Hello to all! I am so late writing this note and sharing it with you all. To be honest, I procrastinated and didn’t use my time wisely in regards to getting it completed sooner. So, hoping as late as it is publishing it, there are those who are still interested what the energies have to say for the collective this month. Thanks for your patience.


As late as I am writing this, I find it ironic the main themes that comes through are what is reflecting back as far as patience, being gentle and sharing. This month the phrase “state of grace” comes through strongly. Although it can be about being graceful as far as appearances it goes deeper than that with maintaining and expressing the energy of grace. It’s about not letting your emotions get the better of you where you feel overly worried, overly distraught…anything that causes one to feel overcome by what is happening. Our emotions will be in focus and it is up to the individual to find ways to not let them get us down or overwhelmed. This is where gentleness, honesty, patience will help. So if you feel your reactions are getting the better of you, what can you do to get into a state of grace?

Relationships are key this month. All kinds, from friendships to intimate ones. Opportunities will present themselves where honesty and sharing factor into how we relate to one another. It will be important to listen not only with our ears, but with open hearts. It won’t always be easy to hear what is shared, but in the long run, finding out the truth and being honest will help the healing process no matter the outcome. Some discussions are a long time in the making…some are “clearing the air”. On another note, whether one is single or in a relationship, many want to feel connected and part of something special. Many crave love and romance…we want to deepen and feel a bond where love prevails. So, if you are single this may mean wanting to connect and try dating, For those that are in a relationship already, it may mean wanting to connect more with your partner or decide if it is worth connecting with them. We want to share ourselves and feel we deserve more love.

The #2 is represented by women and yet there is an energy of feminine energy playing more of a role. This comes through as no matter the gender or how one identifies, there is a pull to express one’s femininity. It’s not necessarily about the appearance but about the emotions, the characters, the traits one would associate as being more feminine than masculine. For those that are males and tend to be “manly”, we may see them demonstrate or try to at least, their feminine side as far as being more vulnerable and heart-centered. Those that are still trying to suppress their femininity (no matter the gender), will feel life is out of balance.

Because this is being written and published close to mid-month, I am keeping this forecast short. For those that like to know, this month’s power/spirit animal is the dragonfly. I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of them to get insights how they relate and what they will bring to us this month. Overall, I would love for most to remember to be gentle and practice being graceful and gentle, especially when it comes to being honest with oneself and with others.
Sending you all many Divine Blessings of love. Be well!

Tina is an intuitive specializing in Numerology and regular card readings. She also can tune into energies of people, places and pets. With over 30 years of experience, Tina reads for people from around the globe and has appeared on various radio blog shows. For more information about what she does please visit: Please like and follow on her Facebook Page: Thank you everyone for your heartfelt support and sharing what I contribute.

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Hello to all! For most, summer season is here and that means wanting to take holidays and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible whether that is in your own backyard or far away. How will July’s energies be? To get a sense of what is in store for the collective, please read on.


Are we having fun yet? The general consensus seems to be no. The year 2019 has a main theme energy of contradictions. Frequent patterns of “versus” going on (i.e. past vs. present). This applies to all levels and related to all things we interact with and to what we seek. It’s easy to get lost and feel frustrated when it comes to wanting clarity and certainty as this is a year of trying to go with the flow. And yet, the past also seems to get mixed up in the present and plays a role as we find ways to clear the debris of our lives. So when I asked “are we having fun yet?”, the idea is to make the most of the now and enjoy the moments as much as possible. Whenever the past shows up, this is an indicator to knowing better and what can be reachable now. What is good and how can you make it more lighthearted? We are in the last part of this energy, about 4 months left, and then the energies will shift into something entirely different in 2020.

This month the power/spirit animal for the collective is the whale. I see the humpback whale as being the prominent species but all types of whales are included as there are many and the spiritual meanings are similar for all. I recommend reading about the traits of whales, including the specific types to see how it relates to you and all of us for this month. July is a number one and the word “own” comes through strongly. Own encompasses the literal and metaphoric. There is a presence of being on your own, doing it your own way, feeling things in your own time, what you own, who owns you and owning your shit. The premise is about finding your own self in the array of all that surrounds us and what are you going to do about it all. This “own” energy pulls us towards new directions and taking the lead in your own life. It also involves relying on your own self when it comes to embarking on new paths.

Many will feel more assertive. We may be braver than usual and take initiatives we may normally wouldn’t. This is great when it comes to rising above the mess, clearing up issues that have been troubling, yet, we also need to be mindful of not getting temperamental as I also feel at times things can get volatile. There may also be a presence of certain groups leading others into volatile situations. Watch the anger and try to find ways to release this emotion safely…hanging onto what makes you mad will not serve you and anyone else. There will be situations that arise where we feel like things will burst…the question is will it be bursting with excitement/joy or bursting with anger?

The area of leadership comes into view. As a collective this means those we consider to be leaders will be in focus and we question their effectiveness. What they say vs. what they do will matter. We want leadership that involves fresh ideas. We may be led into a new direction where it will not be to everyone’s liking. We may also witness certain leaders tightening their grip vs. falling from the top. It’s a month where new leaders emerge vs. those whose time to lead is over. It’s not just in the area of government as it includes individuals who are leaders in their own fields/careers/lives in and out of the spotlight.

A couple of interesting traits came through for this month. One being the phrase ‘start to finish’. I hear this term being said/used often and also I see how many of us will want to set the intentions of starting new projects and seeing them to the end. It also involves what we started already (whether that was years ago to a few moments ago) we want to see finished. The other trait is ‘the head’. This involves so many scenarios and includes many possibilities. First be aware of using your head wisely (literally and figuratively). Protect your head. So be aware of wearing proper gear if doing any activity where the head can get injured but also be mindful of the head if near things that can be bumped into/onto. And lastly, the head also refers to news and stories where this area is in focus…whether that be the body part or an individual referred to as ‘the head’ of a certain group/business/organization/family, etc..

The number one is represented by masculine energy and the male population. This month many areas that occur will be connected to this group. They are in focus, whether that is in a positive or negative light. For the female population, the masculine side of life and the men we know and have known will be highlighted. It can be a good time to heal wounds we feel are connected to men and our masculine traits.

Overall, this month we have opportunities to lead and to come into our own in some manner. May it all unfold Divinely. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send everyone Divine Blessings of light and love. Be safe!

Tina De Luca is the owner and creator of Inlightin Energy which encompasses a variety of intuitive services such as numerology readings, card readings and crayon wax readings group events. To find out more about her and what she does please visit her website: Follow and like her Facebook page:  To book a session please email her at: or send a private message via her Facebook page. All comments and shares are greatly appreciated and acknowledged. Thank you for all of your support!
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Hello to all! Amazing to realize that we are halfway through 2019 as it seems the time is passing quickly. There is a theme this month where many will look back and contemplate the history of our lives, personally and as a collective. This month the energies have us focusing on matters deeply. To find out more about what June has in store for the collective, please read on.


I am one who would rather focus on the lighter side of life but I know life can be difficult, unpleasant and frustrating so I try to share messages that may be difficult to hear as gently as possible. This month it feels like it will be challenging even for those that are ’Pollyanna’ like. The energies feel denser in the sense of we will have times where deep sadness creeps in and it may even lead to hopelessness. For some, this can appear as sinking into a hole that seems to get deeper and deeper with no light in sight. It is difficult to look ahead as we are drawn to conclusions, the ending of things/matters. There will be many moments of retrospection and we will not always feel good about remembering and reflecting on our past. Yet, there is good out of this. We can gain wisdom and the experience of what has passed so that we can do better the next time around. It may not be the same or that we can bring it back but the Universe does send us reminders that we repeat until we heal and let go of the lesson being presented. Plus, some of the matters/things that do come to an end can be a blessing/gift in disguise. We are releasing on so many levels whether that be a combination of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, items, people, places…anything that no longer serves is working its way towards healing so that we can feel and be lighter.

I keep hearing the phrase “no more” as being significant. Whether this applies personally or as a collective, the “no more” will show up and influence how we get through this month. As a collective it can play out in terms of movements, of social justice, of different groups pushing their agenda(s) with a conclusive “no more” argument. For the individual, the “no more” will vary according to what each is going through personally. It’s as if there is this ‘fed up’ attitude and many are tired of feeling pushed, feeling judged, feeling like they don’t matter. Although we may want to break free or have a fresh start, this month the energies take us back to dealing with our past personal and societal issues. The concern I have when it comes to some ‘no more’ agendas are those who use their personal beliefs to influence the collective that are restrictive and destructive to many. Do not be surprised to witness what happens in one country will impact many other parts of the world, even where other countries follow suit. This is the time the older and wiser need to share their knowledge of life experiences with the younger generations as they have lived through some tough and mean times where we don’t want to repeat history. I must also add the “no more” can relate to areas and things that are running low on or about to be gone. Let’s hope we are able to do something about that before it’s too late.

The #9 often brings drama into one’s life. There are those that reveal in it and those that try to avoid it at all costs. Be mindful that it will not always be easy to prevent or stop it. Sometimes we may not even realize we are creating or partaking in any drama. It’s as easy as making a big deal out of something or getting caught up in the emotional displays of those around us. Much of the drama will be connected to contradictions such as good vs. evil, light vs. dark, positive vs. negative, right vs. wrong. There are a number of ways one can deal/heal these types of situations; taking a step back and reassessing , getting all sides of the story to see the bigger picture at play, reflecting to a time when a similar experience happened and what/how it was handled/overcame, seeking the wisdom of someone who understands/knows. On another note, as a collective, we may hear and see stories that are more dramatic in nature whether they are fiction or not.

There are many traits associated with each number, yet when I focus on writing these monthly forecasts, I will share messages and themes that are predominant when I tune into the energies. So, with that in mind, ‘hard lessons learned’ is not always negative and comes through as being ‘two-fold’. One, we realize our growth has been associated with life’s hard lessons and because of that have gained more knowledge where we know, do and be wiser/better for it. And two, we will have situations where there will be learning some hard lessons but we are aware of it and therefore will want to get this hard lesson learned sooner than later. I don’t want to discourage or scare anyone as this energy of ‘hard lessons learned’ can be a way of discovering one’s own strength, confidence and power to overcome obstacles/fears and gain inner wisdom.

Finally, I want to address this month’s power/spirit animal which happens to be not an animal at all. I was very reluctant to go with it, yet every time I asked my Guides for which one, they kept sharing the Fairies. I know some will be excited about this and others will be unsure as not everyone believes or thinks they are real or even exist. I highly recommend reading up on the spiritual meaning of fairies and I am sure many will find how uncanny it ties into our world. I know they are considered to be part of another energy plane and the #9 is represented by Universal energies where this encompasses all notions not seen, believed and associated to the planet earth. For me, fairies are magical and why not play with them?

Whatever June brings, may we all be Divinely guided and protected. Thank you for taking the time to read this forecast and please feel free to share and comment. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send much love. Be well!

Tina De Luca is a psychic with over 30 years of experience in Numerology and regular card readings. To find out more please visit her website: Follow and like her Facebook Page:
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Hello everyone! I am finally feeling well enough to write this month’s forecast and I do apologize for the delay in publishing it. There is much to share and I will try to make it concise. For those that are interested and curious about what is in store for the collective for the month of May, please read on.


“WOW!” This word comes through strongly and feels it is about being amazed (good and bad feelings) by what is possible whether that is connected to yourself, to another or by what appears to be through mysterious/miraculous ways. At times we may feel ‘blown away’ by events, stories and experiences from the world around us, big and small matters, as it can be from oneself, from someone/something we know or from a stranger halfway across the world. It is a month of answers…the path becomes clearer, we have a sense of knowing what we want and most importantly what has felt hidden from the past (personally and collectively) as far as not understanding the reasons why certain things took place or why things went a certain way or not, are being revealed in some manner. We come to believe that there were/are explanations as to why certain things worked out certain ways. It’s all connected to building confidence in oneself and in life. We want to build a better life and we find out what we are capable of once we put our minds to it and believe more in ourselves, in others, in the Universe.

This month’s power/spirit animal is the eagle. And I am sure most would agree is one of the most majestic creatures on our planet. Many of the traits of this bird will represent the energies of May and I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of the eagle to see how it relates to yourself and to the world around you.

Like the eagle, this is a month where many will want to ‘spread their wings’. We have grand visions. We want our dreams and goals to take off…to soar. We want it all to be splendid and bountiful. We want to feel on top of the world and that we have a handle on our direction. We have high hopes and want what is best. We crave the finer things in life, want to feel rich and abundant (depending on the individual richer/abundance can be materially, spiritually, emotionally, etc.). Our values comes into play in many areas and choices we make this month. Now is not the time to feel or think we are limited. It will be important to be aware of not over-indulging as we may feel over-confident or cocky about some decisions. At times it will be a matter of doing what you know is right vs. being right.

Persistence will be key this month as it may take anywhere from a few tries to many attempts to get to the place we want. Yet, what will be interesting in all this, we will tweak and keep fixing the goal/dream/matter as we notice more details to what could be better along the way. But remember better can be what is best for you not necessarily based on price or judgements. We really don’t want to give up on what feels important. There is a nagging presence deep down inside that keeps us going and having this inner knowing it will all be worthwhile. We keep re-examining and reassessing what we value and is valued in life.

When I heard majestic as being one of the keywords for this month, I kept getting visions related to the British Royal family. I admit I am not one to keep up with the news but know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are due to have their baby this month. Now I have a 50/50 chance but I do see pink= representing a girl. I also pick up on Elizabeth as being a top name contender although I am not sure if there is a protocol to naming. Diana comes up but I keep getting this as being last, so this may be the last ‘middle’ name (that’s if they pick 3/4/5 names as I also am unsure how many names they give a royal baby). I also get Meghan may get pregnant again soon after, as I see two girls close in age around the couple. Someone in the Royal family will have twins…yet I am not able to see who for sure and this will be a surprise/big news as I don’t think this has happened before in their family. Important news around Queen Elizabeth comes up and associated with the throne…maybe this is the month where she ‘retires’ or for another reason isn’t in charge anymore. Overall, a lot of focus/news associated with the Royals. On another note, majestic for the rest of us ‘common’ folks will feature what we hold dear and what we want to see…it’s a combination of looking for what appeals to our eyes and hearts. ***Disclaimer alert: Since writing this article, Meghan Markle gave birth to a boy and therefore my prediction of a girl was incorrect. However, time will tell if she will become pregnant soon after and maybe this will be the girl.***

Overall, this is a month where we are building confidence and learning to believe in bigger and better, although bear in mind, it will factor on not giving up so easily whether that is through ‘blood, sweat and tears’. It will be a combination of actions, feelings and thoughts. With that in mind, my Guides The Counsel and I send you all Divine Blessings of abundance.

Please feel free to comment, like and share this post. I am an intuitive specializing in Numerology and regular card readings (the kind of cards people play solitaire with) for over 30 years. For more information about what I do and the services I offer please visit my website: I am available for personal and group readings and can be reached via email: or via private message on my Facebook Page: Inlightin Energy. Thank you to all who are a part of my journey and who are supportive as it all helps build my abilities, my confidence and my business.
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Hello to all! Welcome to Inlightin Energy if this happens to be your first time reading the monthly forecast. Each month, along with the help of my Guides The Counsel, I tune into the energies of what will be in focus for the collective based on numerology and intuition. This basically means I receive messages that come through via what I hear, see, feel and at times smell and taste which are not visible to the naked eye. Also each month I receive guidance to which animal will have special meaning/significance in relation to ourselves and our lives. This month, the manatee came through for the collective and I recommend reading the spiritual and even the scientific meanings of the manatee. To get a sense of what is in store for April, please read on.


This will be a month where strong spiritual energies will be at play. There is a theme of the unknown, not having the whole picture in the sense of feeling we are in the dark or “I don’t know” being factors to what is physically taking place and how it will all unfold. The unknown involves not always being able to explain or prove the mysteries of life. I keep hearing “step back” when it comes to navigating our daily lives and how our choices comes to be. The idea is to surrender. Whether that be surrendering to the details, the reasons, the outcome. It’s not always easy to allow and the energy of faith will be key…it’s about believing before seeing. How strong is your faith and how much will you surrender to it?

Faith is one of the main themes of the #7 energy. Faith encompasses many beliefs and has various personal meanings. So, essentially it would include religion, spiritual subjects such as Angels, psychic readings, alternative therapies, superstitions…basically anything that one chooses to use or follow when it comes to seeking support/reassurance in life. I sense for the collective a rise in prayer, not necessarily always connected to/about religion but more for help as it seems/appears our physical/material world is falling apart or struggling to stay afloat and we want to feel taken care of, we want miracles and that means it is out of our hands as far as trying to control every step of the way. Some may realize there is more to life than meets the eye…that they come to a conclusion of there is a higher power/energy/Source that is present that can’t always be explained. This month there will be contradictions of being drawn to take a leap/leaps of faith while others will feel forced to have more faith. Again, it will help at times to step back and surrender…let it be for now. On a side note, there will be much attention on the religions of the world, especially related to past events and what it means now in our present day.

Because the #7 energy is connected to all spiritual matters/areas, our inner guidance wants to be heard. It’s feeling our way through life more than thinking things through. Intuition is inner knowing rather than logical knowing. Yet, our society puts faith in the opposite so no wonder many are confused when it comes to believing, trusting and having faith in your own inner voice. We all have a sixth sense, all at varying degrees depending on the individual and how much they use it. If you are being too hard or too dismissive when it comes to listening to your inner guidance, step back, rest, take it easy as it takes practice to understand and trust your intuition. Most of all it won’t always make sense at first, it’s easy to doubt.

Sometimes what appears may not be exactly what you want yet it doesn’t mean it will be forever…the simple, the easy, the ‘miracle’ may be the temporary solution or stepping stone to the next part, to what will become your ideal. Make sense? Try to go with the flow as this month our prayers are being heard but the answers unfold mysteriously. We don’t know why/where/when/how but in time we will see them as blessings in disguise. There will even be ‘gifts’ in the pain and difficulties we face personally and as a collective, it’s just not all going to be revealed right away.

Overall April will be a month where many will want quiet, will want to take it easy and not feel rushed. Silence and solitude from the stresses of the world will be a welcome relief and this is the time to go with that energy. Have faith things will work out, that you do have support as the Universe wants to help, wants to guide you if you allow. With much love, My Guides The Counsel and I send all of you Divine Blessings of magic and miracles! Be well!

Please feel free to like and share this post with others. All comments are welcomed and I appreciate what you share. I have been blessed with parents that supported my intuition and mentors that encouraged my psychic abilities. I am an intuitive that specializes in numerology and regular card readings (what people use to play solitaire) but can also read energies of people, pets, places and objects. With over 30 years of experience, I believe I am still growing and learning more about the unknown. If you would like to book a personal reading or a group event, please contact me via email: or via private message on my Facebook Page: Inlightin Energy. I also have a website and you can check it out by visiting:
Until next time, may everyone have a Divine April!
©Tina De Luca


Hello to all! Winter’s cold has a long, firm grip in many regions where I am sure we all are looking forward to warmer temperatures and Springs’ arrival. Part of me wishes it will show up sooner but I feel it may be delayed as one of the messages I received is our seasons are changing as far as when they start, finish and how long each one lasts. Hoping I will be wrong. Anyways, for those that are interested please read on to get a sense of what this month has in store for the collective, including which spirit animal will be in focus.


Before I start with the numerology forecast, the duck is the spirit animal for the collective this month. Although I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of the duck, I also want everyone to be aware that many of the sayings and metaphors associated with the duck will also have significance. I even picked up on Donald Trump (because I see the duck being one of his Totem animals) and his family landing in “hot water” over past issues they as a unit have been trying to hide from the public. I don’t follow the news but lately the little bits I do come across (cause it does appear in many social media outlets) are about issues that have been around for quite sometime yet with no apparent consequences for him and his family. I feel Donald Trump is/will be treading water with all of his indiscretions and I sense one of his family members (I see it being one of his sons with blonde or light coloured hair) as the one who ‘tells all’. I also keep hearing “junior” so I wonder if he will be in focus too. There is an energy around the Trump family where if one goes down, than they all go down (more specifically I hear the individual saying “If I go down, than I’m taking them all down with me”). To be honest, I was hesitant to share these messages as I do question what I pick up on from time to time, but am trusting enough to put them out there for all to read.

Okay, onto the numbers. This month the phrase “rise above” feels important. Whether that is rising above your current physical/material circumstances or rising above in terms of emotional, mental, spiritual health, the energy related to ‘rise above’ shows the potential of improving our well-being on some level, some manner. We have opportunities to heal the pain and may find we have the determination to want to do better, to thrive. It’s either a circumstance of knowing better because of what we learned or what lesson was taught via a past situation/person. It’s an energy of responsibility where once you can understand the role you play in the wellness of a matter, a relationship, a belief, a feeling…anything at all, the more likely relief will arrive. It’s a good time to question what serves you and even those around you, such as family, the community because at times it will be about the ripple effects…we are teaching and learning from one another.

The #6 is represented by family. For many, family comes into focus and for some there will be lessons learned. Do I want to be part of this family? Am I ready to let go of family or specific family relationships? What is my family to me and who in my circle do I consider more like family/are my family? We bond or sever ties with whomever we feel is part of the family unit. It won’t always be easy as there may also be more family drama than one is accustomed to, tired of. Other possibilities includes reuniting with forgotten/long lost relatives, family changes such as new additions or losses. Overall, family becomes prominent for many and what it truly means.

For me, Mother Earth is connected to all the numbers in Numerology yet her energy comes through strongly this month. It ties in with one of the #6 traits of the home and our planet is home to many species that are being impacted by how we live. So, I pick up on environmental issues being on the radar of many, even though it has been a significant issue for some and while others seem not to care, this month, it stands out as a relevant topic. Does that mean there will be consequential news/events that grabs more of our attention? Do we start caring more and decide to take better care of our environment? Do we start waking up to (learning) about how our environment affects the overall (mind-body-soul) health of all (plants, water, air, animals of all kinds, humans), our homes, our workplaces, and we start taking responsibility for healing the ills of our planet and ourselves? These questions are not meant to upset/scare but to teach us to be of better service as our home is not just the place we live in but everything connected to this planet. This can be a month where we start supporting those who are part of movements that clean-up the environment and groups/companies that create solutions to environmental problems. The ultimate question is: Does it matter what the scientists, politicians, various groups and even oneself does or don’t predict, argue about, agree or disagree with as far as climate change when overall isn’t just good to want to make our home a better place to live for all? What would it hurt to take some responsibility and beautify our world, near and far away?

Health and beauty are part of the #6 energy. This encompasses not only how we look, but how we feel. The products we use and consume are under the microscope as a number of combinations take place such as what we buy, need, waste…generally anything that is connected to what improves or worsens our bodies, our homes, our environment. I see animal rights being a strong issue in this category, especially in regards to how they are used for testing products. The area of chemicals is highlighted, from what is used, the effects and dangers of them. Chemical weapons may be in the news more often whether that is related to a past event or not. On another note, this is a month where we feel driven to improve our well-being and appearance but it can also be where one can get ill easily so best to be aware of what you eat, do and use during this time as sensitivity to foods, medications, chemicals, etc. flare up.

Finally, the area of services which helps others whether they are via the government, non-profit organizations, humanitarian groups, are either ‘sinking’ or ‘swimming’ as far as receiving support from the community to keep afloat. Not always about the money as it can be about something as simple as needing volunteers and donations. Consider reaching out to shelters and charities that could use extra, whether that is your time or your stuff you no longer need.

Now, I want to remind about the spirit animal being the duck for March and that many references/sayings/metaphors related to this species will be significant for us. Even this month’s quote is related to the duck. I wasn’t especially keen on using it but that is what my Guides shared and ‘insisted’ upon. For me, this adage is a great reminder in taking responsibility for our actions, our thoughts, our feelings.

Thank you for not only reading this month’s forecast but for all of your support with what I do. Please feel free to comment and share this post. If you haven’t already done so, please like and follow my Page: Inlightin Energy. And tell all your friends and family too! Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send all of you many Divine Blessings of wellness!

With over 30 years of intuitive experiences, I provide services such as Intuitive Numerology, regular card readings, energy readings of people, pets and places, crayon wax reading parties and dream interpretations. Most readings are done via telephone so location/distance is not an issue. To find out more about what I do please visit my website: I can be contacted via email: and via private message on Facebook:

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Hello to all! Before I get to this month’s forecast, wanting to share February’s power animal for the collective is the buffalo/bison (I referenced as such because although I see the North American breed, they are often referred by both names). Now, for those that follow my posts, last month’s power animal was the snake. Not popular with many and some of you even expressed fears of this reptile. So when my Guides shared with me the buffalo being this month’s spirit animal, I must admit I wasn’t happy because I am scared of this animal, more so than the snake. Even looking at photos of them frightens me. I know that may be odd to some, but here’s a quick story about why I believe that I am afraid of this majestic animal. When I was quite young, about 3-4 years old, my parents took my brother and I on a trip to Fort McLeod Alberta to visit the history of the area where, many years ago, it happened to be popular with buffalo/bison. When I saw one for the first time I freaked out! I was having a panic attack (yes, I remember this episode clearly!). Needless to say, my mom took me away from the situation to calm me down. Now, before that, I had never seen a buffalo/bison or had any interactions with one, alive, dead, near or far. So realistically, I had no reason to be scared of this animal. From that point on, anytime I came across a buffalo/bison, I froze with fear. I just couldn’t look at one alive, dead (mounted and displayed), pictures, anything that had a buffalo/bison in it. Fast forward many years when I became interested with the reincarnation area, that was when I came to know the reason why I have a fear of the bison. Whether you believe in past lives or not, I was able to determine I had a past life that involved being trampled by them. And that fear has carried over into this lifetime. I still get chills when I look at their faces, especially their eyes. It’s a fear I am still trying to overcome and knowing that the bison is this month’s power animal, personally I will be aware of wanting to work with their energies so that I can heal my fear of them and what they represent. The buffalo/bison are one of the most important and highly regarded animals of the Indigenous culture. Their spiritual meanings are profound. Whether or not you are intimidated by this animal, my wish is for all of us to be able to tune into their energies and heal the areas connected to the buffalo/bison. Part of the lesson is to overcome. I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of the buffalo/bison (they will be related on many websites). Alrighty, let’s move on to the forecast. To get a sense of what this month’s numerological energies will be for the collective, please read on.


This month, the word ‘roam’ will be significant. I even kept hearing the old folk song “Home on the Range”, specifically where it begins with the line: “Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam” playing along when the word roam came into focus. This even ties in with the spiritual animal for February, the buffalo. Roam has a definition of being aimless in direction but what seems to be key is that this energy may be the ‘lift’ one needs to get going, get moving. Although, it may seem unsettling as to “where am I headed?”, there is a presence of searching for what path/road to take; a “what next?” questioning comes into play. Bear in mind this roam energy may encompass our thoughts, our goals/plans, ideas as well as physical actions in the sense of going to/visiting places that would also include distances near and far. It may not always necessarily be about leaving home to visit a place as, for example, visiting websites to get to where you want to go next would be one form of roaming. Overall, this roam energy involves our inner and outer world connected to the paths/roads we take and embark on mentally, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

It does feel like the month will have many of us changing our minds more often than usual. Whether that is connected to beliefs, ideas, plans, thoughts and/or our words that are current and/or have been around for a long time, as at times it will come as a shock/surprise to oneself and those around us when we change our ‘tune’ in some manner. It may be frustrating to not have a sense of the whole picture at once, but finding that we may be changing our minds at every turn/twist as we venture down a path/road towards our ambitions. For example, let’s say you want to go on a vacation to Mexico but along the way as you get ready to book the trip, you change your mind and decide to go to Bermuda. It may surprise you that you decide to go to Bermuda as you’ve never considered visiting this location before and it may not be a ‘popular’ destination compared to Mexico. Changing our minds will also involve the little day-to-day things such as routines and habits we are accustomed to/don’t give a second thought to, are given a few shakes/changes. We feel drawn to try something different, take some chances, even if it is trying out a different recipe or changing an area of one’s life.

We long to ‘dare to be different’. This means either we feel this pull to get moving OR things unfold in our lives where we are pushed to move out of our comfort zone in some capacity. It’s connected to opening ourselves up to unique and at times unusual experiences we would never consider or have been afraid to try. There will be instances of opportunities big and small that seem to suddenly appear, where it will feel like taking a chance with what presents itself as a way out, a way to be different from what has been routine/the same. Also, keep in mind, that taking a chance may involve finally having the ‘guts’ to realize a current moment has presented itself for you to express what you feel whether that is something minor such as getting something off your chest to something that is major such as a long-standing dream/goal. ‘Daring to be different’ will be expressed in various ways, levels and areas of one’s life depending on what cycle each person is in. For example, if one is in a #6 year cycle, family, home and career are major areas that are in focus which means that this person would feel pulled/pushed to express themselves in ways that dares them to be different and moves them out of their comfort zone at work/at home and within the family. I can feel there are some that will feel uncomfortable with these energies as not everyone likes change or ‘rocking the boat’ but try to keep in mind that daring to be different leads to growth and wisdom. Freedom is present if we dare to be different and take more chances.

The #5 is represented by the teen generation and this means they come into focus more often via the news, stories and in our lives. We also may feel more influenced by them, whether we like it or not and we may be drawn to going down memory lane with our own teen years.

Finally, when I do readings for individuals, there will be from time to time, specific body areas and/or health issues that shows up for the person but when I tune into the energies for the collective the eyes and throat areas ‘lights up’ for many. So, this can mean many things such as there are/will be more having health issues with the eyes and/or throat area (please take extra care) OR there will be medical stories/breakthroughs/treatments related to the eyes and throat areas OR it may be where many will be using their eyes, throat to express themselves more OR it may also be related to a prevalence of metaphors connected to the eyes and throat areas OR it can be a combination of all. In any case, the eyes and throat areas feel significant in some manner, some way for many.
Whatever unfolds may you all be well and safe. Have fun roaming and may it be freeing this month. Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send many Divine Blessings.

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Hello everyone! Here we are at the start of a new year even though energetically the shift to 2019 began in November 2018 for the year cycle. I intend to write a forecast based on the calendar year only but for now I will focus on the energies the collective will feel and be influenced by according to this month’s numbers. I apologize for being late publishing this forecast as it’s almost a week into the month, so I will get right to it. To find out more what is taking place, please read on.


If you noticed, the photo accompanying this month’s forecast is of snakes. Now, I realize it’s not a favourite and there are many people who have fears associated with this reptile. Personally, I am not one to pick snakes to be on a cute animal list, they usually don’t come to mind as far as which animals do you like, but my Guides showed me the snake as being the spirit animal for the month of January and even though I was reluctant to post this because I feel not many will receive the snake warmly, I am going with it. I didn’t receive a clear specific type of snake as it comes through being as the whole species. They often get a bad rap and there are many negative sayings associated with the snake. When I looked up the spiritual meanings of the snake, I was quite amazed of the many positive themes it has. One meaning in particular that stood out for me is shedding its’ skin and this month many of us will be in that mode; wanting to shed some part of ourselves/our life. There are strong traits connected to the snake and I suggest reading up on what they represent as it will relate to many of us during this month. One of the websites I recommend is: but there are many out there with similar and well written articles explaining the hidden meanings of the snake. Okay, now onto what the numbers say.

This month the energy of time will be in focus for many. It will be associated with paying attention to the actual time and with the varying stages of life, tasks and plans we work on during this month. We will feel there’s not enough time, running out of time, too much time and basically anything that leads to keeping time whether that is with a clock and/or with the calendar. No matter where your focus is and what feels important to you individually, many of us will be taking stock. We will measure where we are at, and will feel drawn to apply principles to help plan and prepare for the future. This may be challenging, as again, the energy of time and taking stock will factor in and this means the past will have significance to our future plans and how we think about preparing ahead of time. Be aware there will be moments of feeling overwhelmed and part of it will be related to overthinking situations, matters, tasks and anything that is on our “to-do-list”. It’s easy to get caught up in one-mind thinking and going over the same thing again and again. Taking a step back, taking deep breaths to ‘ground’ oneself will be helpful ways to ease the tensions, any nervous energies that surfaces.

There is a serious tone this month and the #4 energy can feel restrictive at times as it’s not about fun and games. It has an energy of getting to work and when one is not being busy, the mind keeps going with all the things that ‘need’ to be done/tackled. It’s hard to relax easily, it takes utter exhaustion to fall asleep/stay asleep and even then, that period of time doesn’t/didn’t feel very restful. Our minds seem to be in constant motion of thoughts in the sense it doesn’t want to shut off/quiet down. Even though this doesn’t sound appealing, it is a good time to organize and simplify areas of our lives that appears to be too much. So, for example, if you feel “I have too much junk” such as clothing, tools, knickknacks yet it can also be about negative feelings, thoughts, people, experiences, we want to purge and improve specific areas in our lives. In other words, de-clutter the clutter wherever that focus happens to be for you. This restrictive energy is also about paying attention to what holds you back, what feels limiting and taking the steps to do something about it.

The #4 has many traits but I hone into what stands out and the themes that will influence us the most. Usually, the new year brings about setting new goals. What I sense is, although we will follow through on making plans, there also appears to be feelings of skepticism. That means feelings of doubts, uncertainties and a general mood of wanting some sort of proof that things will work out, that we are doing the right thing, that it will all count and be worthwhile/worth investing our time. Those that believe in the unknown/spiritual side of life may find their beliefs are shaken to some extent as there is a play of ‘what is realistic vs. what is fantasy’. At times it will feel ‘heavy’, ‘hard’ and we question how things are versus what we dream for. My suggestion is to lay the groundwork, taking baby steps that will help you get towards what you want. Results don’t always come easily right now so putting in the time and effort will pay off later. We contemplate the idea of holding back or doing something about it now.

The areas related to ethics and morals stand out. I see this being everywhere as they come into focus individually and collectively. Nothing is ‘off-limits’ and there will be some ‘strict’ opinions surfacing. Whether that is about questioning the ethics and morals of organizations, friends, family, work, and even the self…it will include anything and anyone if it goes against our own personal traditions of what we think we know and have been accustomed to. Basically, it’s akin to those who want to keep things the same, in their ‘rightful place’ vs. doing the right thing.

The #4 is represented by rules and regulations which covers many areas in our lives. Yet, this month, areas related to the military and the police come into focus. News, stories, and anything to do with these sectors have more presence. Questions regarding “Do they work/help/and matter enough or not enough?” including how they spend time and money will be focal points. Some of us may have dealings with them whether we like it or not.

In conclusion, the time to start cleaning up and clearing away whatever holds the individual and the whole back is underway. Do your best and if anything, take your time especially in regards to areas that you want to simplify but feel overwhelmed by. We are drawn to pointing out what is wrong rather than what is right, and the key is to take stock of what works for you and go with that.

Sending you all Divine Blessings of clarity and well-being. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and being a part of Inlightin Energy! For those that are interested in a reading, I am offering a $100.00 CAD special on the 1 hour Intuitive Numerology readings and the 1 hour combo readings (this encompasses 30 minutes of numerology and 30 minutes of regular card reading). This offer expires Jan. 15th 2019 where arrangements to pay must be completed by then yet the reading can be booked for a later date. I can be reached via email: or via private messenger on my Facebook page: To find out more about me and what I do please visit my website:
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Hello to all! Here we are in the last month of the Gregorian calendar yet with the yearly numerology cycle, the collective are being influenced by the year 2019. We are in a #3 year (2+0+1+9) and that affects the calculations for this month. To get a sense of what is in store for us, please read on.


I am contemplating whether or not to write a forecast for the year 2019 but I do want to share that as a collective, we will be experiencing a time of contradictions…more so than ever and this will cause confusion, doubts and uncertainty. It will be a matter of doing your best in the moment/at the time and trying to go with the flow as much as possible. Not always easy to do. Be aware of allowing room for ‘anything goes’ as there is an energy of learning to enjoy the present even if it is not to one’s liking. Finding the positive, the inspiration to turn a ‘bad’ situation/feeling into a ‘good’ experience/lesson. It’s not all bad, but the energies don’t align with a structured society and this is where some will have difficulty coping. I repeat, try to GO WITH THE FLOW as much as possible.

This month, I get a strong sense of many wanting to ‘nest’. A feeling of creating comfort, sanctuary within the home and the community. For those that are traveling, by the numbers, it’s not an ideal time to go away, yet I am not trying to dissuade anyone, but to be aware that travel plans may not work out accordingly and/or the trip may not be as wonderful as originally thought. Be prepared for anything if visiting others/another location or having visitors over, as it is best to leave out a detailed itinerary…things will happen to disrupt the best laid plans/efforts. Look at the bright side to these disruptions; it creates a memory that hopefully will be regarded as funny. Overall, we may not even want to travel so much or far (even within the community you live in), as the urge is to stay close to home or whichever place feels like home. Cozy is key.

This month is considered to be either festive or depressing depending how one feels about the Christmas season. Retailers seem to jump on the bandwagon of starting the ‘pressure’ of consumer spending earlier each year and we are inundated with choices galore. I don’t necessarily see spending down but how most want to spend their money this month. Many will be feeling unsure what to give as gifts yet, at the same time feel, they want to buy or do something that has more meaning. For those that celebrate Christmas, I feel many would rather give a gift that reflects how much they care and/or is a caring gift such as a homemade item, a donation to a charity or doing something together that is more about connecting rather than splurging. The trend may be to forgo extravagance in favour of something that creates memories. However one tends to celebrate, this year, I see many changing how they spend the holidays, whether that is about where, when and what.

The #6 is represented by the family. So issues, stories and news related to this area will be in focus personally and as a collective. It won’t all be fun and games as extra family drama crops up. This is where it can get complicated. Do you care enough to let it go or would you rather get involved? Some may choose to avoid these matters by staying away, by making excuses as to not having to spend time with certain family members. On another note, we feel or come to realize that family is more about who we care about deeply, whether that is by blood or friend relations. For those that are stressed out, saddened or upset in regards to family, this is a good time to see the patterns, including the role you play so that you can heal, let go and set healthier boundaries. Also, be aware of learning about issues/experiences/stories related to the past involving family as we may not always like what comes to light. In these cases, it is a matter of forgiving and teaching the individual/the group to be wiser. Some may be spending this month clearing away family history ‘gunk’ while others decide to celebrate the ‘quirks’ of family life/persons.

I feel the energy of care being strong this month. It plays out in many ways and involves the greater good. There may be more attention with charities and organizations that helps communities near and far. We may find we care about what is going on, happening around us more than usual. We are drawn to stories/situations that shows levels of service dedicated to the well-being of those in need, including those who have not been noticed/acknowledged in the past. The area of volunteering and giving may increase and also these areas may put out an urgent call for more help as the need is greater. Overall, this month is about service: giving and receiving are highlighted no matter the reason and area in question.

Even though it is widely known how many of us eat/drink more during this time of year, the area of food and diet will be more apparent. This will involve many scenarios such as tastebuds being affected, feeling bloated more than usual, intolerance to certain foods/drinks, taking more care to the food groups in manners of buying, cooking, eating. In general, being aware of sensitivities to food; how it is prepared, where it comes from, expiry dates, as stomach/digestive issues crop up. There may be issues with food suppliers, prices, food safety, etc. as well. It would also include addressing food management, growing, selling and serving food/diet needs in our homes and communities.

On a final note, as you can see, this month’s spirit animal for the collective is the hedgehog. Not a common animal one would encounter yet the spiritual traits of the hedgehog will align with many. It also connects with the numerology cycle for December. I recommend reading what it symbolizes by visiting: and/or

Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send you Divine Blessings. May December be a season of creating caring memories. Be safe and well!

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Hello to all! Here we are in the last part of 2018 yet, according to the numerology cycles, as a collective we are entering a #3 year this month. Even though the calendar is still 2018, the method I use to calculate the cycles have an energy of changing a few months prior to the actual date. So this means the cycle for 2019 is beginning now and the effects will be felt stronger as we progress into next year. This month’s forecast reflects the calculation based on the 2019 calendar year added to November’s numeral value(2+0+1+9+1+1). To get a sense of what is in store for the general population, please read on.


Before I get to the forecast as you can see this month’s photo is of two wolves in a zoo enclosure, one of them howling *(please note photo may be viewed on my Facebook Page’s post of this article)*. This picture speaks volumes as it relates so much to the themes for November. I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of wolves as their symbols will have significance for us this month.

November will prove to be full of action. We will witness much change and notice things we may have ignored/been oblivious to before personally and as a whole (as in the general public). Some of the changes occurring are a long time in the making and some will happen quite unexpectedly/suddenly. There is a strong presence of movement in the air. There is an energy of breaking free, breaking away, breaking apart from what feels restrictive, from what is holding us back emotionally, physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. It’s as if it is time to stand up, take a stand, fight for what you believe in/want whether it is personal or as a collective, for or against. Our voices, our words always matter but especially so this month. We feel called to voice our thoughts/feelings/ideas to one, to a few, and/or to many, as our words seem to have a big impact more so than ever. There is a strong pull to talk, to express and engage ourselves with others…we are more social, we gather and look for our ‘tribe’. Be aware of being blunt as some words will feel like they hit us with force. Those that tend to be quiet, may find their voice this month and even be drawn to open up more, sharing things that surprises, shocks those around them. Sayings such as “fighting words”, “fight for your right”, “give it a fighting chance”, will show up often. Free speech is again a main focus for discussion, leading to some heated debates as in where/when do we draw the line. But we also need to be aware of lies and deceit as there is a tendency to sugarcoat/embellish the truth. The idea is to open up the conversations where we can communicate the different, the unique, the unusual even if we don’t agree or align with what is said. The area of fighting lights up this month and we may end up in more arguments than usual. Know when to break free of the conversation if it gets to be too much. The #5 energy likes to shake things up, go against the norm, rattle a few feathers. It is about including all, yet defying convention, especially areas/groups that are considered to be the underdog, the forgotten, the misfits, anyone/anything that doesn’t seem to fit to the so called standards of what society should be or look like. The #5 likes to break the rules! The vibration of the #5 creates freedom by pushing the boundaries as the energy motivates us to move forward whether we like it or not, are ready or not.

I feel a lot of electricity in the air. It’s as if many will feel this invisible electric charge running through and that could be a force that gets one moving, going somewhere, doing something, as we are more restless than usual. It’s hard to sit still and this is where having a hobby, a creative outlet will help alleviate the boredom. It can also be related to the actual element where this area is in focus and its’ relevance is prominent. Be mindful of anything that uses electricity and electrical sockets as there is a higher chance of issues arising with these items. I also picked up on the wind. So this would include the weather being windier and also how the wind can change our lives such as using its’ energy to move forward in supplying our future needs. The expression ‘wind of change’ also comes to mind. We may also want to fly as in spreading our wings and going against the wind.

One of my favourite themes for the #5 energy is that it is colourful. It’s meant to be vibrant and encompasses what is meant to catch our eye, grab our attention. Whether that is actual colours, a colourful personality, conversation, story, picture, outfit, food dish, language…it can be sassy and sarcastic, as if life is one big party. They all exemplify freedom of expressions; sharing the beauty and enthusiasm of what it is like to be adventurous, in taking risks, doing something exciting, going off the ‘beaten track’. Some will find it easy to break from routine, while others will struggle with breaking tradition. It can be as simple as wearing a bright coloured top as a change from wearing the usual neutral colours. Yet others will go to more extremes. Proceeding with caution isn’t always in mind.

The #5 is represented by the teen generation. There is a focus on our youth and those that are in this age bracket. Stories, themes, anything related to this generation are in the mainstream this month. We feel the impact of areas connected to teenagers, whether they are a part of our immediate circle or not…this would include references to rock n’ roll, drugs, rebellion, cool/hip, wild, angst. We are influenced by these characteristics in some way, some manner this month. For those with teenagers at home, good luck (lol)! But seriously, try to do your best and find ways to communicate with them on their level if that is possible. It may be a matter of allowing them the freedom to be as they are testing the waters more so this month.

Overall, a month where it can be exciting, thrilling and unnerving too. In a sense we are being propelled in moving forward even though it may not always be to our liking. We are breaking down walls sort to speak…a freedom from classifications of normal, following the right way, any terms/ideologies that wants us all to fit in a tight, neat box. It’s a month where the weird, the different, the unusual, the unique, the forgotten, are put to the test as far as: ‘Do we as a collective really accept these themes or are they just words? Is it really okay to celebrate all that doesn’t fit into our idea of how one should be, what they do, who they are without labels? Are we as a society flexible in our thinking, our expressions without prejudice?’ However it plays out, we are breaking the mold. It’s time to rock it!

With that, be well and be free. Until next time, my Guides, The Counsel, and I send you all many Divine Blessings of Light and Love.

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