Hello to all! Here we are in the last month of the Gregorian calendar yet with the yearly numerology cycle, the collective are being influenced by the year 2019. We are in a #3 year (2+0+1+9) and that affects the calculations for this month. To get a sense of what is in store for us, please read on.


I am contemplating whether or not to write a forecast for the year 2019 but I do want to share that as a collective, we will be experiencing a time of contradictions…more so than ever and this will cause confusion, doubts and uncertainty. It will be a matter of doing your best in the moment/at the time and trying to go with the flow as much as possible. Not always easy to do. Be aware of allowing room for ‘anything goes’ as there is an energy of learning to enjoy the present even if it is not to one’s liking. Finding the positive, the inspiration to turn a ‘bad’ situation/feeling into a ‘good’ experience/lesson. It’s not all bad, but the energies don’t align with a structured society and this is where some will have difficulty coping. I repeat, try to GO WITH THE FLOW as much as possible.

This month, I get a strong sense of many wanting to ‘nest’. A feeling of creating comfort, sanctuary within the home and the community. For those that are traveling, by the numbers, it’s not an ideal time to go away, yet I am not trying to dissuade anyone, but to be aware that travel plans may not work out accordingly and/or the trip may not be as wonderful as originally thought. Be prepared for anything if visiting others/another location or having visitors over, as it is best to leave out a detailed itinerary…things will happen to disrupt the best laid plans/efforts. Look at the bright side to these disruptions; it creates a memory that hopefully will be regarded as funny. Overall, we may not even want to travel so much or far (even within the community you live in), as the urge is to stay close to home or whichever place feels like home. Cozy is key.

This month is considered to be either festive or depressing depending how one feels about the Christmas season. Retailers seem to jump on the bandwagon of starting the ‘pressure’ of consumer spending earlier each year and we are inundated with choices galore. I don’t necessarily see spending down but how most want to spend their money this month. Many will be feeling unsure what to give as gifts yet, at the same time feel, they want to buy or do something that has more meaning. For those that celebrate Christmas, I feel many would rather give a gift that reflects how much they care and/or is a caring gift such as a homemade item, a donation to a charity or doing something together that is more about connecting rather than splurging. The trend may be to forgo extravagance in favour of something that creates memories. However one tends to celebrate, this year, I see many changing how they spend the holidays, whether that is about where, when and what.

The #6 is represented by the family. So issues, stories and news related to this area will be in focus personally and as a collective. It won’t all be fun and games as extra family drama crops up. This is where it can get complicated. Do you care enough to let it go or would you rather get involved? Some may choose to avoid these matters by staying away, by making excuses as to not having to spend time with certain family members. On another note, we feel or come to realize that family is more about who we care about deeply, whether that is by blood or friend relations. For those that are stressed out, saddened or upset in regards to family, this is a good time to see the patterns, including the role you play so that you can heal, let go and set healthier boundaries. Also, be aware of learning about issues/experiences/stories related to the past involving family as we may not always like what comes to light. In these cases, it is a matter of forgiving and teaching the individual/the group to be wiser. Some may be spending this month clearing away family history ‘gunk’ while others decide to celebrate the ‘quirks’ of family life/persons.

I feel the energy of care being strong this month. It plays out in many ways and involves the greater good. There may be more attention with charities and organizations that helps communities near and far. We may find we care about what is going on, happening around us more than usual. We are drawn to stories/situations that shows levels of service dedicated to the well-being of those in need, including those who have not been noticed/acknowledged in the past. The area of volunteering and giving may increase and also these areas may put out an urgent call for more help as the need is greater. Overall, this month is about service: giving and receiving are highlighted no matter the reason and area in question.

Even though it is widely known how many of us eat/drink more during this time of year, the area of food and diet will be more apparent. This will involve many scenarios such as tastebuds being affected, feeling bloated more than usual, intolerance to certain foods/drinks, taking more care to the food groups in manners of buying, cooking, eating. In general, being aware of sensitivities to food; how it is prepared, where it comes from, expiry dates, as stomach/digestive issues crop up. There may be issues with food suppliers, prices, food safety, etc. as well. It would also include addressing food management, growing, selling and serving food/diet needs in our homes and communities.

On a final note, as you can see, this month’s spirit animal for the collective is the hedgehog. Not a common animal one would encounter yet the spiritual traits of the hedgehog will align with many. It also connects with the numerology cycle for December. I recommend reading what it symbolizes by visiting: and/or

Until next time, my Guides The Counsel and I send you Divine Blessings. May December be a season of creating caring memories. Be safe and well!

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Hello to all! Here we are in the last part of 2018 yet, according to the numerology cycles, as a collective we are entering a #3 year this month. Even though the calendar is still 2018, the method I use to calculate the cycles have an energy of changing a few months prior to the actual date. So this means the cycle for 2019 is beginning now and the effects will be felt stronger as we progress into next year. This month’s forecast reflects the calculation based on the 2019 calendar year added to November’s numeral value(2+0+1+9+1+1). To get a sense of what is in store for the general population, please read on.


Before I get to the forecast as you can see this month’s photo is of two wolves in a zoo enclosure, one of them howling *(please note photo may be viewed on my Facebook Page’s post of this article)*. This picture speaks volumes as it relates so much to the themes for November. I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of wolves as their symbols will have significance for us this month.

November will prove to be full of action. We will witness much change and notice things we may have ignored/been oblivious to before personally and as a whole (as in the general public). Some of the changes occurring are a long time in the making and some will happen quite unexpectedly/suddenly. There is a strong presence of movement in the air. There is an energy of breaking free, breaking away, breaking apart from what feels restrictive, from what is holding us back emotionally, physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. It’s as if it is time to stand up, take a stand, fight for what you believe in/want whether it is personal or as a collective, for or against. Our voices, our words always matter but especially so this month. We feel called to voice our thoughts/feelings/ideas to one, to a few, and/or to many, as our words seem to have a big impact more so than ever. There is a strong pull to talk, to express and engage ourselves with others…we are more social, we gather and look for our ‘tribe’. Be aware of being blunt as some words will feel like they hit us with force. Those that tend to be quiet, may find their voice this month and even be drawn to open up more, sharing things that surprises, shocks those around them. Sayings such as “fighting words”, “fight for your right”, “give it a fighting chance”, will show up often. Free speech is again a main focus for discussion, leading to some heated debates as in where/when do we draw the line. But we also need to be aware of lies and deceit as there is a tendency to sugarcoat/embellish the truth. The idea is to open up the conversations where we can communicate the different, the unique, the unusual even if we don’t agree or align with what is said. The area of fighting lights up this month and we may end up in more arguments than usual. Know when to break free of the conversation if it gets to be too much. The #5 energy likes to shake things up, go against the norm, rattle a few feathers. It is about including all, yet defying convention, especially areas/groups that are considered to be the underdog, the forgotten, the misfits, anyone/anything that doesn’t seem to fit to the so called standards of what society should be or look like. The #5 likes to break the rules! The vibration of the #5 creates freedom by pushing the boundaries as the energy motivates us to move forward whether we like it or not, are ready or not.

I feel a lot of electricity in the air. It’s as if many will feel this invisible electric charge running through and that could be a force that gets one moving, going somewhere, doing something, as we are more restless than usual. It’s hard to sit still and this is where having a hobby, a creative outlet will help alleviate the boredom. It can also be related to the actual element where this area is in focus and its’ relevance is prominent. Be mindful of anything that uses electricity and electrical sockets as there is a higher chance of issues arising with these items. I also picked up on the wind. So this would include the weather being windier and also how the wind can change our lives such as using its’ energy to move forward in supplying our future needs. The expression ‘wind of change’ also comes to mind. We may also want to fly as in spreading our wings and going against the wind.

One of my favourite themes for the #5 energy is that it is colourful. It’s meant to be vibrant and encompasses what is meant to catch our eye, grab our attention. Whether that is actual colours, a colourful personality, conversation, story, picture, outfit, food dish, language…it can be sassy and sarcastic, as if life is one big party. They all exemplify freedom of expressions; sharing the beauty and enthusiasm of what it is like to be adventurous, in taking risks, doing something exciting, going off the ‘beaten track’. Some will find it easy to break from routine, while others will struggle with breaking tradition. It can be as simple as wearing a bright coloured top as a change from wearing the usual neutral colours. Yet others will go to more extremes. Proceeding with caution isn’t always in mind.

The #5 is represented by the teen generation. There is a focus on our youth and those that are in this age bracket. Stories, themes, anything related to this generation are in the mainstream this month. We feel the impact of areas connected to teenagers, whether they are a part of our immediate circle or not…this would include references to rock n’ roll, drugs, rebellion, cool/hip, wild, angst. We are influenced by these characteristics in some way, some manner this month. For those with teenagers at home, good luck (lol)! But seriously, try to do your best and find ways to communicate with them on their level if that is possible. It may be a matter of allowing them the freedom to be as they are testing the waters more so this month.

Overall, a month where it can be exciting, thrilling and unnerving too. In a sense we are being propelled in moving forward even though it may not always be to our liking. We are breaking down walls sort to speak…a freedom from classifications of normal, following the right way, any terms/ideologies that wants us all to fit in a tight, neat box. It’s a month where the weird, the different, the unusual, the unique, the forgotten, are put to the test as far as: ‘Do we as a collective really accept these themes or are they just words? Is it really okay to celebrate all that doesn’t fit into our idea of how one should be, what they do, who they are without labels? Are we as a society flexible in our thinking, our expressions without prejudice?’ However it plays out, we are breaking the mold. It’s time to rock it!

With that, be well and be free. Until next time, my Guides, The Counsel, and I send you all many Divine Blessings of Light and Love.

If you feel compelled to say something about this article, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I like to think I keep an open mind to all views and I do reply back. Sharing of this forecast is greatly appreciated as I hope my words have an insightful presence to those that may normally don’t come across what I write and what I do. For more information about me please visit my website: and if you haven’t already, like and follow my Facebook Page: I am an intuitive, practicing Numerology for over 30 years plus I read the regular cards (what is used for solitaire, poker), and I am able to tune into the energies of people, places, pets and things. To book a reading please email me at: or send me a private message on Facebook. Thank you for all of your support and being open to what I share.
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Hello everybody! According to the method I use to calculate cycles, October is the last month of the universal year cycle #11/2 (2018=2+0+1+8). In other words, what I mean is even though we follow a January to December yearly calendar, from my 30+ years of Numerology experiences, I have noticed the energies start to change about 2 months prior to when the actual date occurs. The cycle for 2019 will begin in November 2018. Why am I sharing this bit of information and what does that have to do with October’s Numerology energy forecast? Well, this month’s energy number is 3 and 2019 will be a number 3 (2+0+1+9) so we will get a bit of a glimpse/taste of what will be in store for the collective during the next yearly cycle. The energies will be confusing and I wonder if my article sounds that way too. We are winding down from being focused on relationships of all kinds, how the self relates to whatever matters in our hearts. Overall, we have had experiences and lessons that were connected to what we care about, at times becoming personal, being vulnerable and where trust issues were the main concern. This month we may feel this final push to heal our relationships, to go after our heart’s desire(s) but there is also an element of more questions than answers. To get a sense of what October has in store for the collective, please read on.


When I write these articles, so much can be said about the meanings of the numbers yet what I do is ask my Guides for their help and when I listen to their guidance, they send me information, messages and key words that will be relevant, in focus for many of us. It’s a combination of sharing a general feel of the energies but also with some specific areas that will be affected. How it plays out for each of us, will depend on the individual’s personal cycle. For example, if one is in a #6 year, this month’s energy may cause confusion in the home/family and work area but there can also be more fun, opportunities to laugh. The keywords I wrote above will show up in some manner, in many ways individually and as a whole.

When I tune into the energies for October, I get a strong sense of confusion being prevalent. A lot of “I don’t know” taking place, being indecisive and unsure about what to do when it comes to decisions related to the future. It will help to do your best in the moment as the #3 is about learning to be present. It doesn’t like to think about the past and the future. It is all about NOW. So, for some that can be unsettling and chaotic especially if you like to be organized and prepared ahead of time. Try to go with the flow, laugh off the stress and uncertainty, distract yourself with something that is fun even if it is watching a quick cute video of cats, make the mundane/unpleasant into a game to help get you through the present moment. The more you use your imagination towards something that is inspiring the easier the situation will be. The energy doesn’t like anything too serious, so go play more.

I feel there will be much talk about being happy. Back and forth discussions, ideas and what it takes for one to find happiness. This in itself can cause undo stress by getting all worked up over what we don’t have, what’s not going right, and generally with the notion of ‘ifs’, ands’ and buts’ that we use to compare each other with. I feel the answer will be about focusing on what you enjoy rather than trying to figure out what makes you happy. The more you do things that are enjoyable the more natural happiness comes about. Enjoy=In Joy.

The #3 is represented by children and childhood. Not only do we hear many stories and such about children but we also talk about our own childhood and may try to bring that to the present in some way. We need to be aware of acting childishly and we notice some adults behaving immaturely. Overall, we take cues from the children around us as they grab our attention often.

For some reason, I keep hearing ‘yellow’. I don’t have the details as to how this relates to the collective during the month but I figure it will be important and am going with it. It will be interesting to see why this came up. Please share any stories and experiences related to yellow in the comments below as I am and probably others will be curious.

I see the energy of the sun being vital. This is nothing new but we talk about the sun more, the scientific community may bring this subject to our attention frequently and may have some news to share that we don’t know about yet. And the sun is something we want more of whether that is local or by there being a spike in those traveling/wanting to travel to sunnier, warmer destinations. I also sense there will be many affected by both the lack of and the presence of the sun as it will be more noticeable in the behaviours and moods of those around us. In many ways the sun takes centre stage in many areas.

Finally I want to speak of this month’s forecast image. As you can see, it is of dolphins and the spiritual meaning of this animal will be connected to the energies of October. Now, what will be curious is how many of us are not in locations that have dolphins so it will be fun to see how a dolphin or dolphins will show up individually without consciously looking for them to appear in our life. It’s not an easy animal to come across. You may not see a dolphin live but it can be an item that looks like a dolphin. I recommend looking up the traits of the dolphin to see how it relates to to you and your life.

Whatever unfolds for you and us, I wish you all many enjoyable moments. My Guides, The Counsel, and I send our warmest regards of Divine light, laughter and fun. Be well!

Tina De Luca is a psychic specializing in Numerology and Cartomancy (reading regular playing cards). From her early childhood she was encouraged by her parents to explore and develop her intuition. Tina’s readings encompass a variety of intuitive energies such as being able to see, hear, feel, taste and smell what isn’t visible to the human five senses. Curious to learn more about her and what she does? Please visit her website: and follow her on Facebook: Inlightin Energy Please contact her for personal and group readings via email: and via private message on her Facebook Page:  A friendly reminder sharing of this article and of her Facebook Page is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for all of your support!
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Hello to all! Finally have taken the time to write and publish this month’s forecast based on the calendar we follow as a society. For those that are interested in what September may bring for the collective please read on.


A very sensitive vibration is around us. It relates to matters of the heart and taking some things to heart, whether that be via words, actions and thoughts. Our feelings come into focus and it doesn’t take much to be emotional. We may find ourselves being happy one moment and sad the next. Sometimes it will take a good cry to release pent up emotions. It’s an energy that is connected to all emotions and it has an impact on the heart centre. We are learning to heal the areas connected to love and relationships. The areas and types of relationships will vary for each individual but as a whole it emphasizes the energy of love on all levels…be it love for mankind, for the planet, for a spouse/partner, child/family member, friend, pet, song, idea, food, colour…basically wherever we feel love for someone or something. There will be moments that are emotions get the better of us, we feel vulnerable and we are internalizing much more than usual.

The #2 is represented by women and feminine energy. More of our attention is influenced and drawn to/by them and this side of life. We will notice the aspects, the behaviours, the qualities associated with women/feminine energy and may not love everything we see, hear and feel. We really do need to support one another and stop the cycle of negative emotions that we label and judge each other with especially when it comes to women vs. women. It’s a time to heal how we react emotionally whether you are a man or woman. There are those who say “they are there for women”, “as women we need to be there for one another”. That is put to the test as far as how do we really support and love each other. I feel the ‘uglier’ side of the female gender coming to light and it won’t be easy to take. Jealousy will be one of the main emotions that becomes apparent. My hope is we all do our best trying to make peace with it all. Show more compassion. Be kind. Be the love you seek and want.

There are many attributes associated with the #2 energy. There is a strong pull for wanting peace and not always necessarily in regards to world peace (although that is present) but mostly related to our personal world. We will have moments where we want to feel and have peace from what is taking place. We engage in whatever we feel will help calm us down be it via destructive/negative choices or beneficial/positive choices. The key in all this is to be gentle; gentle with our words, our thoughts, our actions. Take it easy. Be soft. Pause. Listen. Step back now and then. Show grace under pressure. Be patient. Keep telling ourselves: “it’s all going to be okay”. Breathe love in and out.

This month we struggle with trust issues. Depending on your personal cycle, it will vary on an individual level but as a collective it will be based on how we relate to one another. We crave support and companionship. We want to feel there is someone there for us, that listens, that has ‘our back’. “Who out there understands me? Who out there accepts all that I am, loves me for me?” Some will be mean-hearted because they may not like what is said and done. We must differentiate like and love in these interactions. One can feel that they don’t like someone or something but you can still be kind-hearted by being more loving about it…try not to take things so personally and understand that this is their choice, their journey, their lesson. Try to love and not hurt one another and oneself. Share what your heart says peacefully rather than with spite. Remember the adage: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This phrase is not about religion as it is a reminder that when we take better care of oneself, we are affecting the care for others too. Now is not the time to be shy when it comes to asking for help and being the help for another whether that is a small or big act of kindness. More is accomplished by coming together rather than what tears us apart.

Lastly I want to share that it will be important that we listen to and do what we need to heal our broken hearts, spirit, mind and body. Trust what and where your heart guides you to. And again, through it all, breathe in and out the energy of love. Don’t give up. Have hope.
Sending you all much love and light. Be well.

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Hello to all! Welcome to Inlightin Energy. Besides doing intuitive readings and counseling, I enjoy writing and one of my goals this year is to do more of it. Even though I write a monthly forecast, my plans are to create more content that will enlighten and inspire others in many ways towards their own personal growth and healing. If you follow my Page: Inlightin Energy, you will have access to these articles and my intention is to launch them in the coming month. So stay tuned! For those that are interested in getting a sense of what August has in store for the collective based on Intuitive Numerology, please read on.


As you may have noticed this month’s photo is quite fierce looking and the quote is actually a definition for the word ‘gung-ho’. When I tune into the energy for the month of August the term ‘gung-ho’ feels significant and there will be a prevalence of those who feel determined to finally take some action, hence the reason why I felt drawn to post that photo. It’s strong gaze either frightens or inspires you. There is a sense of rushing in the air, being bold, being rash and I keep hearing ‘go!go! go!’ as we want to get things moving for ourselves and in our lives. There is an effect of being fed up with the sameness of life. We crave more excitement and want to feel alive. We will have experiences that introduces us to the newness of how we see, do, feel and be. Some will be pushed in these directions, while others will take the leap on their own.

The #1 is connected to the new and is about learning to be independent. Not necessarily going at it alone or being by yourself (although some will feel this way and will take place), as it is the energy of knowing and being true to yourself without the need for outside influences. There is an underlying energy of facing our fears and what can we do to overcome them. It’s time to be brave and strong. What are you scared of? Where do your fears originate from? Are you ready to step up to the plate? What bold and courageous moves are you willing to take to get going in your life? Do you have any ideas as to how you can initiate the life of your dreams? Now is the time to try as many new ways, methods and thoughts into our lives as we are called to take action. Be aware that some things will take time to develop so don’t discount anything or give up too easily, especially when it is related to a matter that you are not familiar or experienced with, as it may be a matter of looking at the situation from a new perspective. Remember we may feel gung-ho about the idealism of things that are new to us but also apprehensive to the point of standing our ground where we feel forced into a new way of being/doing. When push comes to shove, who are you and what will you do about it?

The #1 is represented by masculine energy. The phrase “it’s a man’s world” pops up frequently and is challenged by those who want to re-define this. It may be literal and also philosophical where it’s about power and control. Gender roles are being looked at in new ways and seeing how it is expressed on an individual level…it’s pushing the ideas of masculine and feminine energy vs the definitions of being manly or womanly. On another note, it can be an aggressive energy where no matter the gender, there will be those who force their will, exert their power over those who they feel they can control. The area of leadership comes into focus…who is really in charge, what are we being led into. It’s time to start taking the lead in one’s own life and noticing what influences are initial choices.

It is an energetic month in the manner of wanting to begin, where at first we are excited about starting something new but the momentum will have peaks of ups and downs. Try to remember to keep going, it’s not all going to happen at once or right away. It’s easy to lose our cool and become hard-headed about what is taking place. Sometimes it will appear quickly or not fast enough. Patience, kindness and understanding are not always present. Some will act out as if the world has done them wrong or owes them, while there will be others who feel it’s time to put themselves first…to act out according to what they want after giving of oneself for so long. It’s a matter of self fulfillment and becomes individualized as in ‘it all comes down to me’.

The #1 is loud and proud. It will say and do without thinking things through. It can be brash and bossy. It’s not an emotional or sensitive energy. Some of us may struggle with the absence of these feelings and find it to be too harsh. The energy likes to express originality and not everyone is going to agree with and like what is being initiated especially if it feels forced upon. We all get a sense of what is important according to the self…am I making it all about me or am I not including myself? Overall, the self is a big factor this month.

I do want everyone to be mindful of being too much in a hurry as this month’s energy is wanting to get around, to do things quickly…it likes being fast. Because of this energy, please be aware of your actions as it can also lead to accidents and blowing things out of proportion by not paying attention. Yes it’s great when things speed up but we also need to slow down from time to time and think things through, to not be so hasteful with our words, actions and deeds. Also at times we will need to think fast and be quick on our feet when it comes to the choices we make. Be safe and well. Until next time, my Guides ‘The Counsel’ and I send you all Divine Blessings of light and love.

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Thank you to all those that are here with me. Your support is greatly appreciated!
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Hello to all! I apologize for publishing this article almost a week into the month. So much can be said in regards to numerology yet I set the intention of sharing what comes through strongly via the energies I tune into with the help of my Divine Guides. The messages that I include are ways in which they influence the collective individually and as a whole. Each of us will feel and notice the effects in different areas of our lives but will have similar themes as to how their meanings plays a role. To get a sense of what is in store for us, please read on.


Every monthly forecast I write, I always make a photo quote that I feel will represent the essence of that particular month. If you noticed already, July’s photo quote is a popular childhood poem. I get a strong vision of many making wishes…not always necessarily connected to looking up at the night sky to do so, although some may be drawn to star gazing, but as a frequent occurrence that takes place in our daily lives. I see and hear many making wishes to the universe that relates to individual dreams. There is an energy of wanting specific hopes come to be this month. There is a sense, a longing for fulfilling dreams/goals from our past (whether that was a day, months or years ago) and that is where we will be wishing for ‘this’ or ‘that’. Some will feel discouraged, maybe even depressed, as we take a look at where we are at this point in life. What has come to be and what hasn’t. There is a lot of reflection going on. We also wish for certain things to end; mostly related to areas that we struggle with and needs to be healed (for example eliminate and heal debt/finances, loneliness/love).

The #9 has many themes related to the past where we can’t seem to help but focus on the history of our individual lives but also as a whole population. Even though there are those who say “the past is the past” and basically anything that is about forgetting the past, will discover how often/much our history comes into play. Numerology is all inclusive …everything counts and has meaning/purpose, including the past. So yes, those who try to avoid or pay no attention to the times that have gone by may struggle more with their past as the universe responds with reminders related to what needs to ‘end’, be ‘completed’ as it’s about healing, forgiving and letting go so that we can move forward. We may even have moments where we don’t look forward to what is ahead as we may get caught up in what was lost. It can be deep and difficult when these challenges arise yet it is about what wisdom has been gained from what has passed. The more you can realize and recognize the patterns of what has been and what you tend to stay in/with, the better you can take the steps to ‘finish’ or ‘stop’ what holds you back, keeps you feeling stuck/in a rut.

Even though there will be times this month where the energies feel ‘heavy’ akin to being sad more often than not, looking at the negative side of life, going around in circles, there are some bright spots to the #9 energy. We have opportunities to remember the good times, to reconnect with those that we haven’t been in touch with and revive past goals that we have forgotten about but still desire. We have the choice to either see the Divine big picture or get caught up in the drama of it all where it becomes bigger than what it actually is.

The #9 is represented by The Universe which means it is about ideas, concepts and themes connected to energies associated with areas that can seem ‘far fetched’ to our planet. Areas such as channeling, other dimensions, spiritual guides, astral traveling, reincarnation/past lives, near death experiences, life after death and even aliens/life on other planets. For those that are curious about these subjects, now is a good time to start exploring and reaching out more in any or all of these realms. Whether we believe or try not to concern ourselves with these fields of interests, there will be times where our attention will be drawn to topics that seem ‘out of this world’. In general, as a collective and as individuals, we are going to have experiences that will try to expand our systems…mind, body and soul.

Whatever unfolds for you and for all, may each be well and especially be gentle as we will need times to retreat as it is a month related to healing. Until next time, I and my Guides ‘The Counsel’, send Divine Love and Light to you all. Thank you.

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Hello to all! Can you believe we are halfway into 2018? Time seems to fly by quickly. For those that are new to this Page, I like to write a monthly forecast based on what the numbers say and combine their interpretations with intuitive messages I receive from my Divine Guides, ‘The Counsel’. To get a sense of what June has in store for the collective please read on.


Oh…a part of me is so looking forward to this month as when I tune into the energies there are possibilities of reaching greater heights within ourselves and in our lives. The #8 is about achievements. Attaining progress in areas that we have been working and focusing on. It’s as if the ‘veil’ will be lifting and the answers come to us more easily. An awakening is taking place and it’s as if many will be in the zone of “Ah, now I see, now I know”. We have the energy to want to take action, to go for it. We feel a persistent push in going after goals/dreams/desires. Even when there are moments when one thinks to give up there is a nagging pull to keep at it as it may take many tries to get to where one wants to be.

I keep hearing the word ‘soar’ as being significant. I see examples of vibrant light energy pulsating within the human body that impacts our outer world. This pulse is connected to Kundalini energy. This is a powerful force that is connected to all, within all of us and is a major life force energy that activates the energies of mind, body and spirit. Many of us will feel surges of an inner force running up and down the human body…we feel the vibrations of this energy. It makes us feel alive and empowered. It is all connected to the flow of Universal energy and now is the time to make the most of this. Use these ‘pulses’ to your advantage, feel and know that anything is possible. Feel yourself soaring to bigger and better. Feel your mind body and soul coming alive. Go for it! Blossom! Soar!

The #8 is represented by the ego and sexual energy. It can be a positive and empowering driving force in taking the necessary action towards our deepest desires yet it can also be expressed in ways that enforces power over oneself and others. One can feel anger, shame or feel proud, confident. Our self esteem comes into focus. It’s about showing the world what we are made of, making the most of our gifts yet not being conceited about it all. The area of narcissism vs. self confidence comes into play for many.

This is a month where we notice the details. What has eluded us comes into focus. “Lightbulbs go off”. We want to figure things out. Solve problems. Build a better version of oneself and one’s life. The key will be to not give up so easily. Keep at it, build up the momentum whether that is with thoughts or actions. Do your best but also be at your best. People are paying attention when we are not always looking. That includes outer appearances. Always show up feeling and looking your best as much as possible.

I do want to add that those who have been struggling with achieving certain dreams/goals, this month can be the time where there are finally some breakthroughs. Achievements are a part of this month’s energy, ones that we accomplish ourselves and being awarded from those around us. The #8 is also the infinity symbol. What one puts out, one receives back. So in other words, some call it ‘laws of attraction’, some call it ‘karma’, some call it ‘meant to be’. Be aware that what you give, you will receive, no matter if it is a thought, an action or a word…positive or negative…good or bad…it’s always there but it is much more apparent now.

One more thing I would like to add. I mentioned earlier about sexual energy. It is strong right now. Many will feel a strong attraction to another, not always being the partner you are with. Be mindful of what you get yourself into. Be safe and ask yourself if it will all be worth it in the end. It will touch upon your values and self-esteem.

Until next time, whatever unfolds for you may it be blessed with abundance. Be well everyone!
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Hello and welcome to all! Before I get to this month’s numbers, I want to touch base in regards to the 2018 calendar year cycle. We are halfway through the #11/2 year cycle for 2018. In my experience the cycles changes two months prior to the new calendar year (November 2017-October 2018 is when the 2018 cycle takes place). As a collective we are in ‘full swing’ of this underlying #11/2 energy which is related to trust, relationships, the heart, emotions, intuition, listening and enlightenment. We will have experiences where some moments will be intense and profound, while at other times more subtle and gentle. Depending on what is in focus for the individual, those themes will influence specific areas in your life. In essence, this is a year related to the notions of standing on your own two feet. For all that one feels and experiences it ultimately comes down to the self. We are learning to understand the self in various ways, via the vast array of relationships we have with others, beliefs, thoughts, experiences, objects and anything that one associates no matter what it may be. It encompasses the journey to self awareness, acceptance and love. So if you have been struggling with certain persons or areas, it is a question of whether you are aligned with your soul self…all the parts that you need to be enlightened with. Not always easy but one where if you can trust your intuition, be quiet and listen, you will become more masterful in balancing your life. Now, onto this month’s forecast. To find out what is in store for the collective this May, please read on.


This month we receive a ‘double whammy’ effect with the spiritual and emotional sides of life. The #7 likes to go within, coupled with the #11/2 year energy of intuition, our feelings come into focus, navigating us through depths that some may not be accustomed to. It will be common for many to be mystified by the physical side of life as the #7 is represented by the hidden, the unseen, the unexplainable, the unrational, where things don’t make sense to the logical mind. You know the saying “seeing is believing?” Well, this month’s energy theme is about “believing before seeing.” Faith is the key word here. For some that will be about religion, yet ideally it is deeper than that. It is about having faith in the unfolding without there always being physical proof to show you are on the right track. Having enough faith in trusting your intuition to guide you without a shadow of a doubt. Taking some steps towards your heart’s desire(s) but surrendering control of the outcome. The more you get involved in the details of the dreams you feel strongly for, the more it spirals out of your control with less than desirable effects. If you can become quiet, listen to your inner voice, have faith and trust in your intuition, you will be amazed how magical and miraculous life can be. It’s about loosening your grip on the reins, allowing, not always feeling you have to be in the driver’s seat of life, at times ‘let it be’. When you feel disheartened by what doesn’t happen, it will actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

The #7 energy is connected to solitude; it craves the quiet. It is drawn to stepping back from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. We unconsciously pick up on and absorb the energies of our surroundings. We are inclined to withdraw from noise, from chatter and prefer the company of being alone. It is easy to think of others as being cold and aloof during this time when in fact they feel like being quiet. So try not to be too pushy with anyone as you will only cause the other to become more withdrawn. We may feel more drained than usual, wanting to sleep more and this is a time to try to get as much rest as possible. Basically, anytime one’s energy feels depleted there is something off balance within you and going to sleep, whether it is a short nap or a few extra hours to your nightly slumber will be beneficial.

Our intuition is heightened. Not everyone is a believer or understands the realm of psychic energy. So this could be surprising for many. We have experiences that don’t make sense or are difficult to explain to others. There may be instances where one feels out of touch with the real world. Being lost in thought often, daydreaming and the head feels ‘foggy’. Having a hard time with concentrating and concepts related to the intellect and reason. Even though some will feel unsettled by this, it’s actually a gift from the Universe as they want us to take a vacation from thinking and doing too much. It’s learning to go with what your feelings tell you even when your mind says otherwise. We learn the whys to our choices at a later time, not always in the moment which is part of the mystery of the #7 energy.

I keep getting a sense of the following questions playing an important role: “Do you listen to reason?” or “Is there a reason to listen?” Hmm. Feels like it is related to how one senses the energy in that moment and each individual will define the answers in their own ways. I also see ‘stepping back’ occurring often. There are those that step back from taking too much action or getting too involved. Depending on the situation and person, I see individuals taking a break or a breather from certain plans/goals/dreams. It’s not about giving up, it’s as if they are too tired to keep going with it and are setting it aside for the time being. Feels more like giving in to “Okay, I’ve done all this work, my mind is drained, my heart isn’t all in it, it’s as if I don’t have the energy to give it my all right now.” And if that phrase resonates with you during this month, than it is a sign for you to step back…it’s all Divine. You’re being guided to recharge your inner batteries so that you will feel energized and have an inner knowing to what is the next step. I keep getting ‘blank’ connected to all this; as if there will be more people having faith and not attached to what the end result looks like. This message makes sense to me as it relates to the energy of the #7…the hidden, the mysterious, the unknown.

I am also picking up on the general atmosphere, whether with a room full of people or with the outdoors or as a metaphor, things feel like they are ‘cool, cooling off.’ We may be disheartened with some people and areas in our lives. This could be where some are giving the cold shoulder, where the weather feels cooler than usual or where certain aspects are cooling off. We seek inner solace and it may be from areas that have been unknown to us before now. We want inner comfort and be mindful what you are drawn to during this time.

Although I am not a medical professional and I do not disapprove of these services, I do want those who seek medical attention this month to make sure that any diagnosis, prescription, tests, etc. are thoroughly understood by all those involved. Best to double check everything and when possible seek a second opinion. This is because the #7 energy doesn’t ‘jive’ with the physical side of life; there are hidden elements and room for errors. I am not trying to scare or freak anyone out with this. It’s more of a ‘heads up’. Also it is a good time to incorporate alternative therapies such as massage, herbs, crystals, and especially watching our diets as far as what one eats and drinks. This is where our bodies are extra sensitive during this month’s energy, so trying to eat ‘light’ is best (more raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, fish, seafood, clear fluids).

One final note I feel guided to share. Sadly there have been some terrible car crashes these past months. Last year I received messages for the collective to be more careful on the roads as the area of vehicle accidents came into focus. I didn’t always follow through in reminding readers of this in my monthly forecasts. So once again, I keep picking up on drivers needing to be more attentive. Please be mindful of not only other drivers but your own driving too. Be safe on the roads. Give everyone patience, including yourself.

Sending everyone much Light and Love. Be well. Thank you.

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Hello everyone! “April showers brings May flowers” yet there are some areas that are still experiencing winter weather, including where I live. May the payoff bring us beautiful blooms. So, in the meantime we have to make the best of it and hope that warmer weather arrives soon, like very soon! For those that are curious I have written an article on what possibilities are in store for us based on this month’s number. Please read on.


When I write these monthly forecasts, I base them on my knowledge of numerology and what I pick up on intuitively. So much can be said about each number, yet I want to try to pinpoint what energies come into focus that can be beneficial to us all. This month, the element of ‘care’ comes through loud and strong and will play out differently for each individual. Not only will it be about what we care about and care for but we also want someone or some group to show that they care about us. Does anyone care about what I do, say, feel and/or need? Will someone help take care of me or my issue/problem? Some of us will feel the weight of our individual challenges as being burdens and we may want another to take away the heaviness, help make the load lighter in some capacity. At times, even the best of us will feel like we don’t want to care so much or why do we have to care so much or have to take care of certain areas in our life. I hear the phrase “Cut me some slack will ya?”

The main lesson for the #6 energy is responsibility. It isn’t only about what or who you are looking after but having personal accountability for your actions and attitudes. The Universe doesn’t want to hear excuses. The more you place blame for your current circumstances, the more challenges will occur until you decide to stop making excuses. When it comes to finding fault(s) with whatever you are going through, use that as an opportunity to discover what you need to take care of the matter, even if that includes finding the services that helps you improve the situation. The more you can ‘own up’ to what is going on for you, the easier life’s circumstances will unfold for you.

The #6 is connected to both the energy of home and the physical home environment and is represented by family. When it relates to the home energy, it is about the feeling of being at home within any area that is important to you this month. Do I feel at home with this person or group? Do I feel at home with my career and co-workers? Do I feel at home with who I am and how I feel? It can be connected to any area that happens to be important to you during this month. Related to the home environment, this may mean some will want to move, some will want to renovate or redecorate their present living space. Am I at home where I currently live? How do I make my place feel more like home? Do I stay or do I go? I do see the real estate area coming into focus, news and stories related to the market, especially concerning values vs. needs. There may be calls for the industry to ‘smarten up’ and we could see big changes coming about in relation to what they provide and fulfill. This would also include rental properties. There may be outcries for the government to do more in regards to tenant and landlord rules/regulations. As far as family goes, there will be opportunities to either strengthen those bonds or decide it is best to stay away as family encompasses who truly cares about you and who you truly care about…the adage ‘blood is thicker than water’ is put to the test.
Community will be important and in particular in the form of ‘neighbourhood’. Paying attention to what it is like, where it fits into your lifestyle and how it stacks up against your needs. It can also be about wanting to bring or taking away certain services in the neighbourhood. In general, community and the neighbourhood will either makes us feel like we belong or we need to leave. Are you being a good neighbour? Are you part of the solution or problem in your community? What are you doing to make your neighbourhood a better place? Are you taking responsibility for what takes place in your community? How does my needs and values impact the communities of those around me, including Mother Earth? It can encompass any kind of surroundings and how its’ beauty and health affects our well-being.

Personal beauty and appearance will influence us on some level. We may feel better or worse for it. Visits to beauticians, hairdressers, plastic surgeons, shopping…anything related to beauty are popular. Wanting to improve how you feel and look isn’t always about being vain. It doesn’t mean you have to look like a supermodel or follow superstar trends. It’s about allowing your individual beauty shine. That beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and looks. That what is shown to us as ‘ideal beauty’ isn’t always healthy and responsible. It can go both ways this month as far as the beauty industries being challenged or being supported. For those that want to improve their health and well-being this is an ideal month to start or if already into the groove of these areas to build upon or better what routines you have in place. Yet, what is peculiar about this energy is that it isn’t about sticking to one exercise and health plan. In fact the #6 doesn’t take too well to diets as it is more about incorporating a wheel of different foods; changing what you eat on a regular basis and applying a variety of physical activities/exercises. It really wants you to tune into your physical body and pay attention to what it is needing (i.e. cravings). It’s about getting in touch with your body’s natural rhythms. Now bear in mind that from time to time we may crave foods that are ‘unhealthy’ such as fast food, processed, or too sugary/salty/fatty. The key is to identify what your body is saying/doing and making a responsible choice to satisfy that craving. For example if your body is craving a Big Mac, ask yourself, why, what part of this item will help or hurt me and can I satisfy this with a homemade burger or another healthy food option? Even though we want to be in perfect health all the time, this month in particular this area comes into focus and again it will be connected to being personally responsible for the choices we make. So it can be about what you decide to eat and drink and go as deep as to what you feel and do (i.e. stress out too much, don’t exercise). Overall, health issues and related subjects, including the healthcare system are in the forefront.

So, in essence this month there are different areas that come up yet it all comes down to the energy of care and that we need to ‘clean up our act’ in some responsible manner. May everyone be well this month.

For those that enjoy reading these forecasts, your comments and sharing of them is greatly appreciated and welcomed. I have been doing Numerology for 30 years now, the last 4 years being where I have come out publicly to spread the word on what I do. All readings encompass my psychic abilities and I also provide other services such as regular card readings, energy readings of people, places and pets, channeling, intuitive counselling and I am available for group events such as crayon wax reading parties. For more information about what what I do and my story, please visit my website: For bookings and enquiries please contact me via email: or via messenger on my Facebook Page: Inlightin Energy. Spread the word…follow and like my Page:

A big heartfelt thank you for caring about what I do and share! Until next time, may everyone have a Divine April!
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Hello to all! A heartfelt welcome to everyone that takes the time to read this article. Please feel free to comment and share this post as it is all appreciated. To get a sense of what March has in store for the collective and how this may affect each individual, please read on.


When I tune into the energies for March, my attention bounces to many different areas as the vibrations feel open and expansive. There seems to be ‘energy rushes’ where I feel excited and antsy in many forms. There is an electrical charge in the air. There is a push and pull to go…literally and figuratively. Whereas in February we were more about playing it safe, this month we want to break free even if there are lingering fears and doubts. I see the image of spreading our wings being the symbol for March. It can be a combination of wanting to run with certain ideas/activities/goals/dreams and at times wanting to runaway from it all. Depending on what occurs and with whom, it may appear to be as reckless behaviour or as exuberant action. It can be shocking and surprising to witness and hear what takes place. As I am writing this forecast, there is a song by Twisted Sister called “We’re Not Going To Take It” that is being played back to me, which makes sense as I can feel, hear and see the lyrics being connected to the overall theme of March. I recommend at least looking up the words to the song as it’s meaning speaks to many of the traits related to the #5. Even the video demonstrates characters related to rebelling against the ‘rules of society’, wanting the freedom to express, featuring teens, which also happens to be represented by the #5. For those that have been feeling stuck, there will be opportunities to move forward in our lives, to break down barriers that hold us back, whether it is connected to spiritual, emotional, physical and/or mental beliefs.

The #5 is about freedom. This involves changes. Now not everyone likes change. That’s understandable as it isn’t always easy at first and can get messy. It can be unsettling especially since many of us are creatures of habit whether we realize this or not. The word ‘sudden’ comes up strongly for many of us this month. What I pick up on are instances and situations that are sudden in nature. A combination of actions and words expressed that takes one by surprise, as if it shows up unexpectedly. This is a time where our thoughts and feelings related to wanting/yearning for change(s) in certain areas of our life can actually take place. The Universe responds to our requests for wanting things to be different, it just may not happen to how we think it should be or to our liking.

Many of us will feel the need to express oneself. The area of communication is highlighted, using your voice in some format. Now is the time to say something, even with the risk of rattling some cages as the energy is to open and expand our world. It encompasses the unusual and anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. Some will let it all out in some manner, ‘go for broke’, as if there is nothing to loose. This takes on many forms and can be about wanting to be seen, to stand out from the crowds of sameness. It’s where one wants to be unique yet ironically fit in too; be part of a ‘gang’. The idea is to find a creative outlet and experiment. This may involve dangerous/risky behaviours so be aware of what you get yourself into as it can lead to activities that attracts unsafe, unscrupulous activities and people. It will be about what opportunities are worth taking a chance on. Whatever area you try to gamble on, be mindful of not getting into trouble or in over your head.

The #5 is represented by youth, particularly the teen generation. News and stories are focused on and by this age group. We get a sense of what they experience, they may rebel in destructive or in creative ways as to instigate changes. They find ways to voice their opinions, not holding back, being open to challenging the status quo that grabs our attention. On another note, we may become obsessed with youthful looks, the chase for wanting to stay and look young gets to us on some level. New trends appear, pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable, and some may see it as being weird and wacky.

Overall, this month is about movement. No matter what part of our selves or area it takes place, we are going to experience some changes. Whatever occurs, it is to teach us to not be complacent, to reach out of our comfort zone, to be open to the possibilities of what is different, to be and think outside of the box. If anything, try to make the most of these moments, give it a go.

May everyone have a Divine March! Thank you for all of your support! Tina, founder of Inlightin Energy has been an intuitive most of her life and specializes in Numerology. She also reads regular cards and counsels those with the assistance of her Guides, ‘The Counsel’. If interested in a reading please contact her via email: For more information about her, her story and services, please visit her website: Finally, follow and like her Page on Facebook:

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