Hello everyone! I realize that we are almost halfway thru this month and I’m only now posting this forecast. Some may be thinking or wondering “Why so late?” and “Why bother now?” Good questions as I myself have been wondering why it took so long for me to connect with my Divine Guides and receive the messages for November. If only I could record what I see and hear, as it is easier to make sense of. I am jumping the ‘gun’ sort to speak as I want to share what this month’s numbers mean first and then the messages I channeled from the Divine Counsel.


Although we are still in the calendar year of 2014, the energy of 2015 is starting to be felt, as we all are feeling shifts on an energetic level whether we are aware of this or not. The number 1 represents new beginnings. A time where new ideas, plans, goals and dreams will be felt and thought of. Depending what cycle you are in, each individual will be focusing mainly on one area in their life: this can be career, family, home, health, personal appearance, finances, whatever speaks strongly to you right now. It is a good time to act upon these new ideas, the more the better, but to remember that some will need time to prosper/take affect: be patient. Some will struggle with the new as they relate it to change and feel safe with what they have known, done and felt for so long even though it can be better and it is time to move on, to begin a new way. Try to be brave, even if it means listening to those who inspire you via a friend, family, a movie, a book, whatever makes you feel safe to venture out of your comfort zone especially a negative one. It is a good time to try new things, whether it be cuisine, a class, a book, whatever you may generally decide against, you may find yourself drawn to pursuing this. Pay attention to the people you meet, as they will have an impact on you in one way or another- either by showing you a better way, or by seeing something within yourself that needs to be addressed/healed. It’s an action time- meaning that whatever you have been putting off doing, now is a good time to get things going and/or done. Many will feel (pardon the language), ‘no more bullshit’- get to the point and this is how it is- just the facts. So those that are generally sensitive will find they have more courage this month, a backbone- so this energy will guide them to standing up for themselves, showing how strong they can be. A take charge energy, so be aware of not being too bossy and pushy. The number one is masculine, so anything to do with men’s issues and concerns will be popular. Watch tempers and handling sharp objects as it rules these categories. Many will feel more energized and busy: a go-go-go and rushing around energy. People feeling wanting to be independent and yet lonely.


The following are the messages I received from a group of my guides whom I refer to as The Divine Counsel. “What’s the hurry? Why do you feel it needs to be NOW? Where’s the fire? ” Although most are in a habit of keeping busy and getting things done, the first half of the month for many has been about endings, letting go of what no longer serves you on many levels: materially, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The material and physical are easy to complete, end sort of speak but the emotional and spiritual essence has been harder. Many have felt like they suffered some sort of blow to their heart, to their beliefs, to their ways of thinking and knowing. This is unsettling, as you are called upon to explore and find new methods, new ideas, new ways of healing and seeking comfort and release from the pain. What hasn’t been beneficial has come to an end and now you find yourself on a new path. So can you see the delay in our message, that the energy of endings and new beginnings are intertwined, they go hand in hand. Because that is what life is all about. Many think in terms of the physical: alive and dead. Yet we speak in terms of day to day events, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, they are in constant motion of being alive and dying. So yes it is nice to have new things, but it is better to have a new attitude and strength to move forward with what your heart has desired for so long. Be not afraid, be bold, be courageous, and take the steps that you have been putting off but have known for some time what needed to be done. So either you have started to move forward or you needed our help sort to speak: physical signs showing up that make you pay attention and leave you no choice but to do. An awakening time for many. Feels as if you have been asleep for so long and just realizing now: “Why didn’t I know sooner or take action sooner?” Be gentle- as it is all good. Lessons learned the hard way make a more profound and meaningful impact, as this is how it is on Earth. We want you to feel the fire but in terms of your passions, what drives you and makes you feel enthusiastic- Yes! This is a very empowering word we want you all to use. Enthusiastic! Find it and let it guide you to bigger and better. Not necessarily with things, items but within yourself- be proud of your gifts, your talents, your traits that show you at your best and be enthusiastic about them. It will catch on like fire! We would love it if many and /or most of you start a personal journal. It is a start of the new you. A more joyful and peaceful you. It is a book about your desires, your dreams, the positive, all the things that are small to big with a focus on you: Who are you? What do you like about yourself? What areas within yourself do you want to improve and grow? Take a deep breath and start this new beginning, this new you with an inner strength and knowing that we are here by your side watching and waiting with our deepest love and light. Until next time, we send our Divine Blessings!

©Tina De Luca


Although it is mid October 2014 some may be wondering why am I publishing the 2015 Numerology Forecast so soon. For a few reasons, one being that from my experience when a cycle changes it starts two months prior to the ‘birthdate’ or in this case New Year’s Day. The energy eases itself into the new vibration, not by a quick snap of the fingers style, for example: “it’s January 1st, the numbers are changing!” So the numerological number for the year 2015 will start to begin in November 2014 and will conclude by the end of October 2015. As the months go by, the energy of this number will intensify, meaning the vibrations it carries will be felt stronger by us. Depending what numerological cycle each individual is in, the influences of the 2015 year number will be experienced in specific areas of our lives and ourselves that differ from one another. For example, as a scenario, let’s say Jane is in a #6 year cycle, which represents to name a few: family, work, so combining the energy of this number (6) with the energy of the 2015 number (it’s an 8), she will experience her biggest achievements in those areas: better family relations, a promotion/raise in a job. To find out what and how 2015 will feel and bring for you specifically, I invite you to book an appointment for a reading. Without further ado, please read the article below for the year 2015 numerology energy forecast.

2015 = # 8 YEAR


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined!”

Yeah! Feeling so excited about this coming year! That’s because it can be a very rewarding time for so many. The number 8 year represents success, self-confidence, abundance, power, accomplishments, action, goals and dreams, destiny/fate, persistence and the ego. It is a great time to go after the things you want, to not give up, to keep at it, to giving it your all but the irony to this is that it may not occur exactly as we think especially if we become too obsessive or allow the ego to take over because that is where the energy of destiny/fate may intervene. If we get too greedy, too arrogant or pushy, we may end up with losing more than we gained. It is a positive time to make a list of all your goals and dreams, the bigger the better, yet don’t forget the smaller ones as these may lead to the path towards achieving the larger dreams and start taking action steps towards them. Try to be your best as often as possible, this means not only your appearance but what you exude from the inside out, as this energy has a feature of getting noticed/being paid attention to when you least expect it and who wants to be noticed at their worst? Many will be attracted to those that are self-confident, self-assured, and powerful in what they know and do. The number 8 has to do with the material world, this includes money, possessions and our deepest desires. For many, a cause and effect will play out financially, an ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude when it comes to spending money. Very few will want to be careful with their finances, some going as far as ‘going for broke’ attitude.  People shopping more and wanting to purchase big ticket items, choosing quality over quantity, at times demanding the very best, not wanting to settle for less. Anything to do on a large scale, be it activities, places, items, industries are represented by the number 8. Examples are governments, banks, insurance companies, big box stores (i.e. WalMart), stock market, gold, oil, inventions. When something happens, it will be big and vast. It is also a productive period, getting things done, finding lost items and trying to solve problems. So if you have been bothered with the what, when, where, why part of an area in your life, the ability to persist and find solutions will be easier now than before. Now many numerologists refer to the number 8 as being a karmic energy, and although I agree, I have a hard time with the word ‘karma’. I think because it has been referred to in such negative terms over the years. It scares people off. If you are bad, “karma will get you,” and karma isn’t all that. We forget that it can be very positive. So I will use different words to explain the next part: pay attention to who you meet, where you go, and what shows up in your life because this energy has a ‘meant to be’ vibration. What occurs may be short and sweet, long and lasting, easy or hard, but however, whomever, whatever this may be it will have an important/major impact in ourselves and our lives. Finally, if you feel you have been holding back in any area of your life that you are wanting to achieve, this is the time to GO FOR IT! LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!

Some of the trends, traits and influences that the general population may experience during this cycle are as follows:

Movies, TV shows, books, stories about superheros/action figures (i.e. Superman) and strong-willed characters will be popular. This would include new characters that are invented and introduced to the public. I’ve already noticed networks premiering these types of shows.

New inventions and innovations in the clothing, apparel and footwear industry. Some will be a ‘twist’ on past trends with the option of these items being more durable and versatile. Color trends will be more muted, basic colors of black, brown, beige being popular/frequent. Other colors will be toned down/plain and animal prints trendy.

The news will be dominated by stories of people in positions of power and are rich, whatever that field may be, especially in the finance industry. Also men will be in the spotlight, this would include both positive and negative reports. The number 8 has a strong masculine energy, so stories about men who are domineering, abusive, chauvinistic, egotistical will dominate the headlines. Men saying and trying to prove it is a ‘man’s world’, show their power and then women either trying to act more like these men or fight for more respect/equality/value. Guns fall under this category, and there is concern that violence against women will increase (this includes rape/sexual, physical, emotional).

Bullies fall under this category, and even though it’s been a problem for many years, during this time period, it will be brought up again where it has the attention on a larger scale. Possibly more incidents related to bullying that impact a larger group of people, instead of one or two, and more people wanting to get involved to find solutions to this matter.

Finances and materialism in focus. Situations where how much we consume and spend will be discussed and scrutinized. Also the things we waste, not put to good use, such as food, water, and resources will become more apparent. This could mean that the systems we rely on and at times take for granted will experience breakdowns and accidents that would disrupt the constant flow or availability we are used to.

Higher rates of bankruptcies, consolidations, cutting corners, especially related to big scale industries, taking more than giving back. Scandals becoming public.

In health matters, the heart, blood and immune system, and skin are in focus. Be aware of taking better care of these areas, watch stress levels, a beneficial time to participate in physical activities as results will be seen sooner than later. Watch for any conditions that arise on the skin, such as rashes, pimples, sores, as many will find they are more sensitive to products than before. When it comes to diet/food area, many will be craving heavy and fatty foods, an increase in those spending money on ‘junk’ food, especially chocolate becoming a very hip and ‘in thing’ to eat. Homemade, quality food items/dishes important, indulging in rich foods. Also products that remind us of when we were kids, that brings us comfort, will be popular.

Groups forming and talking about realizing your deepest desires, making it big and rich, getting what you want. Some will be positive but others will be crooks, swindlers, cheaters, do your research and be careful of get rich quick schemes. Also counterfeit money and products will be prevalent.

News of more people wanting to become entrepreneurs, start their own business, as the desire to be one’s own boss strong and fed up with the ‘system’ and management. Many will receive a ‘big break’, relief, in a specific area of their life depending which cycle they are in.

I would like to share the messages that I channeled from my guides, The Counsel:

Weather: feels winter will be sunny, mild, warmer than usual, dry, not much snow/precipitation. Very windy in many areas, strong tornadoes and hurricanes occurring. Frequent thunder and lightning storms. Spring wet and cooler. The seasons changing sooner.

A big medical breakthrough, not a cure, but close to understanding and treating the condition, feels it is related to the immune and blood system, that it will be connected to two diseases. Feels one of those is diabetes.

Electricity: higher than usual power outages and disruptions. Electrical shortages and fires. Please double check all appliances, wires, outlets, anything to do with this around your home and workplace are safe, off when need to be, not damaged. Be extra cautious when working with/repairing wiring, electricity.

Activities such as karate, judo, basically the martial arts will be popular. An increase of physical activities for children, programs highlighting the importance of exercise, fresh air, being active. Back to basics, simple workouts and group sports making a comeback. Issues related to obesity, fat, in focus and realizing gimmicks don’t work-good old fashioned techniques/concepts being promoted and used more often/popular.

An interesting and unpredictable year for finances, the stock market, revenues. Many taken by surprise by how well some industries are doing and for others big losses. Feels like the company Sears will file for bankruptcy, ‘closes its doors’ for good. Insurance companies struggling to get ahead, wanting to increase rates substantially, decreasing benefits. Marketing will be important for many companies. Tactics and tools used to gain shares, money, consumers becoming more competitive: be aware of misleading information, lies, false claims.

Concern about credit and credit cards: debt, usage, interest rates. Problems with identity theft worse than believed/talked about. ‘Cash will be king’ as those who are able to pay with actual ‘real’ money will feel more abundant and do better financially. Keep an eye on statements, contracts related to the banks.

Creative arts such as painting, drawing, writing, photography, music, dancing, will be popular. More wanting to try expressing themselves through these areas, purchasing these items, taking classes. These areas will experience an increase in popularity/demand. Film and TV industry will undergo changes, the costs of funding and paying for making, watching will be debated.

Travel and tourism industry taking a ‘hit’. A decline in travel revenue, especially to hotter and popular destinations. Although feel Europe will be the ‘in’ place to go/visit. Many will be attracted to trips that are short, quick and easy, accessible mostly by cars/ground transportation.

Keep hearing ‘blast from the past’ expression: seems like past trends, ideas, products, etc. will be sought after and making a comeback. This includes music, styles, cars, toys.

Socials, dances, concerts, parties, group activities will be well attended and popular. People wanting to have more fun, enjoy life, be out and about. Getting to know neighbours. Trying things that are different, unusual, unique. Wanting to take more risks. Gambling, not just the game type, but with life events (i.e. love, career). Customs, traditions and tastes from other cultures becoming more visible and known through the media, stores, products. Languages, freedom of expression, speaking out, swearing, gossip, anything to do with words people will communicate more. Also an increase in fighting, not always the physical type, but arguments as well.

Drugs, weapons (especially guns), will make the news often. Increase, awareness, trouble around these areas, mostly around men and the youth (teens 13 yrs-early 20s). Sexual violence will be discussed more often, laws changing around this crime.

Breaking the rules, rebelling, crimes, thefts, car accidents increasing. People speeding, rushing around, in a hurry more often than usual: please pay attention and try to slow down. Pressure to go-go-go, keep busy: so this would be a good area to push back/ go against at times.

Freedoms of all kinds important to many, especially in the finance area. People wanting to be unique/different stand apart from the mainstream. The odd and unusual visible.

Calgary: new beginnings for the city. Some ideas/plans that are started will flourish/do well quickly while others will take more time. Council and prominent people wanting to influence the city in a new direction. Needing to try different concepts, not rely on past resources/industries. Looking into new types of businesses. Be aware of higher fire incidents, explosions.

Alberta: a big and important year for the province. Oil and gas industry unpredictable, unstable, interesting developments around this area, news that takes everyone by surprise. Having to change how they do business. The provincial government focused on finances and spending. Revenues up and down. Concern with the budget, cash flow, debt levels. Feels taxes will either be increased or introduced. Keep hearing ‘things are drying up’. Resources, the repairing and improving of material objects (i.e. roadways, bridges, large buildings) in focus, priority. Province undertaking projects that are considered large scale.

Canada: many changes coming to the country. Areas mostly affected are education, social services, healthcare,employment, housing, the family unit. Decrease in housing sales. Markets, finances taking a tumble. Decrease in revenues. Spending less on programs. Employment and family issues in focus. Still hasn’t happened yet, but prime Minister Harper getting into trouble, ‘hot water’, that catches himself and the country by surprise, feels like he will have to step down, won’t be running in the next election. New names/faces showing up in politics: these individuals will shake things up, bold and innovative ideas, platforms. More younger individuals running for seats. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will have a big year: he is going to go all out for his bid of Prime Minister, he will try to make big promises that he can’t keep/follow through on. He has an outspoken, bold yet wishy-washy energy about him, not afraid to take chances, says and does before thinking. See NDP leader Tom Mulcair walking with a cane, unsure if due to an accident or an operation. He has alot of anger/frustration energy around him. Canadians and its companies that focus on homegrown/homemade products/ideas will be successful. Paying attention more to ourselves as a nation: issues, laws, history, traditions, culture will be celebrated and promoted more than usual. Governments spending more time on Canadian issues/matters. Security (the land, resources, revenues) will be debated, in focus.

Middle East: hard for me to share this part, very upsetting. Gets worse. Many casualties, deaths. More chemical warfare. ISIS trying to obliterate women, wanting a male religious dominated society. Power hungry, stuck on destroying as much as possible. Trying to attack the Midwest USA. The Gaza Strip: fighting over a small piece of land, forgetting about the humanity, foolish war. Eventually it will be gone, no longer on the map.

USA: nation continues to have a challenging time until about May 2015. Issues related to world affairs, being pulled into and affected by these areas, both coming and going. A period of having to let go, heal and attend to matters related to their past, history. Truth and integrity scrutinized. Not a time of new beginnings, but finishing, cleaning/clearing.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Wherever you may be on the journey of life, be well, be love, be kind. Appreciate and acknowledge who you are, what you have and where life may take you as they are all blessings in disguise.

I am sending each of you many Divine blessings.



Copyright Tina De Luca


Welcome to October! Read on about what messages I received for the general population when I channeled my Guides.

“Are we there yet?” “Hang on- we’ve almost arrived! ” Many have been feeling ‘caged’. That life has been this roller coaster: one moment things are looking up and then when we seem to reach what we want it all falls apart/goes in a different direction. A feeling of being this hamster on the wheel; just going around and around and getting nowhere. Or so it may seem, especially when others are observing us. But that is not the case, because this year has been about making progress internally- finding ourselves, opening up the spirit/soul part of our lives, not looking and counting on the external/material world for our true happiness. It’s been tough but soon enough those that have taken the time and effort to heal their internal wounds and face their fears will see results occurring in many areas of their life. It’s been about finding out what really matters to you- you alone – and not following the crowd’s idea of what is true and important. Those that have been ‘carving out’ their own individuality by accepting, acknowledging and being confident with ‘this is who I Am’ role, will find the coming year to be rewarding and abundant that will become visible to oneself and those around us. Where others have judged/criticized/questioned you, your motives, your choices the tables will turn sort to speak. These individuals will notice those that exude self-confidence, self-assurance and self-worth will be sought out for their knowledge: wanting to know how to get that, have that and be that. This is great but once again be aware of: are you learning to be empowered OR are you allowing a person/group/system have power over you. We are moving into a direction where values, traditions, and motives will be in focus; challenged and questioned. What we want to know is this: do your values align with your true self, whose traditions are you following, and are your motives a win-win for all those involved?

October is a #8 month. Combining the meaning of this number with the #7 year makes for an interesting and sometimes tumultuous month ahead. It will go very well for some and for others tough times. We know this sounds ‘cliche’ but it can go either way: a see-saw back and forth analogy for so many of us- so do not despair when things are down and yet do not get cocky when things are going well as the energy of the number 8 is “What goes around comes around”.

The number 8 represents the material world and all things on a large scale: finances, large corporations, business & career matters, the law, government, the Bank & Insurance industries, and the ego part of our lives. It has a strong energy where one has to be aware of not being too pushy, arrogant, and an attitude of having to be right all the time. Some people and organizations will try to exercise their power over others- an expression of trying to ‘throw their weight around’ to get what they want no matter the consequences. However, it’s not all bad, as we will notice everything is Yin & Yang, Light & Dark, Positive & Negative, this is the energy effect of the number 8.

A good month to find answers, solutions, solve problems, especially if you can trust your gut instinct- the first feeling that comes to you when making decisions, both big and small. Where you felt like giving up before especially in matters related to career, a renewed sense to try again and keep at it. A “not giving in” attitude will be a big influence in our day-day life but remember the #8 effect- what goes around comes around- pick your battles wisely. Wanting to reach some sort of achievement and accomplishment- for those that can combine and align their intuition with their action will see success. The challenging part with this though is making choices based on your heart and not with your head- try not to let your ego get in the way.

Take care of your finances. Really trust your instincts when it comes to making major purchases, signing important documents, and seeking loans/advice. Keep hearing “try not to break the bank” at this time. There’s a polarity with money going on and becoming apparent as the month progresses- overspending in areas that gives us pleasure/feeds our ego and under-spending in areas related to meeting our basic needs. Once again many are worried about money, of not having enough, feeling poor materially. Here’s a tip/exercise to try: focus on areas in yourself and your life that are rich; such as your family, friends, home, food, all the things we take for granted but should be more thankful for, this includes the qualities you like best about yourself.

Lastly, this is important: many of you will feel “I want this/that right now!” strongly, the trick is while it’s great to go after what you want, be prepared for: “At what price will this cost me?” Your dreams and goals will be important to you this coming month, so if it feels so right to you then Go For It! Whatever successes come your way, the big and small ones, to share your good fortune whether it be money, time or advice to those that could use a helping hand. The more you serve from a place of an open heart, the more the Universe will reward this kindness. It’s time to share your gifts, to live your dream(s) and to believe in yourself. No more hiding, no more being in the background- allow your light to shine!


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Are we having fun yet? Tired of being tired? Ready to throw up your arms and say: “OK, I give up. I’m done.”

Because so far this calendar year, the energy of allowing, of having faith in the Unknown – be it God, the Angels, the Universe, Divine Source – whatever you name it/us, has been the main theme/objective for all.

Wherever one is in their situation/ life, it’s been about going within. Listening to your inner voice/ your intuition, connecting to your spirit/soul to receive the answer(s).

At anytime when you have forced or pushed for an outcome, you may have found that the result has not worked out to how you wanted and thought it should have. This is because we want you to believe in the mystery, the wonder of what the heart/soul can feel and not about what the mind/ego wants. Once you do it’s like magic, your life unfolds in a series of coincidences/miracles. It’s about learning there is more to life than the material, the physical. Many are feeling lost or disconnected because they have been putting their faith into what others think and say how they should live their life and not listening to what their soul wants. During the course of this year, different emotions have been intense and varied. So whenever you were sad, happy, angry, or any other emotion, it has felt it was magnified by 10-1000, it was like a roller coaster and at times you wanted it to stop/get off already. We ask you have you been honoring your soul or your ego?

As September approaches the energy of the month is about inner reflection. Connecting to your true self. It’s a challenge in today’s world, especially with technology, marketing, societies values and rules. That is why some will believe in extreme behaviors (such as radical, violent, abusive actions) and others will find their own truth, even if it means combining different ideologies from different sources. A strong sense of wanting to fulfill personal meaning in their lives, so please be aware of whom and what you put your faith/trust into, as some groups are serving their ego selves and not there to assist you in helping you grow and find your own inner voice and way. It is very important to go with what feels right for you. Ways to cope and help in this process is spending time in Nature, listening to meditation cds, alternative therapies such as massage, reiki, intuitive counselling. Many will feel exhausted and tire easily: get as much sleep/rest as possible. Eat well, not only is this common knowledge but many will find they are sensitive to foods more than they usually are. Important to pay attention to what triggers emotional responses and taking the steps to clear the negative from one’s life. Because of this some will feel they are facing a deeper and darker side of life that is uncomfortable: remember find a safe and positive resource to help heal this part of you, your life. The more you let go of controlling your life and allowing it to unfold the better and easier it will be. Your personal trust and beliefs are tested and rewarded depending on the choices you make. It all counts and it is all a positive learning experience.

I am going to share a few messages that come through regarding local and world issues particularly for the month of September.

Early fall: Autumn coming sooner than expected in many regions. September will have cooler than average temperatures, damp, fog, ice (be it in form of frost, sleet, rain). Some will believe winter coming early yet this winter season will be better than average: mild temperatures, drier, some days breaking warm temp records, many sunny days. Still a season of extreme weather conditions in many parts of the world.

Real estate and finances: It’s been a sellers market and seeing that changing soon, prices falling as expected sales dropping due to high volume of homes for sale and to high cost of living. Less disposable income for many – an energy of wanting to clear debt ASAP, and get ahead financially. Feeling many are ‘panicked’ about money situation, not having enough cash to pay for items.

Province of Alberta: Regarding the upcoming Provincial Conservative leadership race, looking at each of the 3 candidates numbers chart and none are well suited for the job and their timing in running for office is not favorable. All 3 are in a cycle where secrets and control prevalent. Feels as if whomever wins will not be the new Premier for long (yes, again!). Feels as if each has a hidden agenda, not disclosing the truth and direction Alberta is going. Keep hearing ‘backroom’ deals being made to benefit their own career and financial advancement. Not good but feel it will shake things up for us citizens, a wake up call, as not everything going as well as it seems to be here. Economy in spotlight- overspending, cutbacks, bankruptcies, news about adding a provincial sales tax.

Canada: Focus on employment, education system, healthcare, housing. Changes in these areas that will impact the country’s economy and well being. Affordable housing and meeting one’s basic needs becoming more challenging and cause for concern. Social services in spotlight-many government programs will be cutback or stopped, this means many of us will ask or rely on charities/the community to help in times of need. It’s a time where we can no longer count on the Government for assistance. A lot of attention on family issues, especially in regards to poverty and domestic abuse.

United States: The country’s status and direction will have an impact on many parts of the world. Economy not doing as well. Energy of Government being more focused and pulled into fixing other countries problems instead of their own. See them sending a large contingent of land troops/forces into battle in the Middle East. Doesn’t bode well, nobody wins. Dealing with issues from the country’s past as in their policies, choices, beliefs arise and in spotlight. Truth and integrity of the country and its citizens challenged.

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There are many ways that are used to predict and/or see what type of year it will be for us living on this planet. One method is calculating the present calender year, known as the personal year cycle number when applied to the individual and as the numerological cycle year when applied on a larger scale. By interpreting the meaning of this number, I can get a sense of what trends, characteristics, and aspects that influence the general population. In addition, I also channel messages for the year. Please read on.

2014 = # 7 YEAR


“Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.” – KAHLIL GIBRAN

The energy or vibration that the number 7 carries is that of faith. Believing in and trusting that things will work out, even though it may not seem that way. Trying not to force or push for results. Letting and allowing the unknown, be it God, Angels, Divine Source Energy, whatever you believe in, having a hand in how things unfold and occur. It’s about withdrawing from the outside world and going within. It represents the spiritual plane such as metaphysics, intuition, the unknown, the mysterious and religion. It’s about finding inner truth yet we need to be aware of whom and where we place our trust and belief. Some organizations and people will try to exert their own agenda by controlling our thoughts so although it is good to be on this path of self discovery try to go with what feels right to you even if that means combining different ideologies. It’s a time for inner growth and reflection, opening our souls, healing our wounds.

Some of the influences of the number 7 vibration will be felt through sources that are part of our lives. Below are possible events that will be in focus over the course of the year, up until about November 2014, as this is when the  energy of the 2015 calendar year cycle number will start to begin.

News about mysterious events- activities that occur which cannot be explained or understood. This would include miraculous stories as well. A time of believing before seeing.

Movies, TV shows, books, stories about the supernatural and metaphysical subjects popular, particularly about spirits, the dead.

Health matters and issues that are difficult to diagnose and that can be misdiagnosed as well-recommended that one tries to get a second opinion. Also alternative healing therapies favored, such as massage, herbs, acupuncture, reiki, anything that isn’t recognized/utilized by the majority of the medical community. Important to eat as healthy as possible, especially raw fruits and vegetables, fish, grains and nuts, cutting back on ‘heavy’ foods, and meats. Industries related to fast food, meat, and vitamins will be in the news often-scrutinized and face difficulties with the truth/integrity of the products. Food prices increasing at an alarming rate-many having a hard time affording quality food.

Weather patterns unpredictable, extreme conditions and forecasters having a hard time predicting the weather accurately. Severe storms and temperatures, a wide range of all types, but especially a higher rate of earthquakes occurring.

Nature, retreats, intuitive healers and practitioners sought after as healing methods for individuals. Activities that are peaceful, contemplative and easygoing beneficial (such as walking, hiking, biking)-try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Many wanting to avoid crowded, busy type places. Wanting to spend more time alone, withdrawing from activities, social events, and people. Many feeling more tired than usual, wanting to sleep more, easily drained- try to get as much sleep and if can, nap when possible. Also many will be noticing that they are dreaming more than usual and trying to understand its messages.

The environment, animals, elderly are making the news often- both inspiring and heartbreaking. Also issues related to these areas will be in focus- wanting to improve and raise awareness.

Many of us will be keeping secrets/stories from others, especially loved ones, and yet eventually these will make their way out into the open/be found out in time. May find those that we think
we know well make choices/decisions that are mystifying/unexplainable in practical terms. More and more individuals wanting to follow their heart instead of their head which goes against
societies ideals of how we should live our lives.

I would like to share some messages that I received when I channeled my guides.

Weather: very cold, snowy winter- extreme conditions that affect many. But summer is hotter than usual-very dry in many areas. Many records broken.

Many worried about their finances-wanting to pay off debt as soon as possible and trying to get ahead. Debt rates higher than usual. Many items overvalued and overpriced-industries not being able to explain clearly the justification of the costs passed onto consumers. Concern many unable to meet their basic needs. Many working harder than before but feeling not getting anywhere-a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ motto. Not a positive year for finances and material gain.

Many wanting to unplug from technology-questions arising about setting standards and boundaries around the prevalence or intrusion the industry and devices have on/in our daily lives. Some as going as far as cutting back from using and socializing via media sources.

Concerns with foundations and structural materials of buildings, homes as issues of safety arise. Higher than normal rate of incidents of damage due to human error.

Frequent cases of mental health issues. High rates of those suffering, especially with depression, and news about incidents related to this prevalent-suicide rates increasing. The positive aspect is that many will talk more about this area as stigmas surrounding it will be broken down, wanting to be understood, recognized.

Religious groups/organizations re-evaluating and trying to become more accepted by the population. Seeking ways to reach out more-this can both be positive and negative as some will look to make changes that used to be too controlling and other groups will be trying to dominate control thru violent acts. People seeking spiritual peace, answers and the power of prayer comes into question for many. Pope Francis has great energy about him- very positive influence and ahead of the times compared to how the Catholic Church has been operating. Makes changes that go unnoticed at first but grabs the spotlight in time-reaches out to many diverse groups. A real desire to heal the Church’s past mistakes that upsets the hierarchy.

Keep hearing ‘military coup’ around Russian President Putin.

The U.S.A. has a challenging year ahead. Being pulled into world affairs more than usual-getting involved on a large scale that affects their economy and well-being as a nation. The truth and integrity of their government(s) and agencies being questioned and scrutinized. Also national issues related to their past history coming up-a time to reflect, discuss and try to heal areas that keep being problematic-letting go of what no longer serves their best interests which will be difficult to do. An up and down year for their economy.

Canada: many changes coming our way. Issues related to transportation, tourism, and innovations in spotlight. Concern with identity thefts, violence amongst the youth and in the workplace. See Finance Minister Jim Flaherty retiring sooner than later due to personal reasons. News around Prime Minister Harper that takes him and the country by surprise-possibly leading him to step down unexpectedly. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has a ‘wishy-washy’ energy about him: makes statements and choices that have no sense/clarity to it and many in his party feel doesn’t have what it takes to lead the party and nation.

Alberta Provincial Minister Alison Redford stepping down-quitting politics and returning to her previous profession, also writing a book that doesn’t please many, scandalous. See an election being called as early as the beginning of 2015. The province not doing as well as some led to believe. See Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi becoming premier and doing well. Many wanting him to run for Prime Minister but as of now not interested.

No matter what happens, I am sending you all Divine blessings and be well.



Copyright Tina De Luca