Here we find ourselves in October where it feels as if the year is passing by quickly. From my experience with Numerology, October marks the last month where the numerical value of the calendar year finishes, the energy of 2015 which equals a #8, comes to an end. In November we will start to feel the energy of the calendar year of 2016 even though our timetables do not reflect the new year until January 1st. But I do not want to get too ahead so let us focus on the possibilities October may bring us.


This may prove to be a month where we get a glimpse of the energy of what 2016 has in store for us as the numbers will be of the same value. The number 9 cycle is the last in this series as they go from #1 to #9. This is a time where the focus is primarily connected to endings and I am not talking about “the end of the world” and any other dire predictions. The endings will be about systems, traditions, beliefs and habits that we hold onto and that no longer serve us either by personal choice or not (as in some cases it will feel forced). This will affect each of us on different levels as it will depend what personal cycle you are in but in general, it may feel ‘heavy’, as in emotionally draining and difficult: it has a serious tone and vibration. It is a time for cleaning and clearing what holds us back, to reflect on the past (whether that be the past 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months, 5 years…and so on): the good, bad and ugly, forgiving and letting go as much as possible. Revealing and seeing the truth in it all, on all levels, and standing in one’s own integrity…trying to avoid or run from the past will not work. At times will also feel like one has to ‘go back to the drawing board’: revisit, redo and/or reassess choices. Whether it is an individual or a large corporation or government, anyone or anything that tries to hang onto old ways/habits/ideas that are not in the best interests individually and of the collective will discover how difficult life can be. It is better to look back to see what one has learned, take the good and heal the bad, let go of what is no longer useful: material, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Some will feel emotions profoundly as the #9 energy vibrates on a deep level: try to take extra care of yourself. The #9 represents the Universe: this means our planet, the solar system and beyond…it is about ideologies that include life on other planets, Spirit Guides, astral travel and reincarnation. When people talk about the ‘Big Picture’, this month may truly start showing us what that actually means. How connected we are no matter how close or far one lives from one another, one’s culture, one’s belief system, etc. as we are all One and this is the main objective. This doesn’t mean we have to agree, follow or do as what the other says, it is about accepting, allowing and knowing that we can co-exist peacefully if we each speak, talk and walk in our truth(s) in light and love. Speaking of light and love, it is also about Universal love for mankind, wanting and striving for each person and living thing to do well, to give and be of service in the highest way possible. Highest way possible? What does this mean exactly? For each person it depends, but ultimately it is assisting each other to reach their individual place of understanding, acceptance and truths without forcing one’s own ideals and beliefs. Showing the way by example and experience: how you feel and live your life with the utmost care and concern for yourself does affect our fellow man/woman/child and all its inhabitants. It would be akin to the saying “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. Each person will be drawn to wanting to finish certain tasks and/or matters which feels it needs to be done with. This can range from projects around the home, at work to ending negative thoughts, patterns, to ending negative relationships. Simply put, it will feel it is time to clean up certain areas and attitudes so that you can make room for the new. As one of the themes is about endings, ideas/plans and projects that are started this coming month especially by larger groups/associations/corporations/governments will not succeed as it isn’t an ideal time for new beginnings…they will and can try but sometime in the coming months to year it will become evident that it isn’t going anywhere. Does this mean not to try anything new? I don’t discourage it but work on what needs to be released to make room for the new. The other side to the #9 energy is that it has a stop and go flow: nothing seems constant or consistent, a feeling of going around in circles. People, situations and lessons from our past either show up or are replaced by those who remind us of the past. It can cause regret, rethinking and negative thoughts that may paralyze one into thinking there is no way out/better or hope. Some will feel they have reached the end of their rope while others will be ready to put a stop to what bothers and defeats them. Be mindful of what you hear as it will not all be true and cause a fear based reaction. Some may try to use religion and/or history (including ancient philosophies/traditions) as a means towards achieving a ‘higher truth’. Be aware of what is shared and said before making a choice or following a path. Whatever this month brings some words of advice if you struggle: look at what tools or methods you have used in the past that has helped you cope and heal, what remedies from mankind’s history are beneficial and finally look at what challenges you have dealt with before and marvel how much you have grown and learned from. Finally, the #9 is also about the death (death in terms of not only physical but on a personal level: being in touch of what is ‘dead’ symbolically and figuratively) and the dark: this means the shadow, the negative side of life that many either like to stay in or avoid yet at times is necessary to learn and reach the place of light. This doesn’t mean bad things will happen more frequently but think of it like one of those healthy cleanses: to remove and release the garbage, as to become more enlightened. So each person will be in a role of being the light and/or needing someone to be the light to get through any challenges that arise this month. However this month unfolds for you, may you each be well and safe.

Part two of this article is a channeled message from my Guides, The Counsel. And I would like to share that when I connect with them (The Counsel) and receive, they are Ones who get to the point, wording it as simply and gently as possible, and often are repetitive with certain words and phrases because they are from a Source where what is present is so focused on what is natural, common and only as. That is often why their messages are short in length and positive. They do not dwell and are not present in the negative and the dark as we do, yet they know and are wise to our experiences, our journeys. The understand the true meaning of ‘Life’ but also have intentions of allowing and acknowledging each soul’s Divine purpose and potential. That is also why the insisted I spell ‘counsel’ as such and not as ‘council’: their presence is about providing support and not governing. I hope this sheds some clarity on the who, what and why of these Divine beings. With that being said, please read on for their message:

Good Day and Welcome! We come to you with our messages in Light and Love. We are here to acknowledge the Divine by sharing our counsel.

It is with much Divine Light and Love we hold for all inhabitants on your planet. Many are finding your world to be reflecting much pain and chaos. Turmoil and an upheaval taking place internally and outwardly. And we unite from soul centered hearts to tell you that this does not have to be so. There is great light and love in each of you should you choose. We say nothing is ‘set in stone’ sort to speak yet there are those who use their power in keeping the continuum of fear and lack present. You are both the problem and the solution. Letting go of what is and what was. What has transpired is done. To shed the dark and invite in the light. It is time to stand in your truth. To claim the Divine being you all are meant to be. See yourself as the child, the woman, the man and you will find that we are all One. We are all connected. But each chooses to vibrate on different levels. Would you rather be your fears or be your joys? The question is a matter of where do you place your power? What do you focus on that vibrates through your very being? The potential for greater and better is always here, always present. Begin to trust your soul. Let it all go. Allow the joy, the love, the peace, the beauty back into your hearts. You are ready. The time is now. Be the Light. Be Love.

Until next time, We, The Counsel, send each and everyone and everything, Divine Blessings of Light and Love.

©Tina De Luca


Hello, welcome and thank you for taking the time to read about this month’s forecast. I find it interesting that in the month of September it often feels a time of reevaluating and regrouping. Nature is preparing for winter (or summer depending where you live), and the air has a sense and energy of changes that also seem to reflect in our lives. It often has a stop and start flow where what is ending is also making room for new beginnings.


This month’s forecast took me some time to consider what to write about. Even though the number eight has a material energy, meaning wanting to physically go after certain goals, I have been feeling quite contemplative this first week in. This can mean that the #17 aspect to this #8 month is influencing the energy. So although many will be wanting to strive for achievements and results, there seems to be one where focusing mostly on how you feel you want to go about matters, dreams and goals will play a major role in what you attract into your life this coming month. Having periods of time where you feel energized to take action and accomplish tasks and then stepping back to assess the steps you took. Taking your time and looking within for answers before you go ahead. Some will feel they have had enough of what is going on in their life and finding out they have the personal power just by thinking and feeling differently. I keep hearing many saying ‘I am fed up of…’ and filling in the blank with whatever issue keeps nagging you in a wrong or negative way. Some will avoid, some will abandon and some will leave it alone. There is no wrong or right way, it is about what serves you best in the moment so that you can carry on in one way or another. It is best now not to make judgements about yourself, your life, and that of others. It is about finding your own voice and listening to what you truly want and finding ways that empower you to achieve these goals whether the results are immediate or not. At times relying on your own intuition and figuring out yourself what solutions are best…keeping some of your plans secret until you know they are happening. Affirming and believing in yourself without trying to rely on others for validation. If you find you or those around you are more quiet than usual, try not to take it personally…it’s the energy in play. Some will think or say “I don’t care’…yet it isn’t necessarily that they really ‘don’t care’, it’s that they are worn down from the persistent thoughts of ‘I should’, ‘I worry’, and/or ‘What if’. So although you may suffer from a lack of… (fill in the blank) and pick however many and whichever matter(s), it is a month of “where I am going to find the easiest and best solutions” or “this is what I want” from a point of trying to attain/achieve via laws of attraction. So for example if you are able to think of a certain person or song and then voila! you hear from that person or hear that song on the radio, that is a law of attraction occurrence. Finding out that there are no coincidences if you have been wondering why certain things happened or didn’t happen in your life thus far, the reasons become known. A month to understand all the blessings in disguise. My advice for many is to focus on all your achievements, your strengths and assets, especially the ones that relate to your inner being/your personality, your experiences and to appreciate how far you have come and grown even though it may not show materially or financially. Those that can feel blessed with the basics (i.e.: shelter, food, eyesight, hearing, etc.), basically all the things we often take for granted, are going to see how this simple act can be rewarding and influence how abundant one feels and attracts. Be your best this month, but this time from your inner soul level: acknowledge and honor what your true self feels, wants and needs and go for it! Finally I want to give a heads to those that don’t normally get winter tires, to please do invest in a set as I am getting a sense that this winter will be harsh: lots of snow, ice and cold. However this month unfolds for you, I am wishing you all to be and do well!

Please read on for the messages my Guides, The Counsel, would like to share for this coming month:

“AAH” (letting a big breathe out). “WHOOOO” (breath sound akin to a low wind). “MMMM” (breath sound akin to a low hum). And so it is. We are coming forth with much great love and light to share with you all our message of the greatness you each have within you. So many are doubtful and concerned with world affairs, whether it is happening to you or not, yet we ask of you to take a moment to collect your thoughts and breathe slowly, take your power back as we need you to calm and centre your inner self. So many are wondering what is going on in this world today. Yet do you truly believe it can be so? Can be resolved? Can be so different? We are not saying to ignore but to make space for quiet meditation. A space where these images and words are not present when you sit in a state of well-being. Can your thoughts change your world? We say YES! But how if you sit and look and listen to all the wrongs time after time. Whether it is by your own doing or not. Whether it is near or far. Whether it is to yourself or to another. Find the room to practice these sounds: AAH, WHOOO, MMMM. Say them over and over again. It can be 3 times or 3000. It can be for 5 minutes or 50 minutes. The number and length of time doesn’t matter. Nothing needs to come to you. Nothing needs to happen. It is about allowing these sounds to calm and centre you to a state of well-being. Can you then see and feel the difference once you emerge from this state of well-being? How easier it will be to send your prayers, your thoughts, your positive energy to those that are hurt. Even your own negative thoughts about yourself, your surroundings, your own government can heal by doing this simple exercise. This is to bring an awareness of raising everyone’s vibration to a higher, lighter, calmer and loving state of being. Some will say but how can this be so? or will this really work? or even find it hard to believe. You don’t have to question or believe this technique. Just trust and do. Get back in touch with your true self, find your oneness and emerge from a being of love and light. Because we ask of you: What do you have to lose or gain from this simple activity?

Until next time, we, The Counsel, send many Divine Blessings of Light and Love to you all.
©Tina De Luca


We are already past the halfway mark of 2015 and I am hoping that what I share in these forecasts helps and inspires others to make the most of the energy. Not always easy but can bring some clarity and confirmation when times are both challenging and simple. Please continue to read on to find out out what this month has in store.


Once again the #7 energy comes up this year. Opportunities to withdraw and collect oneself. To go within and feel things out. To take as many breaks as possible from the hustle and bustle, the stress, all and anything that distracts our personal attention from the material, physical and mental side of life. Some will feel withdrawn, keeping to themselves, so don’t take someone’s quietness personally. Others will want to know everything by trying to control as much as possible whether they have the power to or not. The way all this energy plays out will make many feel tired or exhausted more than usual. So if you can, nap and sleep as much as possible. Try not to feel guilty or self-conscious about getting extra sleep this month as it is needed and will be beneficial for so many. Even though it is still considered summer holidays, make the time for oneself everyday, a quiet space or spot to just daydream, ‘veg’ out, to be by yourself without distractions so that you can recharge and rejuvenate. For those that have a difficult time with this, try sitting in nature, even if it is a park in the city or in your backyard, as it is about using solitude to gain personal perspective and gains on an internal level. The number 7 energy is focused on the soul part of life, revealing what truly matters. For some, ‘baring one’s soul’ either to another or to oneself will play out effortlessly and for others it can be overwhelming, where it is a struggle as the sense to keep everything under control doesn’t work anymore and becomes evident by things not feeling and going ‘right’. Having faith when there is no evidence/no physical proof to show otherwise is important at all times but especially now. Be aware of where your thoughts go to as there will be manifestations of what you think occurring frequently. Again have faith and be optimistic: it’s about believing before seeing, following your instincts and if that is too hard or puzzling, following what guides/pulls/speaks to you. If you find you feel sad, lost or doubtful be conscious as to not get too deep into these emotions as anything related to mental afflictions can happen more quickly, from depression to suicidal thoughts: take steps to take care of your mental health. This can be a magical month if you can quiet your mind and use your intuition as a guide. For those that are unsure, seeking and consulting with a professional Intuitive can help: ask a trusted friend or family member for a recommendation if they know of anyone who does readings/counseling/guidance (I am available!). Mysterious experiences occurring, being talked about are in focus this month. Whether or not you believe in the unknown, Angels, to life after death, these topics will be popular. Those that have loved ones, including pets, on the Other Side (meaning passed away), there will be chances of dreaming of them, getting signs from them and/or a sense of their presence being felt/heard/seen. If you are wanting to improve and/or maintain a sense of well-being this month, foods that include nuts, deep and dark greens, vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood will be best. Try to avoid meat and ‘heavy’ foods as much as possible as keeping things light will help your energy, especially if you are feeling drained. The number 7 energy is best when we incorporate a natural approach in all aspects of our well-being: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of our life.

I want to share some messages for this month. I get a sense of family being the centre of attention in terms of secrets revealed, histories and stories being told that have been hidden from each other. This will either be healing or hurtful. A time to be able to break free and carve your identity within or away from them, depending what serves your needs best, a ‘step away from the pack’ image. Many feeling alone even if surrounded by many and/or in a relationship. A time where those that have been single for so long and are tired of it will want to attract a partner but the interesting part of this is by still keeping your own identity and sense of independence. The word ‘unbelievable’ comes up frequently: so this can be about how it is expressed: verbally and emotionally. Unpredictable month: many ‘experts’ not getting their predictions right, from financial markets to weather to trends. Be prepared for an anything goes in all areas: listen to your initial instincts. Weather wise: many times the opposite happening to the expected forecast, ‘freaky storms’. Those that are very sensitive/emphatic will feel more and it will be quite intense…clear and ground yourself everyday. The unknown being revealed in its own time, so if you question or wonder why something has happened unexpectedly, leave it be and have faith it’s in your best interest: this is a month where the magical and miracle can happen, there are no coincidences. Many wanting to take time away from responsibilities and focus on themselves: dreams, hopes and wishes. Not counting on the expected and holding others to their part in how things have happened: meaning wanting others to take responsibility for their words and actions. Alternative medicines, therapies and resources popular and seeked out. If seeking medical diagnosis, try to get a second opinion or postpone until next month. Difficulty getting things done, but this month is more about working on your inner self so be easy on yourself and others if the physical stuff gets behind or put aside.

Lastly, a message that I channel from my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

AAH..doesn’t it feel good to get lost in thought. To daydream and allow everything to fall away and have the mind go blank from all worries, concerns and needs. We say: GET LOST! Let your mind wonder from the days tasks and stresses. It doesn’t matter if you go away for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Just be still. It does the body good. There is an expression “Calgon, take me away” and whether this is your source or not, let yourself wander and wonder into a world of endless possibilities. Relax into a dream of total bliss. Ease yourself into a state of quiet solitude. Stare off into space…we promise no one is watching. Find your centre, your core, your soul, and connect with the dreams, hopes and wishes you have set aside because of ‘life’. It doesn’t matter what is going on and is real, create your dream world in your daydreams. Close your eyes but open your heart and feel. Let your soul guide you. You just need to believe then you will see! Allow us to work on your behalf. Try not to control everything and everyone. Just be. What we know to be ‘normal’ are called miracles in your world. Feel, Believe, See! Let those three words be your mantra this month.

Until next time, we the Counsel, send everyone love and light. Divine Blessings to you all.
©Tina De Luca


Wow! Can you believe we are halfway through this year already?! Feels as if the time has been passing by quickly. For those that are interested and curious, please read on to get a sense of the general energy of what July has in store and may bring to the general population. The number of each month has an influence on each of us in directing what we bring our focus and attention to: both as a whole population and on a personal level it has an affect according to what your personal cycle is. For example, if Jane is in a #1 year cycle and this calendar month is a #6, some of her influences will be about new beginnings with family, career, responsibilities and personal care/hygiene and appearance. If any of you like this article plus any previous ones I have written and are interested in knowing what is coming and influencing your life during this calendar month and/or year please contact me to set up a reading at: tina@inlightinenergy.com


This is a month where the energy of responsibility comes into play often. For some that will mean taking on more responsibilities, or delegating responsibilities to others, or having to be responsible for the choices made. This can feel burdensome as some do not like facing the truth of the personal role one takes in each and every decision, in fact it is daunting for some to come to the realization that you play a role in everything that has happened, happens and is about to happen…this is the type of responsibility that is the hardest to always make peace with. It is easy to take credit for ‘good’ choices yet if there is a struggle, a mistake, a regret with choices, many find it easier to place the blame on another person, place, thing, circumstance…the more you try to accept personal responsibility for each and every choice and I mean all the little ones from what to eat to the big ones: what do I want to do in life to how will I react/feel will have an easier time. It is about personal growth, learning and teaching, not only in the classroom, but in everyday life situations and interactions with others. It is an opportunity for us to learn as individuals what you are all about, what you truly want and where you want to be. Now, this number is also about the family, immediate and extended members, which ties in beautifully with the education and responsibility part of the energy as our biggest teachers in life has been our family, whether it is/has been positive or negative experiences. Issues and focus on family will play a role for many, may even get dramatic for some, and interacting with family members more than usual. This can also be about creating and/or extending the family: pregnancies, engagements, step-children, anything that has to do with these areas have possibilities of increasing. Also on a whole, countries become more patriotic, focusing on issues and matters closer to home. Those that have struggled with where to live, settle down, etc. this is a good month where that can all change, but looking at the combination of the numbers to get to the #6 vibration, these changes will take place by surprise, unexpectedly (almost a ‘hit by lightning’ expression), and in an unusual/unique manner. Some may feel the urge to make their home in a place far from where you grew up, lived or were born from and those from cultures far from their native country may be in the spotlight with news/stories, this can be about immigration policies as one example. Communities will play an important role this month: if joining a group, class, organization, volunteering, anything that happens close to your home this is where you may find what you need. It is about where and what kind of family you want to be part of and that may not always be with your own family: including those that are from different backgrounds but feel connected to. Creating and wanting to entertain at home more. Beautifying, renovating, improving your surroundings and yourself. Getting a new haircut to eating better to exercising to buying nice clothes to getting a health checkup…it’s caring about yourself inside and out. The #6 energy is the best time to go shopping for anything. Those that are in careers/jobs that are unsatisfactory will feel the urge to make changes…sudden for some, so quitting, getting fired or laid off will happen. Industries related to healthcare, education and family services will see big changes. Real estate will also be affected, unpredictable and surprising news about homes and the housing market, whether it is through ownership or rentals. Those that vacation this month will either feel drawn to visit family or travel to areas close to home. If you have been wanting to change habits, improve your health, this is a good month to start yet the opposite to this is being aware of not taking on other peoples health concerns: meaning if those around you complain about a certain ailment it is easier for you to also develop that health issue as well, for example: if Mary says she has a headache and complains alot you may find moments later that you also have a headache. The trick is to focus on well-being and the healthy/positive. Be aware of anything connected to electricity, and there may be a higher than usual amount of electrical storms (thunderstorms) and weather patterns will change quickly: unusual and unpredictable weather forecasts. Generally use this month to improve yourself and your surroundings, creating a community that brings people together and learning new skills/traits to move forward in life.

Each month I also channel a message from my Guides, a trio of Divine Source Energies, whom I refer to as The Counsel. Please read on:

Greetings to all. We come in love and light with our message. There is much beauty present for those that choose to focus their personal energy on this notion. A chance to make amends with all that has come to be for yourself, your family, your community and for all living things on your planet. Know that all is Divine and lay no blame on each other and within yourself. We are all one big family and the Universe is one big home. Yet all you need to do is start with you. Be the student and teacher. Know that each moment is an opportunity to grow, to create, to be aware, to allow. Understand that community starts within yourself and it takes only one person to affect change. Your own thoughts, ideas, and feelings do matter. Complaining is a big part of what many of you do. Have you not learned that this does no good? That turning your complaints to compliments can affect big changes within yourself and your communities? That laying blame does much harm and breaks the connection that is present. Be the student and teacher: learn to be a Divine Source of Light and Love, just by doing this you teach others by your behaviours: it is that easy yet a challenge for so many. Allowing distractions in many forms takes you away from your connection to the Divine. We are all right here. Will you learn to allow the Divine Source flow within and from you? You all have this, but some choose to connect and others block it. You each are responsible for what occurs in your homes and communities: it starts with you. What vision do you have for the world you want to live in? Learn to get in touch with your true self…allow your inner beauty to shine…you will be making your world a better place and others will want to follow suit.

Until next time, we, The Counsel, send our Divine Light and Love to each and every one of you. Be well.
©Tina De Luca



Aah..relief is coming…especially for those that found the month of May to be so restrictive and serious. This month many will feel it’s time to make changes in their lives, as it is about how to attain more freedom to do the things in life that brings one pleasure and satisfies the sense of being able to do what you want when you want. Depending on which personal cycle you are in, there will be one area that you are drawn to change and this will have a ripple effect in other areas of your life. It will be about what can be simplified to make life easier. Communication in all forms is ruled by this number, from verbal, written, art, music, dance, and technology so if are wanting to express yourself in any of these forms this is a good time to feel inspired yet you also need to be aware of saying and/or doing things that will surprise and shock others. Some may comment on your actions as being out of character, and yet you will feel like no one can stop you, this is where it can turn out or look like rebelling. People will be either be too honest or deceptive…turning on the charm and lying are other traits related to this number so be careful of any ‘too good to be true’ claims, gimmicks, and false advertisements…really try to go with your initial gut reaction when you come across anything that sparks your interest. If you are the one lying, you will eventually get ‘caught’, not always right away, but in situations that catch you off guard so try to stick with ‘white lies’. Unusual and unique experiences will occur and wanting to take risks, gamble on people, situations, events but also with money, be careful with your finances and especially with items related to personal identification: this is an energy of theft, both with material items and identity, so I advise taking extra precautions and double checking all transactions made during this month. There is an energy of passion: this can be expressed in so many ways, but especially sexually, whether you are single, married, dating, or in a common-in-law relationship: it’s about releasing and expressing one’s desires. Even though July and August are months where most travel and take vacations, many will be drawn to getting away during the month of June instead, even if it is a short distance, or many small trips, but feeling the need to explore and expand one’s horizons. Transportation and traveling by vehicle will be popular yet the downside of this is possibilities of more accidents, careless/reckless drivers: pay attention to the road and your speed (there is the rush of going fast and getting there in a hurry prevalent with this number). Also the teen years and teenagers fall under the number 5 category, more focus, including the news, stories, trends related to them will show up. While others may form groups to protest situations/governments/corporations, any rules and regulations that affects the personal freedoms of individuals/rights to be expressive will occur in many parts of the world. This can also lead to those acting out in rebellious ways by being destructive. Music, dance, languages, cultures and people from all classes fall under this category too: look for the interesting and unusual coming to be in these areas. As far as weather goes, the element of wind is related to the number 5: expect a very windy month and take care of outdoor items that could blow away, cause/get damaged. Addictions are associated with the 5 number, be careful with substances and activities that can lead to being hooked on: the common ones are gambling, alcohol and drugs, yet also food, shopping, video games, anything that becomes more important than anything else. This is an energy of action, being impulsive, restless, wanting better and having/wanting different experiences. Many will aspire to stand out and be recognized for their own individuality. May each of you choose wisely and be your best that benefits your life with positive outcomes. Your attitude and actions will play an important role in how things unfold this coming month.

Please read on for a channelled message received by my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

Greetings…we come to you with our message in light and love for those that have been troubled and wanting release from the norm of society’s rules and ways of life. So many have felt governed by a set of laws that do not sit well with your core being anymore and this can lead to acts of self destruction, repetitive occurrences of physical and emotional harm taking place. It’s time to break free from what others want and expect of you and to explore and acknowledge your soul by going with what feels right: allow your passions to become the spark you seek on your path of personal freedom to be expressed in light and love. We do not talk of “anything goes” yet if this means “anything goes” because of free will than it is so because it is all Divine. Many do not like the negative, the ugly, the bad but it is a necessary contrast to heal, to grow, to become the Divine Soul you are meant to be. It is ironic that often one’s most difficult experience(s) can become their beacon of light to a better path of being. From our vantage point, we do not wish for or condone any specific behaviours but that each person expresses, lives and loves their soul even if that means the path has involved dark and deep incidents. It is hard for many to believe and accept that hurt, sorrow and struggles are a ‘necessary evil’. It isn’t. But your reaction, your choices, your focus determines what is good and bad. It’s the Yin & Yang, the light and dark, the positive and negative that benefits and balances life on Earth: it sets the motion into more light and love for some and for others more dark and despair. Freedom = Free Will…this means the life you want is determined by you alone…you make choices at all times, at all levels, from your thoughts to your actions, it all counts and manifests into your world whether you are conscious of it or not. Many say and want freedom but do you truly understand this concept? And do you accept that each of you have your own definitions of freedom that will be expressed in your own way that will not be agreeable with all? Will you allow the freedom of all to be? It is a profound and concerning message we share this month, one with which that will not sit well with some of you, and for others that will understand. Yet whatever you feel after reading our message we know that your reaction is Divine. Until next time, we are sending and extending Divine Blessings to each of you, The Counsel.

©Tina De Luca


So, here we are in the month of May, and this month’s energy is vastly different from April. Many will notice a difference in how things feel and unfold. To understand more please read on.


The number 4 energy has a more serious vibration or tone. It is about focusing and feeling the need to get things done yet what is unique about this action is that it will feel ‘taking one step forward, two steps back’ occurrence, so this is where the hard work energy comes into play with this number. Many will be wanting stability, balance, security in their lives, especially in particular areas as it depends on what your personal numerological cycle you are in. Many will be practical in their lives, a ‘getting real’ energy, so wanting to organize and simplify the physical aspects of life. This means tackling debt/finances, storage issues, cleaning and ridding of possessions and also wanting to improve one’s own physical appearance through diet and exercise. This number also rules the nervous system, so many and generally speaking, an atmosphere of feeling and being nervous comes into play often. The mind will be busy with to-do-lists, work issues, planning, and getting things done. This energy will hinder being able to relax and possibly having sleep issues so my suggestion is that you try to exercise everyday, do something that tires not only the body but the mind, so that when you hit the pillow you fall asleep quickly and soundly. Also diet will be important this month, protein and root vegetables/fruits will help with replenishing your physical energy. Although many will feel rushed to get things done and that there is no time to ‘play’, the opposite of this energy is being lazy. Ask yourself when you feel obligated to do something: Is it because I want to, have to, or will it be rewarding? Where last month had a ‘go with the flow’/unpredictable energy, this month is more aligned with matters/actions/events adhering to schedules: this means any plans, appointments, etc. will stick as originally made. Most will want to stay put, not make drastic changes, and/or think things through carefully beforehand. Also many will feel ‘cheap’ this month: not wanting to spend money unless absolutely necessary, this means just getting what is needed, and shopping for the best bargains. A good time to budget, save money. This could mean that news about the economy will be in focus and decisions made on a broader level (through governments, agencies, corporations) will occur. This can mean many will feel restricted. A month about focusing on the details of life, what works and what needs to be done for a better future. Making choices more with the head than the heart. This can be a challenging month (personally I have a hard time with the #4 energy), yet if you can make lists that are practical and not so time-constrained, than it can be rewarding as you will eventually see and reap the benefits of a job(s) well done. Finally, try not to be so hard on yourself, as it will be easy to do.

I also channelled a message for this month from my Divine Guides, The Counsel. Please read on:

RELAX. It will all be ok. We sense an urgency in the atmosphere. A need to hurry and get things done. A feeling of wanting more but having less. As if there is less time, less money, less of joy. Why feel so overwhelmed? Where do you feel yourself pull towards? A feeling of being let down and a ‘this is it?’ to life. Wanting so much more than what is lead to believe by the practical side of life. Yes we know that you need money to get by, to provide your basic needs, and yet it is so hard to believe that it can be so much better. We want you all to take the time to be in Nature this month. Focus on the wonder and beauty of the surroundings. The trees, the flowers, the birds singing, all the animals, plants, insects…see how they all are separate yet work together. They create a natural balance that we so much want you humans to emulate and be. Yes, you want to get things done in your lives, but we also feel and see that many can work on themselves, tackling personal issues that many so overlook. Are you the type of person you want to be? Can you take the personal challenge of improving your inner self? It will be difficult, yet a rewarding and cathartic experience if you so choose to do. Be strong, yet love yourself through it all. Don’t worry so much. Do the best you can. Know that all is in Divine order. Release what is no longer working and needed…and know we are cheering you on every step of the way! Until next time, we are surrounding and sending each of you, many Divine blessings of love and light, The Counsel.

©Tina De Luca


Finally! I am posting this month’s numerology meaning and possibilities. I apologize for being late but ironically it does tie into what the number represents. Please read on.


This will prove to be either a fun month or a frustrating one depending on how well a person handles spontaneous situations. The number 3 is often represented by the child energy, both in terms of an actual child and by traits and behaviours similar to that of a child. So for many, children will be in focus, whether you have any or not, as it would be beneficial to pay attention to how they cope, communicate and go about their daily lives as they are so often in the present moment…they don’t care about tomorrow so much as we adults do, they want what they want now and whether it is good or bad most children know how to release the emotion and carry on. They are about what gives them joy, what feels good and what is fun and they are very good at trying to get what they want as much as possible. Also many of us will be thinking back to our childhoods, remembering and reminiscing, perhaps even wanting to recapture something from childhood, whether it be an item, a memento or a feeling. At times we may encounter situations that will bring us back to when we were children that can either be joyous or painful. If it is difficult memories that keep flooding back, try to heal the situation(s) by taking a step back and soothing/comforting your inner child with love, patience and kindness: be the ideal dream parent to your inner child. The other important factor for this month is that many will encounter situations that do not go according to plan. Specifically appointments, schedules, meetings, anything that is set to a timetable, will either be changed by your own doing, someone else’s doing or what I like to refer as Divine intervention (this is when the mysterious or unexplainable shows up). The energy of the #3 is about going with the flow, so if you are one that likes order it will be difficult to cope with delays, cancellations and interruptions. Try to see the humour in it and most of all remember that it could be a blessing in disguise when something gets rearranged or disrupted. It is a great month to be social and creative especially when trying to find solutions, get ahead or move forward. Try to accept as many invitations as possible and have fun as it is likely that a significant connection will be made. Those who take on a happy-go-lucky attitude and are positive will start seeing results, while others will feel pessimistic, sad and get irritated easily: be aware of your behaviour(s), are you acting out like a pouty child or a happy one. Life is about all the simple things we take for granted, such as flowers, clean air, friendships, love, I could go on and on but recognize and appreciate all of these things and more joy will be easily attained. Friendships and pets will be important this month, wanting to share and spend more time with them rather than with family. Because this energy can be a scattered feeling, meaning it is difficult to make firm decisions, confusion and doubting ‘what is best’ will play out, so if possible delay important choices until next month. This especially applies to shopping as the #3 represents this activity. So for example if you see a pair of shoes you really like but can’t decide what color, you may end up buying all the colors or going back to the store to exchange for a different color if you bought 1 pair only. It is comical yet also a ‘grass is greener’ expressive attitude. It is not a month to take life seriously and to not focus primarily on the ‘serious’ side/parts of life but to rather be curious and carefree. Finally, to get an all over well being energy, the sun, laughter, citrus fruits, and playing are also represented by the #3. Go out and play in the sun, sing, dance, laugh with abandon, and get plenty of fresh fruit so that all these fun activities help you love and enjoy life to its fullest because we all need a break, to be silly and carefree. Hope everyone has a fun month!

The following paragraph is a channelled message from my guides, The Counsel:

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Day…notice how we begin each salutation with the word ‘good’. That’s because we want to emphasize ‘good’. Life is good, if you choose it to be and yet so many are feeling sad and confused. From our vantage point we can see all the good possibilities wanting to come forth yet so many push back. Reluctance, doubt and discouragement as so much is not what it seems anymore. What is falling apart and away is masked by leaders as a path to destruction and chaos yet it is not so. It is a time for each of you to hear and follow your higher calling, your heart’s desire yet so many are fearful. What does your soul cry for more than anything else? What will it take for each of you to just allow and follow that path? Why do you think that society’s ways is the way? We want you to think back at a time when you felt your best, when you felt anything was possible, when you felt fearless and when you were just being you. Remember it well? You will think of the accomplishments, the dreams, but most importantly remember the feelings. That is the place to start from: the feelings. Can you recapture and feel the joy, the lightheartedness, all the good feelings you had at that time and allow them to flow through you once again? Believe in yourself. Be good to yourself once again. You are at a time in your life where so much has changed, everything coming and going so quickly, the pressure to be this and that, to be here then there. STOP! Pull your energy inward, go and get lost…lost in music, lost in nature, lost in an activity. Forget what should and shouldn’t be. Instead go do something that is fun, be in the moment of the activity, laugh and play and you will see that a relaxed mind and body does the soul good. There has been so much seriousness, so much emphasis on being, looking, acting and even living a certain way that it is tiring to keep up. Let loose and be natural. Allow your goodness to shine bright.

Now we bid you Good Tidings and until next time, sending each of you Divine Blessings, with love and light, The Counsel.

©Tina De Luca


Hello to all! Please read below the messages and insights for this month both by what the numbers mean and than from what I channeled from my Divine Guides of 3, The Counsel. Spring is almost here!


A few months back, in December 2014, the energy for that month was also an 11/2 number. So there will be similarities but also expect a few differences as the number sequence differs. This is a highly intuitive number, wanting to master what lies within an individual by attracting challenges that test a person’s will. It’s about trying to heal, handle and accept what comes your way by mastering your emotions with ease and grace. Being as patient as possible. Now it is normal to have moments where frustration, tears, anger, sadness and disappointments get the better of you so this is where being gentle with yourself and others helps. Get the negative out and release all attachments but try not to stay stuck in the negative for too long: music, fresh air and water (in any form: i.e. swimming, baths, drinking) will help alleviate the negative moods one feels and is holding onto. It is a very emotional time for many, and for some questioning why they are feeling strong emotions that normally in the past wouldn’t affect them. It will feel like a roller coaster of moods, sensitive to your surroundings and people, both close and unknown to you. So some may not be aware that they are picking up on the energy of what is around them as some of your feelings may not even be yours. It’s not intentional, that is why and I repeat, being gentle, kind and understanding will be beneficial. Trust your instincts, your gut feelings as they are highly in tune/in sync. It is a feminine energy, meaning women will be in focus this month, via news, stories, headlines, etc. Also many will find that women will be playing an important role in one’s life: either a combination of personal and/or professional matters. For those that are struggling this is a time to seek others for help, especially in small groups, cooperating and sharing one’s knowledge/advice. Helping others by inspiring one another and raising the vibration to a more enlightened level will get fantastic results. Being of service and caring. Showing compassion, empathy and love. In fact this number rules the heart area, so either you can feel love or feel broken, the choice is yours. Because this is such a high vibrational number, many will be prone to daydream, to fantasize, to escape in their thoughts. This can be healthy as it is a form of meditation, especially for those that have trouble with quieting their mind of thoughts, so go with it: dream beautiful, dream wonderful, dream all is well but be careful not to become obsessive/delusional. It can be a magical time for many, as long as you learn to believe before seeing. Trust issues play heavy for many, meaning they will be dealing with matters that affect trust. A big part is learning to trust yourself, your intuition and just knowing your inner truth speaks louder than what society tells us what we should believe and do. You know yourself best and this month is about believing, feeling and following your heart, your true you. Finally for those that want to connect on a spiritual level, this is an excellent time to start…follow your inner guidance to what tool and/or teacher may help you begin the journey to a higher level. This month the path won’t be easy but it will end up being fulfilling for those that allow their heart to be the guide. Be hopeful and optimistic.

Please read on for the channelled message for March.

BELIEVE. BREATHE. BELIEVE. BREATHE. AND BELIEVE. AND BELIEVE SOME MORE. We are repeating ourselves yet it is through repetition that many learn from. So it is as if we cannot say this enough: BELIEVE. You are well. You are love and light. BELIEVE. Say it again. “I AM love and light.” BELIEVE. We see, hear and feel how so many are done and unhappy with life’s unfolding. A sense of urgency and panic about what the future may bring. All is Divine. All is well. And we want you all to take a deep breath and BELIEVE life is so much more than what you see. It is time to feel. Time to be present. Time to believe that life can be and is love and light. BELIEVE. So many practicing lack, worry and fear, believing in the lack, allowing these negatives dictatorship of your heart. BELIEVE that you are infinite, that the Universe is abundant, ready to meet your heart’s desires. Because the time is now to ask yourselves: “What am I really worth? What do I value? How do I value and honour my true self? ” Tina has spoken of ease and grace. Wise words. Is it not easier and more graceful to send yourself love and light? Is it not easier and more graceful to send all those around you love and light? Start now. BELIEVE you are so much more. Listen to and allow your heart to speak. BELIEVE the answers lie within you. BELIEVE the heart, the soul is truth. So, do you BELIEVE you are a source of light and love? Do you BELIEVE you can be a source of light and love? You each have the choice of what to feel and this will dictate your heart, your soul’s journey, whether by ease and grace or by fear and worry. May your choices be filled with light and love. Be well.

Until next time, we send each and every one, many Divine Blessings filled with Divine Love and Light, The Counsel.

©Tina De Luca


Welcome to the second month of the year and it will feel lighter than last month. An ease and for some as if a burden has lifted, a weight off one’s shoulders sort to speak. Please read on for what the number means for this month.


Finally! It will be a better month for many. Especially those that worked on personal issues such as control, fears, and forgiveness last month. Those that did, will be in a better place, a better mood and excited to move forward with new goals and plans. If you were able to heal past wounds in January, accepting and letting go of personal traits, habits, beliefs and shedding what no longer works or does any personal good will see that things will turnaround for oneself this month, a reversal of fortune, yet those that denied and/or avoided their truths will see that life seems to be stuck and almost wanting to blame their misfortunes on bad luck. So whether or not you did personal healing, life will happen fast, things changing quickly, at times not able to think things through, just doing and some will feel ready for this type of energy and others will struggle. This is a month of new beginnings. Making plans and setting goals but being patient as not all of them will be realized this month as some will need time to flourish. Depending on your personal cycle number this year, you’ll be taking charge in one main area of your life, wanting to be the boss and finding out that although it is nice to seek advice, that your initial idea is the right one. The number one is a physical energy, so those that felt tired/sluggish in January will feel more energized and a good time to begin a new diet/exercise/healthy lifestyle. A good month to try new things, so if you have been scared to do something specific in the past, now is the time to go for it. A brave and enthusiastic energy. Take that chance, keep at it, and look at new and creative ways for solutions. A month where things will happen fast, new perspectives and ideas will occur. “A-HA” moments for many. Those that are single, a good month for meeting someone new/dating and for everyone no matter what your relationship status is presently, to pay attention to those that you meet as they will play an important role in your future. Watch your temper and what you say as some will be too outspoken. Be aware of fire: so make sure appliances/candles/ anything that can cause an explosion or fire are safe and extinguished when away/done with. Be careful of the following: sharp objects, speeding, rushing around as accidents related to these areas are higher than usual. A powerful month, and be mindful of your choices: really focus on the positive side of everything.

Please read on if you are interested about February’s channelled message from my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

“LOVE IS IN THE AIR. EVERYWHERE I LOOK AROUND. LOVE IS IN THE AIR. EVERY SIGHT AND EVERY SOUND.” *Please note that my Divine Guides were playing these lyrics from a song that I looked up to confirm the writer and words as they will send me messages in forms of music. These words are from the song ‘Love Is In The Air’ by John Paul Young.*

Aah…L’Amour! The one thing that makes the world go round, the heart pitter patter and yet is so elusive, so challenging for many. We understand that this is the month of St.Valentine’s Day, which is of great importance for many on Earth, whether you are single or not, whether you say or think you care or not, because love is the greatest gift of all. It fulfills many needs and desires, soothes the soul, and eases loneliness. Some would prefer being in the company of whomever than risking the effects of being on one’s own. Why does solitude scare you so? Why does romantic love become so necessary this month? Why has it been allowed to escalate to the point where true love, finding your soulmate and marriage are what makes a person? Because we say that LOVE IS EVERYWHERE! Can you see love as a Universal concept. That love IS everywhere. It is in you, in those around you, in nature, in all that is created by God/Allah/Creator. Because if you can see, focus and appreciate the beauty of all that is created, you will feel the love. Yet, we are not denying that romantic love is wonderful, is important, but that love encompasses much more than what is laid before you to believe in. We want you to notice the basic concept of love in all things. To feel, to send, to be love. Because the more love you have in you, the more love comes to you. Do you love yourself? Do you love who you are? Do you love all that is in and a part of your life? Let what isn’t of love fall away. Do you not deserve love at its highest good? If you were to be gifted with the ability to talk to your past or future self would you be speaking with love? So why deny love to yourself today? Do not be discouraged if you are single, you are alone, you are ….’fill in the blank’ as many of you are quick to notice/point out the negative in oneself, in one another, in all that is around you before the positive. Do not allow fear to deny the love you want, you deserve, you desire. Treat yourself better, with great love and care. Be the example of what love you feel inside you and may it be a source of great light and joy.

Until next time, We, The Counsel of Divine Light and Love, send you and all creations from the One, many Divine Blessings.

©Tina De Luca


Happy New Year to all! Welcome to 2015! Please read on for the numerological message for the month of January 2015.

I will also paste a link at the end of this post to the numerology energy forecast for the year 2015, an article I wrote and published on my website in October 2014 for those that are interested and/or curious about what this coming year’s energy will bring.


It is going to be an interesting month. Most cultures and societies have traditions regarding the New Year, making it about resolutions, giving up bad habits, letting go of negative influences, things, and people, anything that has to do with shedding the old to make way for the new. This month with the number 9 energy representing endings and letting go it seems like a good fit. Yet it also represents truth and integrity and this is where it can become challenging and difficult for some when it comes to endings and letting go. It is easy to make our resolutions, we each have good intentions to be better, to follow thru on them but the energy of truth and integrity will influence us to take action and get it done. Do you really have what it takes to face the parts of you and/or your life that you don’t like/accept/want? Can you face your own truth and finally walk your talk? Because there is the possibility that if you do not take action than whether it be via a health ‘scare’, an event, or a person, it may feel for some that we are forced to clear and end whatever negative influences are part of one’s life. These negative influences will vary from person to person, but in general it is a month about letting go, getting rid of what no longer fits/serves you or holding you back, releasing the past, finding a way to finish projects/ideas that were started awhile ago. It is about facing our worst selves, be it the beliefs, habits, traits and fears that one has that isn’t benefiting not only oneself but all those around us, near and far. Forgiving and unconditional love. Seeing the bigger picture in life and how one person can make a difference, hopefully it will be a positive one. It also represents the Universe, both on a physical level but especially on a metaphysical level, so this means subjects specifically regarding “Is there life on other planets?”, astral travelling/projection, UFOS, aliens, time travel, and gurus. There may be frequent news/stories and interest about these areas. Many will experience more drama in their life, either by their own doing or being drawn into it by others around them. Stop and try to find a way to not get caught up in the emotions of anger, sadness, shame, and guilt: this is a ‘test’ to see what patterns you usually resort to when coping and dealing with these types of situations. If you can be self-aware during these episodes it will help you determine what negative traits you need to let go of to create a better and happier you. Reflecting on the past and for some this can mean people and/or situations from long ago turn up again. It is a chance to heal, make amends and let it all go. Make room for a new and better life.

The following is a channelled message from my Divine Guides, The Counsel:

This is the time of year where so many look forward to it because it is ‘New’ on the calendar, where hope is strong, dreams and goals are formed. So we ask each of you: What do you want to do this coming year? What are your goals? What kind of life do you dream of for yourself? Who do you want to become and be? Do you believe it is possible that they can be achieved? Write them down. Draw. Paste words and pictures. Make it a masterpiece! A creative and fun project that is inspiring and beautiful to look at. You don’t have to fill up the page as it is an ongoing and endless project: growing and changing as you do, as each day is NEW. There is no time limit or deadline to this project as life isn’t about limits or deadlines. Choose with your heart. Include feelings, thoughts, moments as these are things many are led to believe are ‘little’. They are all significant. Very important. Focus on positive images, words and what you appreciate. Let your imagination go. Forget what is happening now. Get lost in this project, whether you get it done in 5 minutes or 5 days or 5 months. Come to it over and over again, keep adding to it, and removing what is no longer important or feels right. Let go of preconceived notions of what life is supposed to be like. Who says so? The government? The establishment? The corporations? Your culture? Your family? Your friends? You? It is about finding and discovering who you are and what is important to you. Some may be surprised, disappointed, scared, and/or disillusioned with this project idea. Give it a chance, TRY, as you will learn NEW things about yourself as your project unfolds and your life transforms into a more meaningful experience.

©Tina De Luca

Until next time, we send each and all our Divine Blessings.