This month will have a more serious tone to it, as many will feel this is not the time to get emotional, to be sensitive. The energy of the #4 is about getting ‘down and dirty’, rolling up one’s sleeves and having the feeling to get stuff done. April is usually when most do some spring cleaning, and ironically the number for this month supports that notion. There is an air of wanting to organize and simplify specific areas in one’s life that has been ignored or delayed up to now. Many will feel it is hard to relax, to shut off the mind, as thoughts of what you think needs to be accomplished keeps pushing back to ‘hurry up’ as time is ticking away. This can be both positive and negative, having the discipline to tackle projects yet also feeling frustrated with the amount of the workload, as at times it will feel for every one step forward, fall two steps back. A helpful tip would be to make lists and limit the amount of items that sounds reasonable to complete each day as it is important to not overdo it. Yet the other side to being busy, is at times feeling too lazy: either this will be about thinking you are not doing enough or actually not doing anything. It can go both ways as there are opposites to every trait. The #4 is a physical vibration, meaning at most times our heads will rule over our hearts when it comes to decision making. There is a realistic approach in the air. Researching and trying to make intelligent choices. Going with ideas based on facts rather than imagination. Getting overwhelmed with paying attention to the details and nitty gritty. Wanting to make the most of our resources and time, even though many will feel there is a lack occurring. One of the negative aspects to the #4 energy is feeling there isn’t ‘an enough of’ present. So not enough time, and/or money, and/or help, and/or…whatever one can think of in terms of what there isn’t ‘enough of’ in one’s life: these thoughts will play out in spurts; singularly, multiple and intertwine. This would be an ideal month to find out why and where the lack energy comes from, to let go of and put an end to those feelings. There are many ways to handle feeling poor in some area of one’s life but participating in any physical style activity (i.e. walking, bicycling, cleaning) this month will help clear and tire the mind enough to relax. Even connecting with the energy of the Earth will be important…working outside in the yard, in a garden, feeling your bare-feet and hands in the dirt, on the grass, etc. will be energizing. Try not to make each day just about work, whether it is job related or not, schedule down time as well.
Now on a Universal level of how the #4 may influence the general population, the news media, military, police forces, rulers and regulators; anything that is related to discipline, to traditions, to rules and regulations will be in focus. Some of these areas will be scrutinized, as past tactics and facts they have used to restrict the public will be reviewed. The truth and integrity of their actions and use of words may be investigated. There may even be a movement to take a realistic approach to traditional ways of how we have been doing things, in other words, some will want to get practical, sensible, while others will want to be restrictive, tough when it comes to the concept of what ‘order in society’ means and should look like. Some countries may become more militant. There could be an uprising or coup taking place, as some organizations will want to limit the freedoms of others. The other possibility is organizations that have been too militant, too restrictive, where it affects the well-being of others, may be disciplined as new rules and regulations to safe guard those that are vulnerable, being harmed, will be introduced. The #4 can be old-fashioned as it is about doing things the way they have been done for generations, for years and it feels like we will be reviewing if it is actually right because it makes sense or because it is related to keeping us under control. We may be examining: “Whose rules are we living by?”
Other scenarios that may come into play this month have to do with concepts that will help simplify one’s life. Areas related to organizing one’s finances, debts, household and time management may prove to be popular. Budgeting of time, resources, and money will be important to many. Purging of items that are no longer useful, wanted or needed. Looking at systems to save for the future as the issue of thinking ahead is apparent. More cutbacks could be taking place. This is a month where many will question “Are the basic needs of life being met in practical, simple and sensible ways?” or “Is the cost of living becoming too restrictive as the structures of how we meet our needs are becoming more difficult?” The way we work, earn a paycheque, what we pay for items, fees, etc. will be reviewed and compared to past years to see if we are ahead and what future costs could lead to. This could create a poor mentality, that many are not doing well when it comes to stability in life. Yet there may be groups that will create foundations related to making sure no one is going without. Setting in motion concepts that were used in the past that benefited many, such as communities that are practical and secure. This is a great month to come up with intelligent solutions and focus on being resourceful. To practice the give and take energy with each other. Whatever may unfold, do your best and be reasonable with others. This is a time to work together not against.
Divine Blessings to you all and may April be one of Light and Love. Be well!
© Tina De Luca

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Hello and welcome everyone! From the time I started a Facebook Page for Inlightin Energy, I have been writing a monthly column on what Numerological influences are present for the general population that also includes intuitive messages. You can also find these articles on my website: www.inlightinenergy.com With that being said, please read on what the possibilities may bring for us in March 2016.


Here we are into the first week of March and the energy can feel quite scattered. That we may hear news or reports that are not clear or make any sense. A time where confusion and uncertainty prevails, where when final choices/decisions are made, feelings of doubt arise soon or sometime after. Some of us will have periods of feeling jubilant and joyful and the next moment feeling irritable and indecisive: wanting to celebrate and than wanting to cry. The #3 is represented by children and child-like energy: this means that stories, traits, trends related to children will be in focus and that we will also see behaviours of adults looking and sounding childish. I will even go further to say that incidents and memories from childhood will be apparent, whether they be our own or through the media. This is a month to try to have as much fun as possible, to see the humourous side as laughter will truly be the best medicine in situations, especially the difficult and trying ones. There is a social aspect to this month, getting together with friends and going out more than usual. Yet be mindful that things may not go according to plan; meetings, schedules, appointments will get disrupted or cancelled or changed around by various reasons. This is where ‘going with the flow’ will be put to the test as it isn’t a month to take life seriously, to try to enjoy and make the most of what we have and comes our way. Some of us will feel bursts of enthusiasm to get certain tasks done followed by a crash and burn effect. Remember to incorporate play into your daily life: whether it be with or without children, find your inner child by looking back to what you liked doing as a child. Imagination is key this month; forgetting, solving and overcoming issues that have been reoccurring or reappearing. It is often said that one must keep a positive attitude to attract a positive outcome yet it will not always be easy as some will try to say that “the good times are over”, so if you find yourself getting down, focus on creative projects, comedy movies and shows or anything that is cute (i.e. baby animals) as this will help distract you and refocus on a more happy-go-lucky outlook. Finally if you find that a past goal is resurfacing, this may be the month to shine a light on it; to find those who will help you nurture and realize this dream.

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Hello to all and welcome if this is the first time you are reading one of these forecasts. It feels like February will be a heart centred vibration, meaning most of us will find ourselves feeling our way through day-to-day life. The energy of receiving and giving love will be important as it will be about deepening, healing and creating bonds that have meaning and substance. A month where trust, truth and integrity in our relationships come to light. Please read on for more about this month’s forecast.


It is noticeable that there are two numbers present for this month’s forecast: 11 & 2. The reason being is the number 11 is a Master Number that has many similar traits as the number 2 but the vibration of the 11 is more intense and acute, as it operates on an elevated and deeper level. This means the experiences are both profound and extra challenging, in which the destination is to trust the intuitive and spiritual side of life. There will be times that the energy will waiver between both of these numbers, noticeable by how strong one’s feelings and instincts are. It will not be important to focus on which number is present as the intention is to share the knowledge of what they mean and how it may play out during this month. There are many characteristics associated with the #11, but its’ main focus is to seek enlightenment. Not easy, as the energy takes one inward deeply, areas that have been avoided: facing fears, doubts and any emotions that are considered to be painful. The journey begins when one asks for answers that cannot be satisfied via the ego/the mind. The goal is to understand those aspects of oneself because to attain the light or become enlightened, one must visit and walk through the dark. It may sound overwhelming and undesirable, but sometimes it is as easy as acknowledging the fear, the doubt, the pain and making the conscious choice to change thoughts, behaviours, beliefs. In general, you will know when an area in your life is seeking enlightenment as your feelings will take you on a roller coaster ride: up and down, feeling repetitive and emotional. It will be easier to feel sensitive and moody. When this happens, try to focus on your breathing: deep breaths in and out to calm yourself, as many as it takes to relax your mind and body as it will help centre you. So what areas will be in focus? The #11/2 vibration is about relationships, all types: intimate, distant and especially the relationship with yourself. A mirror effect shows up often: what you see in another person, any qualities both positive and negative, no matter how close or distant the bond is, what you notice and feel during these interactions is about you. Many will want to feel love, be in love, improve the love between intimate partners, family members, friends and the best way to achieve that status is to begin by loving yourself: including the parts you find unappealing, shameful and shy about. I know it is often said true love begins with loving yourself, yet we forget this fact and this month it will become apparent to master this belief through our connections with others. Yuck or yeah, depending on what you pay attention to and what rises to the surface. These are opportunities to trust and/or surrender to these emotions, being vulnerable, and allowing the energy of love to come in to help heal and release. Basically the energy of love will be in focus often this month: stories, movies, news, anything associated with love on all levels in all manners will be prevalent and isn’t it ironic that Valentine’s Day happens to be present during this forecast. So if you find yourself not being loved to your liking (this includes if you are not wanting to be single), how about sending love vibrations to yourself and see what happens. The #11/2 is a feminine energy, areas associated with women and females will play an important role this month whether it is noticed or not. Compassion, kindness and fairness will be keys to succeeding. Intuition is strong, try to listen to what your heart or gut says as much as possible. Feelings of wanting to connect with something bigger, better, or on a higher vibration as the void of something being missing or incomplete wants to be satisfied: this means many may look into the metaphysical and spiritual side of life. Creating an environment of peace, calm and equality will feel urgent. There may be groups reemerging or forming seeking to bring those attributes to the forefront. Water and music are two areas that capture our attention more. Headlines relating to water, from the usage of to weather activities such as fog, ice and rain. The music industry will also be in focus. They are also two tools that can be very beneficial to our well-being: drink lots of water, swim, visit waterways, relax with baths/showers and listen, dance, sing to music as much as possible. There will be instances where it serves your best interests to escape from reality yet the key is to be safe and not get lost or consumed by any bad habits. Daydreaming can be a positive way to cope. I would like as many of you to imagine yourself and your life in a more pleasant, loving manner: try to imagine your hopes coming to life, feel them with lots of love and peaceful energy. When you focus on your heart’s desires, it’s best when you are calm as one of the downfalls of the #11/2 is worrying. Again, breathing, water and music will help alleviate tensions related to anxieties. A good time to imagine any past hurts and disappointments being cleared and carried away by Angels, Spirit Guides, God: any image or belief of someone or something taking the matter/feeling/memory from your soul. It’s time to surrender with grace whatever has weighed your heart down. Be gentle with yourself and others. Supporting one another is another way of showing love, so trust yourself and your abilities when situations arise for your help. Serving and caring with your heart will be cathartic.

From the hearts of my Guides ‘The Counsel’ and I, sending each of you Divine Love and Light. Be well this February.

©Tina De Luca

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Hello to a new year! A time where most feel it is a chance to make a fresh start and dream new dreams. Ironically, this month’s number reflects that notion. To understand more please read on for this month’s possibilities in what the numbers have to say.


It is a rare occurrence when the numbered month of the calendar year is the same number in Numerology. This will take place most of this year until the yearly number changes in November. I hope I can explain clearly. January is the 1st month of the year, and the Numerological value of this month is a #1. If this doesn’t make sense, no need to worry as the point I want to make is the energy of each month will have an intense vibration as the numbers repeat in value. So, if you find yourself feeling emotions strongly and more than usual this is an indicator of how the numbers affect our well-being whether one is aware or not. The key is to find what tools help you cope when you feel overwhelmed and to move forward when you feel energized.

The #1 is about anything that is and feels new. This relates to ideas, plans, dreams but also with experiences, people and places. Depending on what a person’s personal year cycle is, the area in focus in one’s life will be different for each. For example, I am in a #3 personal year cycle, which means that I may have new experiences related to children, social events, create new ideas related to creative projects, and reflect on dreams from my childhood that I have put aside from years ago that I want to reestablish. Generally, the energy of this month is each of us will be in the mood to take action that relates to questions such as: “What do I want?” “What are my goals?” and “What can I do to make them happen?” There is a presence of the self that is reflected and apparent more often than usual. So this month we will find that our own happiness and self-worth truly matters in reaching the life one wants. Some will be bold and just do it, as if no one or nothing can get in their way of achieving their dreams. Others will feel overwhelmed, unsure of where to begin. If you find yourself in the latter category, it may be as simple as connecting with a new person, organization, or method of helping you move forward. However, patience will be the key as getting angry and losing one’s temper happens easily during this month: there is an “I want this/it now” mentality. Try to be mindful of your behaviour and words as you may say and/or do something you will later regret. Because the #1 is so much about the self, some people will feel or be accused of being selfish. This word may come up often and it is an opportunity to acknowledge and heal these notions when focusing on yourself: is it a gift or is it a disservice. One way to know which is which, is by asking yourself the questions of: “Are you fulfilling your purpose?” and “Are you in your joy?” because each answer will help you determine where you are on your journey, in any area of your life, big and small. When one is feeling their best and in a state of success according to your own beliefs/wants, the benefits extend to those around and in your life. Being ‘selfish’ is personal and can only be defined by you when it comes to your own well-being. As much as it is great to receive assistance from others, this month it will come down to the self: it is time to use your knowledge, skills, senses to get things moving: whether it is beginning, completing, releasing, healing, basically any type of action in any area/situation that is for your own improvement and independence from constraints will appear to be necessary…it will feel ‘I have to’ or ‘I need this/to’ whether it comes about in a positive or negative way (although personally I feel everything is or becomes positive). It can feel lonely or as if you are alone in any struggles, as if you are fighting an uphill battle on your own, yet this is to help you learn a new skill in handling or overcoming any difficulties that have been reappearing. ‘You can do it’ is the objective….even if it is learning a new thought. Be adventurous! Try something new; even if it is a new style, joining a club, or visiting a new place. This month can bring closure or answers to a personal dilemma/problem if you are willing to try. There will be opportunities to move forward but tied in with an ending. Take the initiative in your life. Be brave and strong!

Generally, the #1 is represented by men and it has a strong masculine energy. Men will be in focus this month: their roles, mannerisms, behaviours, anything that is related to their presence will influence the month ahead and be discussed from many different angles. Aggression and arguments can occur more frequently: try to keep cool or better yet, participate in a physical activity to release pent up anger/frustrations. Leadership comes into view, so this may mean government to corporate to relationship…the possibilities of what, how and why they lead is questioned/challenged. Some may seek independence and want to become their own leader/boss in some shape or form. New trends may be set, the old may become ‘new’ again, rediscovered. The #1 energy likes to think, do and be: it can feel hurried, fast, a ‘go-go-go’ energy. We may hear of those who follow this way of life. Lastly, as there is so much information to Numerology, I do want people to be cautious around fire and items that can cause fires. Be mindful of what you do and use. Double-check all is safe and take extra precautions if necessary. Most of all I send Divine Blessings!

©Tina De Luca

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We are a few weeks away from ringing in the new year as 2016 is almost upon us yet the energy of this number has already begun in November 2015. Although physically the calendar doesn’t reflect this, we have been easing into the traits and trends of what the value of 2016 means. This is related to cycles, a method that determines what is in focus for individuals based on the present calendar year and their birth month and day, which lasts for one year and begins two months before a person’s birthday. When it is about looking only at the calendar year, such as 2016, the effect it has can range from general to intense depending on what is going on for the person in their own cycle chart. I use the onion example when explaining how the different parts of Numerology play a role in a person’s life. An onion can have anywhere from 10-12 layers, give or take, and in Numerology there are different elements to reading a person’s chart. The core of the onion would be the person’s date of birth, and each layer on top of that would be related from a person’s name to their cycle, until we get to the outer/last layer of the onion which would represent the calendar year cycle. The point I am trying to convey is that although the calendar year cycle is considered important, the vibration is broad-like. It will touch everyone in a general sense and will affect certain areas in each individual’s chart depending in which personal year cycle you are in. For example, 2016 is a #9 year and I am in a #3 year cycle. There will be times during my cycle that I will feel the effects of the #9 that relates to the meaning of the #3 year cycle. Possible scenarios are there may be experiences where I will hear from someone from my childhood , I will have emotions/reminders/memories from my childhood come up, and I may indulge in hobbies/interests from when I was a child (#9 year=the past and #3=childhood). In this article I will explain and interpret what number we are in on a global level, plus share messages that may be possibilities for the population during this cycle.


“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  WINSTON CHURCHILL


We are now and for most of 2016 into the final phase of the cycles in Numerology. They start at #1 and go up to #9, repeating this process until the end of times. The energy of this number can feel heavy, serious, being burdensome and challenging as it relates to our past and releasing. Ideas, thoughts, beliefs, projects and people from our history come into play often. There are some things that we all would like to leave alone and not bring up again but remember that saying ‘History often has a sense of repeating itself?’ Well look for this expression to have meaning this cycle. History can be about the last 5 minutes to the last 5,000 years, in between and beyond… we will have situations and discussions that are often a reflection of times that have already occurred. This can be a positive as the hope is we will learn the lessons from past decisions and be better for it. Using tools, methods and ideas that are beneficial and have endured the test of time to our advantage. Yet also, there will be encounters that will remind us of our past, even if the people, the places, the time frame are different.  Often, we may find ourselves reflecting and reviewing the past, it’ll feel as if we can’t get away from it, but that is one of the lessons of the #9: to forgive and let go, especially with oneself. We each have the free will to choose to be defined or strengthened by our individual pasts. It is advantageous to use this cycle to heal and release past wounds. To realize that what comes to an end is to make room for the new. There are moments when something or someone goes away that it can bring a sense of relief. Any regrets that come up, keep a record of them in a personal journal or notebook as a ‘to do list’ for the future, whether it happens in a matter of moments to years…let them be a guide of new beginnings when the time feels right.

There is often a sense of situations having a ‘stop and go’ effect. This means that issues and matters don’t have a consistent flow and don’t last. What is started comes to a halt, it doesn’t go anywhere, and/or has a lack of momentum. Not ideal for new beginnings or ideas and plans that are introduced for the first time however it is best to fulfill/finish these areas that were started in the years before. Some trends will fizzle out as quickly as they began. Stories, issues, people and anything that has been forgotten will be in the spotlight again. People will get tired of the repetitive, this applies to anything and anyone that has a pattern of being talked about over and over again. Most of us will be looking to those that can take action via words, behaviours and/or plans that bring matters to a conclusion, a sense of resolve. It’s as if we will be fed up with situations that have no end in sight and we want to feel complete. This is where truth and integrity are important. Whether the person is alive, dead, famous, and/or a ‘regular Joe/Jill’, their words and actions will be scrutinized…justifying their merit and having to prove they walk their talk. Is someone else’s truth in line with your truth? Be mindful of who and what you believe in, as what or whom you choose to help guide you will either be a skillful mentor or a destructive amateur. Do not let the drama of others get to you and try not to be so dramatic when it comes to sharing your experiences with others. Everyone has an opinion but are they (and you) being truthful and are they (and you) in their integrity?

The #9 is represented by the masses and the Universe. This includes all beings on our planet and the entire solar system. What takes place during this cycle we will see and feel the outcome(s) on a global level. We are not separated as some have led us to believe. We are all connected and there will be evidence of many instances in how it can only take one person, one moment, one decision to influence large groups of people in particular ways, be it positive or negative. The goal is to encompass unconditional love and acceptance, for everyone and every living thing. This may be exemplified by individuals being victims, victors, gurus or martyrs. There seems to be a struggle for a common good and collective during these times as people will sway from one extreme to the other. There has to be a give and take yet some groups will not give up easily and fight ‘tooth and nail’ for what they believe in even though it may not be in the best interests of everyone. An “I am right” mentality can be detrimental. Those that can empathize and understand another’s struggle will be the ones best equipped to assist those in pain. Remember this is a time to empower each other, not hold power over one another. Because this is also about the Universe, it is possible that news, stories, and proof of life on other planets become apparent. Does this mean we will have visitors, communicate, and/or travel to these places? It could be. Science fiction and outer space will be popular during this time. Other subjects that people will be attracted to is astral travel, channelling, past lives and having many deja-vu experiences. Philosophy, history, religion, distant places (especially locations that have a long history/ancient) will be favored. Also laws that have been discussed over a period of time, that are outdated, and/or related to a larger whole (i.e. laws that affect many countries) will be re-visited. This is a cycle that has an energy of ‘the bigger picture’ so there will be some individuals and groups who are not able to see this vision and try to downplay and stop any movements towards solutions.

I believe areas related to education, healthcare, social services, employment, housing and family will be most affected by the #9 energy. Possible scenarios are ways in which these services are administered, used, and dealt with. How we also relate to these matters will undergo transformations in that we may have to shed certain beliefs, customs and habits as we may discover truths (i.e. what is really going on). These areas will not be the same and laws regulating how business is done in these fields may also be introduced and/or passed. Other possibilities are finding solutions to do better in these industries which could include looking at other countries/world models as answers to ongoing problems (i.e. homelessness, disease, family violence, education). What has been going well or considered as ‘too much of a good thing’ (i.e. real estate market) has a high chance of coming apart…the #9 energy can bring things to an end, whether it is done by a person, a group, a business, government or unexpected sources. What is broken will be highlighted in these subjects and will need to be reviewed in terms of how it serves the population. At times it will be about the expression ‘what goes up must come down’. But please remember that it is to make room for new ways and methods that can be more beneficial to our way of life. Some will struggle with letting go of what has been in place for so long yet it is a teaching tool to show that we as individuals are responsible as much as the other, to not lay blame, bring us together, to be included and expand our ways of doing.

What are some traits and trends that will influence us during the #9 cycle? Read on for the possibilities coming our way and may occur in no particular order:

ENTERTAINMENT:  Science-fiction and any stories related to outer space will be popular/dominate in movies, TV shows, books, etc.. Famous people who have been forgotten will make a ‘comeback’.  For those that have passed away, there may be a resurgence of interest in projects they have done. Reviving or re-releasing shows, movies and music from years past. Stories that encompass many places and persons (from different countries) will be common, especially overcoming adversity. A year where the entertainment industry shares deeper and darker stories.

WEATHER:  Feels like a mixed bag, which isn’t an unusual prediction, as there will be all kinds of weather and disasters…nothing dominating as far as what will be one particular pattern. However, I keep hearing icy over and over again…so my feeling with this is that the weather will produce more icy, wet, sleet conditions, especially this winter and spring. Be careful when travelling (vehicle & on foot) as accidents related to this can happen easily.

HEALTH & WELLNESS:  This area will be affected quite a bit. Seeing and feeling that there will be overhauls to health systems in many different countries. Part of it will be related to including a broader vision to a better quality of life, reviewing and reassessing, from the food industry to pharmaceuticals. People wanting to take back their power in regards to what they want for treatments and going against conventional medicine: seeking, incorporating and demanding alternative healing therapies, especially reiki, reflexology, and regression therapies. A sense of going back to methods that use foods as a healing tool. Finding out that regular medicines are not working as well as we thought or anymore. Not wanting any kind of medical treatment may be a popular choice during this cycle as it is also related to death (not only physically, but emotionally, spiritually, etc.). Because death is a subject related to the #9, this topic will be in focus, anywhere from the right to die, to coping with loss, to Near Death Experiences: anything that is about death on any level will be brought up often. There may be more countries that legalize the right to die. News and stories about the truth being revealed in these areas: we will feel lied to and things such as diseases to cures to beauty products will be scrutinized and questioned. I see pharmaceutical companies struggling this coming year. The cosmetic industry will have their share of issues: from recalls to how it is regulated will show up. Ideas and concepts of what beauty is and looks like expanded, including images that are from around the world and a ‘one size fits all’ campaign will not be accepted any longer. Most lawsuits that occur will be related to industries that impact healthcare and beauty. Some people think of health as only physical but during this cycle we will be made more aware and concerned with all parts that make up health and wellness: mental, spiritual, emotional parts plus the things that we do, eat, wear, and so much more are all connected. I feel a couple of major breakthroughs in the medical field, one related to Diabetes, they are closer than what they think. Also be aware of outbreaks/illnesses related to food contaminations happening more than usual.

BUSINESS/EMPLOYMENT/CAREER:  Another area that will be impacted greatly, as there may be concern with employment: possibilities of many being without work than originally said, fewer jobs available, and industries tightening their budgets where hours, benefits, bonuses are cut. Rules and regulations revisited, revamped which could include restrictions that benefit employees and/or employers. There could be a high number of strikes and protests. Retirement issues in focus. Work conditions highlighted including locations that engage in poor practices. Manufacturing will be on the decline, shut down, and/or relocated from one country to the next. How business is done on a global level will be reviewed. However industries related to recycling, including how resources and items are reused will be in the forefront of innovation and create excitement in how we move forward on a global level. Recycling will be more popular than ever, which may incorporate how and where our stuff ends up. I feel Russia (see them take ‘centre stage’ energy) will play an important role this coming year as Putin and the country will influence and impact many areas that affect the rest of the world.

LAW AND ORDER:  And I am not referring to the TV show. I decided to have a category for this area as the court system will be in focus. Laws that deal with family, work, health and housing are mostly affected. This may be about revisiting and revamping them. Also seeing the broad results of past court decisions. Those responsible for past crimes and crimes of humanity brought to justice. Judges may flex more influence and power. Organizations such as the FBI, Interpol, and all those which have jurisdiction across borders are also in this category as they have influence in many countries: the question will be what will become of them and the role they play. The ironic thing about this category is some people will try to be the judge of matters themselves: this can be played out in many ways, including violence towards specific large groups of people, or causing disorder by their words. I see the subject of judgement coming up often, whether it is via a court case or via social media, the platform will not matter as acceptance will not be easy for some. Expect revolutions in some countries.

EDUCATION:  This will be an interesting and difficult year for this area. Keep feeling much will not be the same anymore. Affordability and accessibility will be key issues as all things related to education will be under the microscope. Also what and how subjects are taught will be reviewed. Major budget cuts likely and tempers getting the best of many. Teachers are feeling the pressure, are fed up and this could be the year where they speak their truth about what they experience, see and feel about the system. The organization is broken and more needs to resurface to highlight the direction and goals for its future.

HOUSING:  This is a challenging area to speak of as I feel not many people will like what I will have to say about this subject. I will admit that I have been feeling for awhile that the housing industry is going to decline as values are blown out of proportion and there needs to be a restablilization. This may be the year it happens as a reevaluation of the prices may occur. It can also be about building materials, inspections, and costs are reviewed and brought to the attention of the general public. The rental market will be in the spotlight as much needs to be addressed in this department. The homeless issue may be solved this coming year.  Rethinking the types of housing (rentals) that accommodates those with low incomes as it is important to include the fact that all deserve a good home base. Another possibility is some will admit to not being able to afford their mortgages and may walk away. A buyer’s market. Whatever may happen, the housing industry is due for an overhaul.

FAMILY:  Although we as a society have been experiencing expansions in what family encompasses, this may be about those who want to go back to what they think traditional families are about, even though it is so much more than the ‘home with a white picket fence, a mom, dad and their kids’. So many different scenarios can take place but whatever occurs, the family unit according to values, thoughts, beliefs and structures will experience drama. This may be the time where we want to do better and see the bigger picture of what family truly means and the importance of creating community. Look for seniors and those who have life experiences to be in the spotlight in many ways.

SOCIAL SERVICES/CHARITY:  I have these two areas as one as in some sense they have the same goal and meaning. I feel a ‘catch 22’ to what will occur. There will be instances where some charities (international based agencies) will be questioned to what their purpose and accomplishments are, which could have a domino affect to those that are struggling to help those in need. How they administer aid reviewed and possibly revamped. I see a restructuring in these areas and that some will be closed for good. Welfare and services that assist those in need will have to re-think their policies and procedures. A push for people to be and take more responsibility for their choices. The ways we help others through government and social agencies could expire, be exhausted and feel over-extended. People may need to help others by their own accord as these organizations will experience a down-turn in funding.

RELIGION/PHILOSOPHY:  Different categories yet they may intertwine in meaning during this year. Religions discussed and their meanings, values and beliefs reflected upon. Either a revival in those seeking solace through religion or those changing their views and not wanting anything to do with it. There could be more instances of causes done in the name of religion. Also The Bible and any other historical document associated with religion and philosophy will be reexamined as more people will want to get to the truth in these matters. Our past beliefs in historical figures, especially those associated with religion and/or spirituality will be debated and a reassessment in who they were, their roles and ways of living coming to light. Regarding today’s present spiritual and religious leaders: their roles becoming more important as populations will seek them for counsel and guidance. Concern with the Dalai Lama as I feel he isn’t doing well and has a challenging year ahead of him. There may also be a resurgence with gurus and those who seek to lead others in the name of….(fill in the blank as there will be many reasons): please be aware of where you place your guidance and trust your instincts. However a great time to explore and be open to different philosophies and spiritual ideas from around the world and from the past. Ancient locations, items and artifacts (can also be associated with archaeology) uncovered/discovered, visited and popular. I will be repeating myself by sharing the topic of death again as this is a part of this category too. Death is so much more than the physical aspect: people will want to know more and re-examine the spiritual and philosophical side of this subject. Yet too many will have a sense of achieving more out of life. This may play out in facing fears or letting go of what no longer serves you or walking away from it all as the adage of ‘You only live once’ becomes a motto for those that want more meaning in their life.

On a final note, my hope for those that read this article is to make the most of 2016 by not trying to get caught up in what is happening around and to you. That when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with an emotion that causes struggle and concern to remember to release and relax. It may also unfold as a year where some dreams become realized in particular areas in one’s life. Simply put any words that begin with the letters ‘re’ will have meaning in our lives, and that they are presented as opportunities to let go and make room for a better way of life if we choose so.

Be well. Be safe and most of all Be Divine!

©Tina De Luca

If you enjoyed reading this article and would like to learn more about how Numerology can assist you please contact Tina at tina@inlightinenergy.com or via private message on her Facebook Page: Inlightin Energy. Tina has been doing readings and intuitive counselling for over 25 years, establishing and growing her business publicly since 2013. Many of  her clients are from around the globe with varied backgrounds who have kept in touch and return for regular readings. She is also a recurrent guest on Virtual Vision FM and her appearances may be viewed via YouTube channel: VIRTUAL VISION FM.  She has written many other articles that can be found on this website and on her Facebook Page. Any questions and comments are welcomed and she replies to each one.
















December has arrived and with that the holiday season is upon us whether we feel up for it or not and celebrate or not. We are in the final month of 2015 yet the cycle number for December is reflected by the 2016 calendar year. This means that although 2016 is not for another 31 days the numerological energy of 2016 started 2 months prior, in November 2015. I don’t have proof to show this but am speaking from experience. I have been doing Numerology for over 25 years where I have seen and noticed that the numbers change energy ahead of time, easing into the traits of what that number means. To get a sense of what December may bring for us on a general level please read on.


This month the energy is more light-hearted as the focus is about the fun and social side of life. Anything that is serious or taken too seriously will not work out and is meant to be put aside for another month or time. This means lightening up on subjects and matters that can be negative and feel too grown up. Trying to be more child-like in our approach and view life with a natural curiosity. The more one can have fun and see the humour in everything, the easier this month will feel. Laugh as much as you can! If one feels this is a difficult task, try to make a game out of areas in your life that are mundane and necessary. Make time to play everyday, from dancing in your room to singing in your car to doing a hobby or activity that is pleasurable. The #3 is represented by children, so there may be a focus on all matters and subjects related to them and areas from one’s childhood: examples are toys, traditions, activities related to childhood may be popular, talked about and shared. Stories and events related to children and childhood are frequent. It is also a month where socializing will play an important role. This would be about making connections with others that may have an impact on you and your life either presently or in the near future: so try to shine and show your positive side. It’s a good month to raise your popularity and/or become popular, hopefully it is for the right and good reasons. Also one very important trait I want as many of you to remember for this month is this: GO WITH THE FLOW. There will be situations where events, plans and appointments that are scheduled will not turn out as originally intended. Be prepared for disruptions, changes, cancellations either by your own doing, someone else’s doing or by other causes. Keep a sense of humour when these situations arise and think of positive reasons for these occurrences. Make the best of everything this month! Some of the negative traits with the number 3 is being indecisive, scattered, blunt, too forward, meddling, cranky. Another reason to put off serious decisions this month is the feeling of being unsure and confused with what to choose and do. Going back and forth with options, and a feeling of when you do make a choice, regret coming up as thoughts of something better is out there. For example when shopping, one may be looking for shoes and has a hard time deciding on what pair to pick as there is only 1 pair needed, but finding that you either buy more than 1 because you can’t decide for sure which is best and you like them all or buying the 1 pair and returning them because when you got home your thoughts are with the other pair you turned down at the store. There will be moments where one feels scattered. One’s attention is easily distracted and it becomes difficult to get things done: there may be many projects on the go at once with nothing being completed or not feeling completed because one wants to change something about it again and again. Although I mentioned earlier in this forecast that curiosity is beneficial, be mindful of not taking this too far. One may be asking questions that are too personal and inappropriate: it can come across as being blunt, tacky, rude. Another behaviour to be mindful of is acting immaturely. Although you may think or say to yourself that you are quite reasonable, it can be surprising how the energy of the #3 arises when things don’t go your way or ideas are not agreed with: you may find yourself pouting and/or cranky, very childish emotions surfacing. Finally I want to say that this can be a wonderful month if you can feel, see and focus on all things that make your inner child smile. Remember the best part of your childhood, when you felt invincible, joyful, loved and hopeful? Reconnect with those feelings, thoughts and beliefs so that you can bring them into your present life. Yet if you feel you had a miserable childhood, create and care about yourself like you always wanted as a child but didn’t receive. Sending you all many blessing and be well!

This next paragraph is a channeled message from my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

Greetings one and all. We come forth with our message in Light and Love. Being the Source of One as we all are One indeed. We are aware of the festive season coming upon you beings this month yet there are many who do not feel very festive. The light within you has gone out and there is diminished hope present. Yet we say, there is so much for you to celebrate right now! You are Divine! But so many feel that this is not so. You are so much more than physical and material. See the gifts in you and in all that is around you. Make lists if this helps. Take note of all the wonder of the season. Smile. Be enthusiastic. Embrace your innocence. We ask you to sit in the presence of the sun’s energy everyday. To feel the vibrations of its warmth, light and strength. Feel the rays enter your being, energizing and igniting your soul. Visualize the brightness of the sun running through you and around you. Shine your light this month! SAY YES TO YOURSELF AND LIFE!

Until next time, we, The Counsel, extend our Divine Light and Love to you all. Many Divine Blessings!

©Tina De Luca


I am so late with writing and publishing this month’s forecast as half the month has passed! It’s as if I have been distracted, unable to focus in one sitting, (yet it is most likely for good reason) where the time has crept up on me, so I apologize for the delay. The numbers change twice this month: the calendar year of 2016 number starts taking affect, and the number for this month is reflected by this. To be clear about what I mean I will show the calculation:

2016= #9 YEAR NOVEMBER= 11th MONTH…. #9 Year + #11 Month= #11/2 MONTH

For this article I will focus on the #11/2 month energy forecast. I will publish a separate numerological forecast based on the 2016 year sometime this month. In the meantime to get a sense of what November may be like please read on.


This is a Master Number because of the double digit of 1. Master numbers can feel intense as it has a strong energy of bringing experiences that teaches the soul to be authentic and connected to the Divine. Emotions run deep. Literally it is about ‘mastering’ the true meaning of life. It is a highly spiritual and intuitive energy where the goal is to seek enlightenment. To listen to and be in tune to the energy of what your soul is feeling. The path to this isn’t easy or for everyone but instead many will find themselves drawn to seeking answers in particular parts of their life and/or themselves which has not been realized or healed from the past. Many will feel ‘tested’. This is where having the grace to be patient, compassionate and gentle with yourself and others will bring a deeper sense of understanding and harmony. Try to cooperate and share kindness as much as possible, including to yourself. But the drawback to this is to be aware of not being taken advantage of and used like a doormat: set firm boundaries and speak your truth as much as possible. It will be beneficial if you are able to listen to what your intuition says. Those that are unaware and unsure of what their personal intuition ‘sounds’ like can practice with the little things in life, such as what route to take home or to work, to call that person if they pop up in their mind…over time you will get to understand your inner voice. Whatever unfolds this month will be a reflection of you, and what you do to the other will rebound to you. There is a mirror effect present. The power of love is very strong this month: send love energy to as many as possible, even to yourself. Some of us will be feeling overly sensitive, that one’s mood changes quickly, and at times for no particular reason. Whether you believe in energy or not, it is a time where picking up on and absorbing other peoples’ and places’ energies is easier, so what you feel may not be yours. Using water and music will help release emotions and feelings. Drinking water, showering, bathing, looking at water…any of these is therapeutic. If listening to music, singing along will be a good tool to release as well: so turn up the tunes and allow the sounds to do the healing. The other key point about the number 11 is relationships. It includes all kinds of relationships: intimate, family, friends, work, acquaintances, and even pets. The issue of trust is relevant and key to what the #11 is here to teach us : what kind of relationship do you have with yourself? Do you trust yourself? As this is a reflection of ALL the relationships you have with others, no matter how distant or close the bond is. So if you are wanting to improve your relationship(s) with anyone, to take a look at yourself…the way you feel, think and believe about who you are will show up in those around you. Finally I want to bring up the subject of daydreams. Some people feel it is a waste of time and is destructive. Yet it can be a source of calm and connection, especially if your thoughts are positive and inspiring. I believe it is a form of meditation, and therefore is relaxing. So if you feel overwhelmed, take a break and get lost in your thoughts: make it the movie of your dreams…imagination is a powerful tool…include all the images you love. May each have a Divine month!

The second part of this forecast is a channeled message from my Guides, The Counsel.

And so it is. Good day. We come forth in love and light with messages of comfort and well-being for all. We seek and speak of truth so that each being can reach their highest potential. There is a sense with many on your planet of times becoming more troubling. That what is occurring is chaotic and unbearable. That many are seeking solace to the actions of those that are causing pain. We advise for you to keep calm. To be the grace under pressure. That it is wise to go within and reach for the heart centre of your being. To feel the light. We do not have the sufficient words that can explain and justify the dark journey of life. Yet we can see and understand its’ purpose. It is not about condoning and allowing. It is about loving. And this will take some by surprise; some by being baffled, some being angered and some being able to understand the simple statement. Be a source of love: to yourself and to all. Imagine a bright light, the colour being brilliant, radiating and flowing through you, around you, above and below you. For the source in each of us is Divine, and the Divine is LOVE.

Until next time, we, The Counsel, send Divine Blessings of Love and Light.

©Tina De Luca


Here we find ourselves in October where it feels as if the year is passing by quickly. From my experience with Numerology, October marks the last month where the numerical value of the calendar year finishes, the energy of 2015 which equals a #8, comes to an end. In November we will start to feel the energy of the calendar year of 2016 even though our timetables do not reflect the new year until January 1st. But I do not want to get too ahead so let us focus on the possibilities October may bring us.


This may prove to be a month where we get a glimpse of the energy of what 2016 has in store for us as the numbers will be of the same value. The number 9 cycle is the last in this series as they go from #1 to #9. This is a time where the focus is primarily connected to endings and I am not talking about “the end of the world” and any other dire predictions. The endings will be about systems, traditions, beliefs and habits that we hold onto and that no longer serve us either by personal choice or not (as in some cases it will feel forced). This will affect each of us on different levels as it will depend what personal cycle you are in but in general, it may feel ‘heavy’, as in emotionally draining and difficult: it has a serious tone and vibration. It is a time for cleaning and clearing what holds us back, to reflect on the past (whether that be the past 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months, 5 years…and so on): the good, bad and ugly, forgiving and letting go as much as possible. Revealing and seeing the truth in it all, on all levels, and standing in one’s own integrity…trying to avoid or run from the past will not work. At times will also feel like one has to ‘go back to the drawing board’: revisit, redo and/or reassess choices. Whether it is an individual or a large corporation or government, anyone or anything that tries to hang onto old ways/habits/ideas that are not in the best interests individually and of the collective will discover how difficult life can be. It is better to look back to see what one has learned, take the good and heal the bad, let go of what is no longer useful: material, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Some will feel emotions profoundly as the #9 energy vibrates on a deep level: try to take extra care of yourself. The #9 represents the Universe: this means our planet, the solar system and beyond…it is about ideologies that include life on other planets, Spirit Guides, astral travel and reincarnation. When people talk about the ‘Big Picture’, this month may truly start showing us what that actually means. How connected we are no matter how close or far one lives from one another, one’s culture, one’s belief system, etc. as we are all One and this is the main objective. This doesn’t mean we have to agree, follow or do as what the other says, it is about accepting, allowing and knowing that we can co-exist peacefully if we each speak, talk and walk in our truth(s) in light and love. Speaking of light and love, it is also about Universal love for mankind, wanting and striving for each person and living thing to do well, to give and be of service in the highest way possible. Highest way possible? What does this mean exactly? For each person it depends, but ultimately it is assisting each other to reach their individual place of understanding, acceptance and truths without forcing one’s own ideals and beliefs. Showing the way by example and experience: how you feel and live your life with the utmost care and concern for yourself does affect our fellow man/woman/child and all its inhabitants. It would be akin to the saying “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. Each person will be drawn to wanting to finish certain tasks and/or matters which feels it needs to be done with. This can range from projects around the home, at work to ending negative thoughts, patterns, to ending negative relationships. Simply put, it will feel it is time to clean up certain areas and attitudes so that you can make room for the new. As one of the themes is about endings, ideas/plans and projects that are started this coming month especially by larger groups/associations/corporations/governments will not succeed as it isn’t an ideal time for new beginnings…they will and can try but sometime in the coming months to year it will become evident that it isn’t going anywhere. Does this mean not to try anything new? I don’t discourage it but work on what needs to be released to make room for the new. The other side to the #9 energy is that it has a stop and go flow: nothing seems constant or consistent, a feeling of going around in circles. People, situations and lessons from our past either show up or are replaced by those who remind us of the past. It can cause regret, rethinking and negative thoughts that may paralyze one into thinking there is no way out/better or hope. Some will feel they have reached the end of their rope while others will be ready to put a stop to what bothers and defeats them. Be mindful of what you hear as it will not all be true and cause a fear based reaction. Some may try to use religion and/or history (including ancient philosophies/traditions) as a means towards achieving a ‘higher truth’. Be aware of what is shared and said before making a choice or following a path. Whatever this month brings some words of advice if you struggle: look at what tools or methods you have used in the past that has helped you cope and heal, what remedies from mankind’s history are beneficial and finally look at what challenges you have dealt with before and marvel how much you have grown and learned from. Finally, the #9 is also about the death (death in terms of not only physical but on a personal level: being in touch of what is ‘dead’ symbolically and figuratively) and the dark: this means the shadow, the negative side of life that many either like to stay in or avoid yet at times is necessary to learn and reach the place of light. This doesn’t mean bad things will happen more frequently but think of it like one of those healthy cleanses: to remove and release the garbage, as to become more enlightened. So each person will be in a role of being the light and/or needing someone to be the light to get through any challenges that arise this month. However this month unfolds for you, may you each be well and safe.

Part two of this article is a channeled message from my Guides, The Counsel. And I would like to share that when I connect with them (The Counsel) and receive, they are Ones who get to the point, wording it as simply and gently as possible, and often are repetitive with certain words and phrases because they are from a Source where what is present is so focused on what is natural, common and only as. That is often why their messages are short in length and positive. They do not dwell and are not present in the negative and the dark as we do, yet they know and are wise to our experiences, our journeys. The understand the true meaning of ‘Life’ but also have intentions of allowing and acknowledging each soul’s Divine purpose and potential. That is also why the insisted I spell ‘counsel’ as such and not as ‘council’: their presence is about providing support and not governing. I hope this sheds some clarity on the who, what and why of these Divine beings. With that being said, please read on for their message:

Good Day and Welcome! We come to you with our messages in Light and Love. We are here to acknowledge the Divine by sharing our counsel.

It is with much Divine Light and Love we hold for all inhabitants on your planet. Many are finding your world to be reflecting much pain and chaos. Turmoil and an upheaval taking place internally and outwardly. And we unite from soul centered hearts to tell you that this does not have to be so. There is great light and love in each of you should you choose. We say nothing is ‘set in stone’ sort to speak yet there are those who use their power in keeping the continuum of fear and lack present. You are both the problem and the solution. Letting go of what is and what was. What has transpired is done. To shed the dark and invite in the light. It is time to stand in your truth. To claim the Divine being you all are meant to be. See yourself as the child, the woman, the man and you will find that we are all One. We are all connected. But each chooses to vibrate on different levels. Would you rather be your fears or be your joys? The question is a matter of where do you place your power? What do you focus on that vibrates through your very being? The potential for greater and better is always here, always present. Begin to trust your soul. Let it all go. Allow the joy, the love, the peace, the beauty back into your hearts. You are ready. The time is now. Be the Light. Be Love.

Until next time, We, The Counsel, send each and everyone and everything, Divine Blessings of Light and Love.

©Tina De Luca


Hello, welcome and thank you for taking the time to read about this month’s forecast. I find it interesting that in the month of September it often feels a time of reevaluating and regrouping. Nature is preparing for winter (or summer depending where you live), and the air has a sense and energy of changes that also seem to reflect in our lives. It often has a stop and start flow where what is ending is also making room for new beginnings.


This month’s forecast took me some time to consider what to write about. Even though the number eight has a material energy, meaning wanting to physically go after certain goals, I have been feeling quite contemplative this first week in. This can mean that the #17 aspect to this #8 month is influencing the energy. So although many will be wanting to strive for achievements and results, there seems to be one where focusing mostly on how you feel you want to go about matters, dreams and goals will play a major role in what you attract into your life this coming month. Having periods of time where you feel energized to take action and accomplish tasks and then stepping back to assess the steps you took. Taking your time and looking within for answers before you go ahead. Some will feel they have had enough of what is going on in their life and finding out they have the personal power just by thinking and feeling differently. I keep hearing many saying ‘I am fed up of…’ and filling in the blank with whatever issue keeps nagging you in a wrong or negative way. Some will avoid, some will abandon and some will leave it alone. There is no wrong or right way, it is about what serves you best in the moment so that you can carry on in one way or another. It is best now not to make judgements about yourself, your life, and that of others. It is about finding your own voice and listening to what you truly want and finding ways that empower you to achieve these goals whether the results are immediate or not. At times relying on your own intuition and figuring out yourself what solutions are best…keeping some of your plans secret until you know they are happening. Affirming and believing in yourself without trying to rely on others for validation. If you find you or those around you are more quiet than usual, try not to take it personally…it’s the energy in play. Some will think or say “I don’t care’…yet it isn’t necessarily that they really ‘don’t care’, it’s that they are worn down from the persistent thoughts of ‘I should’, ‘I worry’, and/or ‘What if’. So although you may suffer from a lack of… (fill in the blank) and pick however many and whichever matter(s), it is a month of “where I am going to find the easiest and best solutions” or “this is what I want” from a point of trying to attain/achieve via laws of attraction. So for example if you are able to think of a certain person or song and then voila! you hear from that person or hear that song on the radio, that is a law of attraction occurrence. Finding out that there are no coincidences if you have been wondering why certain things happened or didn’t happen in your life thus far, the reasons become known. A month to understand all the blessings in disguise. My advice for many is to focus on all your achievements, your strengths and assets, especially the ones that relate to your inner being/your personality, your experiences and to appreciate how far you have come and grown even though it may not show materially or financially. Those that can feel blessed with the basics (i.e.: shelter, food, eyesight, hearing, etc.), basically all the things we often take for granted, are going to see how this simple act can be rewarding and influence how abundant one feels and attracts. Be your best this month, but this time from your inner soul level: acknowledge and honor what your true self feels, wants and needs and go for it! Finally I want to give a heads to those that don’t normally get winter tires, to please do invest in a set as I am getting a sense that this winter will be harsh: lots of snow, ice and cold. However this month unfolds for you, I am wishing you all to be and do well!

Please read on for the messages my Guides, The Counsel, would like to share for this coming month:

“AAH” (letting a big breathe out). “WHOOOO” (breath sound akin to a low wind). “MMMM” (breath sound akin to a low hum). And so it is. We are coming forth with much great love and light to share with you all our message of the greatness you each have within you. So many are doubtful and concerned with world affairs, whether it is happening to you or not, yet we ask of you to take a moment to collect your thoughts and breathe slowly, take your power back as we need you to calm and centre your inner self. So many are wondering what is going on in this world today. Yet do you truly believe it can be so? Can be resolved? Can be so different? We are not saying to ignore but to make space for quiet meditation. A space where these images and words are not present when you sit in a state of well-being. Can your thoughts change your world? We say YES! But how if you sit and look and listen to all the wrongs time after time. Whether it is by your own doing or not. Whether it is near or far. Whether it is to yourself or to another. Find the room to practice these sounds: AAH, WHOOO, MMMM. Say them over and over again. It can be 3 times or 3000. It can be for 5 minutes or 50 minutes. The number and length of time doesn’t matter. Nothing needs to come to you. Nothing needs to happen. It is about allowing these sounds to calm and centre you to a state of well-being. Can you then see and feel the difference once you emerge from this state of well-being? How easier it will be to send your prayers, your thoughts, your positive energy to those that are hurt. Even your own negative thoughts about yourself, your surroundings, your own government can heal by doing this simple exercise. This is to bring an awareness of raising everyone’s vibration to a higher, lighter, calmer and loving state of being. Some will say but how can this be so? or will this really work? or even find it hard to believe. You don’t have to question or believe this technique. Just trust and do. Get back in touch with your true self, find your oneness and emerge from a being of love and light. Because we ask of you: What do you have to lose or gain from this simple activity?

Until next time, we, The Counsel, send many Divine Blessings of Light and Love to you all.
©Tina De Luca


We are already past the halfway mark of 2015 and I am hoping that what I share in these forecasts helps and inspires others to make the most of the energy. Not always easy but can bring some clarity and confirmation when times are both challenging and simple. Please continue to read on to find out out what this month has in store.


Once again the #7 energy comes up this year. Opportunities to withdraw and collect oneself. To go within and feel things out. To take as many breaks as possible from the hustle and bustle, the stress, all and anything that distracts our personal attention from the material, physical and mental side of life. Some will feel withdrawn, keeping to themselves, so don’t take someone’s quietness personally. Others will want to know everything by trying to control as much as possible whether they have the power to or not. The way all this energy plays out will make many feel tired or exhausted more than usual. So if you can, nap and sleep as much as possible. Try not to feel guilty or self-conscious about getting extra sleep this month as it is needed and will be beneficial for so many. Even though it is still considered summer holidays, make the time for oneself everyday, a quiet space or spot to just daydream, ‘veg’ out, to be by yourself without distractions so that you can recharge and rejuvenate. For those that have a difficult time with this, try sitting in nature, even if it is a park in the city or in your backyard, as it is about using solitude to gain personal perspective and gains on an internal level. The number 7 energy is focused on the soul part of life, revealing what truly matters. For some, ‘baring one’s soul’ either to another or to oneself will play out effortlessly and for others it can be overwhelming, where it is a struggle as the sense to keep everything under control doesn’t work anymore and becomes evident by things not feeling and going ‘right’. Having faith when there is no evidence/no physical proof to show otherwise is important at all times but especially now. Be aware of where your thoughts go to as there will be manifestations of what you think occurring frequently. Again have faith and be optimistic: it’s about believing before seeing, following your instincts and if that is too hard or puzzling, following what guides/pulls/speaks to you. If you find you feel sad, lost or doubtful be conscious as to not get too deep into these emotions as anything related to mental afflictions can happen more quickly, from depression to suicidal thoughts: take steps to take care of your mental health. This can be a magical month if you can quiet your mind and use your intuition as a guide. For those that are unsure, seeking and consulting with a professional Intuitive can help: ask a trusted friend or family member for a recommendation if they know of anyone who does readings/counseling/guidance (I am available!). Mysterious experiences occurring, being talked about are in focus this month. Whether or not you believe in the unknown, Angels, to life after death, these topics will be popular. Those that have loved ones, including pets, on the Other Side (meaning passed away), there will be chances of dreaming of them, getting signs from them and/or a sense of their presence being felt/heard/seen. If you are wanting to improve and/or maintain a sense of well-being this month, foods that include nuts, deep and dark greens, vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood will be best. Try to avoid meat and ‘heavy’ foods as much as possible as keeping things light will help your energy, especially if you are feeling drained. The number 7 energy is best when we incorporate a natural approach in all aspects of our well-being: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of our life.

I want to share some messages for this month. I get a sense of family being the centre of attention in terms of secrets revealed, histories and stories being told that have been hidden from each other. This will either be healing or hurtful. A time to be able to break free and carve your identity within or away from them, depending what serves your needs best, a ‘step away from the pack’ image. Many feeling alone even if surrounded by many and/or in a relationship. A time where those that have been single for so long and are tired of it will want to attract a partner but the interesting part of this is by still keeping your own identity and sense of independence. The word ‘unbelievable’ comes up frequently: so this can be about how it is expressed: verbally and emotionally. Unpredictable month: many ‘experts’ not getting their predictions right, from financial markets to weather to trends. Be prepared for an anything goes in all areas: listen to your initial instincts. Weather wise: many times the opposite happening to the expected forecast, ‘freaky storms’. Those that are very sensitive/emphatic will feel more and it will be quite intense…clear and ground yourself everyday. The unknown being revealed in its own time, so if you question or wonder why something has happened unexpectedly, leave it be and have faith it’s in your best interest: this is a month where the magical and miracle can happen, there are no coincidences. Many wanting to take time away from responsibilities and focus on themselves: dreams, hopes and wishes. Not counting on the expected and holding others to their part in how things have happened: meaning wanting others to take responsibility for their words and actions. Alternative medicines, therapies and resources popular and seeked out. If seeking medical diagnosis, try to get a second opinion or postpone until next month. Difficulty getting things done, but this month is more about working on your inner self so be easy on yourself and others if the physical stuff gets behind or put aside.

Lastly, a message that I channel from my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

AAH..doesn’t it feel good to get lost in thought. To daydream and allow everything to fall away and have the mind go blank from all worries, concerns and needs. We say: GET LOST! Let your mind wonder from the days tasks and stresses. It doesn’t matter if you go away for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Just be still. It does the body good. There is an expression “Calgon, take me away” and whether this is your source or not, let yourself wander and wonder into a world of endless possibilities. Relax into a dream of total bliss. Ease yourself into a state of quiet solitude. Stare off into space…we promise no one is watching. Find your centre, your core, your soul, and connect with the dreams, hopes and wishes you have set aside because of ‘life’. It doesn’t matter what is going on and is real, create your dream world in your daydreams. Close your eyes but open your heart and feel. Let your soul guide you. You just need to believe then you will see! Allow us to work on your behalf. Try not to control everything and everyone. Just be. What we know to be ‘normal’ are called miracles in your world. Feel, Believe, See! Let those three words be your mantra this month.

Until next time, we the Counsel, send everyone love and light. Divine Blessings to you all.
©Tina De Luca