Greetings everyone! Here we are in the last month of the 2017 calendar and yet with Numerology the energy of 2018 began in November. This is because the cycles start changing about two months prior to the date in question. The calculations for December 2017 will reflect this. It may sound confusing to some, but my experience has shown me numerous times this to be true. If one wonders whether this is so or how can this be, I often recommend reading the forecast again over the course of the month, especially near its’ completion. Reviewing the forecast is a great indicator to see how the messages applied to one’s day to day life and to all of us as a collective. To get an understanding of what December has in store for us, please read on.


The #5 energy is about freedom. It likes movement and having the space to create and explore. Anything that feels restrictive whether that is on an emotional, mental, intellectual, physical and spiritual level will become more apparent this month to the point where the individual will want to make changes or if one has been thinking of making changes, the ‘Universe’ will lend a helping hand by altering what no longer serves the individual and us as a whole. Now, there are those who don’t like change, some who are frightened by the notion of things changing and some who thrive on change. Change is good even though it may not always seem so in the beginning and when going through the motions as the purpose is to help us grow and have the freedom to express our true selves. This month we are meant to have experiences that breaks the rules that limits us and for some this may appear to be rebellious. It can encompass a combination of subtle and minor transitions to major shifts. For many, this month will be a ‘wake-up call’; drawing attention to what no longer works and what needs to go. Life may appear to be unsettling and inconsistent. We are learning that nothing stays the same and to embrace being open to all that is unconventional. To challenge ideas, concepts, beliefs and systems. To break down barriers and tear down walls that hold us back. At times our words and actions will be blunt or progressive.

There are two words I keep hearing that will affect many of us this month: ‘weird and wacky’. Not the most pleasant of terms but these words will be used often when it comes to what is said and how it refers to people, places and things. Many will be wanting unique experiences and for some this will also be unusual to their character and habits. The energy in the air is ‘different’. Things will feel and appear to be odd or ‘off’. We won’t always be able to pinpoint the reasons why this happens because remember the underlying energy of the #5 is related to creating changes, to make room in our lives for more freedom from what holds us back individually and as a whole. There will be some events occurring to show us what needs to change because our freedom is being taken away or restricted in some manner. Others may express their personal freedom by escaping via addictions and although anything can be habit forming, I am especially concerned with alcohol being a bigger problem this season. Please be aware of what you drink and if possible refrain as much as you can. There may be an increase in incidents related to alcohol, including illness, arguments, abuse, rape, and drinking and driving.

December is often considered a holiday month with Christmas being the big event for many. There are many cultures that have their own beliefs and celebrations, so I wouldn’t be surprised there is a greater back and forth play between who and how the season is observed. Even those who do not believe in Christmas and all that it entails will throw in their two cents. Stories related to the meaning and traditions of Christmas, including the birth of Jesus Christ, will be prevalent even shocking and surprising to some. We may even feel we have been lied to all these years about what we have been told about Christmas. It can turn out to be a controversial month. Be discerning with what you read and hear, as the area of communication is in focus and not everything will be true. There will be those who will charm their way into the collective with their words whether they mean well or not. On a personal note, many will want to break tradition when it comes to how they celebrate the holidays this year and not everyone will like this notion. Boredom works its way into the consciousness of many. Because of this, I see many would rather do something different, even mark the occasion by an activity than by giving wrapped gifts to one another. Showing how they care by expressing it in an uncommon way/manner. Those that do want to give, will look into unique and unusual gifts as they want it to be more memorable, create an impact. Some families will change their mind with how they get together and what they do for the season, with some deciding at the last minute. Overall there is a restlessness with the tried and true ways of celebrating the holidays with some making it more about social connections and gatherings than what items are given. People want to have more fun and freedom so this may mean some will not bother doing activities (i.e. baking, decorating) that are time consuming and/or visiting and spending time with those that feel restrictive. There may be some who partake in more parties than they usually have in the past. However you choose to celebrate or not, including those around you, please try to be accepting of our differences and allow the freedom to express our contrasting beliefs. Have fun, be safe but be aware of things or others getting too wild.

The #5 is represented by the teen generation. This age group ties in with many of the traits connected to what the #5 means in Numerology. Not only will there be more focus on stories about and involving teens but some adults may even behave like teenagers. Breaking the rules, partying it up, being reckless and impulsive. People want to experiment. Some will push the boundaries. We communicate in ways that go against the norm and society as it is about setting trends rather than following them. Some people will do and say things to make them stand out from the crowd, whether that is on a public stage or within your circle of friends, family or work. Again, I repeat from before, it’ll be a weird and wacky month but it can also be a refreshing and wonderful change from the conventional if you are willing to try something unique.

For those that struggle with this time of year, taking frequent trips, even if it is a short car ride or a walk somewhere different will find this to be therapeutic and even create solutions to on-going problems. Try to get out as much as possible. Sitting still or staying in goes against the energy of the #5. Listen to music. Do something creative. Explore different cultures and areas. Find someone to talk to and share what is inside you. December is meant to be a freeing month, taking chances, to not take things so seriously yet being aware of destructive behaviours and actions as it can also bring unwanted attention and consequences.

Whatever unfolds this month individually and as a collective, may everyone have a Divine December. Many blessings to each of you. Stay safe and be well!

©Tina De Luca

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Hello to all! This month we are entering a new cycle for the coming year 2018, a #11/2. So, even though the calendar still says 2017, my experience with Numerology is that the energies tend to shift about 2 months prior to the date change. According to my calculations this month’s number reflects taking this into account. For those that are doing the math along with me, I am adding the #2 year cycle number to Novembers numerical value (11th month) to get the result of this month’s forecast. Make sense? You don’t need to be an expert in knowing the details as my intention is to explain why the cycle number for this month is such. To get a sense of what the possibilities are for the collective for November, please read on.


The month will have moments of great intensity, meaning there will be times where we think strongly about certain subjects and beliefs; we are in our heads more than our hearts. There is no ‘in-between’, it’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when it comes to new ideas, options and opinions. This month it’s a challenge to be flexible with any notion that appears to be new in nature. The theme of conviction comes up often; there seems to be no room for any ‘either’ and ‘or’, ‘this’ or ‘that’ choices and decisions. We don’t want to be fooled and look foolish. At times we will notice that either the self or others will not budge when it comes to adapting and accepting what appears to be nontraditional, unconventional and liberal. We are drawn to what makes us feel safe, secure and basically going the ‘tried and true’ method. It’s more about sticking with what you know as it may feel unsettling to try and incorporate anything that is new, whether it be connected to thoughts, feelings, activities. Many want to feel stability in their lives, see concrete results and especially want certainty. Be aware of not making promises you can’t keep as you will be held accountable for not following through and making good on your word(s). Many notice the details in appearances, actions and anything that is connected to the material and physical side of life. So if you say one thing but do another, others will decide to mistrust you and have a hard time believing in you as a person. Our behaviours are more in the spotlight as they set the examples to our character as our feelings don’t seem to count that much this month. Personal excuses will not sit well with others. The saying ‘walk your talk’ is in focus this month.

The area of reality comes up often. We are drawn to what makes perfect sense. Even though we may try to have more hope and be more positive, the energy of feeling lack/insufficient in one or more areas of our lives will tend to prevail. There is a tendency to notice what we don’t have enough of, whether that be time, money, resources, support, love…anything that comes to mind. We want to move forward but often we feel we are falling back. It’s a challenge to see and feel we are getting ahead, we get frustrated with the outcomes and it will help to know that this month it is about laying the groundwork for the months ahead. The irony this month is that we focus more on the future yet we want immediate proof and results. Try to prepare, plan and organize as much as possible. Keep it simple. Get rid of what no longer works, serves and helps you. A good time to clear the clutter in your life.

Many will feel anxious and our nerves get the better of us at times. ‘Mind over matter’ comes up often. We think too much and there will be moments where our thoughts may get the better of us. There’s a play of being lazy vs. keeping busy. There seems to be a need to get things going/done, lists upon lists of what you want to accomplish and it may be daunting to the point where you don’t know where to start and if you will ever finish. Be aware of procrastinating as the more you put something off, the more you realize you should have gotten it done when it came to mind and end up creating more work for yourself. When it comes to tackling any to-do list, try to focus on what is important and at the end of the day acknowledge what you did accomplish, even if it was only one thing. It’s a challenge to relax and rest this month as the mind is constantly thinking, so don’t be surprised if you get less sleep and wake up often and at odd times. It may help to get more physical exercise and engage in any activity that tires the mind to get some sleep.

It won’t always be easy this month. One of the energies related to the #22/4 is connected to the trait ‘hard’. This encompasses anything that feels, looks and acts rigid. There may be more pressure and resistance. We set high standards and deadlines and when we fail to meet them, we become disillusioned and may give up easily and too soon. Slow but sure garners more success. Think if you are being too hard on yourself and others, being unreasonable when it comes to the work and effort put into projects and goals. We are influenced by what we see, who does what and forget about the emotional side. We may hurt others by being blunt. Impatience may get the better of us as it’s about getting to the point as much as possible. Flexibility isn’t important. Yet, this energy can be ideal when it comes to getting real about what works and doesn’t work for you and your life and implementing the steps for a better future. We become fixated on what we want and will focus on what needs to get done to reach those goals no matter what. It’s a good time to take care of what really matters and to get to the heart of matters. To put our effort into what drives you, your passions, your dreams. We want stability and a knowing that our future will be secure. Predictability reigns.

Now, when I tune into the collective energy I have concern with organizations connected to large governments and corporations. It’s common knowledge that they tend to take more than give and being so, it feels like they will try to force their own agendas more so this month. It’s like they are trying to bankrupt the people. Implementing rules and regulations that may not only hurt our pocketbooks but also our mind, body and soul. They may ask more of us and the phrase ‘when push comes to shove’ pops up strongly around big business, big companies, big administrations. For now we feel powerless and that we have to take it, follow it, almost as if we feel our hands are tied. But it’s also a matter of time before the public feels able to do something about it too…wanting to show who’s really the boss. Traditions comes up too. We say we want more but we may feel drawn to following what we know instead of trying new things. It will take some time to accept what we are not used to. Opinions and sharing of facts abound, yet is it creating a better world or restricting us? There will be some who try to force realities upon us which may make us feel lesser than. People want easy answers, the best for less but it may be daunting if you focus too much on researching, becoming frustrated with what is right for you vs. what is right because someone else said so. Be aware of those who claim to be experts and are adamant that it’s their way or the highway attitude. Again, it is about authenticity, experience and keeping it real.

Whatever unfolds for November, may everyone do your best and be gentle as much as possible. Take the time to catch your breath as there will be overwhelming moments. Sending you all much love and many Divine Blessings.
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Hello to all! Depending on which side of the equator you live in, we are either in Fall or Spring season. Most of the time, my area has had a beautiful Autumn so far. All the glorious colours and sunshine adding to the air of wanting to take in the warm weather before Winter comes in. Wherever you reside, hoping the weather patterns are delightful. Now to the forecast. According to my method of calculating the cycles, we are in the final month of the universal #1 year even though the calendar still shows there are 3 months left for 2017. My experience from doing many numerology readings has been that the numbers for the cycles change about 2 months prior to the date. We ease into the flow of the energies before it picks up a steady pace and comes to a conclusion, whether we are aware of this or not. Some of us will feel a ‘final push’ energy towards areas that are important to get going and some will feel there is an underlying hurriedness taking place in everyday life…the pace quickens. To get a sense of what October’s energy has in store for us, please read on.


Well so much can be said about what this months’ number is presenting to us on a Universal level. In fact, the #2 cycle for October will be giving us a glimpse into what the year 2018 numerology energy cycle will be showing. There are some numerologists who incorporate the Master numbers (#11 being one of these) as part of the cycle systems, yet my teachings didn’t consider them to having their own cycle (there are 9 cycles, beginning at #1 through to ending at #9). I was taught that when a cycle has a Master number result, it is reduced to a single digit but it still influences the energies, they are connected, they have similar meanings, the difference is at times we feel the intensity of the traits quite strongly, it can be profound. We may be overcome by our feelings without warning and reason.

Overall the feeling of wanting to have some peace will be prominent this month. Whether that is peace of mind, peace in the heart/soul, peace in your surroundings/with others, peace in the world. So far this year it has felt rushed, sometimes situations were forced upon the self where it was all up to you/figuring things out on your own and feeling alone/lonely. Now most are looking for comfort and calm. We want a break from all the physical energy, from trying to think things out. We want to feel part of something, to feel valued, appreciated and loved as we are. The #2 energy takes things a bit slower because it likes to feel supported before taking action (whether the support is from another person, a group/organization, anything that is a ‘cushion’ of some sort to fall back on). In general, the energy doesn’t like to be hurried or feel pushed. This is where it can become tricky as there is a tendency to have our boundaries put to the test; it becomes a challenge to say no more than yes.

We are more sensitive now. The #2 is connected to the heart. Emotions run the gamut during this time so it’s not unusual to feel happy one minute and than extremely sad the next. We are more susceptible to picking up on frequencies that belong to others, in other words we feel what others feel whether we know them or not, whether it affects us personally or not. It is important to find solace in activities that soothe your heart, soul and mind during this time. Frequent breaks, water and eating extra fruits will be beneficial. Crying will take place more naturally, often and I recommend allowing the tears to flow as it will help clear the energy. Finding or having someone to confide in, to pour your heart out to, to share all that weighs heavy on your heart will involve trust issues. We will question our relationships, all types, as to whether we can believe they will keep our hearts safe from harm, from being broken. Love becomes central for all of us. We desire intimacy. At times we will find ourselves having to make tough decisions, it will be a matter of following your heart vs. your head.

This month we have opportunities to use our intuition more. It involves listening to the inner self, to trust in the process and follow this inner, unexplainable knowing. It will not always make sense but there is a value to it that becomes apparent in time. Patience is key. If interested in developing your own intuition, taking moments to practice will help grow your sixth sense (maybe not to a psychic/medium degree but enough to rely on it when you feel stuck or unsure at times). Overall we are learning to trust our instincts more.

The #2 is represented by women, it is connected to feminine energy. Stories, news, headlines related to these areas will be in focus. I see a push, a driving force of some women taking the lead in wanting to move society towards a more empowered lifestyle. Will we celebrate or degrade femininity? There will be more discussions around women rights, the role of women, whether we feel supported and how we are valued in society. Issues related to fairness and equality occur more frequently. Yet there may also be more incidents of women being hurt. These are occasions for us to to try to heal and show compassion for one another. It’s about women standing up, taking a stand and caring for each other with kindness and love. Can we support one another without judgement, without criticism? How many of us will be able to show grace under pressure?

When I tune into the energy for October, one of the keywords I hear is ‘honesty’. It’s not always about telling the truth but more along the lines of being genuine with your feelings. Honouring what your heart is telling you and sharing how you feel with those that matter in relation to what is important to you. It also involves being honest with yourself, showing care and concern for what is working and not working in your life. Be gentle and kind as much as possible. It’s easy to worry right now, especially since there will be a proneness of what others may think. Be aware of trying to please everyone but yourself. Don’t be the doormat. There is a ‘give and take’ at play...Are you one to give more than receive? Do you give enough love and care to yourself, to those that matter to you? Do you allow others to take advantage of your kindness? Do you give up easily or are you not ready to give up so soon? Multiple scenarios come up. Many of the solutions will be connected to balance. Whether that involves balancing what you want vs. what others want from you, what matters most according to how you feel vs. how others feel, to balancing areas related to your time, your effort, your thoughts. A balance of what you give and what you take for yourself, for/from others, from life. Finding new ways that help enlighten who you are on a heart and soul level which isn’t always easy but feels important now. The time has come to listen to that inner voice and allowing it to shine through.

Until next time, may everyone have a Divine month ahead! If you liked this article and find it to be of value, please feel free to comment and share this post. Tina De Luca, founder of Inlightin Energy, is an intuitive specializing in Numerology and Cartomancy readings. She also channels, is an energy reader and counsels others using her gifts of clairvoyance. To find out more about her and what she does, please visit her website:
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International Peace Day Article

Today it is International Day of Peace. Yet how many feel that the thought of us ever living in peace seems to be a distant reality? There are times the world seems to be getting more violent and destructive, that it becomes a challenge to imagine if we will ever attain a peaceful existence. About a year ago, when I was writing the forecast for the calendar year 2017, today’s thought was one of the messages I received from my Guides, who I refer to as ‘The Counsel’ (yes, they want me to spell it that way and not as Council). The energy took me aback. So simple and it encompasses so many possibilities (many as in thousands, even millions of solutions). When I channel and ask for guidance from my Guides, they often include a variety of images and feelings. After all this time this message still has a profound effect on me. So much so, that there is an importance to share these words with the world: “When humankind makes peace with the animal kingdom, then there will be peace on earth.” Think about it. Take a moment to let the words sink in. Feel the emotions that arise. Picture what it all can be, mean, include and affect. Now what will you do about it? When will you start taking action that aligns with these words? Or keep at an activity that helps the animal kingdom? Some examples are: volunteering at an animal shelter, donating to a cause that supports rescues/conservation, planting trees/gardens, not using products that test on animals, recycling, not littering/picking up litter, going vegan/eating less meat, raising awareness, basically contributing in a way that benefits us all, no matter if you think it is a small or big act as it all is significant and counts. The list is infinite. Some may feel this is a ‘crazy’ solution (or whatever negative thought one may choose), as in what does making peace with the animal kingdom have to do with peace on earth? Yet do you not see how it connects to all that is alive? Whether it is water, air, soil, trees, plants…animals already understand the essence of the cycle of life, they already know how to live in peace. How many of us believe, know and understand animals have the power to heal? Do they not seem to be one of the easiest way to soothe a person’s heart and soul? Why do you think stories related to any type of animal, domestic or wild are so popular? We are often fascinated whenever we hear of what an animal can do and has done (look how popular they are on social media sites…they tug on our heartstrings). Animals of all kinds are some of the greatest teachers available to us. They persevere, love, trust, share, accept and respect under some of the worst and inhumane conditions. But despite some of the barriers we have in this world, animals recognize soul traits that we humans at times tend to dishonour and abuse. My hope is that this message finds its way into the hearts of many. That we become inspired to make peace available and real.
With that, may everyone have a Divine peaceful day. Much love to you all!


Hello everyone! We are in the last quarter of the year but with my experience from doing Numerology, the cycles start to change about 2 months prior to the official date. This means the calendar cycle for 2017 is in the last part, where the numerological cycle for 2018 will begin in November 2017. The #1 year is winding down but still making its’ affects known, one last push before we commence the next cycle. To get a sense of what the numbers have to say for this month, please read on.


Even though September is the ninth month of the year, most of us consider it to be a month of new starts, of slowing down and taking stock of where we are in life and what we would like to change. This month the energy has a ‘I do and I don’t’ effect [i.e. I didn’t feel like writing this forecast until now :)]. There will be moments where we are ready to forge ahead and be ‘gung ho’ with new beginnings and than there will be moments where we feel withdrawn, a bit ‘ho-hum’ with plans and putting them on hold for the time being. The #1 energy is connected to the self, where many of us will have more concern about “what is in my best interest”, even trying out new ideas whether they work out or not. I keep hearing the word ‘original’ as being in focus for many this month. Original ideas, ways, expressions and including incorporating thoughts/actions/information that originated from a different era and place. Some will feel bolder and more determined to put their ideas, dreams, goals into action. Be aware of aggressive behaviours, whether it is you or another, as some will take their actions too far or come across too strong for others to take. It will be easy to feel angry and intimidated. Even the things that normally don’t upset you, may irritate you this month. Tempers flare, arguments ensue. We take things more personally. Because of this, at times some will feel lonely and some would rather be left alone. Try to remember to keep cool, as there will be tendencies to ‘fly off the handle’, ‘get hot under the collar’. The #1 is related to fire, speed and action. Be mindful in these areas, literally and metaphorically.

Anything related to ‘I’ (the self) will be a part of many moments this month. It plays out in many different ways and scenarios. The individual role becomes important in the how, what, where and why when it comes to moving forward. “What’s in it for me” , “How does this help me”, “Where do I go from here?”, “Why am I doing this?” are vital questions in terms of assessing how you fit in with your true self. It’s not being selfish or arrogant (some will think this) as it is more along the lines of getting in touch with yourself as it will eventually help the collective (whether small, big, indifferent, etc.). Try not to be pushy when it comes to getting others to agree/join your own path. Again, it’s about the self, honouring you as much as possible whether it is accepted by others or not.

The #1 is represented by masculine energy. So headlines, stories and incidents related to men are more prevalent. There may be new ideas about how man originated. Yet we may also hear of women who have been silenced by men, who were/are strong, brave and had/have the drive to implement ideas that originated/benefit the self and all. Some of us, no matter the sex, will feel challenged by roles, by what we followed/believed as to why are we here, what is the purpose of life.

This year has seen much anger and hatred. There has been evidence of hostile and brazen behaviours. Decisions made hastily, actions that seemed to be more self-righteous than thoughtful. As hard as it has been to hear, see or be a part of all that bad news, there is a reason (most likely there are many) but specifically to awaken the self, setting us on a new discovery towards becoming whole so that we grow as a collective despite appearances, status, age, sex, etc.. We may see more destruction this month. This can also include hurting yourself. The other keyword I hear, feel and see for this month is ‘invasive’. Whether it is about an actual military action taking place or whether it is personal…be aware of what thoughts, actions and feelings invade your mind, body and soul. It’s not intended to ‘freak’ anyone out, but to pay attention to the processes you take/allow that can be beneficial or detrimental. This is a good month to get clear about the self…what you would like to fulfill, to be and do.

Overall, this is a powerful month, where we may witness new and interesting events. At times it will feel like we are being forced into new situations whether we are ready or not. Be strong, be you and let your light shine as much as possible.
Until next time, may everyone be safe and Divine Blessings to you all.

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Hello and welcome to August! These past few days I have been feeling the energy of Fall in the air…yikes! It seems as though summer has only begun and yet I sense Autumn and Winter may arrive earlier than expected. Although Fall is my favourite season, I am not looking forward to Winter’s cold. I am getting ahead of myself and let’s enjoy the present days without thinking of the upcoming seasons. For those that are new to Inlightin Energy, every month I write a forecast based on what the calendar numbers say. In other words what the energies vibrate and how their traits influence the collective and for the individual it would trigger areas related to what personal cycle you are in whether we are conscious of this or not. My intentions are to enlighten and assist others prepare for the month ahead. Please read on to find out what is possible for August.


Well I feel we are in for a bit of a taxing month. Although most will not be happy about this, there is purpose and reasoning behind it all as ironically our experiences are meant to help us let go and heal our inner wounds. I keep hearing the words ‘pattern’ and ‘repeat’. I can see how this plays out for us, whether it is individually or as a whole, where there will be situations that seem to be reoccurring, resurfacing into focus. In other words, the appearance of repetitive issues keep showing up, grabbing our attention, making it feel like we are living on rewind. Events seem to arise over and over again. Questioning: What gives? Why? What did I do? When will this end? And yet the energy feels like it is all connected to the patterns we follow, believe in, participate in. It’s to help us recognize what the individual keeps repeating as we each tend to have patterns that we create unknowingly. The idea is for us to acknowledge the truth; especially your own as we each play a role willingly or not. At times it can become deep and dark. We will be facing issues of regrets. Ask yourself: “Do you really want to heal and be able to let go of what keeps you feeling and being stuck?” The process lies in looking at what has past/came to be in a new light. Standing in your integrity. Putting an end to behaviours and beliefs that you feel you keep on recycling so that you can try to put an end to what is destructive. It doesn’t matter if we may feel other people and experiences influence our lives a little or a lot; the issue at hand is the ability to take ownership, to lead your own life instead of others taking you by the lead. We may take part in the drama of life or want to be finished with all the drama in our life…the choice is yours. Be strong and brave enough to face the past so that you can emerge and initiate the new within the next few months.

The #9 is represented by Universal Energy. This encompasses the solar system and beyond. It includes ideas related to other dimensions, other life forms/beings, any energy that goes bigger and beyond what we know here on earth. Some of us may be interested in reaching further in what it means to be alive, to want to initiate actions that delve into areas that can further our own intentions. What is fascinating about this process is how we may have to look at history, at the past to understand our present circumstances and what lies ahead in the future. When it comes to what has passed, there are new possibilities that we may discover, that sheds a new light on these matters, taking the old and making it new again or it can be about wanting to share the past with a new group, in a new manner, using new methods. It is all connected and it all counts despite some saying the past is the past. Overall, how we have been living comes into focus but we feel these experiences in new ways. Sometimes the ‘lightbulb’ goes off in our head for the very first time.

We may hear more stories and issues related to seniors, to the aging process and anything that is connected to the old (not just people). Some of our answers may come from the eldest generation as it will be news to us even though they have had this knowledge and experience for quite some time. The subject of death arises often, whether we are comfortable or not around this area, as we need to bring new ways and conversations to deal with or handle this realm.

The month will be exasperating if trying to launch any new action. The #9 has this energy flow of sudden stops, meaning you may begin something and than it suddenly halts. I call it the ‘stop and go effect’. So even though it sounds like I am saying it backwards, it actually makes sense because the motion of the #9 is to take us back, to retrace, to re-do, to remember. The intentions are to complete what no longer serves you, what no longer has meaning, basically what you are done with on any level. Yet it’s not all bad, as it can be a month to realize past dreams/goals and/or put a stop to any dilapidating actions and thoughts.

For those that have a difficult time with endings on any level, if there is one thing I hope for you to take from what may arrive within this month is this: we are releasing, a sort of cleanse so that we can feel refreshed and ready to step into our true soul selves. May you all be well and many Divine Blessings.

Well, I feel that all I want to share has come to a conclusion. Feel free to post any comments, questions and concerns. Sharing of this post is so appreciated! If you liked this article and would like to know more about what your numbers have to say about you, please email me at: or send me a private message on my Facebook Page:

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Hello to all. For many summer has ‘officially’ started with most children out of school and carrying out plans the first part of this month for social activities. Whether this applies to you or not, may everyone have a safe and enjoyable July. For those that are interested what the numbers have to say about the energies for July, please read on.


A powerful month is in store for us as possibilities to manifest greater opportunities or greater troubles surface, however there is a tug of war between what we want and what it takes to get what we want. The #8 is about the outer world, zoning in on what appears to us, what we have and don’t have, focusing on the ‘big prize’. There is an urgency in fulfilling our innermost desires, at times bordering on obsession. Pleasure versus pain. We are fixated on achieving what we want, need, feel. The ego comes into play, what we value on a heart versus head level. Our self-confidence will be tested, lessons related to knowing ‘who I am’, ‘this is me’, and ‘I am more than what appears to be’. We want to be recognized. Persistence is key, even when we have moments of wanting to throw in the towel as we will feel we are not ready to give up just yet; a drive to keep at it no matter what. It may be annoying to others as they could view you as being pushy and arrogant when it comes to going after personal ambitions. Be mindful that it may take many tries to achieve whatever goals we set after as there is a strong ‘law of attraction’ energy involved. This means that what we may think, what the ego has to say about individual dreams and desires, the Universe is trying to set up the ‘right time, people, circumstances’ that aligns with how we feel, with the essence of the inner spirit, whether we are conscious of this or not. There is a ‘meant to be’ energy present and for some they will believe this is associated with karma.

I keep hearing the words ‘worth’ and ‘worthy’ being significant for the majority. This would apply to all facets within ourselves, our lives, our surroundings. Questions such as “Is this worth it?”, “Am I worthy of…(fill in the blank)”, any question that contains the word “worth” and “worthy” arises frequently. We become more aware of the details in matters, in others, in ourselves, not all being pleasant, but necessary as it can help us see what steps we need to initiate to attain our heart’s desire(s). It is to our advantage to choose quality over quantity during this month, as some will feel it’s about having more or being greedy, whether that is related to others, an item or a personal characteristic. We will want to make improvements as there is a focus in wanting the best, what is best and being the best. It’s about fulfilling our needs, whether it is basic (i.e. food) or wishful (i.e. winning the lotto). Generally it is all related to abundance. Not just money, although this area will often be in focus, but noticing the abundance of things that are not connected to money. For example the abundance of nature, of friends, of laughter, of having choices or of being poor, of having no love…anything that you give an abundant amount of attention to, you will notice how much more of it comes to you, whether it is wanted or not. What are you thankful for? How often do you give thanks for all the successes in your life? Do you acknowledge all the wonders in the world, your life, what we take for granted, what we dismiss as small? We have the habit of focusing on what is missing, lacking and not working. The #8 energy is connected to the infinite symbol, basically what we give out we get back, nothing is endless, everything counts, so try to be more aware of the blessings and gifts that you already have and are about to receive.

I see it will be important to be ‘perfectly clear’ about what you want to achieve this month. It’s not about perfection, but figuring out what feels and looks right to you. If that means that there are some issues and people you need to be perfectly clear with, than this energy supports you when it comes to putting your best foot forward. People are more aware of what appears before them, noticing details of behaviours, attitudes and images. First impressions are impactful during this month.

The #8 is represented by sexual energy. When I take into account how all the calendar numbers relate during this time, things can heat up quickly. Our arousals and attractions are powerful. This may include having more sex, affairs, one-night stands and masturbation. Take care if not wanting to become pregnant and preventing sexually transmitted diseases. This energy is also about incidents related to sexual harassment, indecent exposure, molestation, rape, pornography. Anything connected to sexual desires and identities on all levels, in all forms are in focus. We are more aware of the physical body, what we find appealing and repulsive. Stories and headlines related to new discoveries/breakthroughs/thoughts/beliefs related to sexuality are popular and grab our attention more often.

News related to big business, corporations and finances grab our attention. Details about how they manage their affairs and control our lives emerge. We may not like what we see and choose to take action in regards to finding new solutions in how we spend our money, where we invest in and what enterprises we want to support. For those that operate their own business this is a time to be bold, to go for it. If you can, try to spend your money with companies that reflect your own values, that are wanting to improve the world around them, that want to make a difference in some way. Our attention is drawn to our own wealth and the wealth of others in all contexts and forms.

This month is ideal for solving issues and problems that have been nagging you. Don’t discount anything you may consider as mistakes as it may take several tries to overcome and discern what works and doesn’t work for you. Ironically, swearing is a healing tool for most this month…so go ahead and say the word(s) as you will feel better sooner. Overall this month can be prosperous, it all depends on your attitude and values. It’s an energy of success if your aim aligns with your heart’s desires.

Until next time, may everyone have a Divine month!
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Hello to all! I apologize for posting a week into the month, as honestly it has been a challenge for me to sit still long enough to focus and write this forecast. And yet it’s all supposed to be Divine when it comes to timing. For those that are interested in what June has in store for the collective, please read on to confirm how the month has begun so far with the following energies and to help us navigate the rest of June.


Ahh! Time for a breather in the world. This month’s quote is by Rumi, one of my favourite poets. My interpretation of the words feels befitting to all the chaos that has been taking place. That as a collective we are tired of all the noise. A time to be drawn by the quiet, by peace, by solitude, by Divine intervention. “What is calling you from within?” Those that are brave enough to answer the call, to come this way, will discover the magical side of life.

It seems we either find ourselves stuck as there hasn’t been much movement (life has been boring/slow) or we need a break from all the whirlwind activities we have been engaged in so far this year (life has been so hectic). Whether you feel life is starting to go well or not, this month the energy is about stepping back and getting some much needed rest. Our physical bodies will be proof on how exhausted we feel. It isn’t only connected to labor/work activities, it can be related to the mind (studying, over-thinking) and the soul (emotions). The word that stands out for me when I tune into the energy of June is ‘feelings’. I sense that it will be important to go within and honour what you feel, what your heart/gut says in terms of what is important to you. If that means you have been over-analyzing or trying to come up with solutions or trying to get certain tasks accomplished or trying to feel more positive, give it a rest for now, especially if your heart isn’t in it. No matter the circumstances, this isn’t an ideal time to push for results or try to control an outcome. The #7 is a spiritual energy and much of its’ attributes doesn’t jive with the way we try to manipulate the physical world. It is about allowing and surrendering to a higher/unknown/unseen force, whether that be Angels, Guides, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, God, or the unknown, there is a mysterious presence that can’t be explained or proven ahead of time. Faith is the keyword. For some that is about religion and for others it is about the Divine. Whomever or whatever you choose to follow, the idea is to ‘believe before seeing’ not the old adage of ‘I believe it when I see it’. This means that much of this month there will not always be physical evidence or reasoning if we follow how we feel and when we have an inner sense of what is coming. It will be beneficial to believe and have faith in our instincts, our intuition, even when the outside world shows us otherwise. We will be mystified when events take place. Some areas will not make sense as there won’t be any rational explanation for what has occurred.

Personally, I believe when certain circumstances do not work out or at least seem to in our minds, that they are blessings in disguise. Try to remember when you feel defeated or disappointed with anyone or anything during this month, that a Divine source is at play, creating magic and miracles if we can step out of the way and stop managing every detail to how we think it should be. Really try to tune out the hustle and bustle that takes place in your head and go within to feel your way through things…pay attention to your intuition even when your mind doubts or questions the motives. It will all make sense later. It’s not always about immediate answers and/or results.

I understand that there are some who feel challenged by intuition; what it is, how it works, how to know, etc.. Try to be more gentle and patient with yourself as you learn to navigate and gain confidence with your intuition. I truly feel it is a sixth sense that we all have but unfortunately has been revoked for many centuries, especially in the western world. This is a good time to practice by listening and following through on smaller matters (calling the person that suddenly ‘pops’ into your head, or turning on music when you hear a certain song). There may be new ideas related to the psychic area. Phenomena that may have been around for ages yet it is new territory for some, while others may strive to reach new heights with it or feel shaken by new experiences related to the unknown. Individuals who have been searching for meaning may introduce metaphysical tools into their lives or consult with psychics as a new method for finding fulfillment.

Signs are a big aspect with the #7 energy. There are the common ones such as feathers, coins but also pay attention to anything that repeats or stands out for you. Although it is a great starting point to look up what they may mean on different sites or books, try to journal or write on the calendar what took place so that you can see how it applies to yourself, to your life. This month I feel signs will be very personal. On the other-hand, there are possibilities for individuals to create havoc or fear by pointing out signs that are related to faiths that are more fanatic in nature. This means religious groups using their beliefs on what takes place as signs to joining their faith or having more faith in their cause(s). A reminder that if something doesn’t feel or sit right with you, give it a rest. It’s not a time to act forcefully towards what they share and do, no matter what side they are for or against. The energy is trying to show us to go within, to learn to have faith in one’s own spirituality, whatever that may or may not consist of. That life has a hidden and secretive side.

Because rest and sleep are important to the #7 energy, dreams take on more meaning. This includes having vivid ones, feeling the impact of what one dreams while asleep, and finding oneself daydreaming more during the waking hours. There may be more interest in dreams and their interpretations. For those that do get lost in thought, not only is it a ‘vacation’ from the realities of life but it can be a tool to visualize the life you feel you would like. Many will have a difficult time trying to get real, be realistic and keeping it real. We want to pull the blinds down to what is going on around us and escape to ‘la-la land’.

The #7 is represented by nature. There will be more focus in this area. It encompasses everything from the environment to the nature of all that lives on this planet. Will we introduce new concepts that allows Mother Nature to thrive naturally? Will we initiate new ideas that protects the planet and its inhabitants? Will there be breakthroughs or acknowledgement towards the mysterious and mystical side of life and of all that is alive? Nature by design is very therapeutic and we benefit from taking better care of it no matter who says what. For those that are interested in alternative healing and/or being more natural with the body, this is an ideal time to begin and/or incorporate practices that contribute to a healthier well-being of mind-body-soul.

Overall, there will be opportunities to lay low, to chill out and surrender to the stillness of life. Take them when you can. Leave the details of your dreams to the Universe. Allow the Divine to help you more. To have faith that all is well and taken care of.

Until next time, may everyone be well and have a Divine month!

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Hello to all! In recent weeks, there have been new followers on Inlightin Energy’s Page; welcome and thank you! Every month I write a forecast based on the calendar numbers, which includes interpretations connected to Numerology and messages from my Guides, The Counsel. The purpose is to shed light upon what is occurring and to help guide us towards understanding the traits emanating according to the energies expressed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that we may experience individually and as a collective. There are characteristics that come into focus and will touch particular areas in life whether we are conscious of it or not. To get a sense of the possibilities for the month of May, please read on.


When I tune into the month of May, I feel inundated with all that is taking place (I will try to be concise) and and the word ‘importance’ is highlighted. This will be expressed on many levels, to varying degrees, but in general our attention will be on what matters to us with an emphasis on “how is this important to me?” There is much debate on the issue of being selfish vs. selfless, such as what is right vs. what is wrong when it comes to thinking of your own needs. And so it begins, the ‘importance’ of taking care of how you feel and what you want for yourself. The key word for the #6 is responsibility. Yes this may involve the obvious as in having more responsibilities but it goes deeper than that. It is to demonstrate our roles, our choices, our thoughts leading up to the circumstances and the situations we find ourselves in. And it’s not always easy or pleasant. Because in truth, we need to learn about taking more ownership of our personal well-being in all areas of our life. The further we as a group or as an individual lay blame for how we are or where we find ourselves today, the extra challenging the month ahead will be. It’s not about who did what or they did this to me or because of that, as many times it will only be a matter of admitting either to yourself or to another, “I felt, I chose, I did…” by filling in the blank with the appropriate words that fits according to where you are in life now. It’s not about beating up, putting down or shunning. These experiences teach us to empower ourselves to do and feel better when we take more personal responsibility for our actions, thoughts and deeds. The following question will be a beneficial motto for this month: “How does this serve me?” Whether it is related to a thought, a feeling, a choice, anything that you do and say, take a breath and ask yourself this before you carry on. It will help you discern what is important for you.

In general, the energy of giving and receiving comes into focus. This will be demonstrated in many ways and not limited to those who work in the service industries. People are paying more attention to what is shared and respond either with gratitude or dismay. Some will feel drawn to help out more, only because they feel a tug to reach out, a deep calling, and will do something, not expecting anything in return. Once again, the word serve shows up in our lives this month, particularly demonstrated by the actions we take. So there will be instances where some groups do good, some seem to interfere and some don’t do enough/anything. We will notice the effects of giving and receiving, whether it is positive or negative.

So many feel disconnected and/or lonely even though we have all this technology. There is a sense of wanting to feel part of a community, to belong, to feel connected with family. No matter if you like, love, have loved ones near or far, the family and home environment come to our attention. Not only will it be on a personal level, but there will be many stories, articles, announcements, anything that emphasizes the family and home area. This includes how we relate to one another, our surroundings, our lifestyles. Even how we identify with our home country, city, any location comes into play. Be aware of what is important and how does the matter(s) serve you.

The beauty and health industries align with the #6 energy. This means we will see new products, new treatments, new methods, basically being introduced to anything that is new in regards to these sectors. Some will want to improve their outer appearance such as by shopping for new clothes, getting a new haircut/style, dieting/eating better, changing their look in some fashion. We also become aware of our physical well-being. Health issues arise, there may even be new discoveries with caring for/of certain illnesses and yet a new disease may be announced. We will notice that our eating habits, foods and lifestyles play a big role in our welfare. This is a good time to start taking better care of yourself, to begin action steps towards a healthier lifestyle, to be responsible for how you feel and look.

In the western world, we have been taught to identify ourselves by what we do for a living. It feels that there will be a movement towards changing those attitudes. It doesn’t mean that we all stop working (although there will be some who may make drastic choices with their jobs), but an emergence of being mindful of how we earn money, how it supports us, and is it fulfilling our needs. I feel that the employment area will be scrutinized, and I sense a call to action in regards to the cost of living vs. how we live. The word ‘poor’ comes to the forefront. What new ideas are possible that helps not only the individual but our communities? It’s time to bridge and heal the gap(s).

Overall, this month will be educational, not necessarily connected to schooling, as we will have many moments of learning and teaching ourselves the value of paying attention to what is important to the self. It’s a process of acknowledging the mind, body and soul.

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Until next time, may everyone be well and safe. Sending you all Divine Blessings of Light and Love!
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Hello to all! We are halfway through the #1 calendar year cycle (because the way I calculate the cycles, they change 2 months prior to the date), the momentum of anything related to the new is in full swing, such as beginnings, ideas and thoughts. Combined with the #5 for this month, both of these numbers are related to physical energy. There will be a great deal of action taking place; some of us will be feeling excited while others will be feeling overstimulated by it all. To get a sense of what is in store for the month of April, please read on.


Well this will be quite the month! There is a restlessness in the air, many feeling that they want to break free from the tried and true. A sense of wanting more excitement as we are compelled to examine our lives and feel that it is mundane. Now, in general, some will view these experiences as a form of rebellion, it comes across as recklessness, defiant to the ‘rules’ of society, yet in some cases it will be about wanting to express ones’ true self. People will be quick to point fingers by what actions and words are expressed but there has been an emerging of new energies where it feels this is the month that we start to communicate what we want individually. People are finding their voice. It feels the theme for the month will be about freedom, in particular I keep hearing the statement “I want to break free”. Depending on what cycle you are in, this would mean changes in specific areas of yourself and your life coming either created by your own doing or by the Universe (where it seems that any changes come from an unknown or unexplainable source). Whether we feel ready or not, it’s time to get going. To do something about it. It involves moving forward and movements (such as campaigns, factions, groups).

People are tired. Asking themselves: “Is this what life is about? Isn’t there more to life than this?” We want more. We want to feel alive. We want to break free from whatever we think is tying us down. There is a push and pull effect that will take place. For some this may mean wanting to escape in some way; leaving someone or something behind, indulging in some form of an addiction and/or liberating any personal inhibitions. There is a ‘dare to be different’ attitude; exploring new territories, concepts, activities, basically anything that is in physical form. Wanting to invite unusual and unique experiences. It will be common to hear the word ‘weird’ this month; whether it is about people, places, things and events. It’s about creating more visibility; to be open to much more than what meets the eye.

The #5 is represented by the teen generation. This month we may hear and see more stories, news and headlines related to teenagers. I wonder as well, for those that are not in their teens, how many of us will want to express and visit areas related to when we were teenagers. We may learn something new from this age group and it may empower or irritate us. The motto ‘sex, drugs and rock n’ roll’ makes a comeback, however it may be expressed via new forms we haven’t heard of yet. This month the trend will be about going against any trends, standing out, shocks and surprises. There is an energy of shaking things up, going against the norm expressed via our actions and words.

Travel and trips are in focus. It doesn’t always mean going to a distant land, as it also involves short excursions, such as taking many trips between places, whether the locations are near or far. Our vehicles feel important to us, a means by which we can get away from what troubles us, an outlet that while driving, introduces inspiration to our lives and selves. Yet, it can also be about inviting problems while travelling. Please be aware of the rules of the road as there will be a tendency to disregard and/or not pay attention to speed limits, road signs, anything that may cause traffic tickets and/or accidents. Again, a friendly reminder to watch your speed as I sense a high amount of accidents due to those being careless with driving over the speed limit. The energy of being in a hurry is prevalent. There could be an increase in those that break the law, no matter the offense. Be aware of keeping yourself and your belongings safe as thefts are one of the major crimes associated with the #5.

Communication matters are in focus. This encompasses written and verbal forms and foreign languages. People tend to lie more under the influence of the #5 energy. Some lies are for the good and some can be destructive. What is challenging is to know when we are being deceived or charmed into a belief, a purchase, anything that gives the aura of making us feel better as quickly as possible. It is easy to fall prey to being sold into or buy something that is not what it is all cracked up to be. The sales industry falls into this category and although not all are bad, be cautious of salespersons that pressure you into anything you feel you are not ready for. Please note during this influence words are powerful, they can uplift or damage us, it is easy to get caught up in having ‘war of words’ with one another.

A word of caution. The #5 is associated with electricity. Combine the energy of this month with the #1 calendar year energy being fire, there may be higher risks and/or incidents of accidents associated with with these elements. Make sure appliances and gadgets are in good order and use them safely. Explosions occur under this category. In regards to the environment, the focus may be on the atmosphere, the air we breathe, and there could be more health issues that relates to the lungs. We also need to remember at times this month, to stop and catch our breath. Our sense of smell is heightened, not only physical scents but anything that is related to the saying ‘something smells fishy’. Figuratively, some people will be blowing a lot of ‘hot air’. As far as weather is concerned, there may be more electrical storms/lightning.

Overall, change is in the air. The key is are you willing to take the risk to fly?

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Tina De Luca is an Intuitive Numerologist with over 25 years of experience. She also channels; receiving messages from a group of Divine ‘beings’ referred as The Counsel and she reads regular cards (the ones used for solitaire), a method that was taught by her mother and passed down through many generations in her family. For more information, bookings and group events please visit her website:  She can be contacted via email:  or via private message on her Facebook Page: Inlightin Energy

Until next time, may everyone have a safe and Divine month ahead!
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