Hello to all. Usually I like to write an introduction of some kind, but for this month’s article, I feel it is about getting to the point. I will honour that, and without further ado, please read on to get a sense of what this month’s energies has in store for us all.


When I take the time to tune into what the numbers say, it is also about channeling messages that align with what is going on in the outer world. The effect on the individual, or in your own inner world, depends what area of your life is in focus for you during this month. For example, J may have family issues and concerns that are needing attention before work/career matters; there will be an influence of what the numbers mean this month in the area of J’s family sector. In other words, to be clear with this example, J may feel he/she doesn’t have enough time or wants to make more time for the family as time is one of the themes for March.

I feel there is much activity going on, yet on the surface it looks like not much is becoming accomplished. We feel there are moments of for every step forward taken, we fall two steps back. This attitude may either push us to do more or to not even bother: it is easy to be self-critical where we compare our actions or any physical activities to laziness: we often feel we are not getting enough tasks done this month. We feel frustrated with life right now because we are not receiving the results we want despite all the hard work. We may need to go back to the drawing board and begin again. There is a tendency to over-analyze and over-think what went wrong. Try not to get stuck in your head so much. I suggest lists as being helpful tools to help get through this month. It can be about any topic; it’s not just about a to-do list. But it is important to pace yourself and breaking down these lists into various categories such as tasks for the day, for the week, for the month, for the year…trying not to overwhelm yourself by not giving yourself enough time and energy to get things done. Be reasonable with what is important and what may need more time to get to and spend with.

Speaking of time, one of the keywords for this month is time. Whether it is literal as in looking at the clock and saying ‘where did the time go?’ or as a metaphor ‘time is money’. Anything related to the essence of time, in all forms and meanings, comes up frequently. Two phrases I hear as being significant are “I don’t have time for this”, and “It’s time.” It feels like time is the word that springs many into action in regards to wanting to move forward and direct oneself towards particular goals and dreams. It doesn’t matter the area in question: love, career, home or health. Many feel that it’s time to focus their full attention and work towards creating some sort of foundation, stability, security in the area of one’s life they feel is most urgent/important. There is an energy of ‘I should do this’ and ‘I should do that’ but it can be overwhelming as the where, how, when to start questions are the stumbling blocks. Many of us don’t have time for excuses, for waiting, for anything that may get in the way of what we want. Some are forceful in their focus, it’s difficult to change their mind, distract them or share new ideas. A ‘once the mind is made up, that’s it’ reasoning is the reality for so many during this month; flexibility is not easy. We can be indifferent to anything that is new and nontraditional.

There is a serious attitude, whether you take things seriously or you are being serious about things. It is difficult to relax, a nervous energy prevails,including others and situations get on our nerves often. Finding a physical activity that tires your mind is beneficial (i.e. doing a difficult puzzle). Also being in nature, especially around trees and solid ground areas are therapeutic. Even using wood products (having a wood bonfire, burning wood candle scents) and wearing metals such as copper are healing tools that can help calm the nervous vibrations we feel. Our physical bodies feel lethargic more often than usual, so extra meals/snacks and high protein foods are needed during this time. We burn more energy than we seem to notice.

It is a challenging month, as the #4 is not about fun or enjoying the good things in life; it feels harder than usual. Often we feel there isn’t ‘enough of’ something to help us get and be where we want to go in our lives. We look ahead to the future more often now because time is a ticking! We tend to vibrate towards being more disciplined and to use the intellect to get through each day. We want to follow a schedule, a routine, familiarity helps one feel secure. Taking uncalculated risks makes one feel uneasy, as you would rather research it to death than enter into a new decision unprepared. Do the best you can this month; try not to be so hard on yourself and others. Keep things simple as we are drawn to wanting to focus on the realities instead of the possibilities.

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Tina De Luca, is an intuitive, specializing in Numerology readings and guidance for over 25 years. She also interprets regular playing cards for short-term readings, a method passed down generations on her mom’s side of the family. Tina grew up in an environment that acknowledged, supported and encouraged anything related to the spiritual and psychic areas of life.

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Hello everyone. When I write these forecasts (and do numerology readings for clients), not only do I share the specific traits associated with the numbers but I also ‘pick up on’ messages that appear to me. When I say ‘appear to me’, these messages come to me via images, words, sounds, feelings, and at times via smells and tastes on an intuitive level. Whenever I focus on a date, on an individual, on an event or on a place, I receive information in those various forms with the help of my Spiritual Guides. Certain messages will appear stronger than others by being bigger and brighter around the area I tune into. When it comes to potential, as in questioning whether certain events will take place, it depends on the choices made as the ‘answers’ will either appear really close to or further away from the area of concern. I believe there is a combination of free will and a meant to be energy when it comes to how our paths unfold. Yet, however or whatever you choose to believe or not believe in, my intention is to enlighten and assist with Divine light and love. With that being said, for those that are interested in the possibilities for February, please read on.


Even though the energy of the #3 is about having fun and enjoying life, it feels as if the month will be about trying to figure out what makes you happy. Searching for new ways to ignite passions and trying to get in touch with what inspires you to feel alive, to feel that there is more to life than working and worrying. As a collective, there are those who are tired of the serious side of life as they want to play, to create, to laugh, to just be and not have to think or focus on matters that require immediate attention. How many of us will ‘veg out’, aka, get lost in thought, letting our imaginations take over the realities of our present life situation? Right now, we could all use a break from the heavy side of life. Enough of grappling with major issues. Wanting to tune out all the naysayers, all the negativity by finding ways to distract ourselves. Tired of the ‘same ol, same ol’. Tired of feeling sad, feeling hopeless. Some may even get mad about it as in stomping their feet, saying “Dammit! I want life to be easier and I want to be more joyful!” Music becomes a useful tool. Let’s rock n roll! Listening to songs that uplift, have a beat, can easily move/dance to, a get up and go attitude. It’s not only about distracting ourselves from the mundane but wanting to have more excitement. Listening to music can help form new ideas, goals and dreams you want to create for yourself.

I keep hearing the phrase ‘last minute’. Feels like it will be significant this month as many situations will take place at the last minute. Decisions and plans happening at the last minute, whether it is personal or involves the general public. Appointments, events, basically anything that can be scheduled will not always go according to plan. Delays, interruptions and cancellations occur frequently. The action related to being late is in focus, whether it’s by your own doing, by someone or something else. The energy is scattered. An appearance of things taking place that doesn’t seem to make sense or is clear-cut. Not everyone will like this. For some, it feels too messy. Yet the Universe is trying to show what works for you may not work for me and what works for me may not work for you. We need times to learn to go with the flow. This is about being present. To be in the moment. It’s about now. It’s to teach us to wonder, to be curious, to be inquisitive.

This month there seems to be an unfolding of more questions than answers. It’s a challenge to know what is certain, to find out what we want to hear, to make decisions and stick by them. Unsure what to do, what to pick, where to go, etc. and this is because we feel confused by all the choices presented in front of us. If you can, take your time or delay the decision(s) until next month or so. Yet, if you are unable to wait, decide by what feels best to you in that moment. Fretting over what is better, what can be or wondering if it is a mistake will not serve anyone at this time. Try to remember to go with the flow, to chill and lighten up. Try to enjoy the process, make it a game.

I don’t want this post to be too long, so I will try to get to the point in this last paragraph. The #3 is represented by children and for us adults it is also about the inner child. This is where we may find ourselves presented with new opportunities to get in touch with the younger side of our life. Yet it can also be about acting childishly, being irritated or inspired by children (doesn’t matter if they are our own kids or not), and generally anything related to children will be in focus, especially first time news and discoveries. Whatever unfolds, may it be joyful and humourous as we all could use some lighthearted relief.
Finally, a friendly reminder that I would like everyone to take care when it comes to driving as the energy of speeding comes up frequently during this year, no matter the weather and road conditions. Please slow down! Plus, while writing this post, the song “Slip, Slidin’ Away” by Simon and Garfunkel kept playing in the background. I sense it is both literal and metaphoric in to what is going on and to be aware of being careful not to physically slip on something, inside or outside, to be aware of not ‘slipping’ on your words and actions during this month.

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Tina De Luca is an intuitive specializing in Numerology, Cartomancy, and provides channeled counselling. With over 25 years of reading experience, Tina was raised in a family who were spiritually minded and where metaphysical subjects were a part of her daily life. For bookings and further questions, she can be contacted via private message on Facebook and via email:

Until next time, sending everyone Divine Blessings! Be well!
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Hello everyone! Welcome to 2017! Finally I have the forecast done and posted. I apologize for the lateness. Although January is near completion, we have been in the cycle for 2017 for almost 3 months now. How can that be? From my experience of doing many numerology readings, the energy of the cycles starts to change two months prior to the actual date. In this case, the cycle for the calendar year of 2017 began in November 2016 and will conclude in October 2017. When I interpret the numbers according to the calendar, it is about the characteristics associated with the number that has an influence on the collective; in other words it is how the outer world affects our inner world. The calendar year cycle will also touch each individual differently, as the meanings associated with 2017 will energize what areas in your own life are in focus according to your own personal cycle during the same year. For example, 2017 is a #1 year, and let’s say ‘K’ is in a #4 personal year cycle. ‘K’ will have new beginnings and ideas associated with focusing on creating simplicity in their life, fulfilling the need to be better organized because the Universe is responding with new opportunities that requires ‘K’ to be prepared as much as possible. To find out more about this cycle, which also includes intuitive messages, please read on.
*Please note that this article is a long read.*


We are all being influenced by wanting to start afresh. The accompanying photo I used has a telling quote that I feel will be in play for the next 8 years. We will find ourselves focusing on, whether we are ready or not, new times, new ideas and new beginnings. How we were and what has been will not always fit or work anymore. There is a pull to want to break free from the past, to move forward in new directions, to create a new way of life. Many of us have heard within these last few years or more from individuals and/or groups who have said “new times are coming” well now is the dawn of new days. It will be beneficial to open up to trying new ways and thoughts, even if the yes turns out to be a dud or takes time to develop. Be patient and keep moving forward as there will be a tendency to give up too soon as we will want things to happen quickly, to see results right away; basically having to wait and see will be difficult. The analogy I most like to use when explaining the cycles is that it is like planting a garden. Some seeds grow quickly, some will take longer to grow and some will die. It’s about having a variety of seeds to start out with (new ideas/goals) and allowing the process of each plant (each idea/goal) to develop in its’ own time.

Out of all the messages that I am including in this forecast, the one word I hear repeatedly and I would like for each person to remember is EMERGING.  I purposely wrote the word in bold, capital letters as it is how I see the word appearing on a vibrational level. Each of us will experience lessons, trials and triumphs individually and collectively that will influence what is emerging for oneself, the community, the planet. It is truly about finding out who we are and what we want for ourselves during this cycle that sets the tone for the years ahead.

The #1 energy is physical, there is a fiery passion and determination present. There’s an easily excitable energy presence. Some of us will become more independent, some will be more outspoken, some will act more arrogantly. It’s a time of wanting to show what we are made of. A time where actions speak louder than words. There is a feeling of wanting to think of and for oneself more. To start a path of self-discovery. “Who am I? What do I want?” are a few questions many will want to answer. Are you brave and bold enough to try? This is where saying ‘yes’ to as many new opportunities as possible will help determine the unfolding of reaching personal goals and dreams. You never know who you may meet for the first time or what new activity/event you partake in which develops and assists you in discovering both what you do want and don’t want for yourself. Remember that it’s all good. The more initiatives you take in your own life, the more possibilities that show up. Now is not the time to allow fear to win or get in the way. Be strong.

Our inner strengths will be tested, at times ‘pushed to the limit’ to see how far we will stand our ground because the influence of being right, having one’s own way no matter what, are sides that come out of the woodwork. It will have more to do with wanting to control/boss the person/situation/outcome as it isn’t always about what it may be or can be…some people don’t like new ways/opinions/beliefs. It shakes and rattles their world. We can be so hardheaded and stubborn sometimes. Because of this, be aware of confrontations. People will lose their temper more than usual, arguments and physical violence occur more often. We get easily irritated during the #1 cycle. Other peoples actions may bother us more than usual. So things can get heated…literally and figuratively. I’ve noticed that there are more stores selling toy punching bags (for those that grew up in the 70’s you know what I mean as back then it was a Bozo the Clown). I don’t think this is a coincidence. Nowadays they come in a variety of different styles and characters that you fill with air and everytime you punch it, it’s supposed to return standing up. The reason why I am bringing this toy up is I think it would be a good investment as a fun and easy way to release anger and punch something without anyone getting hurt. Or, if that isn’t a good idea for yourself, any kind of physical activity will help. Doing something that will allow you to take out your anger in a safe manner. Afterall, we have human emotions and trying to keep your ‘cool’ at all times during this cycle will not be easy.

The #1 is represented by men. A masculine energy is prevalent whether you are male or female. This can play out in so many different ways, yet we will all notice that men will be in focus often; they headline news, stories and trends this year. The actions of men will have a significant influence on our world during this cycle. My hope is that they find new ways to help others gain independence and strength from whatever holds the individual or group from moving forward. This is a time where we will either see men try to uphold or tear down conventional/traditional beliefs, thoughts, habits. Will more men emerge into new roles and express their true selves? Emerge into something that we haven’t seen or are not accustomed to as it will all be new? There will be those who will try to control and force the role of ‘being a man’ as it always was and possibly meet up with resistance from those that want men to emerge into a new way of being. I’ve noticed that there are more instances of men calling out other men for inappropriate/disrespectful behaviours and attitudes…good examples of men stepping up to the plate by showing acceptance and love in new ways. As far as women go during this cycle, it isn’t that we will be in the background but we will notice any area related to the physical side of ourselves and our lives the most. For example, women will want to be acknowledged for their contributions to society. It will be more about being compensated on a physical level such as equal pay, better benefits. There may be more incidents of women taking physical action for being mistreated and misunderstood such as leading a new movement. Yet society may push back against women by imposing actions that are restrictive to the physical side of life such as prohibiting certain rights. Women will either want to work with or against men as trying to meet half way or in the middle will not be avenues each will want to pursue. There will be much banter between the two sexes. Overall, even though this energy is more masculine, the idea is about individuality and allowing each person to be who they are and/or discover their true self.

This cycle adds up to a #10, which is reduced to a #1. We will have experiences of ups, downs and going all around like a roller coaster. There will be excitable moments, adrenaline rushes, feeling super charged to moments where it all comes down; sinking feelings. The energy behind it all is to become whole, become well-rounded and for things to be able to come full circle during this new time.

The #1 likes to take the lead, be first and take risks. It feels like you are in charge but often it just rushes into decisions without careful thought or feelings. It can be impulsive and explosive. It likes to have things happen right now! Patience is not one of its’ attributes. It will be similar to driving a car; any metaphor associated with this action will apply to areas in one’s life. Where are you headed? What direction are you going in? What drives you? What are you driving at? Are you speeding or cruising through decisions? Are you applying the brakes when necessary, at the last minute or do you crash? These are some of the many examples we could ask ourselves.

When it it comes to choices/decisions, it’ll be interesting to see how many of us will go with their first initial feeling(s) as there is an underlying influence of intuition. In other words, will you have faith in your gut feelings and allow your heart to take the lead? There is a push and pull exchange when it comes to taking action steps this year. As you venture out will you surrender to the unknown or will you try to control the process? Although it is great to ask or confer for advice, are you being influenced by opinions formed by others or are you influenced by your own interpretations? Are you fighting against or fighting for when it comes to your actions? It can be a lonely time. Feeling alone with your causes. Feeling others don’t understand because they are not listening or paying attention carefully. Words often fall on deaf ears during this energy. Again, I repeat, the adage ‘actions speak louder than words’ has more weight now. The masses will be influenced by what is physically happening. If you want others to believe in you or what you have to say, be prepared to show some proof somehow, someway as so many feel disillusioned. People want to see those who are real, authentic and ‘walk their talk’. Passionate about personal beliefs and dreams. Yet, the other side to wanting to witness success stories, are those who want a one solution answer. Striving for one way, one direction and it may go as far as forcing a ‘one-size fits all’ way of being even though in truth there are so many ways to seek the Divine within and around us. There will be times where if we want to start something or start being, we each will have to do it alone. Learning to take the steps on your own, to own up, be your own man or woman. It’s about you, the self. That regardless of all that you already know or begin to learn from, it will come down to you alone to do something about empowering yourself and your life. Focus on starting. It’s more about the beginnings than the outcomes during this year. The interactions of control and surrender engage us often. Are you taking the lead in your own life? Are you being directed by others? Remember there will be incidents where it will be power vs. empower; what side will you choose?

What possibilities are in store for us this year? The following messages that I share (some being in point form) are related to what I sense (see, hear, feel) when I tune into the energy of 2017.

New discoveries are made. Especially in areas related to the environment, nature, religion, spirituality and anything connected to the mysterious side of life. The field of sciences comes up in my view, a broad subject, where each sector tries to individualize their importance, as if these departments don’t always see the relevance in connecting the dots between their areas of study. The word ‘isolation’ is highlighted around them.

Blood comes into focus. This area feels huge in many different ways, it’s as if I can’t say or emphasize this area enough. Anything related to blood work, blood tests and blood shed are in the spotlight. Even sayings that contain and refer to the word blood will be popular such as ‘gets my blood boiling’. New breakthroughs, treatments and illnesses connected to the blood arise. AIDS is in the spotlight again. Organizations related to blood donations and research will garner more attention. For those that have health issues, it feels as though blood tests and blood work will be the best solution to diagnose, to discount and possibly treat the condition of concern. A new discovery related to blood which introduces more questions on the subject of the mysteries of life. Overall, the area of blood feels significant this year.

What is ‘new’ stands out. Innovations, inventions and the interesting are sought out. This can encompass any area and can be about anyone, but especially in regards to what we haven’t seen up to now. Staying with the tried and true doesn’t seem satisfying anymore as we want more excitement and adventure, that would mean going outside comfort zones. “Leap of faith’ is a motto I feel around many. Some choices will be about waiting to see what happens. Trying not to jump to conclusions or be too opinionated. Debating over what is in front of us and coming to be. Boredom sets in, people want more out of life.
I hear popping sounds. Sensing this is literal and metaphoric. Ideas popping into the head, popping in and out of places and taking shots at one another (whether this be via words or physical fights). I also sense explosions so please be careful handling items that can ‘pop’.

The Sun has more relevance this year. A new technology that harnesses or is connected to the Sun’s energy is announced. The subject of heat comes up often. This includes heat and sun stroke. I do want others to be extra cautious as higher than usual incident rates of being burned can occur. Some examples are sunburns, chemical burns, cooking burns. Even being burned by others such as being taken advantage of. Fire safety, including fire departments comes into focus. There may be more fires occurring.

Royal colours will be therapeutic, possibly becoming the colour trends for 2017.

The meaning of life and feeling alive comes up often. I see new groups and individuals surfacing by offering memberships or tools to assist others in finding the spark in one’s life. Be mindful of what you get yourself into. Not everyone will be genuine.

Speeding comes up strongly, especially related to vehicles; higher accident rates. I can’t stress this enough but I hope as many of you can be aware to slow down and be aware of aggressive drivers, especially if they are going fast…best to let them pass you or you turn off somewhere as safely as possibly. Everytime I go out, I feel the energy of speeding accidents occurring frequently and I am not trying to freak anyone out as this message can be positive in preventing tragedies and mishaps. I am going to be repeating this message in every monthly forecast I do for this coming year. SLOW DOWN!

Many centuries ago astrology and numerology were actual sciences and for some time now, not given the credit I feel they fully deserve. However, these areas will become more popular and sought out for explaining and understanding the individual and specific areas that relate to us. (Yeah! Good news for me, being a Numerologist! lol). People will want to see how these subjects can prove who they are and what is coming their way. I am not discounting other Intuitive arts such as mediums or past life healers as the energy is about the general public wanting physical evidence of the connections between the physical and spiritual world. For example wanting proof that the planets and numbers associated with their birthdate can share information about life purpose and meaning.

I am not going to include messages related to politicians and specific countries in this article as I am working on separate pieces dedicated to these areas that I hope to publish soon.

Finally, there is one last message I want to share that holds significance for not only this year but longer than we can imagine. For how many years now do we speak of wanting peace in the world? It seems at times this will not come to be or not in one’s lifetime. So when my Guides shared this with me, I was taken aback: “When humankind makes peace with the animal kingdom, then there will be Peace on Earth.” Take what you feel this means to you and do what feels right for you to start putting this in motion. Do you volunteer and/or support animal shelters? Do you adopt or rescue an animal? Do you help raise awareness? Do you make sure the environment is clean of litter for the animals that live in nature? Do you stop buying products that do animal testing? Do you educate yourself to better the animal world around where you live? There are so many diverse ways to show our support, to do something, on being kind and loving to all animals, to respect nature. So many already have a soft spot and concern for animals, for Mother Earth, for the environment and I thank you for assisting and doing your best to make their world a better place because it affects our human world. For those that work in the intuitive animal communication and shamanism fields, they will be receiving more and more messages to help heal and direct us towards making peace with the animal kingdom. Don’t give up as your guidance will be important. Please keep sharing your wisdom.
For now, this is a small taste of what will come to light for 2017. I write monthly forecasts which will encompass more information and messages as the year progresses. It is my hope that this article has provided some insights that you feel will help empower you. If you would like to know what is in store for you in 2017, have questions and concerns about yourself and your life, I offer Intuitive Numerology readings that can be done via telephone, Skype and in person. Please visit my website: for more information. I can be reached via email: and/or via private message on my Facebook Page:

Until next time, sending everyone Divine Blessings of Light and Love. Be safe and well! Thank you for your support!
Tina De Luca is an intuitive, specializing in Numerology and Cartomancy readings with over 25 years of experience.
©Tina De Luca


Hello everyone! I realize that half the month has come to pass, but I still believe there is value in going ahead with this article (I’ve tried to make it not so long) as it may give a sense of understanding for what has been occurring and what is possible for the next few weeks. For those that are interested, please read on.


Happy belated New Year! I apologize for the lateness of posting this forecast. This month emotions run high. We are trying to find our place in this world, lots of soul-searching. The month adds up to a #11 but in my experience I also take into account the single digit of this number, which is a #2. There will be moments where the energy sways and flows from #11 to #2. Now, you don’t have to know about numerology to understand when this happens, as it will be felt. The #11 is considered to be one of the Master Numbers, which simply put means the vibration is more intense; we feel and experience things more deeply. While the #2 has similar traits, the vibration is more toned down. With the #11, the idea is to ‘master’ what is happening in the moment, however long it may take and it is connected to the emotional and spiritual side of life. For example, if you feel sad, ask yourself: “Is it my sadness?” as in: “Do I have a reason to be sad right now or is it a sadness that I feel coming from another person or event that I encountered recently?” The difference between the two questions has to do with your answer; if it is your sadness, you are feeling the vibration of the #2 whereas if it belongs to someone or something else, you are feeling the vibration of the #11. Make sense so far?

So what is in store for us as a whole? When I tune into the energy of this month, I feel the vibration of love strongly. There will be many who want to feel they belong, to bond with another person or group. Whether it’s through intimacy or friendship, individuals want to be with someone where they feel they have a deep connection. Loneliness, feeling empty comes through, questioning our varied relationships; marriage, family, friends, co-workers. But there will also be moments where one wants to be left alone, that they can’t relate to those around them anymore. Many are craving more meaningful relationships. It’s as if something is missing. Our senses want more. The acts of touch, such as hugging, holding hands, kissing and even eye contact feel important, as one would rather share the energy of love in some physical form. There is a feeling of not being seen and heard by those around us and whom we care about or for. We want to be acknowledged and appreciated! It doesn’t have to be romantic, as it can be about kinship, togetherness. People want to share common interests and fit in, to feel that “I am part of something, that I am worthy and valued.” I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an influx of people joining or forming various groups, accepting and/or inviting others to be a part of a ‘tribe’. That’s great to create closeness but the challenge for the month will be about learning to accept and understand oneself through others. There will be many mirrors presenting themselves via interactions and relationships of all kinds. This is to teach us that when it comes to triumphs and challenges with others, whether they are strangers or well known to us, that how you feel and relate comes down to you. Whatever sets ‘you off’ in regards to the emotions being triggered when being with one individual or a group, ask yourself “What is going on with myself that this particular emotion surfaces for me?” The gifts with questioning our feelings are being true to oneself. Getting to know and discover who you truly are and what you want. Be gentle as much as possible and you will notice the changes within and around you. Stories about love, kindness and sharing between people (even pets/animals) will be in focus. This is to demonstrate proof of what is possible and exemplify the affects the power of love can do. Trust issues arise often; shedding light on ourselves and many areas in our lives. There will be patterns where we feel sensitive to the words, actions and manners of those around us; it will seem we take things so personally. Trying to be kind as much as possible will help ease emotional pains. Be compassionate with others and yourself.Be the love you seek.

The #11/2 is intuitive, learning to trust your instincts will be beneficial. It’s about listening to your heart. Taking your time, deep breaths and relaxing into the new year. Rushing around and getting excited defeats the purpose of paying attention to what feels right and good to you. Patience pays off.
Women and feminine energy are represented by the #11/2. Females will be in focus and will impact us in many different ways. There will be opportunities to shed light on matters that are close to one’s heart. Areas related to beauty, whether it is physical or internal, human or nature, will be discussed frequently. Elegance and grace will be popular. Manners will feel important.

Finally, on a different note, I do sense issues with driving. I realize in most of North America that winter is here and that affects the conditions of the roads, however this feels more related to drivers. Regardless of the weather, please be extra cautious and aware of not only your own driving skills but of surrounding drivers…I see speeding as the main issue we all need to be paying attention to this year.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it has some meaning for you. Comments, shares and questions are welcomed! A friendly reminder that I am available for intuitive readings and guidance. I have over 25 years of experience in Numerology and Cartomancy. For more information about myself and what I do, please visit my website:
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Until next time, sending everyone Divine Blessings of Love and Light!
©Tina De Luca


Hello to all! Here we are, the final month of 2016 and I must say it has been a trying year for many. It feels like some are looking forward to a new year. For those that are travelling during the upcoming holiday season, be safe and well. Whether you celebrate or ignore any kind of festivities, I want to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas. Please read on for the possibilities December has in store for all of us.


For those that understand the math of Numerology will notice that my addition may be off. Although we are still in 2016, by my experience, the energy of the new year starts to take place two months prior (November), meaning 2017 is a #1 year plus the 12th month (3)= #4. So far so good?
Ahh, let’s take a breath, because this is a time of the year where many feel busy and we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of all the common practices associated now. It can also be a difficult month, as not everyone looks forward to Christmas, it’s more sad than merry. For those that do enjoy Christmas, including being one to spread cheer, there is a more serious tone in the air this December. The #4 is about getting down to the basics, striving for simplicity. Totally opposite of going all out or overboard with decorations, gifts, celebrations. I wonder for those that do like to adorn their homes and/or workplaces with lots of Christmas ornaments and such, will either tone it down or feel like not decorating at all this year. It will feel too much, cluttered, and this energy likes places to feel and look organized, clean, minimal. It’s not all humbug, as there are positive attributes to wanting to keep things simple. Some will save time and money, some would rather spend time with loved ones or help others in more meaningful ways, and many of us will be thinking of implementing traditions that may seem new or are new to others. There will be a focus on wanting to give and spend wisely this month. Ideally it is to learn about quality over quantity. That may include giving more hand-made or small/local business gifts. The #4 prefers to watch the ‘bottom-line’, therefore, making lists and budgets will be strict. Extravagance is not the style of this energy. The other issue that may arise is shortages occurring. Often a ‘not enough of…’ is present, so in regards to shopping besides the obvious being not enough money, there could be shortages in items, either sold out early or not enough of the product(s) were made ahead of time or whatever reason comes to be. This may lead to buying gift cards, gift certificates and/or making the gifts. Could be bad business for big retailers counting on making lots of money where their profits could drop. However you decide to give, I feel that most will appreciate the thought and may even prefer something small, that has some meaning to them, including the gift of your time, being able to do something together. I keep hearing “old-fashioned’, this is where the ideas of introducing holiday traditions come into play.

I’ve been focusing on Christmas so far for this forecast and although it is a major holiday, I want to share other messages associated with the number 4. Ironic or not that I mention the 1st paragraph being about one theme as focus happens to be a trait of this number. We will set our sights on particular plans, no matter what area it is, and will work hard to see it through and/or come to be. In other words, we will try our darnedest to not let others, situations or excuses get in the way of reaching what we want. An ‘eye on the prize’ is the ultimate goal no matter what. This can be beneficial in regards to working smarter than usual but can also cause anxiety. Sleep, even relaxing will be difficult, our minds always thinking, endless thoughts keeping us awake at night. I recommend doing an activity during the day that not only tires the body but your mind as well so that you get some sleep. For some, reading or laying in front of the TV may help to unwind. It feels busy and thoughts of wanting to get things done will feel important. We make lists upon lists so be aware of not getting overwhelmed, try to focus on what you do get done not what didn’t. Being early and or ahead feels necessary, so those that are usually late or likes to take their time won’t be in the good books of others left waiting. A feeling of “I don’t have time for this” can occur. Being prepared, as researching will be a tool to help get better organized. Even wanting to organize your living spaces, workplaces, anything that has to do with getting rid of unused and unwanted items. Budgets and focusing on finances; wanting the best deal possible. People will want to feel secure, want more stability and looking at ways to gain, wanting better for the future. The number 4 is represented by the intellect and resources. Retaining information comes easily, yet it can also be restrictive as there is a tendency to over-analyze and overthink. Expecting others to be rational, get to it and get to the point! No ‘diddle-daddling’ and ‘just the facts ma’am/sir’ attitudes. Time, etiquette, rules, laws, obey and respect are in focus. A good time to start a routine, get matters in order and participate in activities that helps to feel more grounded in life. All in all, I want us to remember that there is enough, whatever that may be, wherever you feel a lack in or of, as it will be easy to forego and feel poor in some area(s) of our life. May the magic of the little things in life find its way into all of our hearts this season.

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Many Divine blessings to all!
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Hello to everyone! This past year has been challenging for many, overcoming issues related to the past, learning to let go of any burdens that weighed us down physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. From this month forward, the energy lightens up, we will feel invigorated and inspired to take action in moving forward during the next 12 months. By my experience in Numerology, the calendar of 2017 starts its’ cycle two months prior, so although 2017 starts on January 1st 2017, the energy related to the 2017 year emerges this month. On a Universal vibration, the number for the year 2017 is a #10/1 cycle. I will be writing a separate forecast based on the 2017 cycle year and will be posting it on this Page and on my website. For now, I will share messages for the month of November. Please read on.


Energetically speaking we will notice a more lighter feeling as the month progresses compared to how we felt this past year. Although we still have problems and obstacles to overcome, many will feel more inclined to want to have fun, to play rather than work or focus on serious matters. The #3 is social and is about focusing on the brighter side of life. Any areas on any levels that feel troublesome, the idea is to find the humourous side to it and/or make it fun, a game, to help get through any difficulties. If this means distracting yourself by watching a comedy or listening to music, these will be helpful tools to get into a better feeling groove. It will be a challenge to focus on one thing at a time, easily distracted and having at least a few or many things on the go at once (a good example of this is it has taken me awhile to write this article as I kept getting up to do other things). It can be and feel messy; literally and figuratively. So if your goals are to get certain projects/tasks done this coming month, it will be exasperating as your mind will be scattered and doubtful to the choices you make, you will either keep changing ideas or leaving it for another time (another example is not only did I kept procrastinating in writing this forecast but I kept changing it as I had moments of doubt creep in). One of the lessons of the #3 is to learn to be present; to be in the now. Be aware of appointments/undertakings/jobs not going according to plan as the energy doesn’t follow a schedule or a routine. In other words, plan for plans to be disrupted by anything or anyone, be prepared for lateness/delays and for anything that can take place or change at the last minute. I would like everyone to try to remember to ‘go with the flow’ this month as it will be easier to handle. Be light hearted and easy going when it comes to irritations. Remember to play and enjoy life as much as you can!
I feel a sense of confusion in the air occurring often this month. I keep hearing “what’s what” as shared information doesn’t make sense or contradicts. There will be times when the answers seem obvious but the actions are not in align with the words. People will say one thing and mean or do another, it’s as if something is amiss. It will feel like things change minute to minute and what is communicated isn’t consistent because others change their minds often or what appears to be the one answer isn’t so. Some areas in life will appear to be backwards or upside down. Be aware of what you say, as a ‘war of words’ may take place; saying things that are immature. The #3 is about not having favourites: it likes to decide in the moment by how it feels and/or by what it wants.
I see the art community in focus, creative endeavors and ideas take centre stage. This not only includes paintings, drawings, sculpting but anything that is innovative and imaginative…ideas that look or feel new to us. It’s a good month to receive ‘light-bulb’ ideas; all of a sudden we get a solution that will either be followed through or we procrastinate in taking the inspired action.
The #3 is represented by children and although they are in the news, this month there will be more headlines featuring children via world-wide stories or those we share in personal circles. Yet what also comes to the forefront are childish behaviours. I see and feel many adults acting out; whether it is pouting, sulking, throwing a temper tantrum or just being plain ole silly, especially when they don’t get their way or what they want right now. It could turn out to be funny witnessing these actions (or not!). Positive traits to the child energy are playing more, being curious and taking in the wonder of your surroundings.
The weather comes up for me as I am writing this article. So far it has been warm in my area (central Alberta) and it feels that this trend will continue, possibly seeing temperature records being broken. Unsure how many parts of the world will experience mild weather, but it feels dry and sunny most of the time. I do see grass fires happening in some regions and flowers come into focus; so maybe they will bloom unusually early or unexpectedly and/or flowers become a popular gift.
Finally I want to share messages related to the upcoming USA Presidential election as so many people are concerned. I see and feel Hillary Clinton winning as I keep hearing her always being introduced as “The First Female President of The United States of America”. But I also see and hear the word ‘one’ around her, not spelled ‘won’ as in a win but spelled ‘one’ as in the number. So this could mean many things, but I wonder if it is related to how long she serves in office…one year, one term, etc.. With Donald Trump, he steps down and away from politics after his loss, and I keep hearing him refer to his election run as it was ‘a joke’, dismissing his campaign as a game/farce. If so, now that would be a good example of childish behaviour as related to the energy of this month. We will all have to wait and see what happens on November 8th or the the 9th for election results. I will include more messages about the USA, including Canada and any other regions that comes into focus in my yearly forecast article. *A note update as the USA 2016 election results are final and my message of Hilary Clinton winning did not come to be. I apologize to those that had faith in this prediction and have no reasonable explanation as to why my insight did not align with the outcome.*

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Sending everyone many Divine Blessings! Be well!
©Tina De Luca


Yeah! A part of me is excited that the energy of the number 9 cycle is in its final month this calendar year as it feels enough is enough. No disrespect for those that have 9s in their chart, as I admire the inner will it takes to accomplish and accept the traits associated with the number 9. Some of the major themes of this past year cycle has been associated with endings, letting go, forgiveness, the past, truth and integrity, not easy values to work through yet there are many gifts within these areas once we learn to release what is no longer in our best interests whether we realize it now or later. For those that are wondering why is this the last month for the #9 year cycle, over the last 30 years that I have been doing Numerology, my insights and experience has shown me that the cycles start to change 2 months prior to the actual birthday/changing of the calendar. So, even though the physical essence of the year 2017 begins in January, the spiritual essence/energy of 2017 starts to emerge in the month of November 2016. There are many websites and other Numerologists that write about the cycles and there will be different beliefs and methods, and I am not discounting any of them by saying my way is right or better, as I am sharing what I have come to know up to now. My intention is to write an article about 2017 in November, so for those that are curious what the next cycle will be about, I will highlight the post on the Facebook Page to make it easy to find and read; a ‘heads up’ on what energies will be at play for us. Alrighty than, with that being said, hopefully without any confusion, let’s focus on what this coming month has in store for us.


Well, this month may be trying for some of us. The energy of October has to do with anything that is new, yet the influence of the calendar year, 2016, is about endings. When looking at this from an intellectual perspective, these energies ‘clash’ but the spiritual essence of what they mean go ‘hand in hand’; to become or start anew, things must come to an end. It feels like there will be a boldness in how we each approach what we want to accomplish and receive for oneself this October. Yet some will be ‘bound and determined’ to keep things as they are/have been. This will not work. And what concerns me about this stance, are those who will be argumentative with their personal agendas: be aware of clashing, of losing your temper easily, as the idea is to do what you feel is right for you but in a way that doesn’t feel pushy/bossy to those around you. Your personal goals and beliefs may not be in alignment with others, so do take care as what you want may not necessarily be what others want. There will be tendencies to take the lead, think ‘it’s my way or the highway’ and when push comes to shove, your way may result in some relationships and/or plans coming to a bitter end. Be prepared for letting go of what you have been holding onto tightly, as the fear to move forward, even though it has felt for awhile ‘it’s time’, will play out this month. There is an emergence taking place, whether we are conscious of this or not, it is time to get in touch with who you truly are and make new plans for how you want to be, to live: What kind of life are you wanting to create? Who am I? What am I about? These are questions that people will want to address and the events that take place in our lives will be about putting each of us on the path to self-discovery. Our inner strengths will be put to the test. There is also an aloneness energy present: the realization that even though there are many tools, people, organizations that assist us to overcome struggles, the truth is: it really comes down to the self to come into one’s own being. Self-responsibility, taking a deep look into the mirror, finding some peace with it all, as we are shedding our old selves to move in a new direction in our lives. There will be periods where one feels ‘gung ho’ to get things moving, feeling excited and then it will feel like you are getting nowhere, that as soon as you start, the momentum comes to a sudden halt: this is normal with the energies at play this month, so do take care as to not rush or speed through…take your time, be thoughtful and patient. It is about trying as many new things as possible but also considering past ways/solutions/experiences that have garnered success. We may even find that putting a new twist to old ideas becomes the solution(s). I feel that some ideas and beliefs from the past will be re-visited and that there will be some truths to them, that we have discounted certain old notions and discover that they do have a place and meaning in the grand scheme of life. We are conditioned to think, be and feel certain ways, sometimes to the point where we only want one solution to our problems and yet on a Universal level, that is not how the energies play out…there is an abundant amount of information we have yet to fully tap into and integrate. The #1 is a masculine energy, very physical, and we may find find ourselves expressing this side of ourselves in particular areas of our lives…it may also mean that the men in our lives will have more influence. It would be wonderful on a general level, men come to demonstrate they can do better by us all; that they consider the individual, each person counts and is important. That being the ‘man’ is not necessarily what we have been led to believe for many generations. Whether it is a male or the masculine side of a female, the urge to want to control will come on strongly. Preferably, it would be beneficial to witness empowerment over power.

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Thank you to you all and many Divine blessings!

©Tina De Luca


Hmm, September, the beginning of my favorite season of the year. I so enjoy the Fall and as each day passes, the evidence of Autumn approaching becomes visible more and more. Ironically as nature prepares for hibernation, the numbers for this month supports the notions of shedding what no longer serves us. To get a sense of what the energy is reflecting, please read on.


Wow! September will prove to be a powerful month. We are in a #9 year and this month is a #9 plus it is the 9th month of the year. Whenever numbers repeat as such, the energy is intensified because each component has the same meaning; it’s akin to peeling off layers but finding the same results:“This again?, This again?, This again?”; it’s like the needle on the record is stuck. If it feels like you want to run and hide, sorry, ‘it ain’t gonna happen’ as avoidance will not work for anyone. The number 9 is the last number when it comes to the cycles in Numerology and this is exemplified by death in many forms (i.e. loss of job, relationship, beliefs) and on all levels (emotionally, physically, etc.). Now, many people are uncomfortable with the subject of death, let alone the word can bring up many uncomfortable feelings and emotions, yet I do feel that for this coming month, many of us will be experiencing endings in various areas of one’s life. In general, we all know, have dealt with or will be dealing with losing loved ones to physical death, but now it feels as though the impact of this type of loss will be more amplified; it’s as if the subject of death will take centre stage somehow and someway. I am not trying to scare or spook anyone by saying that your ‘time is up’ but that whether you experience someone you know or through someone you know that is dying, this will make you take stock of yourself, your life and your surroundings more than usual. Are you the person you want to be? Are you living the life you want? We may find ourselves opening up more about death; talking and exploring what it means, what it does, how we cope and react to this area of life. A wise Medicine Woman once told me that “death is about the living”. Back then those words hit home with me, gave me some comfort during a time where I did experience much loss in a short period of time and honestly her words still feel so truthful to this day, yet Western society doesn’t support this notion. So will this be the month where the collective comes to this style of understanding? That death is marked by the living. We have to deal with the pain of loss, of what could have been or should have been yet where can we find peace to those feelings and questions. I feel that there is not one way or an easy way but that healing can come in many forms and that we live with the residue of loss in various degrees. I know what I have shared so far has been ‘heavy’, maybe some will feel discouraged by it but my intention is to speak up with Divine love and respect. This leads to the truth and integrity part of the number 9. We will find ourselves being faced with “our we living in our truth(s)”: whether it is a large corporation, a government party/official, or individually; there will be times where the truth ‘comes out’, or asked to ‘tell the truth’. The idea is to honour and be sincere when it comes to the integrity of who you are, or in cases where it is about larger groups: owning the decisions that impacted the collective and wanting to end certain beliefs and practices that do more harm than good. This month there will be many instances of the past coming back, whether it is a reminder or an actual re-occurrence, as these events/people/places are connected to the gift of learning and being able to let go. They will show up in different ways, affecting different levels (physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.). It is an energy where it teaches forgiveness, unconditional and Universal love. This brings me to a very important message for this month.
When I tuned in with my Guides and asked what they want me to share with you all from them is this: SELF-CARE. Although the #9 energy is represented by the Universe and All That Is, without each of you there would be no Universe, that it all goes hand in hand. Taking the time to honour, cherish and acknowledge your soul self; this means listening to what you feel and know in your heart of hearts and following through on this guidance. If it means letting go, putting an end to something, speaking your truth by simply saying no, asking for help or seeking counsel from spiritual sources, be mindful of how certain choices affects your well-being. Is it not better to stop hanging onto or trying to do it all as it wears not only your body but your spirit? Take moments to pause and reflect, to remember what makes you feel alive. Having self-care is a gift of Universal love. Use this time wisely as it is a season to clean and clear what no longer serves your soul.
Until next time, I and my Guides, The Counsel, send each of you Divine Blessings of Love and Light. Be well!
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Hello to all! It has been an unpredictable summer in so many ways, and it feels like Autumn is ready to arrive sooner than later…I can feel this season coming upon us unexpectedly. As I sat down to write this month’s forecast, the expression of the messages that came through felt empowering; that all the struggles are really about releasing what no longer serves us. We all are on this path to get in touch with our soulful selves. That if we are aware and willing, we can connect-the-dots from what has passed to where we are presently. To learn more about what August has in store, please read on.


Well, won’t this be a telling month. Now this is an odd word to use for the #8 as it doesn’t necessarily tie in with what it represents but I get a sense that this will be a fruitful time for some and for others it will be free-falling. It has been a challenging year for many with the base #9 energy (2016: 2+0+1+6=9) influencing our lives (endings, letting go, the past), yet, for this coming month there will be some breakthroughs, especially for those that kept persevering after their personal dreams, questioning their choices, having moments of defeat and/or thoughts of throwing in the towel. We have been pushed to the limits; a test in what makes us who we are, what we allow and how much do we really want what we want. But despite all the circumstances and emotions, opportunities arrived, be it little windows, enough so that it helped in believing in themselves, their goals, and at times having just a small amount of faith/hope/trust to keep at it. This is where the successes arrive, where it will all be worth it. The #8 is connected to the material world, a cycle of gains and losses. Some will feel like they are winning and some will feel like they are losing. The difference will be your attitude towards it all. We will notice that we have more energy and clarity in our lives. Things will start to make sense and we will be able to solve long-standing problems/issues that have been repetitive or re-occurring. For those that have been working on themselves on a deep level; meaning facing, owning and healing your fears, doubts, insecurities, this month may prove to be quite rewarding. The ability to know who you are and what you’re made of, including the ‘ugly’ parts (the negative and self-defeating behaviours and beliefs one has), successes arrive in the most unlikely ways. This means past activities, people and places that were visited or accessed to improve yourself and/or circumstances but didn’t get you anywhere or the achievement you had hoped for, will re-appear in some manner that allows you to reach your dream(s). The more you followed your soul/your inner calling, the more you stood in your integrity, the more you were true to yourself, no matter what area that was in (career, home, relationships, etc.), even though it felt you were getting nowhere, the bigger the accomplishment. For some the journey took dips and dives, appearing to go in different directions, travelling in a jagged line yet overall the path was Divine in nature; a spiral. Did you allow your thoughts to consume your being or did you overcome them? This past year has been about bringing about a sense of empowerment to what you can and cannot do, to what is possible, to what is important and to release what no longer serves you. Acceptance and prosperity in the form of getting to really know oneself and that life is bigger and more beautiful than what our ego tells us, shows us and wants us to believe. Be confident and stand in your own power this month; let your inner light shine for the world to see, to feel, to hear and to know. All that hard work wasn’t for nothing; allow the Universe to reward your kind heart. Now for those that took the ‘easy’ way out of personal responsibilities (feelings, behaviours, choices), this month may prove to be one where you wish you had done this or that differently. Being distracted and consumed by the immediate pleasure but at a cost. That there will be regrets and a feeling that you have wasted precious time, allowing your ego to get the better of you and that in the overall scheme of life, the rewards were short-lived and futile. For some, this will be a month of starting from scratch, whether you like it or not. That there will be more experiences connected to losses, heartache and pain. There is a Law of Attraction at play. For those that are unaware of this concept, it is about what you think: you will get, what you feel: you will get. Others may say it is about “what goes around comes around” or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. So in essence, can you make the most of this month? Can you allow your thoughts, your deeds, your feelings to be those based in joyful and loving energies. Can you allow the Universe/Divine to work for you and not against you? That there are endless possibilities to achieve and realize certain goals. That there is a Divine energy to our paths. There is more to abundance than what meets the eye; for some of us, August will be proof in how rich one really is and it’s not just about the bank account. It is ideal to look back at all of your achievements; especially personal and what may be deemed as small; ones that are related to who you really are (what you overcame, what you realized, what areas you have grown and become enlightened in). It may be surprising and significant to realize you are more than what your present surroundings show. This is a powerful month, I feel it! Most of us when reflecting back, will see we are not the same and that nothing is impossible; it can be illuminating to see how far one has come in life. Make the most of this energy…be and do your best to attain any goals that feel important to you. Remember you are richer than you think!
Many Divine Blessings to you all!

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Hello and welcome! We are officially into summer now that all the kids are out of school and we are upon the 1st long weekend of this season. For those that are able to vacation, safe and fun travels. To find out what the numbers for July have to say, please read on.


Well, first off I sense this month will begin with a melancholy energy as the combination of the #7 month with the #9 year are both about dealing with our deepest feelings and fears, areas that we try to keep hidden and push away and for some that may lead one to darkness and despair. There is a ‘bubble to the surface’ effect occurring, where it feels one can’t get away from the pain of some past choices and regrets. Not pleasant or easy to always overcome. I keep hearing the word ‘surrender’. This action feels important for many of us. Surrender often gets a bad rap, as it is associated with losing and admitting defeat, yet surrendering can be a blessing in disguise. When one feels stuck, lost or depressed, one’s negative thoughts and memories keep playing over and over in one’s mind. When feelings of hopelessness and being overwhelmed with grief about where you are now and heading take hold of you, surrender in its’ truest form is not about giving up or giving in; it is allowing the Divine/the Universe/Higher Power/God, whichever spiritual essence you believe in and may pray to, take over. To stop controlling the events and outcome with the ego part of oneself. This is where faith steps in and puts us to the test sort to speak. Allowing the feelings to have the chance to take its’ course; meaning instead of pushing it away, stay with it, go through with it, so that it can be done. Sometimes it is better to admit and accept what is, is what is, including how you feel as to get it all out of your system. It can be freeing, healing and most of all, clear the channel to tap into one’s intuition. Faith is believing before seeing. So, if you feel and have an inner knowing that is unexplainable in the physical realm/world, that there is no physical proof in the here and now to show otherwise despite your present circumstances, try not to discredit what your gut says. This month there are possibilities of the mysterious, the magical and miraculous taking place. Watch for signs that appear. Take note of them. Keep track of them in a journal or calendar as it will make sense and have a personal meaning. Even in the news and social media there will be stories that have a spiritual element to it; Angels, Spirits, ghosts, healings, anything to do with the metaphysical area will grab our attention and prove that they are real. A month where one feels the need for solitude, peace and quiet. It is for our benefit to step back and be still this month. To go within and rest; take it easy. Those that feel they need extra guidance will feel drawn to seek alternative, holistic and intuitive individuals/resources for counselling and/or healing.
When I tap into the energy of our surroundings, it feels like a strange and ethereal vibration in the air. As if nothing is what it seems and yet anything can happen. That for some of us, we will have moments where it feels like a dream, be it a nightmare or a delight. Occurrences of “I have been here before” or “I did this before”; akin to deja-vu. Don’t be surprised if one day all feels lost and then the next day all feels empowering. This is how July will go. Nothing is set in stone and final.
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