Yeah! A part of me is excited that the energy of the number 9 cycle is in its final month this calendar year as it feels enough is enough. No disrespect for those that have 9s in their chart, as I admire the inner will it takes to accomplish and accept the traits associated with the number 9. Some of the major themes of this past year cycle has been associated with endings, letting go, forgiveness, the past, truth and integrity, not easy values to work through yet there are many gifts within these areas once we learn to release what is no longer in our best interests whether we realize it now or later. For those that are wondering why is this the last month for the #9 year cycle, over the last 30 years that I have been doing Numerology, my insights and experience has shown me that the cycles start to change 2 months prior to the actual birthday/changing of the calendar. So, even though the physical essence of the year 2017 begins in January, the spiritual essence/energy of 2017 starts to emerge in the month of November 2016. There are many websites and other Numerologists that write about the cycles and there will be different beliefs and methods, and I am not discounting any of them by saying my way is right or better, as I am sharing what I have come to know up to now. My intention is to write an article about 2017 in November, so for those that are curious what the next cycle will be about, I will highlight the post on the Facebook Page to make it easy to find and read; a ‘heads up’ on what energies will be at play for us. Alrighty than, with that being said, hopefully without any confusion, let’s focus on what this coming month has in store for us.


Well, this month may be trying for some of us. The energy of October has to do with anything that is new, yet the influence of the calendar year, 2016, is about endings. When looking at this from an intellectual perspective, these energies ‘clash’ but the spiritual essence of what they mean go ‘hand in hand’; to become or start anew, things must come to an end. It feels like there will be a boldness in how we each approach what we want to accomplish and receive for oneself this October. Yet some will be ‘bound and determined’ to keep things as they are/have been. This will not work. And what concerns me about this stance, are those who will be argumentative with their personal agendas: be aware of clashing, of losing your temper easily, as the idea is to do what you feel is right for you but in a way that doesn’t feel pushy/bossy to those around you. Your personal goals and beliefs may not be in alignment with others, so do take care as what you want may not necessarily be what others want. There will be tendencies to take the lead, think ‘it’s my way or the highway’ and when push comes to shove, your way may result in some relationships and/or plans coming to a bitter end. Be prepared for letting go of what you have been holding onto tightly, as the fear to move forward, even though it has felt for awhile ‘it’s time’, will play out this month. There is an emergence taking place, whether we are conscious of this or not, it is time to get in touch with who you truly are and make new plans for how you want to be, to live: What kind of life are you wanting to create? Who am I? What am I about? These are questions that people will want to address and the events that take place in our lives will be about putting each of us on the path to self-discovery. Our inner strengths will be put to the test. There is also an aloneness energy present: the realization that even though there are many tools, people, organizations that assist us to overcome struggles, the truth is: it really comes down to the self to come into one’s own being. Self-responsibility, taking a deep look into the mirror, finding some peace with it all, as we are shedding our old selves to move in a new direction in our lives. There will be periods where one feels ‘gung ho’ to get things moving, feeling excited and then it will feel like you are getting nowhere, that as soon as you start, the momentum comes to a sudden halt: this is normal with the energies at play this month, so do take care as to not rush or speed through…take your time, be thoughtful and patient. It is about trying as many new things as possible but also considering past ways/solutions/experiences that have garnered success. We may even find that putting a new twist to old ideas becomes the solution(s). I feel that some ideas and beliefs from the past will be re-visited and that there will be some truths to them, that we have discounted certain old notions and discover that they do have a place and meaning in the grand scheme of life. We are conditioned to think, be and feel certain ways, sometimes to the point where we only want one solution to our problems and yet on a Universal level, that is not how the energies play out…there is an abundant amount of information we have yet to fully tap into and integrate. The #1 is a masculine energy, very physical, and we may find find ourselves expressing this side of ourselves in particular areas of our lives…it may also mean that the men in our lives will have more influence. It would be wonderful on a general level, men come to demonstrate they can do better by us all; that they consider the individual, each person counts and is important. That being the ‘man’ is not necessarily what we have been led to believe for many generations. Whether it is a male or the masculine side of a female, the urge to want to control will come on strongly. Preferably, it would be beneficial to witness empowerment over power.

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Hmm, September, the beginning of my favorite season of the year. I so enjoy the Fall and as each day passes, the evidence of Autumn approaching becomes visible more and more. Ironically as nature prepares for hibernation, the numbers for this month supports the notions of shedding what no longer serves us. To get a sense of what the energy is reflecting, please read on.


Wow! September will prove to be a powerful month. We are in a #9 year and this month is a #9 plus it is the 9th month of the year. Whenever numbers repeat as such, the energy is intensified because each component has the same meaning; it’s akin to peeling off layers but finding the same results:“This again?, This again?, This again?”; it’s like the needle on the record is stuck. If it feels like you want to run and hide, sorry, ‘it ain’t gonna happen’ as avoidance will not work for anyone. The number 9 is the last number when it comes to the cycles in Numerology and this is exemplified by death in many forms (i.e. loss of job, relationship, beliefs) and on all levels (emotionally, physically, etc.). Now, many people are uncomfortable with the subject of death, let alone the word can bring up many uncomfortable feelings and emotions, yet I do feel that for this coming month, many of us will be experiencing endings in various areas of one’s life. In general, we all know, have dealt with or will be dealing with losing loved ones to physical death, but now it feels as though the impact of this type of loss will be more amplified; it’s as if the subject of death will take centre stage somehow and someway. I am not trying to scare or spook anyone by saying that your ‘time is up’ but that whether you experience someone you know or through someone you know that is dying, this will make you take stock of yourself, your life and your surroundings more than usual. Are you the person you want to be? Are you living the life you want? We may find ourselves opening up more about death; talking and exploring what it means, what it does, how we cope and react to this area of life. A wise Medicine Woman once told me that “death is about the living”. Back then those words hit home with me, gave me some comfort during a time where I did experience much loss in a short period of time and honestly her words still feel so truthful to this day, yet Western society doesn’t support this notion. So will this be the month where the collective comes to this style of understanding? That death is marked by the living. We have to deal with the pain of loss, of what could have been or should have been yet where can we find peace to those feelings and questions. I feel that there is not one way or an easy way but that healing can come in many forms and that we live with the residue of loss in various degrees. I know what I have shared so far has been ‘heavy’, maybe some will feel discouraged by it but my intention is to speak up with Divine love and respect. This leads to the truth and integrity part of the number 9. We will find ourselves being faced with “our we living in our truth(s)”: whether it is a large corporation, a government party/official, or individually; there will be times where the truth ‘comes out’, or asked to ‘tell the truth’. The idea is to honour and be sincere when it comes to the integrity of who you are, or in cases where it is about larger groups: owning the decisions that impacted the collective and wanting to end certain beliefs and practices that do more harm than good. This month there will be many instances of the past coming back, whether it is a reminder or an actual re-occurrence, as these events/people/places are connected to the gift of learning and being able to let go. They will show up in different ways, affecting different levels (physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.). It is an energy where it teaches forgiveness, unconditional and Universal love. This brings me to a very important message for this month.
When I tuned in with my Guides and asked what they want me to share with you all from them is this: SELF-CARE. Although the #9 energy is represented by the Universe and All That Is, without each of you there would be no Universe, that it all goes hand in hand. Taking the time to honour, cherish and acknowledge your soul self; this means listening to what you feel and know in your heart of hearts and following through on this guidance. If it means letting go, putting an end to something, speaking your truth by simply saying no, asking for help or seeking counsel from spiritual sources, be mindful of how certain choices affects your well-being. Is it not better to stop hanging onto or trying to do it all as it wears not only your body but your spirit? Take moments to pause and reflect, to remember what makes you feel alive. Having self-care is a gift of Universal love. Use this time wisely as it is a season to clean and clear what no longer serves your soul.
Until next time, I and my Guides, The Counsel, send each of you Divine Blessings of Love and Light. Be well!
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Hello to all! It has been an unpredictable summer in so many ways, and it feels like Autumn is ready to arrive sooner than later…I can feel this season coming upon us unexpectedly. As I sat down to write this month’s forecast, the expression of the messages that came through felt empowering; that all the struggles are really about releasing what no longer serves us. We all are on this path to get in touch with our soulful selves. That if we are aware and willing, we can connect-the-dots from what has passed to where we are presently. To learn more about what August has in store, please read on.


Well, won’t this be a telling month. Now this is an odd word to use for the #8 as it doesn’t necessarily tie in with what it represents but I get a sense that this will be a fruitful time for some and for others it will be free-falling. It has been a challenging year for many with the base #9 energy (2016: 2+0+1+6=9) influencing our lives (endings, letting go, the past), yet, for this coming month there will be some breakthroughs, especially for those that kept persevering after their personal dreams, questioning their choices, having moments of defeat and/or thoughts of throwing in the towel. We have been pushed to the limits; a test in what makes us who we are, what we allow and how much do we really want what we want. But despite all the circumstances and emotions, opportunities arrived, be it little windows, enough so that it helped in believing in themselves, their goals, and at times having just a small amount of faith/hope/trust to keep at it. This is where the successes arrive, where it will all be worth it. The #8 is connected to the material world, a cycle of gains and losses. Some will feel like they are winning and some will feel like they are losing. The difference will be your attitude towards it all. We will notice that we have more energy and clarity in our lives. Things will start to make sense and we will be able to solve long-standing problems/issues that have been repetitive or re-occurring. For those that have been working on themselves on a deep level; meaning facing, owning and healing your fears, doubts, insecurities, this month may prove to be quite rewarding. The ability to know who you are and what you’re made of, including the ‘ugly’ parts (the negative and self-defeating behaviours and beliefs one has), successes arrive in the most unlikely ways. This means past activities, people and places that were visited or accessed to improve yourself and/or circumstances but didn’t get you anywhere or the achievement you had hoped for, will re-appear in some manner that allows you to reach your dream(s). The more you followed your soul/your inner calling, the more you stood in your integrity, the more you were true to yourself, no matter what area that was in (career, home, relationships, etc.), even though it felt you were getting nowhere, the bigger the accomplishment. For some the journey took dips and dives, appearing to go in different directions, travelling in a jagged line yet overall the path was Divine in nature; a spiral. Did you allow your thoughts to consume your being or did you overcome them? This past year has been about bringing about a sense of empowerment to what you can and cannot do, to what is possible, to what is important and to release what no longer serves you. Acceptance and prosperity in the form of getting to really know oneself and that life is bigger and more beautiful than what our ego tells us, shows us and wants us to believe. Be confident and stand in your own power this month; let your inner light shine for the world to see, to feel, to hear and to know. All that hard work wasn’t for nothing; allow the Universe to reward your kind heart. Now for those that took the ‘easy’ way out of personal responsibilities (feelings, behaviours, choices), this month may prove to be one where you wish you had done this or that differently. Being distracted and consumed by the immediate pleasure but at a cost. That there will be regrets and a feeling that you have wasted precious time, allowing your ego to get the better of you and that in the overall scheme of life, the rewards were short-lived and futile. For some, this will be a month of starting from scratch, whether you like it or not. That there will be more experiences connected to losses, heartache and pain. There is a Law of Attraction at play. For those that are unaware of this concept, it is about what you think: you will get, what you feel: you will get. Others may say it is about “what goes around comes around” or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. So in essence, can you make the most of this month? Can you allow your thoughts, your deeds, your feelings to be those based in joyful and loving energies. Can you allow the Universe/Divine to work for you and not against you? That there are endless possibilities to achieve and realize certain goals. That there is a Divine energy to our paths. There is more to abundance than what meets the eye; for some of us, August will be proof in how rich one really is and it’s not just about the bank account. It is ideal to look back at all of your achievements; especially personal and what may be deemed as small; ones that are related to who you really are (what you overcame, what you realized, what areas you have grown and become enlightened in). It may be surprising and significant to realize you are more than what your present surroundings show. This is a powerful month, I feel it! Most of us when reflecting back, will see we are not the same and that nothing is impossible; it can be illuminating to see how far one has come in life. Make the most of this energy…be and do your best to attain any goals that feel important to you. Remember you are richer than you think!
Many Divine Blessings to you all!

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Hello and welcome! We are officially into summer now that all the kids are out of school and we are upon the 1st long weekend of this season. For those that are able to vacation, safe and fun travels. To find out what the numbers for July have to say, please read on.


Well, first off I sense this month will begin with a melancholy energy as the combination of the #7 month with the #9 year are both about dealing with our deepest feelings and fears, areas that we try to keep hidden and push away and for some that may lead one to darkness and despair. There is a ‘bubble to the surface’ effect occurring, where it feels one can’t get away from the pain of some past choices and regrets. Not pleasant or easy to always overcome. I keep hearing the word ‘surrender’. This action feels important for many of us. Surrender often gets a bad rap, as it is associated with losing and admitting defeat, yet surrendering can be a blessing in disguise. When one feels stuck, lost or depressed, one’s negative thoughts and memories keep playing over and over in one’s mind. When feelings of hopelessness and being overwhelmed with grief about where you are now and heading take hold of you, surrender in its’ truest form is not about giving up or giving in; it is allowing the Divine/the Universe/Higher Power/God, whichever spiritual essence you believe in and may pray to, take over. To stop controlling the events and outcome with the ego part of oneself. This is where faith steps in and puts us to the test sort to speak. Allowing the feelings to have the chance to take its’ course; meaning instead of pushing it away, stay with it, go through with it, so that it can be done. Sometimes it is better to admit and accept what is, is what is, including how you feel as to get it all out of your system. It can be freeing, healing and most of all, clear the channel to tap into one’s intuition. Faith is believing before seeing. So, if you feel and have an inner knowing that is unexplainable in the physical realm/world, that there is no physical proof in the here and now to show otherwise despite your present circumstances, try not to discredit what your gut says. This month there are possibilities of the mysterious, the magical and miraculous taking place. Watch for signs that appear. Take note of them. Keep track of them in a journal or calendar as it will make sense and have a personal meaning. Even in the news and social media there will be stories that have a spiritual element to it; Angels, Spirits, ghosts, healings, anything to do with the metaphysical area will grab our attention and prove that they are real. A month where one feels the need for solitude, peace and quiet. It is for our benefit to step back and be still this month. To go within and rest; take it easy. Those that feel they need extra guidance will feel drawn to seek alternative, holistic and intuitive individuals/resources for counselling and/or healing.
When I tap into the energy of our surroundings, it feels like a strange and ethereal vibration in the air. As if nothing is what it seems and yet anything can happen. That for some of us, we will have moments where it feels like a dream, be it a nightmare or a delight. Occurrences of “I have been here before” or “I did this before”; akin to deja-vu. Don’t be surprised if one day all feels lost and then the next day all feels empowering. This is how July will go. Nothing is set in stone and final.
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Hello everyone! By our calendar we are half way through the year, but according to the Numerology calendar there are 5 months left for the #9 cycle energy (June 1st-Oct 31st). “Hang in there!” as the underlying theme is about dealing with endings. Many have been experiencing ‘a stop and go motion’; it feels like there are moments we are running around in circles and not getting anywhere. In time, it will all make sense, as this cycle has opportunities for us to get clear about who we are, what we want and what is important. So, what will June be all about? Please read on for the possibilities this month will bring.


Every time I focused on writing this month’s forecast I kept hearing the song “What’s Up” by the group 4 Non Blondes. For me, this is one facet of receiving intuitive messages, so I believe the lyrics hold some importance for all of us in some way. I encourage as many of you to listen to this song and understand how this may relate to you. On a general level, it feels like many will be asking “What is going on?” as this month feels like it will be about re-evaluating the choices made that have led us to the present situation. The main trait with the #6 energy is to learn responsibility. So often we think of responsibility in the form of taking care of someone or something but this goes deeper; it is about acknowledging one’s personal role in everything that occurs in one’s life. The more one lays blame on another person, an event, the traffic, the weather, any reason, the harder the situation will be. It is advantageous to accept your role in everything about yourself and your life, no matter how big or small your choices were and how it turned out as we are not always conscious to the fact we make many decisions in any given moment and we do the best we can with what we have and know. Sometimes this will be difficult, yet it will teach us to be more educated in the ‘school of life’. Do you want to be better? Do you want easier? What do you want? Who do you want to be? This month, learning and teaching will come in many forms to help us become more aware, to try to heal and let go of any parts that no longer serve us well both individually and collectively. The other notable fact to responsibility is the literal meaning by either shedding or taking on more in the physical areas of our lives; work, family, home and/or health issues. Many of us will receive ‘a wake up’ call in particular sectors of life, again it is to teach us to be more responsible for our thoughts and actions. Family is represented by the #6, so on a general level, more news, stories and issues related to families will be in focus. Our own families will be more involved and in touch; there may even be more ‘drama’ taking place so if you are not one to spend time or want to be with particular family members, be aware of what you can do to make the best of it or let it be. Remember, for so many years, family has been taught to society as a certain way; mom, dad, 2 kids (generally speaking), yet we are breaking rules and tradition by living and accepting family in many different forms, including same-sex marriages, step-parents, adoption, pets and friends. You know the saying “Blood is thicker than water”, feels like this will be put to the test as it isn’t necessarily truth. We will see groups trying to bring together communities as a family unit. This month areas related to health and beauty will arise; from the specifics of food to medicine to health & beauty products. Anything that is about personal well-being and appearances will be popular. Industries related to these areas may become scrutinized for past practices and methods of manufacturing. The employment sector will be up and down; very unpredictable this month; watch for certain job markets to come to a sudden halt while other workplaces will be reviewed for how they serve employees and customers. For some of us, we will be re-thinking career choices or how we spend our days at work as we re-evaluate if we make a difference, if we feel fulfilled by what we do will become important. Concern with social services as some agencies will close and others will receive cut-backs (this would include departments and charities that receive government funding); pressure to help others will come from community charities (such as local food banks) and relying on family. One big ‘hit’ I keep sensing is related to home; issues related to homelessness, the rental market and building materials will undergo changes as far as trying to make housing safer, secure and affordable. For those that do have a stable home environment, there may be strong urges to renovate or move or return to your homeland (be it a town, a city, province or country from your past). All in all, home will be important this month.

I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s forecast as I tried to make it short and simple. For those that are interested in having a Numerology reading, please contact me via email: tina@inlightinenergy.com to book an appointment. Also feel free to comment and share this post. May you all be well this month!
Divine blessings!
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Good day to everyone and welcome! I am going to share what this coming month has in store for us according to the numbers. Please read on and share this article if so desired. Also any questions and/or comments are welcomed.


Hang onto your hats, as it feels we are in for quite the ride this month both literally and figuratively! What has been feeling stagnant will experience movement but the key to what changes are in store as a collective group and on an individual basis will either occur by our own doing or through other channels such as other people, organizations and/or Divine timing. If particular matters in one’s life have been stuck, this may very well be the month where things get going, whether we think we are ready or not; a cross between mayhem and let’s rock n’ roll. So if you have been trying for the past few months or years to change certain aspects of oneself or in an area of one’s life, the #5 has the energy of not just changes but there is an element of it coming up via surprises. It may at times feel like the ‘rug has been pulled out from underneath one’s feet’ expression. Yet these changes have been a long time in the making, so try to be aware that it is to make room for more freedom. Freedom from what binds oneself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Not everyone likes changes and surprises so it will be interesting to see how many will rebel against or restrict what comes our way. Communication will be in focus. Take care during this month to carefully review and understand what is spoken, read and documented, including any paperwork that is connected to important matters such as contracts. This may also be a time where some will want to revisit stories, photos and memories connected to the past. The #5 vibrates on an expressive level, pushing the limits and testing our beliefs and values. It will be interesting to see what forms of expression will appear that will try to change, even shock what we have thought to be and know from the past. Also there is a charming vibration to the #5 where it will be easy to be lied to, taken advantage of, fall under someone’s spell. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you have been cheating, lying or stealing be careful as you may be found out this coming month. Rumours and gossip prevail. It also must be considered that you may be in the role of surprising others; saying and doing things that cause others to be taken aback by what appears to be your sudden change in behaviour(s); being able to finally express your true self, even if it isn’t to anyone’s liking or approval; having moments that will be and feel awkward, uncomfortable but at the same time feel freeing. Some will walk away: an ‘enough is enough’ attitude. If you are one to be concerned with not being heard or seen as you want, this month you may find yourself expressing in ways that appear to be rebellious, impulsive and indifferent. Yet there will be opportunities to be noticed by those who seek the unusual and unique; especially if your message resonates with those that do not follow the norm/trends of society. Areas related to cultures and languages will be in the spotlight; from the differences, such as the wild, wacky and wonderful customs to racism issues. Exploring areas that are foreign (whether it is true or false) will be popular as well. Trips and travelling increase this month. This would include many small trips that are local and to places that you have always wanted to see and visit. It feels many will want to accomplish goals from the past because they are more willing to take the risk or chance as it will be a ‘now or never’ time. Just as there is positive sides to life, there are challenging attributes as well. One of them being the area of addictions. We normally think of drugs, alcohol, gambling as being the most common, but anything can become addictive. Be mindful of what you get caught up in as it may take over your life. Yet it can be a month where you do quit any bad habit(s). Solutions to overcoming addictions are re-evaluated. Re-examining how addictions come to be are discovered. Crime, particularly thefts, may increase this month. Pay attention to being safe and to personal belongings. This could also be where crime rings associated with gangs, drugs and pornography are prevalent or caught or dissolved or a combination of all. Groups associated with helping victims impacted by these types of crimes may receive funding, recognition and may share solutions that help prevent future incidents. Be mindful of avoiding accidents, any type, anywhere as it will be easy to be careless. A rebellious and fearless nature vibrates with the #5. In wanting to take risks and having a disregard for rules, there is a tendency to break the law and any guidelines in place for the safety of all those concerned. What restricts one’s freedom causes actions that appear to be disruptive and in some cases violent. At times it is about satisfying one’s wants without any regard to how it may affect others. The #5 represents the youth generation, those that are teenagers, so it is fitting that many of the characteristics associated with the #5 are expressed during and by this age group. Teens and stories related to them will be in focus, and they may set in motion ideas that grab our attention. What will be expressed by them that causes a ripple effect in our society? The month will feel energized, electrifying at times, having waves of enormous energy followed by a crash and burn. It will be party time for some, reasons to celebrate, and for others the party will feel like it is over. Whatever unfolds in your life this month, may your journey be safe, expressive and freeing. Divine Blessings to you all!

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This month will have a more serious tone to it, as many will feel this is not the time to get emotional, to be sensitive. The energy of the #4 is about getting ‘down and dirty’, rolling up one’s sleeves and having the feeling to get stuff done. April is usually when most do some spring cleaning, and ironically the number for this month supports that notion. There is an air of wanting to organize and simplify specific areas in one’s life that has been ignored or delayed up to now. Many will feel it is hard to relax, to shut off the mind, as thoughts of what you think needs to be accomplished keeps pushing back to ‘hurry up’ as time is ticking away. This can be both positive and negative, having the discipline to tackle projects yet also feeling frustrated with the amount of the workload, as at times it will feel for every one step forward, fall two steps back. A helpful tip would be to make lists and limit the amount of items that sounds reasonable to complete each day as it is important to not overdo it. Yet the other side to being busy, is at times feeling too lazy: either this will be about thinking you are not doing enough or actually not doing anything. It can go both ways as there are opposites to every trait. The #4 is a physical vibration, meaning at most times our heads will rule over our hearts when it comes to decision making. There is a realistic approach in the air. Researching and trying to make intelligent choices. Going with ideas based on facts rather than imagination. Getting overwhelmed with paying attention to the details and nitty gritty. Wanting to make the most of our resources and time, even though many will feel there is a lack occurring. One of the negative aspects to the #4 energy is feeling there isn’t ‘an enough of’ present. So not enough time, and/or money, and/or help, and/or…whatever one can think of in terms of what there isn’t ‘enough of’ in one’s life: these thoughts will play out in spurts; singularly, multiple and intertwine. This would be an ideal month to find out why and where the lack energy comes from, to let go of and put an end to those feelings. There are many ways to handle feeling poor in some area of one’s life but participating in any physical style activity (i.e. walking, bicycling, cleaning) this month will help clear and tire the mind enough to relax. Even connecting with the energy of the Earth will be important…working outside in the yard, in a garden, feeling your bare-feet and hands in the dirt, on the grass, etc. will be energizing. Try not to make each day just about work, whether it is job related or not, schedule down time as well.
Now on a Universal level of how the #4 may influence the general population, the news media, military, police forces, rulers and regulators; anything that is related to discipline, to traditions, to rules and regulations will be in focus. Some of these areas will be scrutinized, as past tactics and facts they have used to restrict the public will be reviewed. The truth and integrity of their actions and use of words may be investigated. There may even be a movement to take a realistic approach to traditional ways of how we have been doing things, in other words, some will want to get practical, sensible, while others will want to be restrictive, tough when it comes to the concept of what ‘order in society’ means and should look like. Some countries may become more militant. There could be an uprising or coup taking place, as some organizations will want to limit the freedoms of others. The other possibility is organizations that have been too militant, too restrictive, where it affects the well-being of others, may be disciplined as new rules and regulations to safe guard those that are vulnerable, being harmed, will be introduced. The #4 can be old-fashioned as it is about doing things the way they have been done for generations, for years and it feels like we will be reviewing if it is actually right because it makes sense or because it is related to keeping us under control. We may be examining: “Whose rules are we living by?”
Other scenarios that may come into play this month have to do with concepts that will help simplify one’s life. Areas related to organizing one’s finances, debts, household and time management may prove to be popular. Budgeting of time, resources, and money will be important to many. Purging of items that are no longer useful, wanted or needed. Looking at systems to save for the future as the issue of thinking ahead is apparent. More cutbacks could be taking place. This is a month where many will question “Are the basic needs of life being met in practical, simple and sensible ways?” or “Is the cost of living becoming too restrictive as the structures of how we meet our needs are becoming more difficult?” The way we work, earn a paycheque, what we pay for items, fees, etc. will be reviewed and compared to past years to see if we are ahead and what future costs could lead to. This could create a poor mentality, that many are not doing well when it comes to stability in life. Yet there may be groups that will create foundations related to making sure no one is going without. Setting in motion concepts that were used in the past that benefited many, such as communities that are practical and secure. This is a great month to come up with intelligent solutions and focus on being resourceful. To practice the give and take energy with each other. Whatever may unfold, do your best and be reasonable with others. This is a time to work together not against.
Divine Blessings to you all and may April be one of Light and Love. Be well!
© Tina De Luca

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Hello and welcome everyone! From the time I started a Facebook Page for Inlightin Energy, I have been writing a monthly column on what Numerological influences are present for the general population that also includes intuitive messages. You can also find these articles on my website: www.inlightinenergy.com With that being said, please read on what the possibilities may bring for us in March 2016.


Here we are into the first week of March and the energy can feel quite scattered. That we may hear news or reports that are not clear or make any sense. A time where confusion and uncertainty prevails, where when final choices/decisions are made, feelings of doubt arise soon or sometime after. Some of us will have periods of feeling jubilant and joyful and the next moment feeling irritable and indecisive: wanting to celebrate and than wanting to cry. The #3 is represented by children and child-like energy: this means that stories, traits, trends related to children will be in focus and that we will also see behaviours of adults looking and sounding childish. I will even go further to say that incidents and memories from childhood will be apparent, whether they be our own or through the media. This is a month to try to have as much fun as possible, to see the humourous side as laughter will truly be the best medicine in situations, especially the difficult and trying ones. There is a social aspect to this month, getting together with friends and going out more than usual. Yet be mindful that things may not go according to plan; meetings, schedules, appointments will get disrupted or cancelled or changed around by various reasons. This is where ‘going with the flow’ will be put to the test as it isn’t a month to take life seriously, to try to enjoy and make the most of what we have and comes our way. Some of us will feel bursts of enthusiasm to get certain tasks done followed by a crash and burn effect. Remember to incorporate play into your daily life: whether it be with or without children, find your inner child by looking back to what you liked doing as a child. Imagination is key this month; forgetting, solving and overcoming issues that have been reoccurring or reappearing. It is often said that one must keep a positive attitude to attract a positive outcome yet it will not always be easy as some will try to say that “the good times are over”, so if you find yourself getting down, focus on creative projects, comedy movies and shows or anything that is cute (i.e. baby animals) as this will help distract you and refocus on a more happy-go-lucky outlook. Finally if you find that a past goal is resurfacing, this may be the month to shine a light on it; to find those who will help you nurture and realize this dream.

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Hello to all and welcome if this is the first time you are reading one of these forecasts. It feels like February will be a heart centred vibration, meaning most of us will find ourselves feeling our way through day-to-day life. The energy of receiving and giving love will be important as it will be about deepening, healing and creating bonds that have meaning and substance. A month where trust, truth and integrity in our relationships come to light. Please read on for more about this month’s forecast.


It is noticeable that there are two numbers present for this month’s forecast: 11 & 2. The reason being is the number 11 is a Master Number that has many similar traits as the number 2 but the vibration of the 11 is more intense and acute, as it operates on an elevated and deeper level. This means the experiences are both profound and extra challenging, in which the destination is to trust the intuitive and spiritual side of life. There will be times that the energy will waiver between both of these numbers, noticeable by how strong one’s feelings and instincts are. It will not be important to focus on which number is present as the intention is to share the knowledge of what they mean and how it may play out during this month. There are many characteristics associated with the #11, but its’ main focus is to seek enlightenment. Not easy, as the energy takes one inward deeply, areas that have been avoided: facing fears, doubts and any emotions that are considered to be painful. The journey begins when one asks for answers that cannot be satisfied via the ego/the mind. The goal is to understand those aspects of oneself because to attain the light or become enlightened, one must visit and walk through the dark. It may sound overwhelming and undesirable, but sometimes it is as easy as acknowledging the fear, the doubt, the pain and making the conscious choice to change thoughts, behaviours, beliefs. In general, you will know when an area in your life is seeking enlightenment as your feelings will take you on a roller coaster ride: up and down, feeling repetitive and emotional. It will be easier to feel sensitive and moody. When this happens, try to focus on your breathing: deep breaths in and out to calm yourself, as many as it takes to relax your mind and body as it will help centre you. So what areas will be in focus? The #11/2 vibration is about relationships, all types: intimate, distant and especially the relationship with yourself. A mirror effect shows up often: what you see in another person, any qualities both positive and negative, no matter how close or distant the bond is, what you notice and feel during these interactions is about you. Many will want to feel love, be in love, improve the love between intimate partners, family members, friends and the best way to achieve that status is to begin by loving yourself: including the parts you find unappealing, shameful and shy about. I know it is often said true love begins with loving yourself, yet we forget this fact and this month it will become apparent to master this belief through our connections with others. Yuck or yeah, depending on what you pay attention to and what rises to the surface. These are opportunities to trust and/or surrender to these emotions, being vulnerable, and allowing the energy of love to come in to help heal and release. Basically the energy of love will be in focus often this month: stories, movies, news, anything associated with love on all levels in all manners will be prevalent and isn’t it ironic that Valentine’s Day happens to be present during this forecast. So if you find yourself not being loved to your liking (this includes if you are not wanting to be single), how about sending love vibrations to yourself and see what happens. The #11/2 is a feminine energy, areas associated with women and females will play an important role this month whether it is noticed or not. Compassion, kindness and fairness will be keys to succeeding. Intuition is strong, try to listen to what your heart or gut says as much as possible. Feelings of wanting to connect with something bigger, better, or on a higher vibration as the void of something being missing or incomplete wants to be satisfied: this means many may look into the metaphysical and spiritual side of life. Creating an environment of peace, calm and equality will feel urgent. There may be groups reemerging or forming seeking to bring those attributes to the forefront. Water and music are two areas that capture our attention more. Headlines relating to water, from the usage of to weather activities such as fog, ice and rain. The music industry will also be in focus. They are also two tools that can be very beneficial to our well-being: drink lots of water, swim, visit waterways, relax with baths/showers and listen, dance, sing to music as much as possible. There will be instances where it serves your best interests to escape from reality yet the key is to be safe and not get lost or consumed by any bad habits. Daydreaming can be a positive way to cope. I would like as many of you to imagine yourself and your life in a more pleasant, loving manner: try to imagine your hopes coming to life, feel them with lots of love and peaceful energy. When you focus on your heart’s desires, it’s best when you are calm as one of the downfalls of the #11/2 is worrying. Again, breathing, water and music will help alleviate tensions related to anxieties. A good time to imagine any past hurts and disappointments being cleared and carried away by Angels, Spirit Guides, God: any image or belief of someone or something taking the matter/feeling/memory from your soul. It’s time to surrender with grace whatever has weighed your heart down. Be gentle with yourself and others. Supporting one another is another way of showing love, so trust yourself and your abilities when situations arise for your help. Serving and caring with your heart will be cathartic.

From the hearts of my Guides ‘The Counsel’ and I, sending each of you Divine Love and Light. Be well this February.

©Tina De Luca

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Hello to a new year! A time where most feel it is a chance to make a fresh start and dream new dreams. Ironically, this month’s number reflects that notion. To understand more please read on for this month’s possibilities in what the numbers have to say.


It is a rare occurrence when the numbered month of the calendar year is the same number in Numerology. This will take place most of this year until the yearly number changes in November. I hope I can explain clearly. January is the 1st month of the year, and the Numerological value of this month is a #1. If this doesn’t make sense, no need to worry as the point I want to make is the energy of each month will have an intense vibration as the numbers repeat in value. So, if you find yourself feeling emotions strongly and more than usual this is an indicator of how the numbers affect our well-being whether one is aware or not. The key is to find what tools help you cope when you feel overwhelmed and to move forward when you feel energized.

The #1 is about anything that is and feels new. This relates to ideas, plans, dreams but also with experiences, people and places. Depending on what a person’s personal year cycle is, the area in focus in one’s life will be different for each. For example, I am in a #3 personal year cycle, which means that I may have new experiences related to children, social events, create new ideas related to creative projects, and reflect on dreams from my childhood that I have put aside from years ago that I want to reestablish. Generally, the energy of this month is each of us will be in the mood to take action that relates to questions such as: “What do I want?” “What are my goals?” and “What can I do to make them happen?” There is a presence of the self that is reflected and apparent more often than usual. So this month we will find that our own happiness and self-worth truly matters in reaching the life one wants. Some will be bold and just do it, as if no one or nothing can get in their way of achieving their dreams. Others will feel overwhelmed, unsure of where to begin. If you find yourself in the latter category, it may be as simple as connecting with a new person, organization, or method of helping you move forward. However, patience will be the key as getting angry and losing one’s temper happens easily during this month: there is an “I want this/it now” mentality. Try to be mindful of your behaviour and words as you may say and/or do something you will later regret. Because the #1 is so much about the self, some people will feel or be accused of being selfish. This word may come up often and it is an opportunity to acknowledge and heal these notions when focusing on yourself: is it a gift or is it a disservice. One way to know which is which, is by asking yourself the questions of: “Are you fulfilling your purpose?” and “Are you in your joy?” because each answer will help you determine where you are on your journey, in any area of your life, big and small. When one is feeling their best and in a state of success according to your own beliefs/wants, the benefits extend to those around and in your life. Being ‘selfish’ is personal and can only be defined by you when it comes to your own well-being. As much as it is great to receive assistance from others, this month it will come down to the self: it is time to use your knowledge, skills, senses to get things moving: whether it is beginning, completing, releasing, healing, basically any type of action in any area/situation that is for your own improvement and independence from constraints will appear to be necessary…it will feel ‘I have to’ or ‘I need this/to’ whether it comes about in a positive or negative way (although personally I feel everything is or becomes positive). It can feel lonely or as if you are alone in any struggles, as if you are fighting an uphill battle on your own, yet this is to help you learn a new skill in handling or overcoming any difficulties that have been reappearing. ‘You can do it’ is the objective….even if it is learning a new thought. Be adventurous! Try something new; even if it is a new style, joining a club, or visiting a new place. This month can bring closure or answers to a personal dilemma/problem if you are willing to try. There will be opportunities to move forward but tied in with an ending. Take the initiative in your life. Be brave and strong!

Generally, the #1 is represented by men and it has a strong masculine energy. Men will be in focus this month: their roles, mannerisms, behaviours, anything that is related to their presence will influence the month ahead and be discussed from many different angles. Aggression and arguments can occur more frequently: try to keep cool or better yet, participate in a physical activity to release pent up anger/frustrations. Leadership comes into view, so this may mean government to corporate to relationship…the possibilities of what, how and why they lead is questioned/challenged. Some may seek independence and want to become their own leader/boss in some shape or form. New trends may be set, the old may become ‘new’ again, rediscovered. The #1 energy likes to think, do and be: it can feel hurried, fast, a ‘go-go-go’ energy. We may hear of those who follow this way of life. Lastly, as there is so much information to Numerology, I do want people to be cautious around fire and items that can cause fires. Be mindful of what you do and use. Double-check all is safe and take extra precautions if necessary. Most of all I send Divine Blessings!

©Tina De Luca

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