Types of Readings


Using only your date of birth, I calculate your numbers and share what they mean. These numbers represent your soul journey as this is the only number in our life we cannot change. Your date of birth encompasses your gifts, challenges, what you are here to learn, accept and overcome this lifetime. I also calculate what cycle you are in: I share what’s in focus for you during your calendar year plus any intuitive messages based on your energy and numbers. Readings are done via a choice of telephone, Skype or private social app. In-person readings depend on circumstances. Recorded only if this feature is available and I recommend taking notes. Choice of 2 reading times: $65.00 CAD for 30 mins or $120.00 CAD for one hour.


Using 32 cards of a regular deck (what people play poker/solitaire with), the individual sits down with me for a short-term reading. This style relates to many of our day-to-day activities, the people around us and any significant events from the past 6 months, the present and any future messages that may occur anywhere from a few days to 6 months from the time of the reading. This style of reading can be done more frequently to check in with the messages of the cards. Depending how the reading is delivered (telephone, Skype or a private social app), readings are not always able to be recorded and note taking will be recommended. This method was passed down many generations on my mom’s side of the family, taught by mother to daughter and dates back from 1600s France. Cost is $55.00 CAD with a recap (includes a photo and notes from your reading) or $45.00 CAD without a recap (photo only). Readings are approximately 30-45 minutes long.


Can’t decide on which reading to book? This option is perfect for those who would like to try two types of readings in one package. This service incorporates regular cards and numerology, which also includes intuitive messages. Cost is $120.00 CAD for one hour session and $150.00 CAD for an hour and 30 minute session.


Akin to the totems of Indigenous cultures, I tune into the energy of the person’s first name (or name they like to go by) to receive which animals are showing up in your own totem. I believe everyone has up to eleven Spirit Animals and one Power Animal that make up one’s personal totem (total of 12). In the reading, depending where you are on your path in life, the type and number of animals that shows up will vary from person to person. They are our companions as we navigate through our human journey. Our totem holds our own “medicine” as each animal, no matter the genre, encompass traits that have Divine healing energies. $40.00 CAD for a 30 minute reading.


Most tend to agree that are dreams are a fascinating yet perplexing area of our lives no matter the personal background. We search for their meanings whenever we awaken from one we remember, especially those that leave us feeling they had something important to say. Do you need help interpreting one of your dreams? Are you curious to know the meaning of a dream from my intuitive point of view? Combining my intuition and the teachings I learned interpreting dream meanings from an elder from the Tsuu T’ina Nation, I will decipher the details of your dream and how they would apply to your life. In essence, I am re-telling the story woven from your dream that will be understandable. Sessions are by appointment only and may last anywhere from 15-30 minutes maximum with a choice of email, telephone or private chat correspondence. $25.00 CAD per dream.


This is a method of creating a picture with the use of crayons and a mini hot iron. You pick the colors and can be as creative as you want with the design. Once dried, I will interpret the symbols, images and colors chosen that encompasses intuitive messages connected to your picture. Each design is unique as none are alike or able to be duplicated. All supplies are provided and you keep the picture. This is considered to be a group session, minimum of 5 people required, with up to a maximum of 10 people in the group. The host receives a free crayon wax reading. Each participant pays $45.00 CAD and keeps their drawing. Children between the ages of 8 yrs-15 yrs allowed with parent and host approval; rates are $30.00 CAD with the reading OR $20.00 CAD without the reading. Also group participation in sharing thoughts and feelings about each other’s crayon wax drawing is encouraged. A fun and easy activity where no art experience is required. Please contact if interested in booking a crayon wax reading party.


Are you and a group of friends/family wanting to get together and have a interactive intuitive session? Here you will host an afternoon or evening where I come to your home and have open mini-reading sessions with those that attend. I will share what comes thru for each person, whatever main message I receive for that individual OR the person can ask one specific question. This event lasts about 2-3 hours depending on the number of people attending, as I spend about 10-15 minutes per person. The host receives their reading at the circle for free (a value of $40.00) and those attending the cost is $40.00 CAD per person. An interesting way to get a sense of what I do. *Please note this is an adult only event; minimum age of 16 years required for those attending*


A service where I will share intuitive messages based on what you would like to be read. In most cases a photograph will work, but if an in-person visit is requested, prices will vary depending on location and what is all involved. If the reading is a visit, I am able to sense the positive and negative aspects of the space(s) and will use healing tools to clear the areas in question and share with you what you can do to feel better in the place you are living and/or working in. This involves smudging (burning of sage, sweetgrass, cedar or palo santo). Usually involves one session at the beginning but a regular cleansing is recommended and I will teach you what to do if you are willing to participate. When the reading is via a photo(s) of what you would like to receive intuitive messages on, this would be via telephone, Skype or a private chat app, the cost is $25.00 CAD for each individual item.


I am a HUGE animal lover and care very much for them whether they are my own or not. With this service I ask for your pet’s name to share what I see, hear and feel when I tune into their energy. You may send a photo (but not necessary) for the reading. In-person visits by request only and depending on location, prices will vary. Many times I have been called a ‘whisperer’- it’s as if I have an invisible magnet that attracts these pets to me looking for comfort. Often, my special Spirit Guide “Nik” is present, who has an energy of calm and joy…he loves nature and all of Mother’s Earths creatures. He will communicate to me messages from your beloved pet. $25.00 CAD per reading for each pet.


Ideal for wanting an answer to a specific concern and/or area of your life. Using the regular cards or the month and day of your birth I will tune into what the energy reads and share its’ message. This is considered a ‘quick’ mini session of 15 minutes at a cost of $40.00 CAD. *Please note that each additional 15 minutes will be charged $40.00 CAD.*