own, who owns you and owning your shit. The premise is about finding your own self in the array of all that surrounds us and what are you going to do about it all. This “own” energy pulls us towards new directions and taking the lead in your own life. It also involves relying on your own self when it comes to embarking on new paths.

Many will feel more assertive. We may be braver than usual and take initiatives we may normally wouldn’t. This is great when it comes to rising above the mess, clearing up issues that have been troubling, yet, we also need to be mindful of not getting temperamental as I also feel at times things can get volatile. There may also be a presence of certain groups leading others into volatile situations. Watch the anger and try to find ways to release this emotion safely…hanging onto what makes you mad will not serve you and anyone else. There will be situations that arise where we feel like things will burst…the question is will it be bursting with excitement/joy or bursting with anger?

The area of leadership comes into view. As a collective this means those we consider to be leaders will be in focus and we question their effectiveness. What they say vs. what they do will matter. We want leadership that involves fresh ideas. We may be led into a new direction where it will not be to everyone’s liking. We may also witness certain leaders tightening their grip vs. falling from the top. It’s a month where new leaders emerge vs. those whose time to lead is over. It’s not just in the area of government as it includes individuals who are leaders in their own fields/careers/lives in and out of the spotlight.

A couple of interesting traits came through for this month. One being the phrase ‘start to finish’. I hear this term being said/used often and also I see how many of us will want to set the intentions of starting new projects and seeing them to the end. It also involves what we started already (whether that was years ago to a few moments ago) we want to see finished. The other trait is ‘the head’. This involves so many scenarios and includes many possibilities. First be aware of using your head wisely (literally and figuratively). Protect your head. So be aware of wearing proper gear if doing any activity where the head can get injured but also be mindful of the head if near things that can be bumped into/onto. And lastly, the head also refers to news and stories where this area is in focus…whether that be the body part or an individual referred to as ‘the head’ of a certain group/business/organization/family, etc..

The number one is represented by masculine energy and the male population. This month many areas that occur will be connected to this group. They are in focus, whether that is in a positive or negative light. For the female population, the masculine side of life and the men we know and have known will be highlighted. It can be a good time to heal wounds we feel are connected to men and our masculine traits.

Overall, this month we have opportunities to lead and to come into our own in some manner. May it all unfold Divinely. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send everyone Divine Blessings of light and love. Be safe!

Tina De Luca is the owner and creator of Inlightin Energy which encompasses a variety of intuitive services such as numerology readings, card readings and crayon wax readings group events. To find out more about her and what she does please visit her website: www.inlightinenergy.com Follow and like her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/  To book a session please email her at: tina@inlightinenergy.com or send a private message via her Facebook page. All comments and shares are greatly appreciated and acknowledged. Thank you for all of your support!
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Hello to all! Amazing to realize that we are halfway through 2019 as it seems the time is passing quickly. There is a theme this month where many will look back and contemplate the history of our lives, personally and as a collective. This month the energies have us focusing on matters deeply. To find out more about what June has in store for the collective, please read on.


I am one who would rather focus on the lighter side of life but I know life can be difficult, unpleasant and frustrating so I try to share messages that may be difficult to hear as gently as possible. This month it feels like it will be challenging even for those that are ’Pollyanna’ like. The energies feel denser in the sense of we will have times where deep sadness creeps in and it may even lead to hopelessness. For some, this can appear as sinking into a hole that seems to get deeper and deeper with no light in sight. It is difficult to look ahead as we are drawn to conclusions, the ending of things/matters. There will be many moments of retrospection and we will not always feel good about remembering and reflecting on our past. Yet, there is good out of this. We can gain wisdom and the experience of what has passed so that we can do better the next time around. It may not be the same or that we can bring it back but the Universe does send us reminders that we repeat until we heal and let go of the lesson being presented. Plus, some of the matters/things that do come to an end can be a blessing/gift in disguise. We are releasing on so many levels whether that be a combination of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, items, people, places…anything that no longer serves is working its way towards healing so that we can feel and be lighter.

I keep hearing the phrase “no more” as being significant. Whether this applies personally or as a collective, the “no more” will show up and influence how we get through this month. As a collective it can play out in terms of movements, of social justice, of different groups pushing their agenda(s) with a conclusive “no more” argument. For the individual, the “no more” will vary according to what each is going through personally. It’s as if there is this ‘fed up’ attitude and many are tired of feeling pushed, feeling judged, feeling like they don’t matter. Although we may want to break free or have a fresh start, this month the energies take us back to dealing with our past personal and societal issues. The concern I have when it comes to some ‘no more’ agendas are those who use their personal beliefs to influence the collective that are restrictive and destructive to many. Do not be surprised to witness what happens in one country will impact many other parts of the world, even where other countries follow suit. This is the time the older and wiser need to share their knowledge of life experiences with the younger generations as they have lived through some tough and mean times where we don’t want to repeat history. I must also add the “no more” can relate to areas and things that are running low on or about to be gone. Let’s hope we are able to do something about that before it’s too late.

The #9 often brings drama into one’s life. There are those that reveal in it and those that try to avoid it at all costs. Be mindful that it will not always be easy to prevent or stop it. Sometimes we may not even realize we are creating or partaking in any drama. It’s as easy as making a big deal out of something or getting caught up in the emotional displays of those around us. Much of the drama will be connected to contradictions such as good vs. evil, light vs. dark, positive vs. negative, right vs. wrong. There are a number of ways one can deal/heal these types of situations; taking a step back and reassessing , getting all sides of the story to see the bigger picture at play, reflecting to a time when a similar experience happened and what/how it was handled/overcame, seeking the wisdom of someone who understands/knows. On another note, as a collective, we may hear and see stories that are more dramatic in nature whether they are fiction or not.

There are many traits associated with each number, yet when I focus on writing these monthly forecasts, I will share messages and themes that are predominant when I tune into the energies. So, with that in mind, ‘hard lessons learned’ is not always negative and comes through as being ‘two-fold’. One, we realize our growth has been associated with life’s hard lessons and because of that have gained more knowledge where we know, do and be wiser/better for it. And two, we will have situations where there will be learning some hard lessons but we are aware of it and therefore will want to get this hard lesson learned sooner than later. I don’t want to discourage or scare anyone as this energy of ‘hard lessons learned’ can be a way of discovering one’s own strength, confidence and power to overcome obstacles/fears and gain inner wisdom.

Finally, I want to address this month’s power/spirit animal which happens to be not an animal at all. I was very reluctant to go with it, yet every time I asked my Guides for which one, they kept sharing the Fairies. I know some will be excited about this and others will be unsure as not everyone believes or thinks they are real or even exist. I highly recommend reading up on the spiritual meaning of fairies and I am sure many will find how uncanny it ties into our world. I know they are considered to be part of another energy plane and the #9 is represented by Universal energies where this encompasses all notions not seen, believed and associated to the planet earth. For me, fairies are magical and why not play with them?

Whatever June brings, may we all be Divinely guided and protected. Thank you for taking the time to read this forecast and please feel free to share and comment. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send much love. Be well!

Tina De Luca is a psychic with over 30 years of experience in Numerology and regular card readings. To find out more please visit her website: www.inlightinenergy.com Follow and like her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inlightinenergy/
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Hello everyone! I am finally feeling well enough to write this month’s forecast and I do apologize for the delay in publishing it. There is much to share and I will try to make it concise. For those that are interested and curious about what is in store for the collective for the month of May, please read on.


“WOW!” This word comes through strongly and feels it is about being amazed (good and bad feelings) by what is possible whether that is connected to yourself, to another or by what appears to be through mysterious/miraculous ways. At times we may feel ‘blown away’ by events, stories and experiences from the world around us, big and small matters, as it can be from oneself, from someone/something we know or from a stranger halfway across the world. It is a month of answers…the path becomes clearer, we have a sense of knowing what we want and most importantly what has felt hidden from the past (personally and collectively) as far as not understanding the reasons why certain things took place or why things went a certain way or not, are being revealed in some manner. We come to believe that there were/are explanations as to why certain things worked out certain ways. It’s all connected to building confidence in oneself and in life. We want to build a better life and we find out what we are capable of once we put our minds to it and believe more in ourselves, in others, in the Universe.

This month’s power/spirit animal is the eagle. And I am sure most would agree is one of the most majestic creatures on our planet. Many of the traits of this bird will represent the energies of May and I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of the eagle to see how it relates to yourself and to the world around you.

Like the eagle, this is a month where many will want to ‘spread their wings’. We have grand visions. We want our dreams and goals to take off…to soar. We want it all to be splendid and bountiful. We want to feel on top of the world and that we have a handle on our direction. We have high hopes and want what is best. We crave the finer things in life, want to feel rich and abundant (depending on the individual richer/abundance can be materially, spiritually, emotionally, etc.). Our values comes into play in many areas and choices we make this month. Now is not the time to feel or think we are limited. It will be important to be aware of not over-indulging as we may feel over-confident or cocky about some decisions. At times it will be a matter of doing what you know is right vs. being right.

Persistence will be key this month as it may take anywhere from a few tries to many attempts to get to the place we want. Yet, what will be interesting in all this, we will tweak and keep fixing the goal/dream/matter as we notice more details to what could be better along the way. But remember better can be what is best for you not necessarily based on price or judgements. We really don’t want to give up on what feels important. There is a nagging presence deep down inside that keeps us going and having this inner knowing it will all be worthwhile. We keep re-examining and reassessing what we value and is valued in life.

When I heard majestic as being one of the keywords for this month, I kept getting visions related to the British Royal family. I admit I am not one to keep up with the news but know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are due to have their baby this month. Now I have a 50/50 chance but I do see pink= representing a girl. I also pick up on Elizabeth as being a top name contender although I am not sure if there is a protocol to naming. Diana comes up but I keep getting this as being last, so this may be the last ‘middle’ name (that’s if they pick 3/4/5 names as I also am unsure how many names they give a royal baby). I also get Meghan may get pregnant again soon after, as I see two girls close in age around the couple. Someone in the Royal family will have twins…yet I am not able to see who for sure and this will be a surprise/big news as I don’t think this has happened before in their family. Important news around Queen Elizabeth comes up and associated with the throne…maybe this is the month where she ‘retires’ or for another reason isn’t in charge anymore. Overall, a lot of focus/news associated with the Royals. On another note, majestic for the rest of us ‘common’ folks will feature what we hold dear and what we want to see…it’s a combination of looking for what appeals to our eyes and hearts. ***Disclaimer alert: Since writing this article, Meghan Markle gave birth to a boy and therefore my prediction of a girl was incorrect. However, time will tell if she will become pregnant soon after and maybe this will be the girl.***

Overall, this is a month where we are building confidence and learning to believe in bigger and better, although bear in mind, it will factor on not giving up so easily whether that is through ‘blood, sweat and tears’. It will be a combination of actions, feelings and thoughts. With that in mind, my Guides The Counsel and I send you all Divine Blessings of abundance.

Please feel free to comment, like and share this post. I am an intuitive specializing in Numerology and regular card readings (the kind of cards people play solitaire with) for over 30 years. For more information about what I do and the services I offer please visit my website: www.inlightinenergy.com I am available for personal and group readings and can be reached via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com or via private message on my Facebook Page: Inlightin Energy. Thank you to all who are a part of my journey and who are supportive as it all helps build my abilities, my confidence and my business.
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